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Laura’s Education

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The suitcase sat open on the bed, nearly empty now as Laura put the last of her wardrobe away. It was a pair of pajamas– the third pair she owned, and as these were her favorites she almost never wore them. They were emerald green, made of silk, with tiny white stars strewn throughout the fabric. She had received them as a gift from her brother three years ago, and had said that they were beautiful. They were still beautiful, of course, and she liked to keep them looking relatively new. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had worn them. With a soft smile, she put them in the drawer and smoothed them down before closing the drawer, and then the suitcase.

She was done! All of her clothes were unpacked and put away, all the dishes neatly stacked in her new cupboards, all her DVDs organized, all the books carefully stacked end-on-end in their new shelves. Her new apartment wasn’t quite a home yet, but at least all of her things were where they needed to be. The new apartment was relatively small: one bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and a small kitchen that was an offshoot of the living room. But compared to the single room she had occupied back home, it was enormous. Even with all of her books there, all the framed pictures from graduation adorning her walls, her new apartment felt almost cold and alien.

Well, that wasn’t surprising. She had only been there for a few hours, and she wasn’t used to being away from her family. Now that she was at college, though, she’d have to get used to the idea. Home was a long way away– almost three days’ drive– and most of her friends hadn’t followed her to Hiller University when they graduated. Most of them.

Laura grinned and picked up the phone. Good thing her phone line had been connected that morning; she just hoped Janice was home.


Janice was pretty impressed with Laura’s new apartment. “This is a hell of a lot bigger than your old room,” Janice said, pausing in mid-stride as she passed some of Laura’s graduation pictures. “…Hey, I didn’t know I was in this one!”

Laura came over to look. Then she giggled. “Yeah, that’s the only reason I kept that one,” she said. The photo in question was of Laura and her friends Todd and Stacy, smiling and waving for the camera. Actually, only Laura was smiling; Todd and Stacy were waving but they looked extremely confused in the picture. Laura didn’t remember why they looked so strange, or even if she had ever known; she only kept the picture because Janice was visible in the background, soaking wet, chasing after some guy with a Coke cup in his hand. “The look on your face was priceless!”

“Well, I think you should burn it,” said Janice, but then she chuckled. “That poor guy. I wonder if all the bruises have healed by now… Listen, Laura–“

Laura looked up from the kitchen counter, where she had been pouring some icea tea for Janice and herself.

Janice smiled. “You don’t have anything planned for this afternoon, right?”

Laura laughed. “Trust me, anything’s better than sitting around a lonely new apartment. What did you have in mind?” She handed Janice a glass of tea, sitting down on the couch in the center of the room. Janice sat next to her, and took a sip of tea before setting it down on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

“I’ve been talking with one of the instructors here for a couple months, online,” Janice began. “I got to meet her a couple days ago and she’s really cool. I’ve been telling her about you and she’d like to meet you. We’re not scheduled to have any classes with her this term, since she teaches Human Biology 301, so…”

Laura blinked. “Well… OK,” she said. “How come she wants to meet me?”

Janice blushed. Now Laura understood. She grinned, and chuckled. Janice was bisexual, and one of the reasons that she and Laura were such good friends was that Laura didn’t have any problem with this. Although Laura wasn’t bisexual herself, the thought of making love with another woman didn’t bother her, and so being with Janice didn’t make her feel uncomfortable.

A year ago, while they were on a weekend trip as part of the school marching band, Janice and Laura had shared a room. After curfew, Laura had lain awake in her bed, and Janice had climbed in with her. They had talked for awhile, and soon Janice confessed that she was attracted to Laura. This didn’t bother her; in fact, she had been flattered, and told Janice as much. That was as far as their friendship had gone, though, since Janice was a good friend and never tried to make Laura feel anything for her other than friendship. Most other girls her age would probably have been pretty confused at their own feelings after something like that, but Laura generally loved people.

She loved her family, and she loved her friends; boys that she had dated throughout school, even in some of her most intimate relationships, were simply people she loved more than others at the time. She didn’t distinguish between different types of love; it felt too good, too natural, for her when she cared about and trusted other people, for things like sex to get in the way. Sex was nice, but to her, it was an intimate and affectionate activity shared by two people who loved each other, not a line of demarcation between different areas of love. If Janice Bayan Escort had attempted to make love to her that night, Laura would have welcomed it– not because she desired Janice in particular but because she loved Janice, and to please Janice would have brought Laura joy. But her friend respected her, and never made a move on her. They’d had sleepover parties at each other’s houses plenty of times since then, just as before, but Janice had never climbed into Laura’s bed again and that didn’t bother Laura either way. As long as Janice didn’t want to make it an issue, Laura wasn’t worried about it.

