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Like a Good Neighbor

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Bo whistled softly as walked next door. When he had left work, he’d found a message on his phone from his neighbor, Jene. He smiled as he remembered the coy message asking him if he could help her with one more plumbing issue. Jene had moved in next door to Bo and his family a year and half ago. She and her husband, Ty, were in their mid-20s and had moved to town to be closer to Ty’s work. He was a seaman in the merchant marine and was gone much of the time. Ty was quiet and seemed sort of boring to Bo the one time he’d met him. Jene on the other hand was vivacious and perky. She was also beautiful. She had shoulder length red hair, striking green eyes, and a bright smile. Her clothes tended to range from good fitting to a little tight and it was obvious that she had a very firm, curvaceous, body.

A few months after they’d moved in, Ty was off on a boat and she’d called to ask if Bo could come over and try to fix her dryer. He’d agreed to try and had gone and worked on it. He’d discovered that it needed a part and had gone and gotten it and installed it for her. She’d tried to pay him, but he’d refused, explaining that he was just being neighborly. She’d thanked him profusely, and given him a hug, which had lasted a bit longer than normal.

Over the next several weeks, Jene had called him to help with a few other minor things like getting her lawn mower started and installing a set of blinds. Each time she’d been friendly and even a little flirtatious, but Bo had written it off to her personality and youth. Then one afternoon when Bo arrived home, his wife, Patti, told him that Jene had asked if he could come over that evening and help her move some furniture. Bo had called and told her he’d come over after dinner.

After dinner, Patti had gone with a friend to a movie and Bo had wandered over to Jene’s. She’d greeted him with a friendly smile and guided him to the den. She showed him her plan for the furniture and they set about moving it. As they worked, Bo couldn’t help but notice that Jene’s clothing. She wore a blue halter top that revealed a generous amount of her cleavage each time she bent over, and she had on a pair of blue jean shorts that appeared to have been painted onto her. They’d move the sofa, several chairs and tables, and two lamps. Jene had asked if he’d like something cold to drink and he’d accepted. He’d followed her into the kitchen, and she’d poured them two glasses of lemonade. He’d leaned against the counter while sipping his drink. Instead of standing across from him, Jene had leaned against the counter beside him as they made small talk. He couldn’t help but notice her body again and he got the feeling that she not only noticed his roving eyes, but that she liked it. After a bit, he’d thanked her for the lemonade and said he needed to head home. She’d walked him to the door and thanked him for his help, then hugged him. This time there was no mistaking the fact that she pressed herself to him.

That evening, he had a hard time getting his mind off of her. As he’d showered, he’d wondered what her wet, young body would feel like pressed against his in the shower. Without him even touching himself, he’d gotten an erection. He’d put conditioner on his hand and begun to stroke, imagining his erection moving in and out of Jene. He imagined how her breasts would shake, how her ass would move, and how she would sound as she approached her climax. Before he knew it, he was cumming, shooting his load, imagining that it was into Jene’s soft, warm pussy.

Bo and Patti were in there mid-thirties, about ten years older than Jene and her husband. While their sex life was fairly regular, it was also very predictable. Bo had no desire to end their marriage, but the thought of having a woman like Jene was enticing. Over the next several weeks, he noticed that Jene began to call him over when Patti was going out. Part of him wondered if that was intentional. Patti and Jene had become friendly and Jene did know much of Patti’s schedule. Bo wrote that off as paranoia until the night in early June.

Patti had just left for a meeting when the phone rang. It was Jene and she asked Bo if he could come over and help her hook up her computer. He’d agreed and headed over. She’d greeted him and led him to a spare bedroom that was setup like an office. The computer box was set by a desk that was set up against a wall. Bo had removed the pieces from the box as Jene had explained airily that she didn’t do electronics. Bo worked to assemble the machine. Then as he leaned over the desk to connect some of the wires, it had happened. Suddenly, there was a warm hand on his thigh and she leaned against him.

“I just want to see what you’re connecting,” she said softly.

Bo swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on what he was doing even as her fingers began to trace tiny circles on his thigh. His penis began to thicken and his breathing quickened.

“Which is the male and which is the female?” she asked as her breasts pressed against his Sinop Escort arm.

