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Life as an Out of Control Breeder

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Leo woke up to the sound of his phone alarm, and reached out groggily to silence it. It was still dark, and it took a long moment for his hand to locate it in the unfamiliar bedroom. By that point, Katie was stirring in the bed beside him.

“Ugh, what time is it?” she yawned.

Leo rubbed his eyes and checked his phone, just to be sure he had set the alarm right, “6am”

She cuddled up beside him, wrapping her arm over his torso, and nuzzled against his neck, “Mmmm… do you have to go so early?”

“Sorry, babe,” he replied softly, and turned to kiss her, “I have to get home and get ready for work.”

She grumbled a little as he reluctantly extracted himself from her arms. He got up from the bed and started to fumble around for his clothes in the dark. After a moment, there was a click from her side of the bed, and light from a bedside lamp filled the room, catching him still half naked and sporting a huge morning erection.

Katie flashed him a sly grin and bit her lip, “I could help you with that before you go.”

Leo hesitated, halfway through pulling on a pair of boxers. He felt his cock get even harder, but he resisted the temptation to jump back into bed and fuck her as hard as he had the night before. Katie was already pregnant with his child, and he had other plans for his seed today. He wasn’t going to waste any of it on an already fertilized womb. He pulled on his boxers.

“I wish I could stay, but I don’t wanna be late,” he said, pulling on his shirt, “I’ll call you later. We could hook up again this weekend?”

She pouted, then got up out of the bed and cut him off at the doorway, fully naked. His eyes were drawn to her belly. She was nearly four months along and her small bump was just beginning to show. Leo always found this the hottest part of a pregnancy, when a girl’s belly was just beginning to visibly swell with his child. Pregnancy tests and even ultrasounds were abstract things — he loved the moment when he could see with his own eyes the incontrovertible proof that he’d impregnated a girl. It was close, but he even preferred it to a huge third trimester belly.

“I’ll hold you to that,” she said, putting her arms around his neck and lifting her mouth to kiss him. As they came together, she ran her hand down the front of his pants and gave his cock a squeeze. He put his arms around her and kissed her back, fighting the urge to rip his clothes off again and take her right there in the doorway.

Eventually, they pulled apart, and he slipped out past her and let himself out of her apartment. He couldn’t afford a car because of how much child support he was already paying at the age of nineteen, but it was only a few blocks back to the house where he still lived with his parents. The cold air outside took the edge off his arousal, but it was almost five minutes before his raging erection settled down.

On his way home, he noticed the lights were on in Emma’s apartment, in the building opposite the 24/7 gas station. He didn’t want to waste his sperm in her either – she was nine months pregnant and her due date was only a couple of days away – but he figured he should at least visit and offer some support, since she was about to give birth to his child. He also wanted to keep her sweet for future impregnation. He stopped at the gas station and bought some fresh donuts, which always went down well.

As he left the gas station and crossed the street heading towards Emma’s building, he saw her coming out the door and start waddling purposefully towards him, wearing pink spotty pyjamas and fluffy bunny slippers. She cradled her huge belly with one hand, the other balled in a fist. She looked pissed.

“You asshole!” she yelled at him as she approached, “You fucking asshole!”

Leo’s eyes widened in surprise, “What? What did I do? I was just bringing you donuts!”

He dodged back as she almost caught his face with a slap, “What did you do? You got my fucking mom pregnant, that’s what you did!”

“Ssh! Keep it down!” he whispered desperately. It wasn’t that far to his parents’ house, and he didn’t want them hearing about this. “Joyce is pregnant?” Despite Emma’s anger, excitement filled him at the thought that he’d fathered another child, and he felt his cock start to harden again.

Emma swung at him again, and he fended her off, “Yeah she’s pregnant! She told me you fucked her on the kitchen table! You bastard, how could you?”

It had been about two months ago, and he’d only fucked her once, when he’d visited their apartment one day and Emma had been out buying baby clothes. Joyce was in her mid forties and he hadn’t expected anything to come from it, so this was a thrilling surprise. Few things made him feel more virile than when he got a woman pregnant from a single sexual encounter. It had happened one time before with Amber, the mother of his first child, who he’d fucked once at his eighteenth birthday party. He didn’t see her or their son anymore, as her family had moved away.

