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Life Ch. 13

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It rained Wednesday, so I was wet, sore and smelled horrible by the time I got off work. To compound a bad day, Bridget had reminded me of the security video and told me she needed me for a ‘meeting’ outside of work on Friday. I didn’t mind having sex with an attractive older woman, but getting forced to do it was a bit of a downer. At least I had plenty of time for a shower before I was supposed to pick Mary up for dinner, not that it did much to improve my mood, especially when I could hear Mary and her mother arguing from outside the lavish-looking house I was waiting in front of. Finally, Mary came storming out of the house and climbed into the passenger seat before slamming the door.

“Everything okay?” I asked the skinny goth girl next to me. Her dark hair still had the one long braid woven with a purple ribbon that fell down the side of her face and I reached out to push it over her ear so I could see her more clearly.

She crossed her arms and frowned at me. “Yeah, let’s just go.” She muttered. I leaned back in the seat and sighed. “What? Let’s go!” she ordered.

“It just seems like nobody here is in a very good mood, and I don’t want to make things worse by taking you out.” I said as I backed out of her driveway. “Your mother obviously hates me.”

“My mother’s a cunt.” Mary spat and we rode in silence for a few minutes. When we were away from the subdevelopment she lived in, she leaned across the seat and put her head in my lap. “I’m sorry.” She said “This happens every time I meet a guy that my mother didn’t introduce me to.” I shrugged and said I understood, but Mary was determined to apologize. I felt her nimble fingers pulling at my zipper before she said. “No, I want to make it up to you.” She said when I tried to pull her hand away.

Her slender fingers made quick work getting past my boxers and fishing out my not-quite hard penis. Her hot breath and wet tongue encouraged stiffness as Mary licked up one side while cradling the other in her hand. I shifted behind the wheel and slowed down as she swirled her tongue across the head and the shaft grew against her palm. I swerved into the oncoming lane a little when her lips closed wetly over the head of my cock.

She sucked just past the tip, wrapping her lush lips around the crown and spanking each side with the top and bottom of her tongue. Mary’s thin and nimble hand kept busy stroking the shaft, using the spit that leaked past her mouth to slide quickly up and down my twitching member.

I’ve never been so happy to catch a red light as when Mary started squeezing her way up from the base of my dick to where her lips were slurping away in front of her dancing tongue. I let my head fall back in the red glow and groaned out an “Oh God…” when she repeated the slow ascent up my pole.

The light changed, but I didn’t take my foot off the brake. My grip on the steering wheel tightened though, when Mary slid the tip of her tongue down the slit of my dick. I felt her hot breath on my slick shaft between her fingers and I knew she felt my entire body tense up because she moved tongue to cradle my dick and loosened her grip on my shaft to quickly pump her fist up and down.

Another blasphemous groan escaped me as my dick jerked in her grip and started releasing its salty payload into her mouth. Mary never moved her lips, and kept rhythm pumping my flexing cock with her hand, only her tongue changed; lapping at my urethra to gather all of my cum at the back of her mouth as soon as it was free.

With a quiet sigh she swallowed, working her fingers up my shaft once last time to get the last drops out and clean it of her spit. Mary sat up breathing heavily and wiped her mouth on the underside of her wrist. “Light’s green.” She muttered, and before I had time to acknowledge what she said, someone who had been waiting decided to honk their horn.

I rolled my eyes and waved at them before slowly pulling away from the intersection. “Apology accepted, by the way.” I offered to my date some seconds later while I was stuffing my junk back in my pants.

Mary smiled at me and rubbed her hand along my arm, stroking slowly down until she was holding my hand. “What do you say we skip the dinner and movie, hit a drive-thru, and find a hotel room?” she asked me, squeezing my fingers. When I stammered for an answer to the question, Mary pointed past my face and said “There’s a Hardee’s.” then she shifted her gaze Sinop Escort slightly and announced “And there’s a Comfort Inn.”

I could barely contain laughing as I quickly switched lanes and turned for the burgers, and Mary was on the verge of cracking up along with me by the time we were trying to cross the road to get to the hotel. She had already fished out her burger and was chowing down by the time I was telling the receptionist “We need a room- any room.” and passing her my emergency Visa. I managed to get her to hold the Hardee’s bag so I could get at my own food in the elevator.

While I was opening the box to start eating, Mary poked at the camera back I had slung over my shoulder after parking and asked “What’s that?” She raised a thin dark eyebrow and smirked when I told her it was a surprise before biting off more bread and beef. We had all but finished eating by the time we found the room and got the key-card to work, stray fries and the bag they came in got tossed on a nightstand in the rush to get each other naked as fast as possible.

We collapsed into a tangle of arms, legs, lips, and tongues when she was reduced to her bra and panties, and my boxers were hanging off my left ankle. I laughed when she broke our kissing to ask when the surprise was going to show. “I guess it can now.” I told her and stood on my knees on the bed to reach for the bag and produce the camera, turning it on and aiming at her pale heart-shaped face before she had time to cover herself.

