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Linda’s Discovery Ch. 02

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(c) Lindat817

I want to thank everyone for the feedback and encouragement that I got from my first story. This story is really a continuation of Part I. If you haven’t read that yet, it would probably serve you well. As was the case then, this story also contains elements that are both fact and fantasy. Everyone in the story is over 18. Hope you enjoy.

I had fucked my son.

I let that thought roll around in my head for an hour or so as I went about making us both brunch on that Saturday, his cum seeping through my thong and occasionally running down my leg.

After having sex with Mark we cuddled and then fell asleep in my bed, arm in arm. After an hour or so I awoke and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up without waking Mark and looked for something to do in order to busy myself.

I gathered all of my laundry from the hamper and then went upstairs to empty out his suitcase and collect all of his dirty laundry. I bundled it in my arms and brought it downstairs to the laundry room. As I was sorting it into whites and colors, I saw the panties that I had “accidently” included in his bag so many weeks ago. They had obviously been an aid in many of his masturbation fantasies as they were now crusty with his cum. It was my own fault, I smiled to myself. I was the one that planted them there. Little did I know where it would lead.

I held the panties up to my face and smelled them. Gone was the trace of my feminine scent. In fact there was little or no scent on the very used panties now. Despite myself, I smiled again. I could see that he enjoyed my “present” as he liked to call them. I stuck out my tongue and tried to taste him through the dried semen left behind, but there was no discernable taste after this long.

I knew that I would have to remedy that. As guilty as I felt about seducing my own son, I knew that I was also wet just thinking about tasting his cum in a more direct way than trying to suck it off of the panties that I had given him with which to masturbate.

After getting the first load of laundry started I went in to make us both brunch. I fried some bacon and toasted some bagels. I added some fruit to the plate and, along with some orange juice, carried it into my bedroom where Mark lay sleeping in my king size bed.

When I entered the room he stirred and I smiled.

“Thought you might need some nourishment,” I said. “You used up a lot of energy last night and this morning.”

He sat up and laughed. “I think I still have some more energy, but could probably use a little pick-me-up.”

I handed him the plate and bent to kiss him, my hand reaching down and cradling his semi-hard cock over the sheet covering him.

“Enjoy,” I smiled. “There’s more where that came from.”

When I bent to kiss him I felt my nipples graze his bare chest and I remembered that I was still wearing only my yellow thong. I blushed at the thought that the crotch was probably visibly stained with his dried cum and my own juices.

Mark lifted his left hand and reached around and palmed my ass as we kissed and said “I was hoping that there was at least a little more.”

“It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, honey,” I laughed, feeling his dick stiffen under my grip.

I let Mark finish his brunch while I crawled into bed and sat next to him. Neither of us had a lot to say as he ate. I think both of us were digesting the events of not only last night and this morning, but of the past several weeks.

“Honey, are you okay?” I started. “I mean with all of this? I know it’s not the typical mother / son relationship. And if you are having second thoughts I understand.”

“Oh no, mom,” he said, finishing the last gulp of his orange juice. “It’s not that. Actually I was thinking how hot it is that you’re sitting here next to me wearing just your panties. This is like some kind of dream or something.”

He put his plate and his glass on the nightstand. “So… when you ‘accidently’ put those panties in my bag,” he started, emphasizing “accidently.” “Was it really an accident, or did you mean to put them in there?”

I blushed. “I guess we don’t have any secrets from each other anymore do we?” I said. “Okay. I confess. I may have put them in there,” I laughed. “But it wasn’t my idea.”

I added the part about it not being my idea to be lighthearted and try to make myself appear to be a little less slutty. But as soon as I said it, I regretted it. I knew he wouldn’t miss it.

He didn’t. “Really? Who’s idea was it?” he asked.

I knew that I was busted. And also knew that the truth would come out sooner or later. So I decided to be honest. I confessed to him the whole story of how I had confided in Annie after discovering that he had been “playing” with my panties. And that she was the one that suggested that I include them in his bag that weekend.

“I’m sorry, baby,” I offered. “It may have been her idea, but I was the one that actually carried it out. I know that it was deceitful. Will you promise that you won’t hold it against me? Or Annie?”