“I thought we agreed we weren’t seeing şanlıurfa seks hikayeleri each other exclusively?” he said, “You didn’t mind me sleeping with Claire.” Claire was Emma’s best friend, who was now six months pregnant with Leo’s child.

“You knocking up Claire was bad enough, but my Mom? Seriously?” She ran a hand through her hair in exasperation, “You’re unbelievable!”

Leo shrugged. He knew his urges were out of control, so he wasn’t going to argue. “How’s Joyce taking it?”

Emma snorted, “She’s loving it, she’s been broody ever since I got pregnant.”

“Well… if she’s happy…” Leo shrugged, “Is it so bad?”

She scowled at him. After a moment, she nodded at the bag he was carrying, “What donuts did you get?”

He held the bag out for her, “Blueberry. Your favorite, right?”

She snatched the bag off him, “Yeah. Alright, but don’t think I’m not still mad at you. Asshole.”

She turned and walked back towards her apartment building. Leo watched her go. She probably wouldn’t be receptive to his advances for a while now, but since both she and her mother would be raising his offspring, he’d have a lot of excuses to visit. He’d win her around eventually, and he was sure the baby she was currently carrying wouldn’t be their last. When she was back inside, he turned and hurried the rest of the way home.

The sky was just starting to get light when he arrived. The house was still dark, which was a good sign. That meant his parents were probably still in bed. Ever since he’d fathered his first child just under two years ago, his relationship with his parents had been difficult. The first time he told them he’d gotten a girl pregnant, they’d been disappointed but supportive. When the second followed shortly after, they’d just been disappointed. When he’d told them he had three girls pregnant at once, his Mom had actually broken down in tears and his Dad had threatened to throw him out of the house if he fathered any more while he still lived under their roof. Since then, he’d kept out of their way as much as possible, and tried to keep the extent of his breeding a secret from them. So far he’d managed, but he knew his fetish was out of control and it was only a matter of time before they found out the true extent of his reckless procreation.

He checked the mailbox on his way in, and found a couple of letters for him. Both were about child support arrangements for his two most recent babies, born in the last month. He just hoped that his parents didn’t start snooping his mail, because the majority of what he received these days was to do with child support payments and paternity test results, and it would make it pretty clear he hadn’t stopped at just three impregnations. He slipped quietly inside, showered, ate a quick breakfast, and packed a bag with his work uniforms.

Just as he was leaving, he heard his mom call from upstairs, “Leo, is that you? Where were you last night?”

Whenever he didn’t come home for the night, his mom suspected he was out having unprotected sex with yet another girl, and to be fair, she was usually right.

“I can’t talk now, Mom, I’m going to work!” he called back, and rushed out the door.

He hadn’t been quite truthful with Katie or his Mom. He was going to work, that much was true, but his shift was still hours away. He’d just given himself enough time along the way to visit some of his baby mamas who lived nearby, in the hope that at least one of them would be receptive to carrying another of his children. He had already gotten three of his baby mamas pregnant with their second child by him, and he was eager to add to that tally. After barely resisting Katie’s advances, and now hearing Emma’s news about Joyce, his arousal was through the roof and he practically jogged all the way to his first stop, Kaylee’s house.

Kaylee was six years older than Leo and had been a co-worker from his first job. Soon after meeting, they’d started fucking daily in the back office at the grocery where they worked, and had both been fired when they’d been caught in the act. It had only been three weeks, but three weeks had been enough, and nine months later she had given birth to Leo’s third child, a girl they’d named Olivia.

Olivia was one of the three grandchildren Leo’s parents knew about, and they often visited Kaylee to help out. Because of this, Leo had reluctantly refrained from having unprotected sex with her since their child was born. He hated using a condom but he’d worn them grudgingly when he visited her because if he got her pregnant again, his parents would quickly find out and then his Dad would kick him out and probably beat the crap out of him for good measure. For almost a year, he’d focused his efforts on his other secret baby mamas, but the thought of Kaylee’s belly growing with another of his children tantalized him and by now he was so addicted to the thrill of breeding that his remaining inhibitions had worn away and he was willing to face any consequences. If his parents kicked him out, he figured he would just find somewhere else to live, or couch surf from lover to lover, impregnating them as he went.

Kaylee opened the door wearing a bathrobe, and carrying eleven-month-old Olivia in one arm. “Hey, babe,” she said, and leaned forward to kiss him. He took the baby in his arms, and she stood back and let him in.

