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Libertine Adventures Ch. 02 – Laura

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Let me get you a bit back into the story if you haven’t already read part one. My name is Anna, and currently I am in my second year of medical school, I have a twin sister Olivia which is in fourth year of vet school in Vienna. Our life – especially mine – stumbled when our mother died, we were 19 at the time, and I was at the time studying history. After my mom’s funeral I met some old friends of her who gave her a very special goodbye, they were part of a club of libertines, and at that time I made my first discovery of lesbian sex. Needless to say it was the first of many to come. Her name was Ella, and her and her boyfriend Mike introduced me to a world that changed me profoundly. This story begins right after my lesbian initiation, when Mike brought us coffee the morning after, and I had a lot of life decisions to make.


The next morning Mike knocked on the door, and I went to open it, naked.

I was going to have a shower, with Ella still asleep when I had heard the door. So I opened it but just peeked outside, and saw there Mike, with three Starbucks cups.

“Hey, am I bothering?” he asked.

“Nah, it’s all right” I said smiling. “Just give me a minute to put on something!”

I closed the door and went to put something on. Ella was still asleep on my bed, and I woke her up with a kiss.

“Your boyfriend is here.” I murmured. She groaned like a bear, not wanting to get up. So I just smiled, took a dress to wear just to cover myself and went to open the door. Mike got inside and sat on the couch. Ella came out of the room, she had put on a shorty and a top. She looked tired and obviously needed some time before being able to properly talk like a human being.

“Hey there beautiful, how are you?” Asked Mike.

“HRMMMMMMMMM” Responded Ella. She grabbed the Starbucks cup with her name on it and drank the coffee, laying back on the sofa.

“Well it looks like you girls had fun last night!”

“You will never know what we did” I said, jokingly.

“I was more keen on discovering it first-hand” he answered looking at me in the eye. I smiled, too tired still to come up with any smart answer.

For a while we stayed there enjoying the coffee and speaking, and after a while Ella took her things and got dressed, I ended up doing the same, not really knowing what to do with the rest of my day. My whole identity had changed in the last few days, I had discovered that my mother was way more than I thought her to be, and in some way she had become a model to strive for. She was free and lived a full life and was still a very good mother to my sister and me. I admired her for she never let down the more important person in her life: herself.

After Ella and Mike left I went through her stuff again, and found myself wanting to keep some of her dresses and attires, without wanting to toss them. The apartment was hers and therefore I could stay here as long as I wanted since I had no rent to pay. However the university soon would be counting my absences and soon or later I would have needed to go back there.

Or did I?

I did not really know anything at the time, so much changed in so little time. I did not want anymore to do what “I was supposed to do”, what everyone told me I was supposed to do. And somehow I realized that I never experienced with girls before because I was afraid, afraid of the changes that could bring in my life. Afraid to take the step because girls weren’t supposed to take the first step in anything.

Now that I had taken it anyway I wanted to make sure to get more control over my life, and over what I really wanted. And right now I wanted – no needed – to do something stupid.

We all have that moment where you did everything you were supposed to do and suddenly you have that urge to give in to chaos. To all let it rot and to just give in to your primal instincts without fearing or caring about the consequences. Well, that was that moment for me now.

I had gone to a memorial for my mother and got drunk with her libertines friends. I had sex with a woman who introduced me to that awesome pleasure. Now I wanted to quit school and start finding out what I really liked.

The first step to that was traveling I guessed. I would go for some time to Vienna, to see my sister. Or so I decided on the spot.

I went on internet and started looking for tickets. What about the university? Whispered a voice in my head. “Fuck the university” I said out loud, surprising even myself.

I am going to give you context. While my twin sister is more outgoing I always have been the “good girl” like people wanted me to be. I excelled in all fields when I was at school and never really knew what I wanted to do, but I had a knack for sciences, but my teachers told me that usually women do not excel in those fields, so I choose a career that according to them was more suited to me. History, so I could become a teacher.

But now that anyway change had been brought upon me I could at least admit to myself nişantaşı escort that it wasn’t what I really wanted. So I needed some time to think it of, do some stupid things, party with my sister and return stronger with a clearer path in mind.

