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Lakeside Love

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Public Sex

Two college students find their sexuality

“See you here or at your truck?” Pat suggested to Roger.

“In the parking lot sounds fine… Ok see you in a while sweet thing.”

As they left the cafeteria he put a hand behind her and softly rubbed her butt, one finger curled in and pressing in her skirt.

“Will you behave yourself?” Pat said, while inside she had enjoyed the cheeky move.

Pat came out of class, and headed for the doors to the parking lot. There was Roger sitting in his old Chevy truck, the radio on the local station, playing the usual rock music that was standard fair for most of the students.

As she strolled up he looked up and waved. Walking round to the passenger side she hopped in, and sidled over the bench seat, and sat right next to him.

“So how was your class today, not to heavy?” Roger asked. Leaning to kiss her on the cheek.

“No not really, pretty much all we did was revise what we had last time. That’s fine by me. At least now I have better understanding of the basics. How was the drafting?’

“Not bad, I find it really interesting, my problem was that I kept seeing the sexy goings on you told me about in McDonalds. You know Rhonda and Curtis. Did he really have a hand in her jeans? I just want to drop by home for a sec and then we’ll go get the subs OK”

“Ok. Yes he did and I saw them on the way here. They were necking in the hall like crazy. They are a hot item for sure. I get warm just seeing them. Pat said squirming on the seat.

“Is that what’s called compatibility?” Roger replied ‘Chuckle chuckle’.

“It’s something for sure, and they’re enjoying it.”

They drove out of the parking lot and on the way to his home. Steering with one hand and the other on Pats bare knee. She put her hand on his but didn’t move it. Pulling up in the driveway he said, “want to come in, I’ll only be a minute,”

“No I’ll wait here for you.” Pat replied softly.

Roger left and went into the house, and after a few minutes came out with a tote bag. He put the things behind the seat got into the truck.

As they drove into the Subway parking lot Roger said. “Yeh let’s get our subs. What do you want to drink a cold drink or a coffee?” After a pause he suggested. “What say we get milk shakes on the way to the lake?”

“A coke will be fine for me.” Pat said.

“I’m having a Italian BMT sub which would you like?”

“Mm good question, I’m not sure right now, Pat, said… A flatbread sandwich I think with turkey. All the usual stuff I have. And just pepper.” She said after a pause.

“Ok sit tight and I’ll be back shortly.” He said as he got out of the truck.

He came back with the drinks and subs. There was a small cooler behind the seat. And he put the food in it and closed the lid, and got in.

They drove out of the parking lot and away to the lake.

“The lady that served you looked as miserable as sin.” Pat said.

“Must be having a bad day I guess.” He said, as he put a hand down on her knee squeezing it playfully. Applying a bit of pressure on the inside of her thigh. As a result her leg pressed against his.

As they drove she put her arm around his shoulders and stroked his ear and ruffled his hair. She bent her leg and proceeded to put her foot up on dashboard. Her skirt slid down her thighs.

Her legs apart his hand was now lower down on her leg. The warmth radiating off of it was exciting to him. His fingers were barely touching her, as he caressed her thigh. His caresses very slowly moved toward her crotch.

Pat was nervously enjoying the attention, which had got her pulse racing. and made her lips dry.

As she stroked his neck, her other hand moved from the seat into her lap. Coming to rest at the edge of her skirt, which she crumpled in her fingers. Opening her hand, Her fingers touched his in between her thighs. She moved it touched his fingers. Moving her hand till it touched the front of her panties. As though tempting Roger to follow.

His finger slowly traced a line behind hers, where he enclosed her fingers in his. Gently squeezing her hand, he rubbed it against the warm material. This was too much for her, nervously she held onto to his hand, slowly pulled his hand away and laid it on top of her thigh. Where He lightly rubbed her leg.

When they got to the junction that they needed Roger took the road that took them to the old farm where they had stopped at before. He parked behind the old barn. There the truck now wasn’t visible from the road.

Getting out Pat took the bag from behind the seat and he got the cooler.

It was a ten-minute walk down the deserted logging trail. They strolled along hand in hand “This is a pretty wood. I wonder why there are no gnarly bushes here?” Pat asked

“A good question. Maybe the loggers cleared them out. It’s nice not having to avoid them though.” he replied.

