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Lieutenant and Detective

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Lieutenant Bonnie Rici is seated behind her large oak desk at the Los Angeles Police Department at the central bureau in downtown Los Angeles. She is the commanding officer for the central bureau. The highest-ranking officer at the precinct at any moment in time. She is wearing her typical garb, blue pants, with a white shirt, and blue sport jacket with a single silver bar on either shoulder indicating the rank of lieutenant. She is of Hispanic descent, her parents were both LAPD officers, but neither rose to the rank of lieutenant, in fact, at this moment she is the highest-ranking officer of Hispanic descent, male or female in the LAPD. Her long black hair is down to the middle of her back, and her striking green eyes pierce into an evil doer’s soul during interrogation. She scratches her head with her left hand, where, clearly visible is a wedding ring. She is looking at her laptop screen reading a report submitted by a local beat cop when the phone on her desk begins to beep, indicating an incoming call from her secretary.

“Yes Margorie.” She says, taking a deep breath, I always must concentrate so hard on her name she thinks as she lets go of the button. Her thick Spanish accent makes it difficult to pronounce names like Margorie’s.

“There is a detective from the South Bureau here to see you ma’am, he says its urgent.” Bonnie looks up from her desk and out the glass doors of her office to see a familiar face standing at Margorie’s desk. He is a tall man standing at 5 feet 9 inches. He is wearing a blue button-down shirt, and black dress pants with black dress shoes. His detective badge is clearly visible on the belt of his pants. He sees her looking at him, and he waves.

“Yes, I see that Margorie, please, show him in.”

“Right away ma’am.”

Bonnie continues to watch as Margorie gets up from her chair, and straightens her pencil skirt ushering the man to her office door. Margorie’s short light brown hair is bouncing as she walks, it is curled up above her ears. Her eyes are seasonal, or so she says, today they are hazel. Her skin is a pale white, her parents came to this country from England, but she was born in California. She is wearing a crème colored blouse, accenting her modest breasts, and a subtle pink pencil skirt. The two walk towards the door, which Margorie opens first, allowing the detective to enter.

“Thank you Margorie, please shut the door on your way out.”

“Yes ma’am.”

As Margorie shuts the door, Bonnie turns her attention Maltepe Escort to the man who is now closing the blinds to her office. “Johnathan, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Is she new?” Johnathan says, gesturing towards Margorie’s desk.

“Why, yes, she is.”

“Well, that explains it then.” Johnathan says, as he rolls up the sleeves on his blue dress shirt up past his elbows, his Brooklyn accent hanging in the air.

“Explains what?”

“Why she had no idea who I was.” He says, running his fingers through his short brown hair, and locking eyes with Bonnie. He has taken care of his body through many years in the LAPD. He is physically fit, boosting a six pack of abdominal muscles at the age of 37. His biceps and triceps are cut, but not as cut as they once were. With age, it is more and more difficult to maintain physical fitness, nonetheless he has done his best.

“Why are you here Johnathan?”

“You know exactly why I’m here.” Johnathan finishes rolling up his sleeves, and advances towards Bonnie, who is now standing behind her desk. He places his hands gently around her face and pulls her into for a kiss. Bonnie doesn’t stop him, the two begin to make out furiously as if they one of them was coming home from a long tour at war. Johnathan runs his large fingers through her fine hair. As the kissing becomes more passionate he lets his hands explore her body from the outside of her clothes, landing on her luscious ass. He gives a hardy squeeze causing Bonnie to jump and moan between kisses.

“Johnathan… Johnathan… wait.” She insists between ass grabs and kisses. “I just organized my desk, please don’t push everything off it like we did last time.”

Johnathan pauses for a moment, “Oh don’t worry darling, we wouldn’t need the entire desk this time.” As he is saying this, he leads her around her desk to his side, and they continue their passionate make out session. His hands move up her back to her shoulder blades on the outside of her dark blue lutenist’s jacket. They stop kissing for a moment as he helps her remove the jacket. She is now only wearing a white blouse, and her dark blue dress pants. With his hands still free, he unbuttons the top button of her blouse to revel a matching white bra. Her beautiful perky breasts are barely contained in the 36 C push up. “Is that a new bra?”