But Laura was well aware that her friend was still attracted to her. Most likely, the reason this professor wanted to meet her was because she, too, was bisexual, and that she and Janice were probably involved. It was still hard to get used to the idea that anyone would find her attractive, since Laura was always her own worst critic: her long, walnut brown hair was too flat, she was thin but not very curvy, and the conservative dresses of which she was fond were certainly not what she would describe as sexy.

“Well, I told her all about you,” Janice repeated, somewhat shyly. “You know how I like to talk up my friends to other people, so… Anyway, she invited us to come over to her place; I thought we could go over and you could meet her, we could talk for awhile, maybe watch a movie or something… “

Laura smiled. “Sounds like fun,” she said.


Diane Dorman lived about a mile away from Laura’s new apartment. It wasn’t that far of a drive, but Laura was still thankful that Janice was driving. They had both been to Hiller before, but Janice had moved here a week ago and already knew most of the area, whereas Laura only knew where to find the nearest grocery store. Navigating the residential neighborhood where Ms. Dorman lived would have been unthinkable on her own, especially since all the houses were so crowded together, and looked so much alike.

“Yeah, I know,” Janice said after Laura commented on it. “I still have trouble finding her house and I’ve been over here a bunch of times already.”

“Oh, so you guys are good friends, then,” Laura said. “You two hang out all the time?”

Janice laughed. “Yeah, you could say that.”

“How old is she, anyway?” Laura asked.

“Forty-one,” Janice replied, making a slow turn into a driveway. “Here we are.”

Laura blinked. Forty-one? She’s twice my age! More than twice my age…

Ms. Dorman’s house wasn’t particularly elaborate, and neither was Ms. Dorman, as it turned out. She was a quiet, confident lady, just what you’d expect from a college instructor, and she lived alone. Her house had two bedrooms in it, but one of them had been converted into a storage room, full of old movie posters and board games that didn’t appear to have been touched in many years.

“I always leave the door open, though,” Ms. Dorman said. “I keep all these old things precisely because I like being reminded of when I got them.”

“Did you used to work in a movie theater, Ms. Dorman?” Laura asked.

“Please, call me Diane,” she replied, smiling. “Yes, I used to work in a theater. It was just a job to pay the bills when I was a student here, but the theater was closed down a number of years ago and that’s when I realized that I liked thinking about when I was working there. When you’re a student here, everything’s so much simpler than when you’re done with school and you have to have a real life. You and Janice are both freshmen?” Laura nodded.

Diane smiled again. “Well, then you’re going to have a lot of fun this year. Just make sure you don’t let it get in the way of your studying. If you get into bad habits during your first year, making good grades will be a lot harder for the rest of your time here. … Well, I could show you around the rest of the rooms if you like, but there’s nothing particularly interesting about any of them. I’m going to make some tea; would you like some?”

Laura nodded. “Sure, that’d be great.”


Janice had been unusually quiet ever since they arrived at Diane’s house. They hadn’t been there long, but still, Laura was surprised at her friend’s seeming reluctance to join the conversation. The silence didn’t make her uncomfortable– Laura liked Diane, and thought they would get along well– but she wondered what was on Janice’s mind to make her so quiet. Diane didn’t seem particularly bothered by it, though, or even surprised.

She took a sip of her tea– Irish breakfast tea, steaming hot– then set the cup down on the table, and silently gazed at Laura for a few moments. Usually this sort of attention made Laura a little shy, but from Diane it felt almost nice. Laura smiled at her, and Diane smiled back, surprisingly warmly considering they had just met.

“You’re very pretty,” Diane said. Laura blushed.

“Janice has told me a lot about you,” she went on. “She likes you very much, you know.” Now Janice blushed.

“I know,” Laura agreed. “She told me, about a year ago.”

Diane nodded. “Yes, she told me about that. Has she ever kissed you?”

Janice’s mouth fell open, but she remained silent, blushing fiercely. To Laura, it seemed like such a natural question, coming from Diane. Talking to her about things like this felt surprisingly comfortable, even with Janice in the room. Laura shook her head.

Diane took another sip of tea before continuing. “Have you ever kissed another woman, Laura?” she asked. Again, Laura shook her head.