“What’s with the camera?” she giggled, moving to shield her light pink undies and her paper-pale skin from me and the lens.

“Cause I want to make a little video of us.” I told her, pulling her arm away from her chest and exposing her bra again before caressing down her side. “What? I’m serious!” I said when she scoffed and rolled her eyes.

Mary smirked at me again, this time showing off half her smile and firmly grabbed the hand that was tracing the bottom of her ribcage. “Why, so you can show it to your friends?”

I shook my head, trying to hold the camera still on her near-naked form, and denied that, saying “Nope, this one’s just for me.” She stretched out on the bed and moaned as I rubbed higher on her body, cupping one small breast through her bra. “I might let you watch it too if you’re good.”

Mary laughed then and tried to knock the camera away weakly before letting her arms fall on the pillows behind her. “Just come here and kiss me.” She crooned. I set the camera on the nightstand with the leftover fries and eased down on top of her, letting her wrap her long arms around my shoulders as I took her lips between mine. Slow wet kisses ensued, mushing our lips and entwining our tongues as Mary pressed her thin form up against me. I could feel her crotch, already moist, pressing against my stomach as she wriggled to get her legs on either side of me.

I leaned back with a smile and slowly pulled her panties off, revealing her flat bald slit with its tiny pink lips barely peeking out and she openly grinned at me. I went back in for more kissing, raising her bra and teasing her nipples with my fingertips as I did. She moaned and arched her back, rolling her head away from mine, and I took the chance to start sucking and kissing my way down her neck. I stopped to properly pay attention to her nipples with my mouth, sucking each nub between my lips until it was standing at full attention.

Mary’s hands caressed my shoulders and urged me on, so my descent continued, dragging my tongue across her concave stomach and around her tiny navel. When I first touched her slit with my mouth she gasped, and then moaned out a long breath when my tongue found its way to her clit. I stayed there briefly, wanting to taste more of her moist flesh. I sucked each lip into my mouth, probing inside of Mary’s opening with my tongue as I did, and with her slow rocking hips and low moaning breath encouraging me, I lapped at her honeypot earnestly.

My fingers made their way back up to her stone-hard nipples as hers made a knot in my hair, squeezing tighter each time my dancing tongue flicked across her clit. A glance at her face showed me she was watching the camera- watching us in the tiny fold out screen, and she shifted sideways slightly to give it a better shot of my mouth attached to her pussy. I felt Mary’s insides quiver when she saw herself getting eaten out, so I moved up to concentrate Sinop Escort Bayan on her magic button, making her cry out between clenched teeth and trust her crotch toward my head while pulling me down by the hair.

“Fuck…” she groaned and looked down at me shortly before returning her gaze to the tiny screen on the nightstand. I pulled one hand away from her chest and slid it in under my chin, prying her tiny hole open with my finger and causing more moans to escape her slender throat. Mary’s legs spasmed when the second knuckle passed her entrance and she began to shake. I pulled her clit between my lips and drilled my tongue into it, slowly pumping my finger into her gash, slipping my index finger inside as her juices drenched my chin. She threw her head back and half-laughed, half moaned “You’re gonna make me cum!” and clenched her fist tighter in my hair.

I doubled my efforts on her clit, sucking more of her girl-flesh past my teeth and under the assault of my tongue, and I pushed my fingers deeper, pressing up on the roof of her tunnel as I pulled them out. “Ooohh, Je-!” her cry cut short as she curled partly into a ball , pulling her head and chest towards me by my hair, and folding her legs and butt up and off the bed. Mary held herself there, shaking and staring at me, for a few long seconds while I kept slurping at her quim, before an explosive burst of air left her and she finally cried out “Jesus fucking Christ!” before collapsing back to the bed.

Mary’s lower half shuddered violently as I popped my fingers out of her snatch and she chuckled a little as I pulled my mouth from her swollen clit. “Jews for Jesus?” I joked and removed her hands from my now-tangled hair. She laughed and blushed and rolled onto her side before telling me to go fuck myself in response. I scooted up on the bed, pressing my body against her back and my cock against her butt crack. Mary spread her legs slightly and I thrust my hips to make my pole slid along her soaking slit. “Why do that when I can fuck you?” I asked as she turned slightly to look at me over her shoulder.

A quick kiss and her hand was on my shaft, pushing it down toward her hole. “Good question.” She quipped back and popped the head past her opening with a sharp gasp and a new shudder. I pushed into her slowly, relishing every inch of her tightness, and working for every bit of hot wetness that I opened up. Mary moaned and tried to roll into the mattress, biting her pillow to muffle the sound, but I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her back to me, roughly groping her breast as I did.

Her hand clenched mine and her eyes screwed shut as she rocked and rolled her hips in time with mine to get my dick deeper into her tighter-than-tight crevice. Remembering how Mary reacted earlier, I whispered in her ear “Look at the camera, baby.” And I used my free hand to pull her leg up in the air to give the lens a view of her getting penetrated.