The path was winding its way through a forest of aspens. Which were Thicker in some spots bursa escort than in others. The odd clumps of wild flowers were growing freely among them.

Rounding a rock outcrop twinkling water could be seen through the trees. Coming out of the wooded area onto a grassy area that gently sloped down to the waters edge.

“It’s just as I remembered it” Pat said as she dropped her handbag A few yards from the trees. “I need to pee,” she said as she half turned she slipped her hands under her skirt and hoisted it. Slipping out of her panties. Holding them as she squatted and peed a steady sparkling stream into the grass. When she was finished she stepped away and slipped her panties back on and strolled to where Roger had spread a blanket on the grass.

As Pat got to him he was stripping his t-shirt off.

“Me thinks its going to be my turn to have to pee before too long” he said as he roughly folded his shirt and put it on top of the tote bag at the top end of the blanket.

As he bent down to put the shirt down Pat playfully squeezed his butt. Spinning around he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against him, leaning back lifted her off of the ground. Holding her in a bear like hug.

Slowly letting her down. Her lithe body pressed against him. Releasing her from the hug he moved his arms up, crossing them just below her chest, moving his hands up and on to her breasts. Cupping them gently.

Pat had one arm down and around his butt and the other was up around his neck.

Her eyes were closed as she leaned her head back against his shoulder and nuzzled his neck.

Her hand behind him pulled his hips toward her. She could feel her nipples stiffening as they pressed against her bra and top, under his warm hands

He gently fondled her soft yet firm breasts. Mmm she purred softly.

He felt the excitement just like she did. Her nipples became erect with excitement.

He was becoming a bit aroused as well.

A bulge slowly developing in his jeans, to the point that it couldn’t be denied or hidden. That’s if he even wanted to.

Pat wriggled her hips, rubbing against the excitation, as she pressed her hand against the back of his jeans. “Now who’s getting to be excited, em?” She said softly. Twisting her neck Pat kissed him on the ear.

Sliding a hand down to her waist he slid it under her top, and moved it back up to her bra. Dragging her top with his lower arm.

Sliding a finger under the lower seam of her bra Roger eased it up over the soft orb, and caressed the warm soft skin of the uncovered breast. Pats hand went from behind him and up to her chest.

“I think that’s far enough sexy lad, hmm.” She said as she eased his hand away from her breast. “We are both getting too excited and aroused for my comfort, It felt hot, but a bit too hot” she said softly in a throaty tone.

Her hips still pressing against him as he stood with his hips pushed slightly forward.

“You’re right, but like you said it feels hot. I think maybe its time to have something to eat then maybe a dip. What do you think?”

“Well I don’t know, I didn’t realize that we may be getting wet so I didn’t bring a costume, neither did you. Right?”

“I’ll go in my under shorts if I go in”. He said as he put an arm around her waist.

“Really, wow now that is risqué. You are a sexy lad for sure,” Pat said, putting a hand over his.

“It’ll work for me and it could for you, why not?” He said as he gently rubbed her tummy.

“I don’t know” Pat whispered, her voice sounded a bit hesitant. This was a new experience that intrigued her and made her a bit embarrassed. His stiff prick pressing against her was intriguing her as well. What would it feel like to hold, and have in you? Her nostrils flared at the sensual visions flashing through her mind. Driving her emotions wild.

“I need something to drink,” she said as she moved to the blanket and sat down. “Boy all this sexy talk, foy I’m all a twitter here.”

“A nice warm day, and really sexy company. Have a dip, I think it would be just right and I bet you’d enjoy it,” he said, and without a word he undid his jeans and let them fall to the ground. Bending he took them off and dropped them by the tote bag. “That feels good.” He said as he turns and reaches into the front of his shorts and takes hold of his stiff prick. Easing it out he knelt down by the blanket. He half turned and peed an arcing stream out into the grass. As he finished he stroked his hard on. Leaving it sticking out of his shorts. He lay down on the blanket next to a very nervous Pat. “Now this feels nice.” He said as he reached out and took her hand. “Lay down and soak up some rays sweet one. Take your skirt and top off and get some real rays.”

“This is positively the most daring scene I’ve been part of, I’m tempted but I don’t know” Pat replied as she squeezed Rogers hand.