Boom, there, I had taken the tickets, now it was time to notify Olivia (it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission). I had a one way ticket and started to prepare my luggage while the phone was ringing.

“Hello? Are you okay?” my sister asked. I never called during the day like that, so her concern was quite normal.

“Yeah don’t worry nothing happened. Well nothing bad..” she wouldn’t catch the innuendo just yet but it was more for myself. “I just.. need some time off. I’d like to come to see you.”

“Oh! Sure, what about your courses though?”

“I was thinking about dropping out honestly.”

“Oh.. ” she said surprised. “Have you thought about it? I mean you had a scholarship and all, are you going to give that up?”

“Sis, I just need you to be there right now. I am going to make a lot of decisions not all of them smart and when I do something stupid I prefer to have you by my side than be alone. But this one is not a stupid decision, I was going to ruin my life doing something I do not really want to do.”

“I’ll be there Anna, and can I tell you something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“You would have made a terrible history teacher. You were more interested in the mechanics of a trebuchet and the propagation of the black plague than in the history itself. ”

“Well at least the students would have been interested!” I replied amused.

“Would not have been history though!” she insisted, willing to have the last word. I let her because obviously she was right.

“Well, I am coming, in two days.”

“What, you already bought the tickets? Why did you ask me if you already had done it?”

“I don’t know, just a formality.” I said laughing.

“Careful sis, or you will become a party animal like me…”

“I plan to, can you bring me a bit out when I’m there?” I asked.

“Sure, how long do you plan on staying?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t taken a return trip, I guess it depends on how fun I’m having.”

“Oh my god, what has gotten into you?” she exclaimed both worried and amused.

“It’s more of what hasn’t but will in a few days! Are the Austrians cute?”

“Some of them are, I’ll introduce you to the good ones, I am sure they will flirt with you in no time!”

“Ooooh you have some hot friends?”

“Of course, the hottest Austrian guys on campus, some guys from Erasmus too!”

“I think I can start with that.” I said smiling. I was happy to hear her, and going to see her was definitely a good decision.

We talked a bit more about her news, I told her that I had to tell her a lot about Mom, but that I had to tell her in person. It was indeed a long story but one that she needed to hear, possibly with some shots of whiskey.

When we hung up I finished packing. I was bringing with me a lot of my mom’s stuff. Her stockings, heels, dresses, and a couple of her sex-toys, as well as a strap on… you never know… Then when all was ready I ordered Chinese and opened Netflix, and that is how I spent the next two days, watching series and eating takeaway, thinking about life and about what I really wanted.


The flight was delayed. Great… well I had to wait 30 more minutes before embarking. I listened to the playlist “Road Trip” on Spotify and got lost in my thoughts, when I felt a soft touch on my shoulder and quickly looked up. There was a smiling hostess looking at me and telling me that Free Bird of Lynyrd Skynyrd was a great choice of music for the trip. I thanked her and she left smiling again at me.

I put back my earphones and waited to embark. When I finally did I saw in the plane near my place the same hostess who had greeted my music tastes. Differently from before I had the time to admire her. She was around 1m70, a bit skinny, with long dark hair made up in a beautiful braid. She had dark eyeliner that made her blue eyes shine, and red lip gloss which made me wonder what her lips would taste like.

When she greeted me again with a big smile I stuttered and blushed. She smiled again and helped me with my bag and then accompanied me to my seat which was near the emergency exit.

“I will have to come back to talk to you don’t worry. ” She said with a wink, and left to attend to other passengers. When the plane was finally full she indeed came back to explain to us all the details about emergency exit, and nonchalantly put a hand on my shoulder, which made me shiver and blush once again. Once she was over she looked at me and said “I love your taint, do you apply something in particular?”

“No”, I answered, “I am just warm and the blood tends to go to my cheeks when it happens.

“Oh, I see.” She said, “You can take off your jacket is you are too warm if you’d like.” şişli escort

“I will probably take on your offer.” I said smiling dropping a subtle and safe innuendo.

