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Life Saver

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(Inspired by 2 lovely & sexy ladies)

It was a hot August day as I made my way from my car in the parking lot to the entrance of the mall. I was surprised to see how many people were shopping on such a beautiful day. Maybe they were just trying to escape the heat.

As I approached the entrance, I saw two lovely young women, college students probably, chatting near the curb. These women were gorgeous. Both were tall and one had long hair that hung down her back to almost her knees. She was wearing very short shorts and a tube top, while the other one was wearing a short sun dress, a dress that was fairly low cut.

Walking toward them, I made sure that my path took me as close to them as possible.

They were engrossed in conversation, and they were giggling every so often. The one with the long hair would touch the other lightly on the arm when making her points.

As I reached the curb near where they were standing, the one closest to me, the one wearing the sun dress, turned to start to cross the street to the parking lot. She hadn’t looked into the street before she moved and didn’t see the car speeding toward her.

I had noticed the car approaching and since, I was so close to her, I quickly reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her back up onto the curb just as the car whizzed past. Her friend let out a scream, afraid of what nearly happened.

I asked the woman if she was all right. She gathered her composure and nodded that she was indeed okay.

“You saved my life!” she was finally able to say, “how can I ever repay you.”

Her friend with the long hair also chimed in, “Oh, Elizabeth, I thought you were a goner. Mister, thank you for grabbing her. That was quick thinking!”

I replied that it was nothing and that I was just happy to help two such lovely young women.

“Well, we certainly must do something to pay you back,” said Elizabeth.

“That’s not necessary,” I politely replied. These two women were stunningly beautiful and their eyes were captivating. I looked them up and down, trying not to be too obvious that I was taking the whole of their bodies in.

“We were just leaving, certainly you’d like to come and get a refreshing cool lemonade with us?” Elizabeth asked. Then she cooed, “Wouldn’t you? It’s such a hot day!”

How could I refuse. These mecidiyeköy escort women were charming.

And extremely sexy.

Elizabeth introduced me to her friend Ty as we walked to their car.

We chatted as we made the quick trip to their apartment. Nothing special. Just small talk.

Inside their apartment, I was led to a small couch and told to sit down. Elizabeth sat down beside me while Ty went into the kitchen. Elizabeth thanked again me for saving her and we continued to chat. She was very friendly and often placed her hand on my leg as she emphasized a point.

Ty returned with a tray of lemonade and we each took a glass. Ty sat down on the other side of me.

As Elizabeth spoke she would occasionally lean forward towards me. Her sun dress would fall away from her and I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. In fact I got a glimpse of one of her nipples one time when she really leaned forward.

We finished our drinks and I commented how much I liked Elizabeth’s sun dress.

“What about me?” asked Ty as she stood up so that I could get a good look at her sexy shorts and tube top.

“Oh, my, Ty, your outfit is wonderful, too”, I said, trying to be diplomatic.

“Well, what about my body?” she asked.

“Ty, your body is gorgeous.”

Elizabeth than stood up. “Ty, my body is just as good as yours”, she said with mock indignation.

“Ladies you are both lovely. I think I would be happy to sit here all day, just looking at you.”

“Really?” they both exclaimed. “Do you think we’re sexy?”

“Elizabeth. Ty. I have not seen any women that are sexier than you two are.”

Ty said, “Oh, you’re sweet” and she came over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Hey, he saved ME!” Elizabeth said, and then she laughed and, she, too, gave me a kiss.

So there I sat with a gorgeous young woman on either side of me. Each of them had a hand on one of my legs. They looked at each other as if exchanging some secret signal.

Finally, Elizabeth said, “I think it’s time to give you your REAL reward” and she stood up again. Ty soon joined her.

Elizabeth pulled the straps of her sun dress down off her shoulders and reached behind her back. I heard a faint zip and soon the sun dress was in a pile at her feet. Elizabeth stood before me clad in only the briefest şişli escort thong.

Ty, not to be outdone, pulled her tube top off, revealing her breasts. She unsnapped her shorts and they were soon on the floor, too. Ty had not been wearing panties. She stood nude before me.

