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Learning to Please Her

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“Do not rush, boy! Easy… Slow… Let me enjoy before I cum…”

I still remember those words. They are deep engraved in my mind, since the very first time I’ve met Her. “Get that lazy ass here off that gaming chair, boy… and meet Mrs Silverstone boy, your new Latin tutor. No more gaming for you this Summer, Gary. You will sit and learn,” my mother yelled from the garden, as I spotted her sitting with another lady, chatting and laughing. “Yes, Ma’am,” I yelled as I had to leave my chair and get to know my torturer for the coming Summer. I hated it in advance. Latin. I mean, who needs that fucking dead language at the sunset of the 20th century?! A dead language instead of living girls, parties, drinks… And that in the final year of my high school. Besides, I turned 18 already. Hello! I’m an adult. Crap! Well, the bitter pill was on the table and I needed to swallow it. Like a man. A real man. Oh well. Here we go.

“Good morning Mrs Silver…,” my voice was stuck as I saw Her. A lady of my Mom’s age, but way too hotter than my Mom was at that time. Her wavy brown hair, going a bit under her shoulders, full lips and green eyes. Plus, her classic riding attire, with a white blouse, white tight pants, black leather knee-high riding boots, small metal spurs and a riding crop in her hand immediately made my heart working harder. “Ohhh, Gary, it’s Jennifer, you can call me Jen,” she said, as she tapped her riding crop on her boot, wiggling her booted leg nervously while staring straight into my eyes. “Eager to learn the language of the Romans,” she asked while touching my underknee gently with the tip of her boot toe. “Yes, Ma’am… Miss… Mrs Silver…,” – “Jenn,”, she repeated louder a bit and slapped her boot with her crop, “time for me to leave, Ann,” she told my mom, “I’ll be here Saturday afternoon, I understood you guys won’t be here except him?”. “That’s correct, Jenn,” Mom said, “we’re planning to get some time alone, but the two of you will be just fine”. Jenn stood up and got to leave.

As Mrs Jenn was walking to her car, the sight of her curvy, yet tight ass in those riding pants made a huge bulge in my tight jeans, as I was trying to hide it. But it was difficult, since thousands of thoughts were crossing my mind, imagining her strong, curvy thighs holding that powerful horse, her ass bouncing up and down, her boots kicking the sides of that beast and spurs digging in his flanks. I wished I were that horse right at that very moment. In the next few days that computer I was playing with was not interesting for me anymore. I was just thinking of Her. I imagined her riding my teenage cock like that horse. I jerked off day and night, came several times during the day for sure. My room was smelling like a barrel of male cum and I could not wait to see her. I was counting the days until Saturday afternoon.

Finally – Day D… Mom and Dad packed things up to go for their cottage adventure, so I was alone, waiting for Mrs Jenn to arrive. Every hour was like whole eternity to me until she arrived. At precisely at 2 pm, as we agreed, there she came. Her red car stopped at the gate, but her appearance was not quite equestrian as that first time. Instead, a tight black short dress that revealed all contours of her curvy, yet firm body, medium-sized breasts, wide hips and perfect legs clad up in black nylon stockings and black high-heeled shoes… The sounds of those heels on the wooden floor as she entered our home made my heart bounce wildly.

She sat on a chair across me. She had that straight-to-the-point look and she grabbed my Latin handbook, turned it on page 33. “Read,” I heard the clear command and my mouth started to produce those awful Cicero’s words… or whatever I thought Cicero would sound. “Stop,” she said, “I can’t even listen to those sounds from your mouth. We will have to practice the correct pronunciation first. Repeat after me – Io…”. izmit seks hikayeleri Oh well, this took my excitement away. Luckily, she didn’t bring that riding crop with her, otherwise my ass would probably be red so far.

“It’s getting hot here, can you bring me a glass of water, please?” she asked, “and let’s have a break”. “What a terrifying lady,” I was thinking while coming back with that glass that I almost dropped to the floor when I saw her resting on the sofa with one leg on it. “Why thank you, dear, sit there,” she said as she started to sip that water looking at me while I was sitting on that sofa getting more and more confused. The tip of her shoe touched my leg… AGAIN! A bulge in my shorts started to form itself as she started to slide that shoe slowly on my naked leg. “Difficult Latin vocals,” she whispered as she stared in my eyes, “and your mouth is not used to them? Oh well, practice makes art, dear. We will make this mouth of yours a mouth of an artist!” she said and then started to laugh.

