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Leaving Just A Little Tuft

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Alexis Ren

It all started the day I walked in on my daughter shaving her pussy…

‘Daddy, I’m going to take a shower!’

‘Alright, honey.’

It was an ordinary quiet Sunday evening, just me and my daughter. My wife had left us when Shannon was just 3 and had run off to “discover herself”. I haven’t heard from her since. Neither has the rest of her family. My values are important to me. Among them is that of family and I wanted Shannon’s to be as normal as possible, so I made sure we stayed in contact with both my extended family and my now-ex-wife’s.

Clarice and I had married young, fresh out of college when we were both 23. We had both just finished nursing school; Clarice went on to become an OR nurse and I worked with the elderly in an old folks home just down the street from our small, but cozy, Spanish-style home. She became pregnant after only a couple months of marriage when a condom broke.

I have dated only a couple times since she left, but have never really been into the dating scene, preferring to spend my time raising my little girl. I think she’s developed into a fine young woman; in fact, she looks just like her mother did at her age, 18: tall, slim and athletic with fairly large tits for her years.

As I haven’t dated, I’ve had to deal with my sexual needs in various ways, going as far as buying all sorts of toys, from cock rings to butt plugs to a large latex doll. It wasn’t the same as a loving wife, but at least I didn’t walk around with blue balls 24/7.


It had been 15 minutes and I still hadn’t heard the shower go on, which worried me somewhat because Shannon usually took rather quick showers.

I went down the hall to where the main bathroom was and tapped on the door. There was no answer, so I gently creaked open the door. What I saw changed my life forever: there, sitting on the counter, facing the mirror was my sweet little Shannon shaving her young cunt. My dick quickly grew in my pants. I stepped away before she could notice me and I continued on down the hall to my bedroom, where I beat-off to a picture of a young bare-cunted woman.

After that experience, I knew I wanted my daughter. It was horrible, but after all these years of abstinence, a man was bound to burst sometime.

A few weeks later, the same story… Shannon went up to take her Sunday-evening shower. After about ten minutes and still no Escort bayan sound of a shower, I crept down the hall and peeked through the crack in the bathroom door. Sure enough, there she was concentrating on her juicy little cunny. I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass up this time, so I mustered up all my courage and stepped into the room.

‘Need a hand with that sweetie?’

Shannon shrieked and spun around, dropping her razor in the sink full of water. She desperately tried to cover her beautiful naked body with her hands, but to no avail.

‘Daddy… I… uh…’

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you. You know… you really are turning out to be a beautiful young woman.’


‘Here, let me help.’

Shannon looked quite shocked as I grabbed the shaving gel from the counter and applied some to my fingertips then lathered it onto her puffy young pussy lips.

‘Relax, hun, it’ll make it easier.’

She only seemed to be more stunned and apparently was at a loss for words as I fished the razor out of the sink. She gently parted her creamy white thighs for me as I reached out and gently started to shave her little cunny.

‘Open up a little wider, honey, so I can get right in there.’

As she opened her legs wider, I could see she was leaking sweet nectar and I was very tempted to lap it up, but resisted, knowing that would push her away.

I finished off leaving just a little tuft on her mons the way I liked it.

‘There, my sexy little girl… you’re gonna have to hop in the shower now and clean it off, huh?’

She just nodded and stepped into the shower wordlessly.

Not wanting to push too far this first time, I slipped out the bathroom door, but not before I heard a gentle moan… she was jerking herself off!

This practically threw my over the edge as I nearly ran to my room to finish myself off. I had a real big cum, spraying my seed all over the hardwood floor.

Later that night, as I lay in bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about my daughter’s nice cunny and how much I wanted to put my cock up there and give her my seed.

I thought I heard a moaning coming from her bedroom, so I silently got up and crept down the hall. I couldn’t help but notice my thick eight-inch cock tenting my boxer-briefs.

I peeked into her room, and not very much to my surprise, Bayan escort found her masturbating. She had a fairly large banana in her pussy and was gently rubbing a finger on her clitty while parting her lips with the other hand. This only made my cock strain more.

