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Liberating the Goddess Pt. 04

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Rudra had, of course, no intention of going hiking or trekking anywhere but his presence would have ruined his mother’s plans. So with a great show of getting prepared, he packed some sandwiches, two bottles of water, put on his best hiking shoes and set off in his car for a temple that his grandfather had told him about. This was the start of a hiking trail that would lead past some of the best scenery in the Sahayadris. But after just a couple of turns on the desolate road that led to the nearest inhabited hamlet he stopped and parked the car in a copse. He changed his heavy hiking shoes for a pair of light sandals and took a shortcut through the fields back to the house. Then he waited behind the hedges.

It wasn’t long before his mobile buzzed. Exactly thrice and then stopped. This told him which side of the house he should be on. Accordingly he positioned himself inside a thicket from where he could keep an eye on the house without being seen himself. He did not have to wait long after that because soon enough, he saw a window open and his mother pulling apart the curtains. Now he was all set. He pulled out his phone and dialled his mother’s number which, as planned, she disconnected with a busy signal.

Now he could only imagine what was happening inside. He knew from personal experience that his mother was a tigress in bed and he wondered how long could his grandfather keep up with his daughter’s voracious sexual appetite. Once or twice he thought that he heard a full throated scream and suddenly he felt his own erection taking on a life of his own. Seeing his mother naked or even fucking her was hardly anything new for him but nevertheless, the thought of his naked mother thrashing around on her own old father was a new source of titillation that had its own charms. Time dilates when you are waiting for something to happen and this was no different. It is unlikely that Barun lasted more than a few minutes between his daughter’s legs but to Rudra it seemed like ages. Then it happened. He saw that his mother had appeared at the window and was looking out, searching for him and he revealed himself to her from within the dense shadows of the thicket. She saw him right away and he saw the small packet — it was the condom of course, filled with his grandfather’s sperm — that she gently threw out on the lawn and quickly closed the window. Now it was up to him to do his part!

Instead of running directly across, and risk being spotted if someone opened the window again, he dashed to the end of the lawn and then approached the window along the wall. Then he picked up the condom, which was filled up like a water balloon, and sprinted across to the front door. Sheela had left the door open and Rudra quietly but quickly stepped into the room and went to the library. Knowing where his grandfather kept the keys, he recovered it, opened the door and entered the library. Quickly he latched the door and as his eyes got accustomed to the dim light he realised that the five paintings of his naked grandmother seemed to be glowing with a new significance.

Back in the bedroom, there was a new drama that was being played out. After the first hasty ejaculation that had surprised him, Barun had suddenly taken on a new persona. Gone was his initial infatuation with his sexy daughter. In its place was the grim visage of a rapist pervert. Before Sheela could realise anything, her father produced a long piece of thick rope and had thrown it around her neck. Then he roughly pushed her on the bed and tightened it so that it almost choked off her breath. Sheela was taken off-guard and found herself on her back and pinned to the mattress and Barun climbed on top and started thrusting his now obscenely long erection into her cunt.

Sheela tried to scream but the noose around her neck made sure that no sound emerged. Then Barun laughed loudly and slapped her so hard that for a moment Sheela almost blacked out. When she recovered, Barun’s erection was already embedded in her cunt and was moving in and out frantically. Sheela knew that she was in trouble and was desperately hoping that her son would somehow come and release her from this torment.

Meanwhile, in the library, Rudra was working to his plan. First, he located a small pin from his grandfather’s desk and carefully, very, very carefully he pricked a tiny hole in the sperm filled condom. Then he went up to one of the paintings of his naked grandmother and squirted a small amount of his grandfather’s sperm on the painting. For a moment nothing happened and then the painting began to crack, and wisps of smoke began to appear from the cracks. Encouraged by this he squirted a little more of his grandfather’s sperm on the rest of the picture and especially on the naked image of his grandmother. Suddenly there was a big crackling sound, and the picture broke across the middle and started spewing more smoke that rolled around the room.