Mary’s eyes fluttered open and I watched her gaze drag across her tiny nude body, flushed and glistening with sweat. When she made it to where my thickest extremity was burrowing in and out of her, first her insides quaked around my pole, then a low groan – almost a growl – climbed out of her, and she thrust her hips back towards me, moving her hand to the sheets and gripping them for added pressure. “More.” She demanded and pushed back at me again, forcing the head of my dick to press into the back of her pussy. Mary groaned and shook, saying “More!” as she rocked back at me again and again. I held her by the shoulders and thrust on my side as hard as I could while she made fists in the sheets and stared at herself getting fucked on the camera.

Not satisfied with how hard I could ram her, Mary pushed me away long enough to get on her knees and wiggled her ass at me. I wasted no time grabbing her by the waist and forcing as much of my cock back inside her as I could. I could feel her hipbones on my hands as I fucked her, hitting her deepest spot each time and making her cry out. When she tried to hide her face in the mattress again, I reached and pulled her long black hair, forcing her head up so she could watch herself in the small screen.

It wasn’t long before she was pushing back at me, breathlessly crying for “More!” each time our skin slapped together. As tight as she was, along with the wild reaction she was having to the camera, I knew it would Escort Sinop end before I wanted. “Mary,” I moaned, squeezing her waist harder. “Baby, I’m gonna-“

“Oh god, please cum inside me!” she yelled, cutting me off while glaring at my image in the view-finder. “Fucking do it, Jeremy!” Mary added a second later without breaking the rhythm of forcing her pussy back over my dick. I pulled harder on her hair, pulling her up and away from the bed, and wrapped my other arm around her body, holding her back against my chest and squeezing her breast. We rocked into each other fitfully before I erupted deep inside her, still thrusting away as I pumped her grasping tunnel full of cum.

Mary turned toward me and we kissed over her shoulder as our bodies eased out of the frantic motions of my orgasm. I held her to me as she rolled her hips at me, gently milking every drop she could before we fell to the bed. She smiled at me as our lips separated and then laughed as she remembered the camera, rolling towards it and quickly shutting it off. “I hope you enjoyed making that, because it will never happen again.” She told me a while later, after we had huddled under the blankets together.

I made a rude noise with my lips and said “With the way you acted every time you looked at yourself in the camera, I think it’ll happen pretty damn often.” Mary blushed when I reminded her and I had to ask. “You didn’t know you did that, did you?” She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Maybe we should make sure it’s the camera…” I suggested, reaching for it again.

Mary slapped my hand away and said “Don’t we need to try it without the camera to test that?” She snuggled closer to me, running one hand down my chest and the other behind my neck, pulling me into a kiss as she gently pulled my dick towards her. I mirrored her motions, pulling her by the shoulders and reaching down her back to grab a handful of her small tight ass.

“If you insist…” I whispered as her tongue left my lips. She gasped a little as I pushed my hand further, spreading her cheeks and opening her slimy slit with my fingertips. Her grip on my shaft tightened as she rocked herself back towards the probing digits. With a small moan she started sucking on my collarbone and slowly pumping her fist, moving her hips in time to get my fingers deeper inside her swollen box.

Mary pulled her arm from under my neck and her lips from my skin, shoving me down on the bed. “I’ve had enough foreplay.” She panted and swung her leg over me, aiming my cock at her bald and puffy little cunt as she lowered her body to mine. I pierced her opening with a groan, and her hands found their place on my shoulders as she moaned her way down my shaft. When our bodies met the head of my cock was pushing against her cervix, and a rumbling moan was caught somewhere in Mary’s throat. She began grinding her hips down on mine, bending my shaft as its base to hit any spot inside her that wasn’t stretched open and getting friction.

I reached and grabbed a perky tit in each hand, roughly squeezing them and rubbing her nipples between my fingers to make her cry out. Mary’s mouth hung open, whining and moaning at assault on her chest and the impalement of her bruised pussy. I could feel her liquid excitement running down my balls as I tried to match her erratic grinding with my own hips. With one hard thrust, I lifted her knees off the bed and held her there with a hand on each ass cheek.

Mary’s fingernails dug into my shoulders as she tried to get her feet on either side of my stomach for balance as I continued to buck up into her glistening pussy. “Oh God!” she cried out as one thrust made my balls swing up and smack her on the back of one thigh. Mary started bending her knees in rhythm, meeting my upward force halfway to the bed and driving my cock deeper inside her pit as the sounds of sweaty and slick flesh slapping filled the room along with her cries to God that she was “gonna cum all over your dick!”

I could feel her already swollen pussy squeeze tighter than ever before, gripping and spasming every inch of my dick. I joined her crying out to heaven just before I flooded her insides with cum. I tried to keep my hips moving as I pumped her full of spunk, but her knees grew week and we both fell into a tangle of limbs as her inner walls milked me of the last drops. We traded sweaty kisses and broad smiles as our heartbeats settled from slamming against our ribs.

Reluctantly, we separated and dressed, each lamenting the fact that we had to work the next day and couldn’t spend the night repeating the last few hours. A short ride to her house and a long kiss goodnight on her doorstep later, the date was over.

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