“Seriously?” he questioned. “It’s like bonus veren siteler the hottest thing that has ever happened to me,” he laughed. “Remind me to give Mrs. D a hug the next time I see her,” he grinned. Mrs. D was Mark’s shorthand for Annie, short for Mrs. Duncan.

He leaned over and kissed me. I felt a weight leave me, knowing that all of my secrets from Mark were now known. Well, almost all… I still hadn’t told him that Annie had listened in on one of our phone chats and that both of us had cum while listening to him masturbate on the other end of the line. But that could wait.

Mark adjusted the sheet so that he and I were now under the covers. He pulled me close so that I could feel his hard dick pressing against my hips. I turned so that I could feel the head of his cock between my legs and we kissed.

Mark had no more questions. Instead, he rolled over and began to kiss me in earnest, his hard dick grinding against me. I knew he wanted to fuck me again – but I had a different idea.

For a few moments we kissed passionately. I loved kissing him, our tongues dueling inside each other’s mouth and our breathing becoming labored. I felt his hands roaming all over my almost naked body, sending little shock waves wherever he touched me. I could feel my breasts mashed against his chest and my pussy grinding against his cock. I lifted slightly, never breaking our kiss, and moved my upper body slightly, dragging my hard nipples across his nearly hairless chest. I was on fire and so was he.

As badly as I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted to provide him with some of the same pleasure he had given me a few hours earlier. I maneuvered so that I was now on top, my son lying on his back. I straddled his hard cock and I rubbed myself against it with the wet crotch of my panties. God, it would be so easy just to pull these panties to one side like I did earlier and let him fuck me again, I thought. But I resisted the temptation.

Instead I began kissing and lightly biting his ear lobes and neck. Mark was gasping for air now and I felt in total control. Both of his hands cupped my ass cheeks and pulled me tight against his rock hard cock, but I continued my quest. I slowly slid down, lightly kissing and biting him on the way to my real target, my nipples grazing against his chest, stomach, and legs as I moved down.

When I had moved far enough that my face was now between his legs and only inches from his dick, I looked back up at him and smiled. I could still smell my scent on his cock from earlier this morning. He had lifted his head to watch me and his eyes were filled with pure lust. I stuck my tongue out and, starting at the base of his cock, slowly and wetly licked up the shaft until I reached the head, never losing eye-contact with him. I held my hand out and straightened his cock so that it was now pointing straight up. I reversed the route and licked the shaft from top to bottom and then kept going so that now I was licking his balls, my hand curling around his dick and sliding it slowly up and down. I could feel my nipples scratching his legs as I continued licking him and smiled to myself listening to his labored breathing.

I moved back up the shaft and locked eyes with my son. I could see his eyes widen and his jaw drop slightly as my tongue neared the top of his shaft. When I reached the head this time, I took him into my mouth. I had dreamed of this for weeks now and wanted to savor the moment. I heard him moan and he closed his eyes and his head fell back down onto the pillow, but only for a second. He quickly picked his head back up so that he could watch his slutty mom suck his dick like a pro. His hand went to the back of my head, holding it there while I bobbed up and down on his wet, slick cock. I continued my oral and manual adoration of my son’s dick for several minutes until I finally heard him say something that woke me from the spell it had cast on me.

“God mom,” he gasped. “That feels so fucking good.”

I smiled to myself. I loved that my son thought I was a good cock-sucker, I thought. I felt like a slut, but had no remorse since I was a slut for the man that I loved most in this world. I wanted to please him in every way that I knew how.

“Mmmmm,” was all that I could say, my tongue swirling around his dick while I sucked him in deeply. I began to move my hand up and down his shaft in sync with the movements of my mouth. I felt his hand tighten on my head and he began to move his hips, fucking my mouth.

I knew he was getting close to cumming, but didn’t want him to cum just yet. I wanted him to experience the pleasure that he had afforded me of almost cresting, then ebbing, then cresting again. The delayed nature of the gratification was so deliciously naughty.

I backed off and resumed licking his balls, slowing my hand movements on his shaft. After a couple of moments doing this, I quickly reached down and yanked my panties off and brought them back up to his cock, wrapping them around him.

He looked down to see what this new sensation was and gasped bahis aloud when he saw that my mouth was following my wet panties up and down his cock. I felt the head of his dick swell slightly and his leg muscles flex. I tightened my grip on his cock and moved up and down faster now.