“Having a girlfriend?” she asked me and I blushed. I was a little nerdy boy, already 18 and no girl! An 18-year old virgin. Back in those days it was shameful! “Y-yes,” I lied, trying to get that topic off the table, but she was persistent. “Really? She must be a very pretty girl,” she said as I tried to retreat back a bit again, but her foot found my leg somehow again. “Have you slept with her yet, sweetie?” she said and again – a lie from my side: “Oh yes”. She probably knew I was lying up to that point. But she didn’t care too much. At least I thought she didn’t.

“You like what you see?” she asked me with a soft, almost laughing voice as she noticed by that moment that I was staring at her firm breasts and her nylon-clad legs, “it’s ok, sweetheart, there is nothing you should be ashamed of. Boys of your age love looking at women of my age, that’s normal. It’s nature”. With that her legs started to spread slightly and a gush of cum almost left my balls when I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties! “What’s up, sweetie? Cat ate your tongue? Ohhhh, poor Gary, what are you going to do without that tongue?”. “I.. I… I…” I tried to say something, but those were the only voices leaving my mouth”. “Ohhhhh, we are trying to practice Latin vocals now, I’m amazed Gary, I’m amazed… Oh, joking of course, I know what you are looking at, you naughty boy. But sweetie, what is confusing you so much? You have a girlfriend already and I’m sure you’ve seen her cunt before!”.

CUNT! Oh fuck, she said that 4-letter word, I thought. Almost wanted to play a tough macho guy again, but she was faster. “And I’m sure that little tongue of yours already tasted her sweet pussy. Tell me, sweetie, won’t tell Mom and Dad, promise”. Minute of silence… All at once, her legs started to spread slowly again… her lips repeated the same question again. “You like what you see… Ever tasted… pussy…”. I don’t know how my knees ended up on that floor, but they did. And the next moment I remember was my body between her knees.

“Don’t you wanna taste it, sweetie? It’s nice… Come on”

My head followed that voice instinctively and my tongue found the way between her legs. The first touch of her pussy was a surprise for me. New taste. Something I haven’t tried before. But very soon, her hand was in my hair, inviting me to lick and I started doing it harder… and faster… while a moan left her mouth, but soon her hand pulled my hair away from her.

“Ooooooh… boy… STOP! Where are you going that fast, Gary? Why so fucking quick? Do not rush, boy! Easy… now, come over here again, but very slow… yes, that’s it, nice and slow”.

As I started again, my tongue was rushing and her hand was pulling me away again.

“Honey, let me tell you a secret. A woman’s pussy is like a flower, you need to be gentle at first, letting it open for you. You know what… let’s go to your bedroom, we’ll be more comfortable there.

She took my hand and we went to the bathroom. She told me to lie down on my bed, on my back and close my eyes. I heard her moving around and suddenly I felt her legs going around my head, her ass landing on my chest and I realized she was just sitting on me. “Now open your eyes, slowly”, she said. As I opened it I could not believe what I saw. Her pussy, right in front of my face, juices flowing from it… her ass on my chest her belly… oh wait, where is her dress? She was naked, except those black nylons and heels, sitting on me. Oh god… my balls could not resist and a spurt of my boyish cum sprayed up like a fountain. I was so embarrassed, but she acted like she didn’t care. Or did she?

“Ohhhhh… the boy came? Nice… now that will slow you down, I hope. Good. Now, before you that tongue back spend a couple of minutes to enjoy my body. You like my body, don’t you Gary?”

“Oh yes,” I said, looking at her.

“Why don’t you worship it then with your hands, Gary? Nice and slow”.

My hands started to feel that body and my blood was running through my veins fast again. First I realized those legs, powerful female legs that were holding the upper side of my body between them. How strong those legs are, they can control a strong horse when she rides him with them. Her ass, sitting on that chest, pressing me hard, my chest being her seat. Looking up I noticed her muscular belly, large breasts that I touched with my hands for the first time, feeling how firm they are. And as I touched her breasts she let a moan out of her mouth. Her lips and perfect teeth. And her tongue licking those lips as I was massaging her breasts, touching her nipples, feeling her body on my arms, hugging her mighty thighs with them.

As I realized where I was I got a hard-on again. My tongue started to lick her, but this time slowly, because I enjoyed in every inch of that fantastic space between two secret female holes that were sitting right in front of my face. My tongue could not decide whether to lick her pussy or her ass, so I started with the latter. Or I even didn’t realize it’s her asshole, the dirtiest hole on her body? Who knows, it was like a rosebud to me, inviting my tongue to get in there. And as I got in there her moans became louder and she started to moan again.

Soon she moved on my face, so her pussy was positioned right above my hungry mouth. My tongue licked her pussy lips and I felt her pussy juices entering my mouth. Not sure what to do with them I swallowed them and she must have noticed that. Her juices started to flow harder as she did. As I continued towards her clit, her hand was on the back side of my head, pulling me hard on her and my tongue found its way into her other, sweeter hole. I started to lick and explore her inside and her moans became louder each time my tongue explored her deeper.