He caressed the back of her hand and slowly manoeuvred it so it could touch his erection. bursa escort bayan “You have such a soft touch sweet one.” He left her hand touching him and put his hand on the hem of her skirt and eased it up her thigh slowly. His hand caressed the soft leg. Slowly slid it up to touch her panties softly. As he touched her she was putting a finger and thumb around his prick, in a gentle caress.

“Here let me help you out of your skirt sweet thing. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, and get some sun as well. Half turning on his side he was able to reach around her and undo the button and small zip for her skirt.

Reluctantly she knelt and let the garment fall around her knees. Sitting back down Roger was able to slip it off of her legs.

“There isn’t that better?” he asked.

“I guess so, but I feel strange being partly undressed and all.” Pat said as she lay down, “I have dreamt of how it would feel to touch you and hold you.” She said nervously, having admitted to a fantasy she had had.

“I’ve wondered what it would feel like to have you hold me, like you are.” Roger said softly as he caressed her breasts through her top. Sitting up he took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it as he said, “let me take this off and let the sun warm your soft sexy body.”

He lifted it up and off her shoulders. She pulled her arms out of the short sleeves. She lay back down. Looking at his erection, a drop of secretion dribbled out of its head.

He put Pats top with her skirt and lay back down.

Pat had just sat and starred at him as he disrobed and peed. No words could express the jumble of emotions she experiencing or the excitement running through her either.

“Do you feel like having a bite and a drink, or would you sooner wait for a while?” He asked.

“That maybe a good idea, I need something to divert my train of thought right now.” Pat said as she sat up and added. “A drink at least.”

“Okay, He opened the cooler saying “yes something to focus on. Here you are sweet one, enjoy.” Roger said as he handed her the can of coke and her sub.

“Thanks sweetie” she said her voice a bit shaky, taking them from him as he sat on the blanket by her.” Sexy is right, every which way. Holy.” Pat said. “You excite me so much it scares me. Having you close to me. Dressed like you are right now. Is making me really excited.

Being with you is a lot of fun and exciting, I get really nervous sometimes though, like right now.” She said, unwrapping her sub.

“You are a really sexy girl. And Being with you is such a pleasure, and you are a really interesting person. You excite me a lot as well. I think its because you are so natural.” Roger said softly as he looked at her. “Being dressed like I am. Risqué, I have the devil in me and it feels great. Have I shamed you, I hope not,” he said.

It’s Risqué for sure. No you haven’t shamed me. You shook me that’s for sure. You are a hot and sexy lad… “That’s nice of you to say that. How am I interesting?”

“Well you stimulate interesting conversations for one thing. I wonder if Rhonda could do that? I have my doubts.”

They sat quietly and had their food and drinks. When they were finished Roger put the waste paper and empty cans in the cooler and closed it. Then he laid back and gently urged Pat down beside him. His arm around her shoulders, his hand lay on her upper arm. Folding her arm she placed her hand on his arm as it lay on hers.

“About a year ago I was at a party and a had a bit to much to drink. Well I went on a date that I regret. That memory is always there. One way it’s an albatross and in another it’s a safeguard for me” she said softly as her hand rubbed his arm.

“I’ve kind of been down a same kind of road, only I got really drunk and passed out in a bus shelter. Like you the memory is always there Roger replied. My uncle John said to me later that those things are life’s lessons. For us to learn from, I always remember that.”

“He was right wasn’t he?”

“Yes I think so. Some are hard and some are harder. I guess if you remember them you have learnt something… Enough philosophy how about taking a short swim, I have a big towel to dry you with.” He said turning to look at Pat. She turned on her side facing him. Her eyes slightly down turned

“It sounds like fun and would be nice, but I feel embarrassed. I mean just in my underwear.”

“I’ll go first” he said as he pecked her on the forehead. Standing he stripped off his t-shirt, and undid his sandals and took them off. Pat looked at him as he stood in front of her. His trim physique just in his under shorts, the erect prick standing proud as it poked through the opening in his under shorts.

He was about to go for a swim when he thought that he might as well take off his under shorts as well. Pat had seen his prick and caressed it so what was there to hide.