He’d managed to stutter an answer as his suddenly shaky hands somehow managed to connect the wires. She’d leaned back then, looking into his eyes with a coy smile. Bo fiddled with the wires for a few more seconds to try and get his stiff cock to soften enough to not be noticed. However, when he’d turned around, he was sure Jene was staring at his crotch. He finished u and she thanked him and walked him to the door as usual. She gave him the hug he’d come to expect, but this time her lips brushed his ear and she whispered, “Next time you come over, I want to repay you.”

Bo had stood there with his mouth agape for a moment, not sure what he’d just heard. Jene just smiled, squeezed his hand and told him good night. Bo had dreamed of her that night; of holding her warm, naked body as his engorged penis slid in and out of her big, soft tits. He could feel her squeeze him and hear her moans as his wet dream climaxed and he shot a huge load in his shorts.

Several weeks had passed and Bo began to think that maybe Jene had just been teasing him. Then, Patti decided to go to out of town for a day of shopping with some of her friends. Bo did some yard work in the morning and after showering and having lunch, he was working on organizing his desk when the phone rang. It was Jene. She asked him how his day was going and then said she had something she needed help with on her deck. Bo agreed, not thinking of Jene’s promise several weeks before.

He’d knocked on her door and heard her yell to come in and come back to the sun porch. He did as she asked and was unprepared for the sight that greeted him. Jene was sitting on the edge of a chaise lounge in what was quite possibly the smallest string bikini he’d ever seen. Bo stopped in his tracks and stared. She looked incredible! Bo’s mind raced. Part of him wanted to walk away, but another, more powerful urge kept him rooted to the spot.

“Well,” Jene cooed, “don’t you want to know what I need help with?”

“What? Uh, sure, right, um what was it you needed?” Bo stuttered.

“Well, I was going to lay out, but I need some help putting on some sun tan oil,” she said smiling and holding the bottle out to him. With that she turned her back to him. Bo pulled up a chair beside her and poured some of the oil into his hands and began to apply it to her shoulders and neck, slowly working his way down her back. He worked his fingers under the straps of her bikini so as not to miss a spot. As he did, she looked back at him and said, “Those are in the way aren’t they?”

Before he could reply, she had pulled the knot out of the string and let it fall to the ground. Bo licked his lips and continued rubbing the oil down her back. As he reached the top of her bikini bottom, Jene stood and said, “Now my legs.”

She stepped back toward him, putting her foot up on the lounge chair. He leaned closer and began oiling her leg, starting at her foot and moving upward. Bo’s heart beat faster as his hands moved higher. When his fingertips were nearly at the tiny bikini bottom, she pivoted smoothly and presented her other leg. He covered it with oil too, moving from bottom to top. As his fingers again reached the edge of her tiny triangle, Jene stepped back and sat on the chaise lounge again. She patted the chair and beckoned him with one finger and a look that made him swallow hard.

Bo straddled the chair facing her and she presented her left arm to him. Again, he applied oil to it, beginning with her palm and working up to her shoulder. Then, Jene pivoted, so that she was facing him on the lounge. His eyes were drawn to full breasts and erect nipples. She followed his eyes, but presented her other arm. Bo dutifully oiled it up, half-heartedly trying to hide his growing erection.

Jene smiled again, pointing to the oil and letting her fingers trail from her neck to her belly. Bo took a deep, ragged breath and began to apply oil to her belly and flanks. Slowly he moved upward until his hands covered her breasts. They quickly become shiny and slick with the oil.

Jene’s eyes were half-closed and her breathing had become quicker. “That feels very nice,” she whispered. Slowly, she put her hands on Bo’s thighs and moved them upward until they were on his shorts. By this time, his swollen penis was aching in his pants. Jene looked at his erection and looked back at Bo and said huskily, “We need to let him out of there before he gets hurt.”

Bo nodded and Jene began to unbutton his shorts. As she finished, he leaned back and raised his hips and she gently pulled his shorts and underwear off, allowing his swollen cock to pop up. He sat back up and Jene said, “I think my tits need a little more oil baby.” He picked up the bottle and squeezed a generous amount onto her breasts and again began to kneed and rub them. Jene sighed and reached for the oil. She poured some into her hand after she set the bottle down, rubbed both hands Sinop Escort Bayan together. Her right hand reached for his swollen cock and began to stroke while her left hand went down into her bikini bottom.