I entered her room thinking to myself, ‘It’s now or never.’ I moved toward her bed on the opposite wall and softly whispered her name.

Her eyes opened wide and she could only stare at me. Her fingers froze in their masturbatory positions; the banana seemed to slip out a little. I climbed in beside her and took her into my arms as she willingly accepted the hug. I started gently stroking the soft skin on her back, while kissing her neck so softly. I occasionally whispered sweet nothings in her ear which seemed to make her shiver.

My hand eventually made itself down to the skin covering her tight ass and I gently massaged her cheeks.

I let my kisses travel south, eventually reaching her plump tits, slowly, teasingly making my way to the center where I sucked, nibbled and flicked at her perfect little nipples. This only seemed to make her crazier.

I kept migrating south and eventually encountered her freshly-shaven pussy. Wow, did it ever smell intoxicating. I gently removed the banana from her cuntal hole.

‘You won’t be needing this anymore.’

I parted her swollen, wet pussy lips with my thumbs and had my first taste of incestuous pussy juice. I’d never had better. I licked her up and down and all the way inside. When she was basically pouring pussy juice, I made my way to her clitty where I sucked and flicked till she had a great big gushing cum, accompanied by a long groan.

I climbed back up to hug her. She whispered in my ear:

‘Daddy, I’ve never felt a penis before. Can I please touch yours?’

Without hesitating, I quickly slipped off my underpants and gently placed her hand on my shaft. Shannon gasped.

‘You mean… Daddy… that this is supposed to fit THERE?’

‘Well, yes honey, it may hurt at first, but you’ll see that after some time, it will begin to feel very good.’

‘How much time, daddy?’

‘Well, it depends on how tight you are. If you’re already getting a banana in there, I don’t think you’ll have a whole lot of pain getting my penis is.’

‘Oh. Alright. Can I kiss your penis, Daddy, like you kissed me down-there?’

‘Sure, Escort if you want to, I would love that.’

To make it easier and more relaxing for her, I lay on my side so she could lay on her side too while doing it. She licked first my mushroom-top and then began licking it all over. It felt wonderful having her little hands and pretty mouth on my big cock. I moaned so she’d know I was enjoying it. This seemed to encourage her, as she proceeded to insert my tool as far as she could into her oral cavity. As she did this, she gently cupped my large balls in her little hand; I felt very close to cumming.

I wanted to give her some more experience before I came in her mouth, so I told her to stop and I would show her the best part now.

She lay down on her back with her head comfortably on a pillow and I kneeled over her. I kissed her gently and she kissed back passionately, encouraging me to kiss harder.

As we kissed, I took hold of my shaft and placed it against her wet pussy lips. I left it there, enjoying that feeling for the first time in nearly twenty years. Shannon thrust her hips up instinctively, urging me on.

I slowly inserted my shaft, past her partially-broken hymen into my only-daughter’s virginal vagina. I pumped slow and deep for a good half-hour.

‘I love you, Daddy.’

I don’t know why, but those sweet words gave me permission to really start pumping, so I shoved my cock right up her cunt– hard, again and again and again.

I could hear my little girl whispering:

‘Yes, Daddy, that feels so nice. Please don’t stop. I love your penis. I love sex. Daaaaddyyyyyy.’

Finally, I exploded. Possibly the most copious cum I’d ever had. I spilled my baby seed into my daughter’s baby pot. All it needed was some soil.

‘Honey, when was your last period?’

‘Just last week, Daddy… why?’

‘Oh, nothing, just checking.’

But in reality, I knew that this upped the chances of her possibly being pregnant. The thought becoming a daddy again (and a grandfather) thrilled me (and my cock straight back up again).

Since Shannon still isn’t completely mature sexually, she hadn’t cum from the intercourse, so being the good Daddy that I am, I rubbed her clit till she was real satisfied. Exhausted from her first fuck, she fell asleep in my arms.

Not wanting to spend the night in a single bed with her, I gently picked her up and carried her over to my bedroom equipped with a queen-size and laid her down in my arms, where I quickly fell asleep too, knowing she wouldn’t be needing her bed any longer… maybe someday our baby would though…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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