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Let it Snow

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Ontario California was suffering through the worst cold snap in living memory. Snow flurries descended down from the sky causing a kind of chaos and disorder that wouldn’t have been appropriate in a blizzard but below freezing temperatures were just unheard of in there. For some of the citizens it was wonderful, like a miracle that they were going to have a white Christmas but for Katrina it was some a disaster of nearly epic proportions.

After spending three years living for the most part between New York and Philadelphia she’d despite being a Californian by birth she’d seen enough snow to last her a lifetime. It had been magical for about the first two hours of her first snow storm then she’d been stuck shoveling the stuff and salting driveways. She’d had to scoop the stuff off her car and occasionally break through a thin layer of ice just to open her car door. These flurries weren’t going to cause any of those problems but she’d come home expecting a California Christmas, one that never dropped below sixty degrees.

Thanks in part to a break between blizzards in New York she’d even came home dressed for the weather she expected. The skin tight blue jeans did almost nothing to keep her shapely thighs warm but certainly displayed them well. The same could be said for the tee shirt and half jacket combination she’d chosen. The jean jacket was fur lined but didn’t even fully close around her full bust and was really more to draw attention to them than keep her warm. The only parts of her outfit that were helping fight off the biting cold were her gloves and Ugg boots and those had been chosen more for fashion than function as well.

It was so cold that Katrina could hear her teeth chattering in her skull and the tip of her nose hurt. That and one other detail made the five minutes she had to stand in the cold sitting on her baggage with her arms wrapped around her chest unbearable. The other was that the man coming to pick her up drove lime green Volkswagen Thing that could have passed for the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine in a pinch. With her house as close to the airport as it was she’d been able to see that it was still sitting in her parking lot as the plane had started landing and now she could pick it out from the other vehicles on freeway. She might not have been so cold if she hadn’t been able to watch as the Thing hit every possible red light in the Airport coming towards her terminal.

Bret jumped out of the car and ran around trying to embrace Katrina but she quickly ducked away from him and leapt into the heated van. It was actually a bit too hot because the heater had never worked Şanlıurfa Escort properly but for the moment too hot was okay, besides they could always roll down the windows to get it just right. Bret didn’t need to be hold to grab her bags and in a moment the two of them were off.

“You know that’s cold. I come get you and I don’t even get a hug?” Bret pouted glancing over at his fiancée for a moment.

“You could have warned me. I was freezing my butt off!” Katrina wailed lightly slapping his shoulder.

“It was snowing in California. I figured you knew, it must have been all over the news I mean this is a bigger deal than when Godzilla came to New Yor-“

Before he could finish the sentence Katrina had cut him off. “That wasn’t Godzilla. That was a very confused iguana who lost to Mathew Broderick!”

Bret could only chuckle at that. “Point being you should have known, besides I still got you pretty quick you were waiting for what a minute or two? I think I deserve a kiss.”

Katrina pretended to think about for a moment before pursing her lips and leaning over and pressing her lips against his cheek. “That’s all you get for now. I could have forgiven you for not telling me it was snowing here; maybe you thought it was a wonderful surprise. I might have been able to get over the fact that you kept me waiting in the literally freezing cold for five minutes before you got here. What I can’t forgive is that you insulted the King of All Monsters by comparing him to the thing that attacked New York. A woman has to have her standards.

The rest of the trip home was filled with the kind of inane small talk that lovers who’ve been separated for any length of time engage in. Nothing really important, almost nothing that hadn’t been said on the phone over the last few days but there is a certain quality to having a person next to you that just gives the words a different flavor. Katrina hadn’t even noticed that she’d slipped her hand into his until the car stopped at their home and she’d felt the tug as they both tried to get out of the car.

The very first thing to hit her when she walked into her home, before the familiarity of the den settled in, or the mild annoyance that two weeks past the new year the Christmas Tree was still up and most of the presents were still sitting around it on display was the strong aroma of apples and cinnamon wafting through the house pulling her to the kitchen past the small pile of unopened letters to her.

“I might have left something warm on for us.” Bret said following behind her and helping her into a seat where two Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan mugs of hot apple cider were waiting for them. “I poured them just before I left, should have given them enough time to back down from super hot to something you can drink but you might want to give it a moment. Even though her gloves Katrina could feel the warmth.