To begin with, Leo had tried to visit all his kids every day, but had become impossible as the number of his offspring continued to grow. It had reached a point where there just wasn’t time in the day to see every baby, every baby mama, every pregnant lover. More than one of them had moved away, and he had several kids he’d never even met because their mothers had moved away while still pregnant or refused to see him. He looked down at the baby in his arms. Olivia had his big brown eyes, the same big brown eyes that made every girl weak at the knees and fall into bed with him. He hoped she didn’t go down the same path as him. He knew his appetite for impregnating girls had ruined his life, but he’d stopped caring a while ago. His only goal in life now was to father as many children as he could before the consequences caught up with him.

It wasn’t his usual style, but he knew Kaylee liked him to be sexually dominating and take the initiative, so he grabbed her butt with his free hand and gave it a squeeze. “You look hot today. Are you wearing anything under that robe?”

She giggled, “Why don’t you put the baby down and come find out?”

Leo set Olivia down in her play area in the corner of the living room, and turned to Kaylee. She had undone the belt of her gown and let it fall open, and as he had guessed she was wearing nothing underneath. He drew her to him and slipped a hand inside her gown to fondle her breast as he kissed her. She responded by unzipping his flies and pulling down his pants. It was always like this when he visited Kaylee — he’d barely step inside the door and they’d be fucking. It was no wonder she’d gotten pregnant so quickly after they’d met. She’d never been on the pill and had been such an easy lay, he was surprised that Olivia was her only child. He did his best to hook up with girls who were careless or broody, and some of his other baby mamas had already had several kids by multiple partners before he even met them.

The bath robe fell to the floor as they moved over to the couch, and Kaylee pulled down Leo’s boxers. His cock sprang out, fully erect, and she ran her hand down the length of it.

“God, I love your big cock,” she gasped between kisses, “Take me right here on the couch!”

He lay her down on the couch and she spread her legs eagerly. He was just about to enter her, when she pulled back, drawing her knees up between them.

“Wait, wait,” she said, “aren’t you going to use a condom?”

“I didn’t bring one. It’s been ages since I came inside you.”

She pushed him back and stood up, “Leo, babe, you know I’m not on the pill. “

Leo stood up and drew her back into his arms, “So we’ll make another baby. Come on…”

She pushed him away and picked up her bathrobe off the floor, “I can’t, babe. Olivia’s enough of a handful, I can’t afford another kid right now. And… I know you can’t afford one. Your mom told me you got two other girls pregnant at the same time as me.”

It had actually been a lot more than two, but his mom wasn’t to know that. Leo threw up his hands in exasperation, “Thanks, Mom.” He pulled his pants up again, stuffing his still hard cock back inside.

“Sorry, babe. I could give you a blowjob if you’re gonna get blue balls,” said Kaylee, belting her robe.

Leo was tempted for a moment, but he still had other options for his seed. He sighed, and then leaned over and kissed her, “It’s OK. I’ve got to get going, or I’ll be late for work.”

“Alright,” she said, “See you, babe.” They kissed again and he gave her butt another squeeze, then he was back out on the street.

His path took him past Julie’s house, and he was tempted to stop there just because Julie was so fantastic in bed. She was the mother of his fifth child and was already pregnant with their second, and he knew that even if he stopped just to say hello and see the baby, he’d end up in bed with her and wasting his seed in an occupied womb. Even so, he was severely tempted, and he picked up his pace a little to put her house behind him before he gave in to that temptation. Resisting opportunities for sex had never been something he was good at. Finally, he turned a corner and arrived at Sarah’s house.

Sarah, along with Kaylee and Amber, was one of the three baby mamas his parents knew about. She’d been his high school girlfriend, and the mother of his second child. When her parents found out he was also the father of Amber’s baby, they’d told him to stay away, and he’d barely seen Sarah or their son Lucas since. But recently he’d found out through a friend that Sarah had moved out of her parents’ home and had her own place, and he figured it was time to drop by and rekindle their relationship. He’d never been there before, and just hoped the address he’d got from his friend was accurate.

When Sarah’s door opened, he was surprised to be confronted by a huge muscular square-jawed guy, who seemed to be halfway through shaving. He could hear a baby crying inside.