Rudra knew that he was onto a good thing, and he moved Nişantaşı Escort to a second painting and repeated the process and again, the picture cracked and started to emit smoke. But with the smoke there was a new light that flooded into the room and the smoke and light started creating a strange, shadowy image of human form. For a few seconds, Rudra was puzzled. Should he wait or call for his mother? But no. There was something in the rapidly changing atmosphere in the room that had taken control of the young man. This new force was pushing him gently but firmly towards the third picture and when he wetted it, a sudden strong and acrid odour flooded through the room.

For a minute, Rudra seemed to choke on it and then it suddenly mellowed down until it was no different from a strong incense. But the smoke from all three pictures was now coming together and in the light that was now emanating from them, it was taking on strange and weird forms. For a moment he thought that he could see the naked form of a woman but then it dissolved and rearranged itself in the form of a ball that then elongated to form a cylinder which then sprouted a gigantic head that almost touched the ceiling. Rudra had mentally prepared himself for some surprises, but this was too much. For a moment, he was gripped by a sudden fear. It seemed to him that someone far, far away was crying out to him. Was it his mother? And was it for help?

Which was quite possible because Barun had by then got his daughter in a choke from which she could barely free herself. As the noose tightened around her neck, she knew that she could not breathe anymore. Her lungs, her heart and her brain were crying for air but there was no way that she could get it. Her eyes bulged, her face went red and then slowly turned blue as her life was slowly drained away from her. Barun knew it. He knew that his daughter would die soon and in her death, he would get an orgasm, an ejaculation that he had not had for a very long time. He watched fascinated as his daughter’s life drained away from her helpless body and this triggered a massive pulse of pleasure that boiled out of his balls, coursed through his enormous, erect penis and squirted out, unimpeded by any condom, right into his daughter’s womb.

In the library, Rudra had regained his senses. With his mother’s cry for help ringing in his ears and pushed along by the swirls of energy that were reeling through the room, Rudra reached the fourth painting and squirted some more of the sperm on it. There was a crack of thunder as the painting jumped off the wall and a violent apparition streamed out of it. Simultaneously, in the bedroom, the touch of Barun’s sperm on his daughter’s innards made Sheela jump up and with a superhuman strength, she suddenly sat bolt upright. This sent Barun sprawling on the floor and with the choke loosened, Sheela could suddenly breathe again.

Suddenly, the power equation had changed, and the boot was on the other foot. Barun took one look at his daughter but even otherwise a sudden dread flooded through him.

“That bitch is coming back!” he screamed in realisation, “and someone is releasing her in the library.” He gathered himself up with an alacrity that belied his age. Sheela was of course aware of what Rudra was in the library and to give him some more time, she shot out a leg that caused her father to topple and possibly break a tooth. But Barun’s fear and panic was such that he was oblivious to the pain. He got up almost immediately and ran out of the room. He had to stop the release of the Goddess! Sheela too got up and raced behind him.

Back in the library, four of the pictures had collapsed and the energy and the apparitions that they had released were swirling around in a riot of shapes and colours. Rudra heard a roaring sound in his ears and saw that whatever it was that was in the room had coalesced itself into the form of a naked woman — obviously, it was his grandmother! Then he felt a push or was it a pull? Suddenly he was in front of the last painting, the one that was placed right in front of his grandfather’s favourite chair. He knew that he must release the spirit that was trapped in that last painting but the condom in his hand was almost empty.

At that moment, the door of the library burst open and Barun charged in and headed straight towards him.

“You will not touch that painting you bastard.” Barun screamed and tried to drag him away.

But it was too late. Rudra reached out and slapped his hand along with the broken condom bang in the middle of the picture. What remained of Barun’s sperm in the condom spilled out and along with the gooey mess that was already on his palm. This was enough to release the fifth and final figure. The picture jumped off from the wall in a cloud of fiery smoke. There was a roaring sound that grew in volume. Everything that had been swirling around in the library coalesced into Pendik Escort points of light that started flashing and popping like the cameras of a million paparazzi. Then points of light gathered together into a glowing fireball that swiftly expanded to swallow up everything in the room. Rudra watched in awe as that liquid fire burst out through the door, the window and the walls of the room to engulf the entire building. It was like a gigantic funeral pyre that was being whipped up even further by a gale of wind that had suddenly swept down from the hills, burning down everything with it.