After a while I felt something looking like a bulge above my upper lip. She was trying to push that bulge in my mouth. “Clit… ohhhhh… suck my clit, Gary”. Clit. Oh that’s the clit. Looks like a small cock. Should I suck it like a cock? I thought, but there was no time as she pressed it in my mouth, trying to fuck my tongue with it. She started to ride my face hard, wildly, her juices were flowing in my mouth.

“I… I’m gonna cum… gonna cum in your sweet fucking mouth, Gary”

Oh damn… is she? Do girls cum like guys? Am I ready for her cum? What should I do? My mouth was already wide open, I was hesitating what I should do, but my tongue was fighting with her pussy muscles as her thighs had a strong grip on my head and her hand was holding me right in place so I couldn’t escape. Suddenly, before I could even think, an animal-like moan left her mouth and the grip of her muscles on my head became stronger. With that, a gush of creamy juice flooded my open mouth and I had no other choice than to suck it all up and swallow it. Like a good boy.

She kept screaming as her pussy started to convulse, her belly muscles working hard, her thighs squeezing my head, her ass riding me. So that’s female cum, I thought… well, it looks very nice.

“Ohhhhhh, that was so great, Gary,” she said, “such an orgasm I haven’t had for years. Oh, sweetie… sorry to ruin this party, but where is the bathroom?”.

Just wanted to say where it is, when she interrupted me.

“Ohhhh, honey… I’m not sure I can get to it right now. And I need to pee. Oh god, I need to piss”.

I looked up at her, not sure what to do, but she had an idea… which would probably sound awful to me if she told me straight away, but now, from this position I could not do too much. And honestly speaking, I was so aroused.

“Open your mouth Gary, please… open your mouth, I need to piss, Gary. I need to use your fucking mouth to piss, I can’t hold it anymore. Be a real gentleman and take my piss, sweetie”.

Not sure where I found the strength, but my mouth opened up kind of automagically to those words.

“Open wide, boy… here’s a nice drink for you. Drink it all, Swallow!”

As I opened it wide, a hot, thick yellow stream started to fill my throat. She was pissing slowly, stopping at times for me to drink it all. Galons of her piss were filling my mouth, while a relieving voice left her lips. She was enjoying this, but I realized my mouth just became her toilet. However, I didn’t mind. My cock was hardrock and I couldn’t wait for her to suck it.

As she finished pissing, she told me to lick her clean, which I did. I was dreaming about her riding that cock. I wanted to feel her riding my cock like she rides her horses. But that was not going to happen. Instead, she just stood up and sat on my face again, this time facing my cock. Later on I learnt this was called 69. “Lick my ass Gary, lick it deep, I know you like it”.

As my tongue reached her rosebud again, her full lips took my cock inside her wet and hot mouth. First time a woman sucking my dick, oh god! I felt so powerful as my tongue was exploring probably the dirtiest spot of her body. But she enjoyed the fact that I licked that spot. And I felt kind of split. One part of me was feeling humiliated because I was licking her asshole. The other part enjoyed that ass. Finally, I started to get aroused from humiliation. But my arousal got stronger with each move of her mouth on my cock. She knew how to do it. She used her tongue on my cock tip and that made me almost explode…but the next moment she would dig her nails in my balls postponing my orgasm.

Suddenly I felt my cock getting deep into her throat. I haven’t even thought such a thing was possible. My tongue worked back and forth and my hand pushed her head on my cock harder. I started to moan in her rear hole and my cock sprayed right in her throat. I felt she swallowed me, kept doing this until she made my balls dry. But then, she kept riding my face harder, she moved my mouth off my cock and I realized she’s thinking of only one thing – how to cum again. That woman was taking care of her own orgasm now. Her ass pressed my face so hard, I could hardly breathe. Soon, a gush of cum left her pussy and she moaned. She was cumming again.

I almost fainted when I felt something in my mouth. Opening my eyes I realized it was her tongue. She was kissing me, feeling the taste of her own juices… and letting me feel the taste of my own cum. Our love juices mixed altogether as we enjoyed.

In the coming days we used every moment alone to get together. Unfortunately, she disappeared one day. Mom and her got a fight because she was apparently sleeping with my Dad too. Which is something I didn’t know back then. Mom and her broke all contacts and that was the end of this. But I learned the lesson:

SLOW! DO NOT RUSH! Don’t make her cum fast. Let her enjoy your tongue. She will cum. All in good time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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