“Yes, it is, bought it about a week ago, first time wearing it out.” Johnathan bows his head and starts to lick around the top of her bra with Kartal Escort his tongue. Bonnie lets out a small moan, reminding herself that she must keep quiet, or her secretary might hear her. Upon hearing this moan, Johnathan reaches up to her lips and presses his right pointer finger against them. He continues to explore her chest with his tongue finally locating her left nipple. Bonnie jumps in excitement as Johnathan gently bits the newly found nipple under her bra. Bonnie puts her left hand on top of Johnathan’s head keeping him down there to continue licking her nipple. After a few more minutes, Johnathan stops licking her and looks up.

“Turn around.” Johnathan says forcefully grabbing her by the wrist and twirling her so that the front part of her body lands on the desk. Bonnie braces herself with her hands, and they hit the solid oak with a thud. Johnathan grabs Bonnie’s pants by the belt loops and forces them down bending his knees in the process. Once her pants are around her ankles his face is right at her ass level, where, he sees she is wearing a bright red thong. “You know that is my favorite thong, don’t you?”

“Maybe I wore it on purpose.” She says with a smile. Upon hearing this Johnathan lets up a quiet grunt, and starts to lick around her ass cheeks kissing and biting slowly giving her ass a smack occasionally. “Harder!!” She proclaims.


“You heard me, HARDER!” Johnathan grabs her by the hips and spanks her as hard as he can. He watches her ass jiggle with each spank, getting him more and more riled up in the process. “Fuck me,” she demands. As if possessed by a force beyond his control, Johnathan drops his black dress pants, the belt buckle hits the hard wood floor making a distinctive metal pinging sound. He steps out of them, pulls his big throbbing cock out of his green and blue stripped boxer shorts. He rolls her thong down slightly below her ass, and slowly guides his massive cock into her wet, tight pussy. Bonnie lets out a tiny moan as he slides in. She is so wet from the festivities that it is easy for him to slide in and out. Grabbing her by the hips, he puts his entire cock inside of her pussy. “Give it all to me that’s it,” she says as she feels him thrust into her. Johnathan starts out slow, and then begins to really get into it. Bonnie is holding back moan after moan after moan. Johnathan grabs onto her hips for support as he feels himself start to lose control. “Give me all of your cum baby, I can tell your close.” Pendik Escort Johnathan takes a deep breath to hold it in a little longer. As he slowly beings to let it out, he feels Bonnie’s pussy tighten around his cock. He feels her hot wet cum all over him, and it is at this moment that he can no longer hold it in. He beings to thrust even harder than before, moving her desk backwards as he fucks her. He lets out a quiet moan and explodes inside of her pussy. As he finishes, he pulls out of her slowly.

“You are amazing my darling.” Johnathan pants as he is grabbing a towel from the coat closet in the corner of the office, wiping himself off. He throws another clean towel to her. “Do you think Margorie heard us?” He asks as he pulls his pants back on, tucking his shirt into them.

“No, I don’t think so.” She says readjusting her thong, and pulling her pants back up to her hips. “I missed the adventure of that.” Buttoning her top button on her blouse, and putting her sport jacket back on, she sits back down at her desk. “Is everything in place?”

Johnathan looks her up and down making sure everything is how it was when he first walked into the office. “Yes, it all seems to be.” Bonnie hits a button on her phone to signal Margorie.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Margorie, would you please show Detective Rici out of the precinct.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I’m pretty sure I can find my way out.” He says.

“That wasn’t for you, it’s so that she knows who you are next time you come in.”

“Very cleaver of you. See you tonight?”

“Of course, dear.” As she says this, the door swings open, and Margorie is standing in the doorway.

“Detective Rici, if you please.” She says politely gesturing for him to leave the office.

“Please call me Johnathan.”

“Alright, uh, Johnathan, please follow me.” The two exit the office, and Johnathan can’t help but watch Margorie’s ass bounce as they walk past a bullpen full of beat cops and detectives. “So, you’re the lieutenants husband?”

Distracted by Margorie’s curves, he takes a moment to answer, “Yes, yes I am.” He says, clearly his throat in the process.

“Well,” she says, flashing her hazel eyes at him, “I’ll try and remember that for next time.” She says, knowing that he was looking she gives him a flirty smile. “Have a great rest of your day detective.” She waves at him as he descends the step to the precinct to return to his vehicle.

When Johnathan reaches the bottom step, he pulls his phone out of his pocket. “Shit!” He exclaims, as he realizes he has a missed call. His phone displaces the number as “SSA Fitzgerald.” “Shit!” he says again, this time louder, “I need to call him right away.” Johnathan quickly walks to his car, and makes the call.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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