Rudra’s clothes had burnt away but he was untouched, unhurt and so was his mother Sheela. They were right inside the fire but it wouldn’t or couldn’t touch either of them even as they watched in awe as it burnt and charred everything around them, including the dead body of Barun. Slowly the wind died away, the fire subsided and the roaring sound reduced itself to a soft tinkle behind them. Rudra and Sheela turned around and saw before them the naked figure of his grandmother, her mother, Durgamati smiling at them.

“Come, my dears,” her voice was as sweet and as appealing as her graceful figure. “You have liberated me from many years of magic bondage.”

She might have been Sheela’s mother but in her magical incarceration, her aging had stopped and she looked just as young, radiant and sexy as she was when Sheela had been conceived. She was tall, dark and muscular in a uniquely feminine way, with typical Santhali features that included a flat nose, high cheeks, big, bouncy bosom and a shapely pair of butts. Her long hair hid her breasts, fell along her belly, past her navel and almost touched the wild spread of her pubic bush. In one hand she held an iron rod, glowing red hot while the other had its palm open and facing downward in a gesture of divine benevolence. Suddenly, Sheela and Rudra felt a wave of comfort and pleasure wash over them.

“It was the grace of the divine, Ma.” Sheela reached out to touch her mother and the two women clasped each other to their bosom.

“But that grace was delivered through my handsome grandson,” Durga pulled Rudra between them, “and for that he deserves this.” She locked lips with her grandson and the two of them kissed each other with great love, tenderness and then something more!

Once the House of Evil had burnt down to ashes and the winds had blown away the last of every glowing ember, the three generations — Durga, Sheela and Rudra — walked down towards the lake.

“What now Ma?” Sheela asked her mother and her son Rudra echoed her. “Where are we going, Dida (grandmother)?”

Durga smiled, took each one by their hand and led them into the placid waters of the lake. The bed of the lake was firm and smooth, and they waded through the water until it reached their waist. Durga stopped and smiled very sweetly. “Now it is time for us to join the Magic Carnival.” Then without any warning, she grabbed her daughter and grandson by their neck and pushed them face down into the water.

For a moment both of them choked and struggled in her grip and then suddenly it was all so nice and pleasant again. It was as if they did not need to breathe any more. Pale sunlight filtered in through the crystal-clear water and they could see beautiful, coloured fishes darting through the rocks and weeds that stretched across the lake floor. They swam around in that enchanting water-world until they felt solid ground beneath their feet again. Now they could stand up and see the shoreline again.

But wait, this was not the lake that they had dived into a minute ago! Instead of the mountains around them, they could see in the distance, a gigantic concrete dam that they had not seen before. On the shore, instead of the empty space that should have been left by the burnt down House of Evil, there was another very different, very pleasant looking house.

Rudra and Sheela were at a loss with this sudden change of location, but once again, Durga took them by the hand and led them confidently out of the water. They were in a lagoon and located at its edge and yet hidden from view by the huge trees that surrounded it, stood a beautiful two storied house that must have been planned as a perfect hideaway. On the ground floor, adjacent to the water’s edge, was a boathouse and on the floor above they could see a large veranda or terrace that would have commanded a wonderful sight of the lake. As the three naked visitors approached the house, a door opened and they were met by a young man and an older woman who was carrying a little baby in her arms.

“Hello, you must be Rudra and Deepa!” Durga smiled, “and this must be your little girl Teesta. [Read this author’s ‘O O Calcutta’, available in Literotica, for their story]

“Oh yes,” Deepa was a little puzzled by the sudden appearance of three naked persons from the waters of the lake, “and who are you?”

“This Rus Escort is my daughter Sheela and her son Rudra, and I am Durga.”

“Oh! You are the Durga whose arrival I had dreamed about last night.” Then turning to her son, Rudra, she told him “Please touch her feet.”

“No, No, please don’t be so formal.” Durga blessed him anyway and then turned to Sheela. “This is another daughter of mine, and she loves his son Rudra just the way you love your son Rudra.”

“So now we have two Rudras here” Deepa smiled.

“And there will be more of them because our creator never thought that we would all be meeting like this.”