“Great.” She said with a smile, “If you need anything else just let me know and I’ll take care of you.”

“I will.” I said not knowing if she just had dropped a hint as well or if it was just my imagination. As she left I couldn’t help but notice her long sleek legs and felt a twinge of excitation. I desired that flight attendant.

Some time later she passed with the snacks, and I read her nametag. Emily. I knew her name now.

“Would you like something?” She asked.

“A glass of water will be fine, thanks Emily.” There, I knew her name and showed that I had an interest. I never had done that, my heart started beating. Oh dear God you just said her name nothing happened Anna, pull yourself together I thought. She leaned towards me from behind the trolley and handed me the glass of water.

“There you go… ”

“Anna” I answered to the implicit question.

“There you go Anna, I hope that you are enjoying your flight.”

“Not as much as I would like” I muttered.

“Sorry? I didn’t catch that.”

“I was thanking you for making this trip as enjoyable as it could possibly be.”

“Oh thank you, it’s flattering but this is nothing really. You should see me when I am really working.”

“That’s something that I’d like to see indeed.” I said, this time more sure that there was an innuendo.

She carried on with the trolley of snacks and left me there hotter than before.

When we landed and I was finally leaving the plane I saw her at the front saying bye to the passengers. I was going to see her for the last time, so I took up my courage and tried to be brave for thirty seconds. I went up to her and tried to say more than a simple goodbye.

“It’s been lovely meeting you.” I began. “It’s my first time in Vienna though, do you know how I go from here to the centre?” My twin couldn’t come to pick me up so I had to find a way, at least I had that excuse.

“Oh sure!” She answered ‘Although I am kind of required to greet everyone, could you wait up for me and I’ll show you how to do that? Maybe we could even do a part of the trip together, I am heading to Vienna as well.”

“Thank you!” I sincerely exclaimed “I would love that”.

As agreed I waited until the last passenger came off the plane, and finally she gathered her belongings and came to me. We began to chat and she was being very friendly, she asked me about my music tastes and said that it was nice to find another woman so friendly that she could talk to.

I Began to be confused, I clearly liked the woman, but now it was not only physically. She said that she loved going to a couple of bars in Vienna that played rock music which was my favourite, but also knew some jazz clubs (in my opinion the sexiest music there is). Then she asked me of the reason of my visit and I told her the story of my mom’s funeral and that I needed to sort some things out.

She understood and was very sympathetic, she even gave me a hug, which made me blush once again when I felt how nice she smelled and how good her touch felt. She noted once again that I was “warm” and asked if I was okay. I reassured her, yet I yearned for her touch again.

We took the bus together and she gave me all the indications for me to arrive where I needed to be, where my sister was. I thanked her and with another spur of courage asked her if she wanted to go out sometime, to show me around or get a drink.

She agreed promptly and gave me her contact information before my station. Before saying goodbye she looked at me straight in the eyes and caressed my check softly. I melted at her touch and felt the blood rise again.

“You got really gorgeous eyes, you know…” She said. I gasped softly not hiding my interest anymore.

“Well.. I’d certainly like you to see them again soon…”

“That would be lovely.” She smiled. She leaned towards me and at the last minute she sifter towards my ear. “I will be waiting your call.” Then softly kissed me on the cheek. At that point my pussy was gushing and my only desire was to kiss her. But instead I played her game.

“I will shortly, as soon as I am settled down let’s get some drinks.”

“Sure!” she exclaimed, again with her cheerful smile. I took my luggage and got down of the bus. Eventually I found the way to my sister’s house.

When I knocked she was the one who opened the door, and as soon as the saw me she hugged me laughing and telling me how much she’d missed me. I returned her embrace, happy to be with someone that I loved.

We spent the evening together, and she explained to me that her roommates were out for the night but that they would come home, probably drunk and probably with guys, so if I heard any noises it was normal and I shouldn’t be afraid. She then showed me to her – our- room, she had a double bed and a couch mecidiyeköy escort where I would have slept.

The house was quite big and nice, and we talked about ourselves for the whole evening. I learned that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and that she now took life one step at a time, and as she put it “one cock at a time”.