“I’m going to cum mom,” he said, as if warning me in case I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. But I had no intention of moving. I wanted to taste every last drop of his semen so I responded by moving even faster.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned, not letting his dick escape my oral grip.

“Oh god,” he moaned. His head flew back against the pillow and I felt the first spurt of his seed hit the back of my throat. The second spurt, not quite as powerful as the first, filled my mouth. And the third and subsequent spurts slightly dribbled out from my lips back down his shaft onto my hand and my panties still wrapped around his cock. I swallowed every drop that was in my mouth and then began to lick up the semen that had overflowed. He lifted his head one last time to see me licking his cum from my panties and stroked my hair as I did so.

“God mom, that was incredible,” he panted.

I smiled and crawled back up lying next to him, my head on his chest, listening to his heart.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time sweetheart,” I cooed. “And it was better than I had imagined.”

Time seemed to stand still for both of us. I don’t even know how long we lay like that but at some point we both got up and showered together. I spared him from another orgasm in the shower, knowing that he needed to recharge his ability to perform but loved the feel of his soapy hands all over my tits and the rest of my body as we laughed under the stream of water cascading over us.

As soon as we stepped out of the shower I heard the phone ringing. I grabbed a towel and answered it before even looking at the caller ID to see who it was.

“Did I catch you at a bad time?” Anne said on the other end of the line.

“Oh no,” I answered. “I was just getting out of the shower.” I glanced at my watch and it was almost 1:00 in the afternoon.

“Hmmm,” she smirked. “Busy morning with Mark?”

I laughed and said vaguely “We’ve just been enjoying each other.”

Anne knew how excited I was about Mark’s visit this weekend. She had bluntly told me that she didn’t see how we could keep from taking our mutual masturbation at least a step further. I think that I knew that too, but didn’t want to admit it to myself until it actually happened. Normally I would have been more candid with her about Mark and me, but Mark was within earshot and I didn’t know how he would react to knowing that I had confided to my best friend that my own son was the object of my fantasies. He also had no idea that Anne had shared the same thoughts with me about her son, Tom.

“I bet you have, you naughty girl. You know you are going to have to dish all of the details when he goes back tomorrow.”

I looked back at Mark, drying off just outside the shower stall, his muscles still slightly damp and glistening in the sunlight coming through the opaque windows of the bathroom. God, he was handsome, I thought to myself. If he only knew what we were talking about right now…

“We are having fun,” I laughed. Then in a whisper I added “And I promise that I’ll share the details with you.” And then, back to my normal voice level, “but I need to run for now. Mark told me about a dinner that he has to go to next week and I promised him last night that I would take him to look for some new clothes.”

“Okay,” she laughed also. “I understand. God, I am so jealous of you right now.”

“I know,” I chuckled. “We’ll talk later.”

When I hung up I told Mark to get dressed and that I was taking him shopping.


It was a beautiful, sunny day and we walked close to each other wandering around the outdoor shopping center. Occasionally he put his arm around me and at times I felt almost like a school girl again. Somewhere along the way we stopped and each enjoyed an iced frappuccino sitting outside one of the local coffee shops. I couldn’t help but wonder if any of the strangers walking past us could see the “just-fucked” look of satisfaction and happiness in my eyes. Maybe they confused us for a couple that are in love, I mused. I looked younger than my age and my son could pass for someone older…

“So,” Mark interrupted my impractical thoughts. “I’m guessing that was Mrs. D you were talking to on the phone before we left?”

“Yes,” I answered, suddenly back in reality.

“Do you think she knows about us?” Mark asked, looking a little embarrassed, but also inquisitive.

Oh god, I thought. I don’t want to lie to my own son but, at the same time, I didn’t know if he would be mad at me for sharing – at least what he thought was our own secret – with my best friend.

“Why would you ask that?” I answered, deftly.

“I dunno,” he stammered, stirring his drink with his straw. “I guess… I mean… I know you told me about her suggesting deneme bonusu that you leave your panties in my bag… and I guess… I don’t know… I guess I was just wondering how much she knew.”

I sat silently for a few moments, trying to find the right words to say. “Would that bother you if she did?” I asked, in a non committal answer.