For the next few minutes the two of them returned to that same pointless conversation they’d been having before about her flight and his job until Katrina decided she’d waited more than long enough. “So did you miss me?” He could have said yes, what he did was lean across the table and press his lips to hers.

As soon as his lips touched hers her body came to life and she couldn’t stop herself from kissing him back. Lips parted, tongues joined and the table became an obstacle to maneuver around without disturbing the still hot liquid resting on it. They managed that without spilling a drop and soon Katrina was in his arms. Her own hands had slipped beneath his shirt to explore the smooth contours of his chest. The kiss had to break long enough for her to pull his shirt over his head and toss it aside but even that brief parting was too long and she nearly attacked him to get back into the kiss.

The second time their lips parted it was Bret who pulled away tracing along her jaw line with a combination of kisses and light nips while his hands busied themselves helping Katrina out of her jacket. Then his lips went down to her naval kissing the soft warmth of her belly and chasing her shirt upwards as she removed it. It was hadn’t even hit the ground yet when he started fumbling her bra off while he kissed across the tops of her breasts and over her shoulders hitting the special spots that made her entire body tingle. Then he managed to get her bra off.

His hot hungry mouth went straight for her nipples, licking slowly around them before kissing all over her bared flesh. Light love bits peppered her skin with warm spots and finally he started suckling on her nipple flicking his tongue every which direction over them, switching from one to the next every few moments before he decided to kiss down her belly again lightly dipping his tongue into her naval.

Once he’d reached her waist he unfastened her jeans with his teeth and the same with the zipper leaving his hands free to grip her ass. His lips followed the denim as it was turned inside out coming off Katrina’s body. It was only because her boots were an obstacle the jeans had no way to get around that his lips were away from her body long enough for him to say Escort Şanlıurfa “, yes I’ve missed you Katrina. I’ve missed the way you smell, the way you sound, the way you taste, everything.” Her boots were pulled off one by one and then her jeans followed closely after.

His lips started at her toes this time, kissing each individual one before moving on to the instep of her foot, then her ankle and along her inner calves. Then slowly achingly back and forth between her thighs until she was shivering with anticipation. A slight blush warmed her cheeks when she realized a wet spot had formed on her panties and eager for a taste Bret was sucking her juices from the fabric before he pushed them aside.

Katrina simultaneously loved and loathed getting eaten out when she was standing up. Bret was going to throw one of her legs over his shoulder forcing her to clutch and his head and shoulders to keep from toppling over and there was always the fear that she would fall over. It was that uncertainty that drove her to the kinds of orgasms that had left Bret with claw marks on his shoulders in the past. It never failed to bring her to orgasm when he went down while she was standing up and this was no different.

Almost immediately his tongue started flickering over the sensitive folds of flesh and feeling her body clench and relax with every movement. His hands were wrapped around her body gripping her pert rump tightly to keep her from falling as much as to keep her from moving too much. Bret only needed a few moments to have her up against the edge of her orgasm cruelly he decided to leave her there as he came up for a breath. “You’re a beast.” She hissed pulling away and pushing him down onto his back.

She wasn’t even sure when he’d managed to wriggle out of his pants but she wasn’t complaining either. It was one less step and she knew what she wanted. Mounting her fiancée like a horse she started grinding her hips up and down and letting him fill her. She’d missed this more than she’d realized. The feeling of Bret’s hard cock deep inside her was incredible. It was enough that was almost looking forward to being snowed in for the rest of the weekend with nothing else to do but him.

Bret felt the same way as he dug his fingers into her hips guiding her hips over him. He wasn’t going to last long but it didn’t matter, he’d purposely driven her right to her edge already. He could feel that she was just as close as he was. Her eyes screwed shut and fingers raked over his chest. Her cunt started twitching and clenching and then she groaned just as he did arching his back slightly while both of their orgasms ripped through their bodies.

For a moment the two of them just lay there smiling and holding each other. “You know that was worth the wait.” Bret smiled and kissed Katrina on the tip of her nose. “Well worth the wait.”

“Silly.” Katrina replied snuggling into his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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