“Can I pet and cuddle my little Teesta.” Sheela took the baby from her mother Deepa and kissed her tenderly.

“Meanwhile, why don’t the two of you,” Deepa pointed to the two boys, “get us some clothes for our visitors.”

“And after that can I take him around the place, Ma?” Deepa’s son asked her.

“Why not? Go ahead.” Then she turned to Durga and Sheela, “We hardly get to meet anyone here, so he is delighted to get some company.”

“Oh, there will be many more coming in tonight for the gathering of the clan.”

“I was sensing a flux in the ether for more than a week. A sense of pleasant anticipation for something nice.” Deepa confided.

“But how can that be?” Sheela was puzzled. “It’s only since yesterday that we have started on this adventure.”

“Both of you girls are thinking of linear, rational time.” Durga smiled. “In reality, Time has many strands, and they are all tangled up in loops and spirals. When all of them meet, we end up having a party”

Deepa and Sheela swapped stories and Sheela learnt how Deepa and her son Rudra had escaped from the horrors of a dystopian Calcutta to this idyllic hideaway with the love child of a mafia boss in her womb. The boys reappeared with two sarees and no sooner had Durga and Sheela had wrapped up their nudity, when the next guests arrived.

Rajesh appeared first and then his mother Radha carrying their little child. [ Read this author’s ‘The Scion of Shyamgarh’, available in Literotica, for their story ] Durga introduced the little one as the Maharaja of that tiny estate and his mother, Radha as an artist, who was also his regent. Sheela and Deepa were delighted and intrigued to learn how Radha had been impregnated by her own son, Rajesh in a coup engineered by Rajesh’s actual grandfather and Radha’s own father-in-law to ensure family control of their prized estate.

Complicating the already complex cast of characters even further was the arrival of another Deepa and another Rudra whom Durga introduced as two tough fighters.

“By Ma, why do you call them fighters?”

“Because they re-enacted my ancient autumnal victory over evil by killing a modern ogre just like I did in the past” [ Read this author’s ‘The Saint and The Scoundrel’, available in Literotica, for their story]

“But then who is the father of Deepa’s child?” The other Deepa wondered after listening to the gory tale of love, lust and murder. “Was it the scoundrel or was it the saint?”

“You will learn soon enough my dear,” Durga explained, “that there is only one universal identity in the universe and all of us are manifestations of that primordial singularity.”

“Oh hello,” Deepa, the host, had spotted the next group led by the dashing Raghu accompanied by Sanjukta and Julie, both of whom were carrying a child each. “And who are these guests who have with them not one but two delightful babies”

“Come, come my dear,” Durga welcomed the group and introduced them. “They too celebrate my autumn festival but unlike the two tough fighters before them, they celebrate it as the Festival of Love.” [ Read this author’s ‘Deviant Durga Puja’, available in Literotica, for their story]

“I can see that Love is in abundance,” smiled Sheela, “because our dear little Raghu has not only managed to gift a child to his mother but also to her lover as well.”

“This is getting really complicated. We could do with a cast of characters!” someone complained.

“Why don’t you read the stories in sequence?” someone else advised. “You will know the full story.”

Next to arrive was the singer Rina and her two sons, the adult Rit and the little one fathered by Rit. Durga welcomed them and regaled the audience with the thrilling tale of how Rina shot and killed the mafia don who had held her locked in a chastity belt. [ Read this author’s ‘Chastity’, available in Literotica, for their story]

“But I think Rit was the key,” Julie smiled.

“Good pun Julie,” her lover Sanjukta laughed. “If he had not placed a child in his mother’s womb, that crook would never have freed her.”

“True.” Radha grinned. “If our sons did not love their mothers enough to make them mothers again, many of us would not have been here at this wonderful party tonight.”

“But sometimes, as is the case with our next guests, the son has to get someone else pregnant to help his mother meet her goals.” Durga welcomed one more Rudra and his mother, Ritu. [Read this author’s ‘That Trip to Topchanchi’, available in Literotica, for their story] “and a really special welcome to Ritu who like me has retained her Santhali identity even as she carries on with her covert operations in Mumbai.”

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