As he stood facing Pat he wrestled his prick through the opening bursa merkez escort and pulled the garment down and stepped out of them. Turning he strolled to the waters edge and slowly waded out as he looked down to see what the bottom was as the water got deeper. At waist deep he dove in and swam away out into the lake.

She sat watching Roger as he strolled along then waded into the water. Her mind was in turmoil as what to do.

He dove in and swum out into the lake. As he was swimming away, She stood up and slid a hand down over her panties. As she did Roger was turning and swimming back toward the shore. He stood up and wiped the water out of his eyes and looked at her standing by the blanket in her bra and panties. One hand was down in front of her. And one leg slightly bent

Roger waded out of the water and strolled back to where she was standing, biting her bottom lip nervously. “You look really lovely pretty girl,” he said as he arrived at where she was standing Reaching out he took hand her, and stood admiring the picture of demure beauty in front of him. “Yes you are a lovely, really lovely young woman.”

He stepped in front of her and put an arm around her waist gently urged her toward him. She put her head on his wet shoulder as her bra touched his chest. Her heart was pounding. Slowly She put an arm around his shoulders and hugged him nervously to her. His wet skin felt cool against her, yet his nearness felt hot and exciting t.

Slowly rubbing his back, up and down. He could feel his erection steadily hardening against her. The feeling was both exciting and worrisome to her. The single thought of having fondled it, and possibly having it posses her. The latter part was the part that really excited and scared her.

The picture of Curtis with his hand in Rhonda’s pants flashed across her mind. Instinctively she put a hand around his waist and pressed him to her. Her nostril flared her eyes closed.

“Oh Roger this so sexy, is it right?” Her words said so softly and her voice a bit shaky.

“We are getting to know each other. You feel so soft and warm. This could carry on for ever for me” he replied softly as he caressed her lower back just above her panties.

She let herself be pressed against him. He shifted his feet slightly and as a result his erection rubbed against her even more.

Pat was feeling excited already and was becoming aroused now. The new excitation was enough for her to lose a dribble of pee in her panties.

The sensation startled her then aroused her even more. “I feel like I could hold you like this forever as well.” Pat said softly and added, “I think I should cool down a bit though. Hopefully my things will dry out enough to wear home.” She said as she stepped back

“You are so lovely.” Roger said. He took hold of Pats hand. Bringing it to his lips he kissed it. In a soft warm lingering kiss.

Now her senses were over the top. No underwear. She had once gone without a bra and felt strange. This idea scared the heck out of her.

It was arousing her a lot as well. She pulled him to her and kissed him on the lips, sliding hers over his in a sexy way.

“Lets go for a swim”. She said as she let her lips part from his. She had to cool off in a big way lest she loose it completely.

He had shocked her in what he had suggested and made her realize how much she was attracted to him. Taking his hand as they strolled down to the water.

Switching hands so as to be able to put an arm around his waist while holding his hand in front of her crotch. Roger curled a finger inward and softly rubbed the soft material up and down till they reached the water.

They waded out to waist depth and both dove in. they swum out into the lake side by side for a bit. Pat turned and swum back toward the shore.

Dropping her feet in water that came up to her knees, turning she saw Roger swimming toward her.

“How was that?” He asked as he stood up and waded up to her. Her wet lacy bra had become almost opaque. The darker brown of her nipples and the surrounding areola was showing through, in a misty vision of sensuality, which made one want to see more.

“It was really nice,” she said as she held out her hand to take his as he came up to her.

“Yes it was indeed, now lets get you dried off. Its warm but I wouldn’t want you to get cold. You look really lovely and in a very sexy way”

“So do you. My ‘Adonis'” she said with a cheeky grin on her face.

She slipped an arm around his waist as they strolled back to their things.

“Adonis eh, him all man, Roger replied beating his chest with his fists.

Rrrrrrr he roared. Spinning round he scooped Pat up into his arms and hugged her to him playfully. A cheeky glint in his eye’s he said, “you are my slave girl. Me Adonis”

The move took her totally by surprise and it was amusing to her, she laughed, it was also exciting her senses.

The fanciful idea and the erotic vision that it evoked was comical and a bit unnerving and very sexy. Being carried off and ravaged by a Greek mythology got her emotions up and running.

She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. A broad smile on her face.

“Yes I’m your slave, my Adonis,” They both laughed as he put her down.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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