“May I?” Diane asked. And as Laura nodded her assent, Diane slowly stood, glided over to her chair, and gently reached down to cup Laura’s chin. Her touch was warm, and gentle; and as Janice watched, Diane leaned down and kissed Laura, gently, on the lips, lingering for a moment, almost hesitantly. Laura closed her eyes and opened her mouth to Diane, and slowly inhaled as Diane’s tongue slid over her own, the older woman’s breath sweet and warm in her mouth. She felt fingertips gently caressing her cheek, and felt comforted; Diane’s kiss was warm and soft, and very pleasant. Almost as soon as it began, though, it was over, as Diane lifted her head and smiled down at Laura before returning to her seat.

“Did that bother you?” Diane asked. It was certainly not what Laura would have expected her to ask, but at this point very little would have really surprised her. She shook her head… but this question really deserved a better answer.

“To me,” she said, “things like kissing and sex are just ways of showing love.”

“Ah,” Diane replied, “but there are different kinds of love, right?”

Laura thought about it for a moment before answering. “Not to me,” she said. “I loved my best boyfriends the same way I love my friends, I just loved them more at the time. At least, that’s the way I look at it. If I love my friends then I don’t mind if they kiss me; I think it’s sweet, like a hug.”

“But, you’ve only just met me,” Diane said, “so are you saying that you love me, despite not knowing me?”

“Well…” Laura wasn’t sure how to answer. “It’s hard to explain… but I feel really comfortable with you, like you’re a good friend. Maybe it’s because you’re such good friends with Janice, but I do love you.”

Diane nodded. “And would you feel as comfortable kissing Janice as you did kissing me?”

Laura smiled, and turned to Janice. “Yes, I would. She just never asked.”

Janice’s face was painted with a look of surprise, then amazement– and then, excitement, as she leaned in and kissed Laura. At first, Janice reveled in this new dimension of their friendship, sliding her tongue around quickly as if to taste every part of her friend as quickly as possible; but then Laura giggled, and Janice broke it off.

“I’m sorry,” Laura explained. “It’s just that… well, you taste like chocolate.”

Janice was puzzled for a moment. “You’ve been eating Snickers bars again,” Laura said mock-reproachfully, wagging her finger. Then she giggled, and resumed the kiss.


To Janice’s delight, she soon found that not only did Laura not seem to mind if she kissed her, but Laura didn’t mind if she took her clothes off, either. As Janice eased the shirt from Laura’s shoulders, Diane intervened, and directed them both to her bedroom, “on the condition that I get in on this action, too”. Neither of them had a problem with that.

As Laura walked into the bedroom, Janice had already removed her top, and her bra was falling to the floor. Diane walked up behind her, and slid her arm around Laura’s waist, her other hand coming up to cup her chin, tilting her head back before capturing her mouth in a kiss. Laura felt her bra being unclasped, and shrugged it off, letting the fabric fall from her shoulders and onto the floor. Diane’s breath was warm, and sweet… her tongue began to curve around Laura’s, and slid along the underside, slowly up and down, stroking and caressing.

Laura closed her eyes and reveled in the kiss, gently licking the back of the other woman’s teeth, sliding her tongue along the roof of Diane’s mouth. Her nipples were beginning to harden, as much from being exposed to the air as from the kiss, and it was almost a relief to feel Janice’s warm mouth close around one breast, the girl’s tongue bathing her nipple and hardening it further. When Janice bit her nipple, Laura softly moaned into Diane’s mouth; soon after, she felt Diane’s fingers undoing the front of her jeans, and she made no move to stop the woman as she slid her fingers beneath Laura’s panties.

Laura groaned as Diane’s fingers began to rub her labia, opening her folds and gliding her fingers up and down along the sensitive flesh within. Janice’s suckling had become sharply more insistent after the groan, stirring Laura’s desire just as sharply; and judging by how eager Diane’s fingers had suddenly become to explore her, she knew the woman had noticed. Still, Diane’s fingers did not enter her. Instead, she stroked underneath Laura’s clitoris, slowly, but firmly enough to make Laura groan again. The sound was sweeter than anything Janice had ever heard before– and far more exciting.

By the time Diane lowered Laura onto the bed, all that the girl was wearing were her now-soaked panties, which Janice had no qualms about removing. Laura made no move to resist as her friend opened her legs and began to feast on her womanhood. The sensation of her friend’s tongue sliding back and forth through her labia, rapidly licking inside the folds, made her hips quiver; when Janice began to lick the underside of her clitoris, Laura’s back arched and her lips parted in a soundless scream. Greedily, Janice cupped the girl’s buttocks and pulled her deeper into her mouth, thrusting her tongue deep into Laura’s wet heat, intoxicated with her lusty scent, the taste of her wet sex, the curve of her bottom against her palms. When Janice began sliding her lips rapidly up and down along Laura’s now-exposed clitoris, the soundless cries were painted in the provocative glint of helpless abandon. Janice had never felt so empowered, so fulfilled, in her entire life as she did with her friend’s entire body now tense and writhing uncontrollably under the control of her eager mouth.