Seeing Ty’s nudity, Elizabeth quickly removed her thong.

These two women were beautiful. I soaked up their beauty. Their lovely faces. Their pert young breasts. Their erect nipples. Their smooth stomachs. Their long legs. Their bare feet.

Ty’s pussy was at eye level for me and it was heavenly. It was closely trimmed with just a little “landing strip” of pubic hair above it. Elizabeth’s pussy was cleanly and smoothly shaven.

It was a sight to behold.

Both girls again exchanged glances and then both knelt down before me. Quickly they began unbuckling my pants and in a flash my pants and underwear were off and tossed away. I was in heaven as these two beautiful women began playing with my cock and balls, alternately sucking and kissing and fondling my now throbbing cock.

I had never had two women fighting over my cock before. Elizabeth would spend a little too much time with my cock in her mouth and Ty would get mad and playfully push Elizabeth away. It was a total turn on to see my hard cock disappear into such a lovely mouth, only to reemerge and be engulfed by another right away. I knew I would cum if they kept this up.

I got up and quickly removed the rest of my clothing. I positioned both women on the couch next to each other. Kneeling before them, I assumed a spot that allowed me access to both of their pussies. I would spend a few minutes kissing and sucking Elizabeths clit, all the while rubbing Ty’s pussy, and then, I would switch and gently tongue Ty’s sweet pussy and fondle Elizabeth.

They began moaning to my touches and kisses and soon they were playing with each others breasts and kissing each other passionately.

Elizabeth was the first to cum. She erupted in a violent orgasm as I feverishly sucked her clit. Her juices poured out of her soaking pussy and covered my chin. I moved over to Ty and soon had her cumming as well. Her pussy juices intermingling with Elizabeth’s.

“Now, it’s your turn, sweetie,” Elizabeth said. “Fuck me. Please. Please fuck me”

Ty lay back on the couch and taksim escort Elizabeth hopped off and knelt before her, and began licking Ty’s pussy. I moved behind Elizabeth and put my hands on her ass. My throbbing cock pushed up against her pussy lips. Moving forward, I inserted the head of my cock into Elizabeth’s pussy. Just the head. The wet warmth of it felt so good and she let out a muffled moan, since her mouth was buried in Ty’s pussy.

I moved quickly forward and my cock slid effortlessly into Elizabeth’s pussy. That one stroke sent a spasm of orgasm once again through her body, which shook violently. Feeling Elizabeth’s body tremble, Ty began cumming again and she squeezed Elizabeth’s head tightly between her thighs. My cock pounded the pussy in front of me as I watched Ty cum and heard her squeal. There is nothing more fantastic than seeing one woman eat another woman’s pussy, especially from the vantage point from deep inside the first one’s pussy.

“Don’t cum yet,” cried Ty. “I want to feel your cock inside me, too”.

Ty and Elizabeth quickly changed positions, and in a moment my cock was moving in and out of Ty’s quivering pussy as she began earnestly sucking on Elizabeth’s clit. Ty’s pussy also felt so good surrounding my cock. Her pussy muscles virtually grabbed my cock and milked it. I could feel the ecstacy starting to build as I watched Ty lapping up Elizabeth’s cunt juices. I could feel the cum rising from my balls, up through my shaft. Ty cried out as she felt my cock stiffen even more right before I erupted into her. As she felt my cock move in spasms inside her, she, again, came in an electric surge of orgasm. Her fervent clit sucking soon had Elizabeth cumming again as well.

My body heaved as I emptied my cum into Ty and I fell foward onto her back, before finally rolling off onto the floor beside the couch. Ty spied my cum-covered cock and began licking it clean, tasting the creamy cum mixed with her own and Elizabeth’s. Elizabeth leaned over from the couch and began sucking the remnants of my cum from Ty’s drenched pussy.

We lay there for some minutes, gently caressing each other. I lovingly fondled their breasts and pussies. They did the same with each other and also caressed my chest and balls.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening enjoying each other’s bodies in every way possible. When I finally left, Ty and Elizabeth were laying in each other’s laps, sweetly nibbling each other’s clits.

I’ve been back to visit them many times since. But those are stories for another time.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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