“Uh… this is Sarah’s house?”

The hulking man glowered suspiciously at him, “Yeah. What do you want?”

He was interrupted by Sarah’s voice behind him, “Who is it, Andy?” She appeared beside him in the doorway with baby Lucas in her arms. He was just over a year old and like Olivia, had Leo’s big brown eyes.

“Oh, Leo. I didn’t know you were coming.” She didn’t look at all happy to see him, “It’s been a long time…”

“Who’s this?” Leo nodded at the huge guy.

Sarah looked awkward, “This is Andy, my boyfriend. Did you come to see Lucas?”

Andy frowned, and looked at Leo with increased dislike, “Is this the loser who got you and that other girl pregnant?”

Sarah nodded.

Andy gestured back into the house, “Go back inside. I’ll take care of this.”

“I, uh, I should go…” said Leo, starting to back away, realizing that this was a total dead end.

“Yeah, you better go,” said Andy, advancing down the drive after him, “You almost ruined her life, you deadbeat piece of shit. If I ever see you around here again, I’ll fucking break you in half like a pencil, you got that?”

“OK, OK,” Leo backed out into the street, and then made off in a hurry, “Jesus.”

As he left their house behind, Leo fumed at the thought of that meathead jock being the father of Sarah’s future children instead of him. But, he consoled himself, he had probably fathered more kids in the last six months than that guy was likely to in his whole life. When people thought of the kind of man who had a string of baby mamas and multiple girls pregnant at once and was paying every penny he earned in child support, they probably thought of a huge macho hairy-chested guy like Andy, not a skinny baby-faced kid like Leo. He didn’t have big muscles or a jaw you could light a match on, but girls couldn’t resist his big brown eyes and cheeky smile.

He checked his watch — it was almost 8am, and he still had one last hope before he had to get to work. Jessica’s house was just along the street from the bus station where he’d catch the bus to work. If she was willing and he was quick, he had enough time to fill her pussy before he needed to catch his bus. It was only three months since she’d given birth, but he knew she was keen to have more children, and her biological clock was ticking.

Jessica was forty and already had eight kids by six different men before Leo even met her. Making her a mother of nine had been deeply satisfying. She carried big as well – her belly had been so huge during the third trimester that he’d been sure the doctors had made a mistake and there were multiple babies in there, but in the end she’d given birth to a single daughter. Still, it had been some of the best pregnant sex he’d ever had.

When he rang the bell, a girl of about twenty opened the door, and glared at him, “Oh, it’s you. What do you want?” From inside came the chaotic sounds of half a dozen kids having breakfast and getting ready for school.

“Piper, lovely to see you,” he replied sarcastically, “Is your mom in?”

Piper shrugged, “Yeah, but I don’t need any more siblings to babysit while she fucks guys half her age, so why don’t you get lost?”

Leo snorted, “Who she fucks isn’t your choice sweetheart, so why don’t you let me in?”

She rolled her eyes, then stood back and yelled into the house, “Mom, it’s your boy toy!”

Leo went inside and found Jessica on the living room couch, breastfeeding their three month old daughter. Two of her younger kids sat on the floor watching cartoons on Netflix. He leaned over to kiss her, and then she plucked the baby off her breast and passed her to him.

“Hold Sophia for me will you, I have to pack some lunches.”

He followed her to the kitchen, still holding the baby, where she began to hastily assemble some sandwiches, pausing occasionally to shout at one of her other kids to hurry up and get ready.

“Sorry, things are bit manic right now,” she said, knowing exactly why he was there. “I have to get the kids ready for school, and then I have a ton of shopping to do.”

Leo rocked little Sophia in his arms to keep her quiet, “I could come back this evening.”

Jessica sighed, “Next Friday, maybe? Piper’s out this evening and I don’t have anyone to look after the kids. Then there’s a school play, and…”

“OK, next Friday,” Leo said, knowing it was useless to try and force a gap in Jessica’s schedule. It had always been like this. He just had to be persistent. Still, he couldn’t help sounding a bit disappointed that he hadn’t found an unfertilized womb to seed that morning.

Jessica grinned and leaned over to kiss him, then slipped her hand down the front of his pants to fondle his cock, “Oh honey, I know you can’t wait to make more babies, but we’ll get there. I want at least a couple more, and you’ll be their father if you’re patient.”

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