His eyes lit up. “God no,” he said, excitedly. “Actually I think it’s kinda hot.”

“I told you that Tom has the hots for her, didn’t I? I can see why. I’ve even seen her panties,” he laughed. “Tom and I traded one time. She’s a pretty lady… of course, not as pretty as you, mom,” he added quickly.

I laughed at his awkward attempt to make sure he hadn’t offended me. “It’s okay if you think she’s pretty,” I smiled. “I do too. Sexy even,” I blushed. “As long as I know that I am ‘your girl’ I don’t care if you think my best friend is ‘hot’,” I laughed, using my fingers to indicate quotation marks around “hot.”

Mark laughed. “So, back to my earlier question… do you think Mrs. D knows? About us I mean?”

I smiled inwardly. I could see he wasn’t going to let me try and evade a direct answer.

“Well… kind of,” I said slowly, blushing. “I’ll tell you a little secret but you have to promise me that you won’t tell Tom or anyone else.”

Mark’s eyebrows rose. “Wow, this sounds juicy. I promise that I won’t tell anyone mom. Not even Tom.”

I took a long gulp of my frappe and looked around to make sure we were out of earshot of anyone. Even though I knew no one was listening in on our conversation, I leaned in toward Mark and he leaned in as well.

“Remember the night when you and I chatted on the phone and I told you Annie had just left?” I started.

Mark nodded, a hint of a smile appeared on his face as he remembered. “Absolutely. That was very hot.”

“Well,” I continued. “It was hot for me too. But in a different way. Now remember that I had a little too much wine that night,” I stalled. “But I had asked Annie if she wanted to stay and listen in while you and I chatted.”

There it was. I now had no secrets from my son. I stared into his eyes to see his reaction, hoping he wouldn’t be mad at me for letting Anne share in our intimate conversation, especially since I had been so adamant that he keep our phone conversations to himself and tell no one about them.

Mark looked from side to side, I think to make sure no one was looking, then grinned and leaned in and kissed me square on the lips.

I closed my eyes and savored that split second of our first public kiss like that. When I opened them, Mark was still grinning from ear to ear.

“I take it from your reaction that you aren’t mad?” I laughed.

“I would say pretty much whatever the opposite is of being mad,” he answered. “Did she enjoy listening in?”

I laughed out loud this time. “I would say she did,” I smiled. “When I initially asked her, I was planning on just playing along with you and letting her listen in. But we got so turned on that we both ended up cumming in front of each other listening to you. The other part of the secret is that I knew that Anne had been fantasizing about Tom for some time… but he doesn’t know that. I think for her that night was a way that she could indulge her fantasy by listening in on us without actually carrying on with her own son.”

“Do you think that she really wants to hook up with Tom?” Mark asked seriously.

“I know that she would,” I answered, recalling several conversations Annie and I had on this subject over the past few weeks. “But she’s afraid to initiate it. And I can understand that. So I think she lives vicariously through you and me.”

“But you never asked her to listen in after that one time?” he asked, sounding somewhat skeptical.

“No, the opportunity never presented itself,” I answered honestly. “We talked about it a couple of times after that, and I know she would do it again, but the times you and I have spoken on the phone since then, she hasn’t been over like she was that night. That’s the only reason. Well that, and the fact that we both probably had a lot of wine that night,” I smiled.

“And… did you just watch each other cum… or was there more?” Mark asked hesitatingly, recalling my earlier confession of my experimentation in college with another woman.

I blushed. “No. That was really pretty much all we did,” I said, shading the truth a bit by omitting that Annie had fed me her finger soaked with her own juices.

Mark laughed. “Well, if she enjoyed listening in so much, maybe we should invite her over tonight and let her listen to us through the bedroom door,” he joked. At least I think he was joking. He was looking at me kind of funny and I could tell the idea turned him on.

Truth be told, it turned me on as well. I still had a clear mental image of Annie masturbating that I had called on as I approached my own self-induced orgasms more than once since that night. I knew that Annie would love to have the type of relationship with Tom that Mark and I shared, but I also knew that – because they didn’t – she loved to hear me tell her about our phone chats. If she couldn’t have Tom, I reasoned, Mark’s and my relationship was the next best thing for her. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to let her see the two of us together, I thought.

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