“A shame” I answered at that moment, “the more the merrier”. Then we laughed it off. I was beginning to understand why my sister was the “crazy” one and liked to party. It gave me that thrill and that sensation of freedom, even if only for the night. My sister gave me a double of the keys and said that she needed to study, she had an exam soon, and therefore if I wanted to go out I could.

That night however I stayed home, and went to take a shower. As soon as I was naked my mind drifted to Emily and her sweet scent. I got flustered once again, and my nipples became more sensitive. I brought my hand to my pussy and began to slowly caress it. All the excitation from the day came back and the frustration of almost having that kiss with Emily led me to touch myself more vigorously.

I remembered also the effect that Ella’s fingers had had on my ass and my fingers soon began to caress my anal opening. I was finally discovering the sensation on my own, slowly circling my puckered hole and taking the time to enjoy the sweet pleasure it gave me.

My excitation though was higher and I ended up pushing two fingers in my cunt and pumping faster in order to achieve my long awaited orgasm. I kept thinking about Emily’s lips on my cheek and wished they were between my thighs, licking my sweet cunt. My fingers pressed against my clit and then got back in me. I continued to masturbate alternating between my clit and the inside walls of my pussy.

I began to pant and finally the orgasm hit. It wasn’t as hard as I wished but the long trip and the fact that I was masturbating in my sister’s house probably didn’t help me to let go. I got out of the shower and dried up, ready to go to bed.

When I entered the room my sister was already on the bed probably checking facebook.

“You can sleep with me to be honest.” She said, I am too lazy to make your bed tonight. Let’s do it together tomorrow”

“Sure.” I said putting on undies and a semi-transparent nightie.

“Well sis, that’s some sexy pj’s!”

“Oh do you think so?” I asked.

“Yeah! I know a boy who’ll love that attire, I may even let you use my room!”

“Hahaha stop it! I barely arrived!” I said, but not against the idea of some hot guy riding me all night long.

She undressed and stayed in her undies, and just then I noted that she was quite hot. But the though disappeared as soon as it got there, she was my sister and twin, nothing would ever go on between us…


The day after I visited a bit Vienna, I went in front of St Joseph Cathedral enjoying the sunny day. I choose to wear something sexy but warm as Vienna was quite cold in December. I wore black nylons and a red skirt, but warm boots with woollen insides and a coat that kept me warm. My legs were quite cold, but I liked the feeling of the breeze while the rest of my body was warm. I also had black leather gloves and a red hat. I visited a while before going to a bar close to my twin’s home and taking a warm chocolate, the weather was really beginning to be cold. I sat there and looked out of the street. The waiter came and gave me my chocolate, I asked him if I needed to pay right away or later on, and with a very cute smile he answered me that it was okay if I paid him later.

That was the first time that I noticed that the waiter was cute. He was quite tall, with green-brown eyes and long curly hair in a ponytail. He had a 3-days beard and I suppose he was in his twenties, maximum twenty six. I stayed there staring a bit before my brain called me back to reality and I received a message from Olivia.

Hey there, we are going for drinks with my buds from the uni, wanna come?

I looked at the phone. Sure, some drinks would always be nice and I would have finally some time to chill a little and to think of something else than my mother’s mysterious past.

I’d love to! Where should we meet?

We’ll come and pick you up, the pub is close to home anyway, they also make meaaaan burgers!

I’d like to stay fit!

Beer and Burgers, what can go wrong?

I laughed, my sister was always the crazy one.

You are the worst, I’ll follow you on the drinks, if I end up in the hospital that’s on you!

I pressed send, and went back to observing the cute waiter while browsing my news feed on facebook.

When I finished my chocolate and asked the check to the cute waiter.

“I have never seen you around.” He said while giving me my change.

“I just came in Vienna, this city is gorgeous!”

“It is, I’d love to show you around but I seem to be working when actual human beings should enjoy themselves.”

I laughed.

“How do you enjoy your days then?”

“This is a story that will have to wait another day, my boss is staring at me I may have to go back to work.”

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