Bo gasped at the electric touch of her hand and she giggled softly as she began to stroke his cock and rub her pussy. Bo circled her aureoles with his thumbs and then began to gently pull on Jene’s nipples. She moaned softly as her hands drove them both slowly higher. Soon Jene’s hips began to move against her fingers. Bo could smell the scent of her arousal as he continued to minister to her now swaying breasts. Jene’s hand slowly increased the tempo as she steadily jacked his penis. Bo was intensely aroused, knowing he shouldn’t be here, but wanting more than anything to come on the lovely creature that was pleasuring both herself and him with her soft hands.

Jene began to moan and her hips thrust harder. Her hands moved more quickly on her pussy and on Bo’s throbbing cock. She opened her eyes and looked into his now, a look of desire on her face.

“I want you to shoot it all over me,” she groaned, “Cum all over me, Bo. Don’t hold it back.”

He moaned, wanting it to last longer. However, between the feeling of her hand on his cock and the feel of her tits in his hand, plus the added sight of her masturbating even as she jacked him off, he knew he was going to come soon.

“Jene,” he moaned, “Ohh, honey.”

“Cum!” she cried as she felt her own body begin to climax, “Cum now! Shoot your hot cum on me, Bo!”

Finally, it was too much. The pressure in his balls became unbearable, and with a loud moan, Bo began to ejaculate. A small load rolled off the tip and then one, two three, four long shots covered Jene’s tits and belly. Bo cried out with pleasure as more, smaller loads continued to pour from his throbbing penis. His cries were mixed with Jene’s as she began to climax, moaning and bucking and gasping, “Yes, oh, yes, yes, yes!”

Slowly, Jene brought the tempo down, sitting back and watching him as she rubbed her sticky fingers over her own breasts.

“I told you I’d repay you for all your help,” she said playfully, “If you’re agreeable, we can work out a regular payment system.”

Bo had readily agreed and over the next few months, Jene had periodically pleasured him orally and with her hands. Bo loved it. The more times she pleasured him, the more he dreamed of really fucking her. However, he didn’t push it and was even able to rationalize that he hadn’t even really committed the physical act of adultery.

Then, one weekend in September, Jene’s shower had broken. Her home was older and there were serious problems with the pipes. Bo had spent a number of nights and weekends replacing pipes and repairing the holes he’d had to make to get to the pipes. He’d even installed some new towel racks for her and repaired some tile around the edge of the tub. When the job was finally done, she’d kissed him deeply and told him with a wink that she’d pay him well for his services. That had been last weekend. His wife had decided on Monday to go spend the weekend with her sister. As he’d begun his drive home Friday, he’d gotten the coy message from Jene and was now headed next door to see exactly what kind of plumbing problem she had.

Bo rang the bell and heard her call out, “Come on in and lock it behind you.”

He did as he was asked to do, hearing water come on as he began to wander through the house. “I’m back here,” Jene called. He wandered toward the master suite, wondering if something might be wrong with the shower or tub he’d worked on. He entered her bedroom and continued on into the master bathroom.

“Oh my god,” he breathed at the sight that greeted him. Jene stood under the shower running a washcloth over her naked body.

“See somethin’ you like?” she teased.

Bo nodded and she tossed the washcloth at him playfully. He caught it and tossed it back. She giggled, bending slightly to give him an incredible view of her dripping wet breasts, “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

He stripped off his shirt and shoes and began to take off his shorts. “I thought you had a plumbing problem,” he said.

Jene smiled and looked at him devilishly. “I do,” she cooed touching her pussy, “I need you to come in here and lay some pipe baby.”

Both of them laughed, but Bo wondered if she was serious. Would he really get to fuck her tonight? The mere possibility made his penis twitch as he stepped into the shower. Jene smiled as she wrapped her arms around his waist, drawing him under the warm water with her. Bo ran his fingers down her back and let his hands rest on the curve of her bottom, pulling her against him. Bo kissed her deeply and she returned his kiss hungrily, opening her mouth and searching for his tongue with hers. His rising penis pressed against Jene’s thigh and she shifted slightly, allowing it access to her pussy. They kissed and swayed for several moments as their Escort Sinop smoldering arousal grew more heated. Bo’s erection was now pressing and rubbing firmly against Jene’s damp pussy.

She broke the kiss and stepped out from under the spray. With a sparkle in her eye, she took a bottle of body wash and handed it to him. “Do my back,” was all she said.