The sound of Diane’s own clothes falling to the floor were dimly audible to Janice as she suckled on her friend’s clitoris, but Laura was too firmly entrenched in ecstasy to notice anything except the insistent mouth between her thighs, demanding her orgasm. Laura fought it, wanting to prolong the pleasure, but it soon overtook her and her body arched in release, every muscle tense and tight. Janice took in her essence eagerly, lapping between her folds, reveling in the fulfillment of years of attraction to this girl as she drank in Laura’s lusty scent. Soon, Laura collapsed onto her back, and Janice gently nuzzled her soft hair, almost purring in contentment. Together, they lay on the bed, resting. Laura’s senses began to return, and as her eyes opened, she was dimly aware that Diane was donning some sort of belt… no, it was a strap-on, and the device looked to be roughly eight inches long. Janice had noticed it as well, and began to move aside, twirling Laura’s clitoris between her fingers a few times more before climbing off the bed to watch.

Diane climbed onto the bed, and as Laura lay on her back, breathing shallowly, she felt the tip of the strap-on begin to stroke her labia. The length was coated in a warm lubricant, and when Diane moved it back and forth, gliding it through her folds, the sensation was exquisite. Her hips rose slightly to meet its touch, but Diane guided it away; Laura arched her hips, seeking the strap-on, but Diane would only let her feel the tip, slowly stroking her inner folds with the moist head of the dildo. The frustration only amplified her desire, and the heat between her thighs seemed to become a raging flame; yet she didn’t want to be free of Diane’s control. She moaned, softly… but the sound was enough to stir Diane’s own desire for her to the breaking point.

Laura felt the older woman’s firm hands on her hips, turning her over onto her stomach. Obediently, Laura climbed up onto her knees, but Diane’s fingers were already there between her thighs, stroking her swollen labia, then swirling her folds around, taking her time. Laura was grateful when she felt Diane’s smooth, long finger enter her, and begin to swirl inside of her, the tip of the woman’s finger rubbing over Laura’s inner ridges from the forefront deep down into her, and then back again. As Diane withdrew her finger, Laura followed with her hips, hoping to keep it inside her; soon, though, she felt Diane’s finger enter her again, this time into her other opening, the finger slick and wet from being inside her moist heat. There, Diane’s finger curved, as if gripping her; with her other fingers, Diane cupped her between her buttocks, and Laura was unable to move as the strap-on began to slide into her. Her mouth opened, and she almost gasped as Diane slid the dildo through her moist folds, but the woman’s grip was firm and insistent, and as her swollen wetness strained around the warm length sliding inside her body, Laura could only open her legs and arch her hips to accomodate Diane. Soon, she felt her buttocks curving into the woman’s warm abdomen, and even as Diane slid her fingers out and instead cupped Laura’s hips, she knew that for this moment, she belonged to Diane, and Diane knew it too.

Janice watched, her fascination and lust piqued as Diane rode her friend. At first, the older woman was slow to move, swirling the dildo around inside of Laura, letting her adjust to its size; but before long, Diane began to slide its length out of Laura, then back into her, and again, and again. One smooth movement soon became a thrust, and Laura did gasp… then, she gasped again, and Diane grinned, thrusting the dildo deep inside of her. Before long, Laura was panting, her breathing growing heavier by the moment. Her body glistened with sweat, and though Laura’s buttocks were very moist from the exertion, Diane maintained her firm grip on the girl. Soon, Laura began to moan, and was gyrating her bottom against the older woman with an intensity and need Janice would have never thought to see from her friend. But Diane reached up to spread her palm between Laura’s shoulders, and as her head was gently eased down onto the pillow, Laura’s face became contorted with a mixture of exertion and ecstasy. It wasn’t long after that before Laura came, her body becoming rigid and tense, her mouth fully open as if in a scream, but emitting no sound. Diane stroked her back, slowly swirling the dildo inside of the girl to prolong her orgasm; Laura was completely silent as she came, but was visibly locked into a tremendous orgasm for the better part of thirty seconds as Diane wrought every last ounce of her essence from her. Finally, she collapsed onto the bed, fully exhausted, and Diane slowly withdrew the strap-on before undoing it.

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