Bo complied, drizzling the soap over her back and butt and then using a cloth to lather it up.

“My turn,” Jene said. They switched places, allowing the soap to be rinsed from her back as she soaped his. She guided him back under the water to rinse and with a twinkle in her eye, she said, “Now we’ll do our fronts.”

Jene drizzled the body wash over her arms and shoulders and belly. Then she drizzled it over his chest and belly. She set the bottle down and smiled. “Let’s lather up.”

With that she moved against him and began to move and sway. Bo smiled and moved against her, taking her face in his hands and kissing passionately as he did so. There erotic movements caused the soap to turn to lather and soon both of their bodies were covered in a frothy lather. Jene breathed, “Rinse,” as she gently guided them both back under the spray, letting it wash the soap from their bodies. She smiled again and pointed to the wide ledge at the back of the tub.

Bo stepped back and sat down, his eyes never leaving Jene’s body. She bent and picked up a bottle of baby oil and poured a generous amount on her hands and then her breasts. Bo moaned and smiled as he watched her knead her large breasts and tug on her erect nipples. Unconsciously, his hand went to his erection and began to stroke it slowly. Jene smiled when she saw that and whispered, “You don’t have to do that baby. This will feel so much better.”

With that, she knelt between his legs and wrapped her breasts around his cock. Bo gasped with desire as she slowly began to slide it between them. The feeling was exquisite, and Bo leaned back to enjoy. Jene’s tongue flicked at the head each time it thrust up through her cleavage, increasing his pleasure even more.

“That feels so good baby,” he moaned as she increased her tempo on his turgid penis. Bo’s mind fought his body now: his mind wanted to fuck this enchantress, but his body was quickly rooting for letting her tits fuck him to climax.

With a supreme effort, he gently pushed her back to a standing position. “Not yet,” he said, “now it’s your turn.” There was a look of curiosity in Jene’s eyes, which quickly turned to lust as he knelt in front of her. First, Bo began to plant soft kisses across her slender belly. His hands gently kneaded her thighs and her bottom as his kisses moved lower. One hand moved to her pussy and began to rub, probing softly. He found her already warm and wet and his fingers slipped easily inside her. Jene gasped and squirmed, but Bo gently but firmly held her with his other arm as he began to stroke her pussy. As her sex opened more, he replaced his fingers with his tongue, licking her. When Bo’s tongue touched her sex, Jene moaned and arched her back. Bo licked steadily as his fingers found her clit and began to dance over it. Soon Jene’s breath was ragged and her body was arching trying to increase the sweet pleasure emanating from her pussy.

Bo switched his fingers and tongue, now swirling his tongue around her clit as his fingers stroked her pussy more quickly and more deeply. Jene moaned loudly, swaying over him like a tree in a hurricane. With an effort similar to Bo’s moments earlier, she pushed back, panting, “I want you inside me. Please fuck me, Bo!”

As Bo rose, Jene turned and bent at the waist, spreading her legs and looking back over her shoulder with a pleading look. Bo swallowed hard, feeling more aroused than he could ever remember being. He grasped her hips and stepped between her legs. First, he just let his rigid shaft rub against her pussy. She moaned, then reached between her legs and guided his penis into her. She was already warm and wet and he slid in easily. They both groaned with pleasure as their sexes finally met. Bo moved in and out of her slowly and shallowly at first. Her pussy felt incredible on his penis.

Bo steadily increased the depth and tempo of his thrusts. Their breathing quickened and both of them were moaning and sighing with pleasure. Jene leaned back toward him and Bo reached around to grab her swaying breasts. They felt good in his hands and Jene moaned more loudly as he teased her nipples. Their bodies were slapping together now as Bo’s thrusts grew faster and deeper. Jene was moaning loudly, periodically calling his name and telling him how good it felt.

Bo knew they were both close when she suddenly pulled herself off of him. He started to protest, but as she turned he saw the look of lust in her eyes as she hissed, “Sit.”

Bo complied, sitting on the tub ledge and Jene practically jumped on top of him. He guided her down, impaling her on his erection. She immediately began to move against him. She found the towel rack and used it to balance and leverage herself as she thrust her hot pussy up and down on his cock. With a devilish smile she said, “This damn thing better be sturdy!” Bo nodded and grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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