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Line Up

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“Are you guys ready?” she asked uncertainly.

“I’ll go first,” one of them replied. He stepped forward, a smug smile on his lips, and glared down at her challengingly. The others all watched expectantly.

This was it: her last chance to back out. No, sorry it was all a joke. Ha ha. Goodbye.

But if she did that she’d never get an opportunity like this again. She made up her mind.

She tossed her dark hair back defiantly and, holding his gaze, lowered herself to her knees in front of him. The smile vanished from his face as she ran a hand up his leg and felt his thigh muscles tense. His zip was incredibly loud in the sudden still silence of the room.

“I thought you said you were ready,” she scolded slightly as she pulled his half limp cock out from his underwear. “I’ll fix it.”

His eyes rolled up into his head as she took his cock in her warm mouth and started sucking. As he moaned, she gazed around the amazed faces of the other men. So, they were obviously thinking, she had been serious after all.

As the first guy’s cock grew in her mouth, stretching her jaw, she wrapped her hand around his thick shaft and started pumping him. The second guy now had a huge bulge in his pants, and moved forward, not only getting a better view but claiming his right to be next. She smiled and felt the juices stirring between her own legs. This was going to be so much fun.

She licked around the head of the first guy’s cock and tasted his flavour leaking from his slit. She tongued it gently and heard him moan above her. Well, that certainly shut him up. He was warming up well and started thrusting gently into her mouth. She controlled him with one hand, while her other reached down under her own dress. Her juices had already begun to soak through her panties. She pulled them aside with one finger and easily slid another finger into her slick opening.

She moaned at her own touch then noticed the other faces watching her intently, enjoying the show. Well, if it was a show they wanted…

While still sucking that gorgeous cock, she leant forward and pulled her dress up over her hips and around her waist. There were murmurs of approval as her shapely legs and white panties came into view. The murmurs became cheers as she revealed her bra. With some difficulty, she managed to pull the dress over her shoulders and as she pulled her head back he came. She held her dress forward and the string of cum jerked through the neck of her dress, neatly missing it, and landed on her chest and bra.

The first guy fell back with a sigh and the second took his place. He undid his belt and let his jeans fall to the floor to reveal his stiff cock pointing up at a sharp angle. She suddenly understood where the term ‘going down’ originated. She tossed her dress into a safe corner, knelt up and lowered her mouth over her new cock. He moaned and thrust between her lips and she felt the satiny smooth skin brush the back of her throat. She lowered her head and gagged a little, but held him there while she reached behind her and undid her bra. She wiped as much cum off her bra as she could with her hands and threw it in the corner too, then wiped her sticky hands against her thighs. While she’d been busy niğde escort the rigid cock had slid further into her throat, making it harder for her to swallow. Saliva oozed from the corners of her mouth and covered her chin and she used the lubrication to bob her head faster and deeper over the second cock. He didn’t last much longer.

With a gurgle he thrust his cock forward, but she was faster and pulled back. His cum splashed over her neck and breasts, and dripped and mingled with the previous load. She dipped a finger into the warm liquid and compared its taste to the previous one. It was sweeter but thinner and she wondered what the next one would taste like. She didn’t have to wait long to find out.

She felt her head grabbed by the next guy and a thick throbbing cock was shoved roughly down her throat, almost choking her. He entwined his hands in her hair and started fucking her face. She could smell his excitement and relaxed her throat, and his cock slid faster between her lips. She put out a hand to steady herself and grabbed someone’s naked leg. With her head held firmly, she was unable to see who it was but she slid her hand up the thigh, reaching expectantly for another rigid cock. She wasn’t disappointed and started pumping it with one hand while her other hand reached inside her soaked panties again.

Her clit was incredibly sensitive and as she slid a finger inside herself, a mini orgasm rocked her body. The voices around her were cheering her on, begging her to show them more. Then she felt hands stroking her arse and her panties were pushed down so her audience could watch her perform. She lifted her legs one at a time and her helper removed her panties and threw them aside with the rest of her clothes.

She was now naked, on her knees, fingering herself with one hand and pumping a cock with her other hand while her mouth was fucked like a discount whore’s cunt. The man she was sucking pushed her and she fell backwards, spilling saliva and precum from her mouth over her own tits. He tugged his cock twice and his cum streamed over her thighs and pubes. Another cheer, then seconds later another gush of cum from the cock she’d been wanking spilled over her arm and ribs. She felt the warm liquid cover an erect nipple and, loving the sensation, she spread some on her other nipple and started squeezing it between her thumb and forefinger.

The men crowded round her now. Another cock was thrust into her mouth as she lay back, and she could see more cocks wanking above her, aimed at her gorgeous tits and wet pussy. Their warm hands stroked and squeezed her while their cum cooled the patches of her skin where it had landed.

Another cock came in her hand. She swapped hands, using her cum filled hand to further lubricate her pussy while reaching for another hard cock with her free hand. Warm salty cum splashed against the back of her throat and she thrust three fingers inside herself and came again on her own hand. As she writhed in ecstasy the cock came out of her mouth and another burst of cum splashed against her milky white shoulder. She recovered somewhat to find herself with only one cock.

A couple of guys were laying exhausted round the room, and at least one had nişantaşı escort already left. One last man was standing back naked but watching and waiting. She smiled coyly at him, then placed the cock she was holding in her mouth. Two sucks and it exploded between her lips. She didn’t swallow and as the cock was pulled out of her mouth, she smiled and cum drooled from the corners of her mouth down her chin. The cock’s owner looked about quickly, grabbed his clothes, then scurried out of the room.

She looked into the last man’s eyes and licked her lips. He grinned at the sight of her then strode forward, his long cock swaying as he did. In response, she slowly pulled herself up on all fours and sinuously stretched up onto her knees until her eyes were level with his navel. She reached a hand towards his cock and he reached out towards her as if to help her up. Instead he firmly took her wrist and held her arm over her head. She looked up at him shyly while a drop of cum fell from her chin onto her dark nipple. She reached her other hand towards his cock and he took that too and held it over her head. His gaze shifted from hers and she followed it to her pert breasts which were stretched high. Even though her hands were held, she bobbed her head forward and tried to take his cock in her mouth. He pulled it away teasingly, then put it back and rested it on her lips. She opened her mouth and he pulled away again. She held still and waited patiently with her mouth open. It was only a matter of time and sure enough, he slid his cock forward, used it to wipe the cum from her chin, then slid it onto her tongue. Slowly she slid her tongue down the length of his shaft, then back up and over his swollen purple head. He moaned and one knee almost buckled, but he still held her arms high. Ever so slowly, she inched his cock further and further into her mouth until she could feel his head against the back of her throat. With a sudden push of her head his cock slid down her throat. She pulled back sharply before she gagged, held his cock on the back of her tongue until she relaxed, then repeated the process several time. He shuddered and sighed under her ministrations and she gradually increased her pace, pretending her throat was a warm soft cunt that his cock was ploughing into.

Two more thrusts and she’d have him. But he must have realised the same thing, and suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth. Saliva dripped onto her breasts. Using her arms, he lowered her onto her back and knelt over her. She figured he wanted to cum on her breasts, but instead he lowered his mouth to her nipple and licked it. Shivers ran down her spine as he began to lap at the juices on her breast, then engulfed it fully in his mouth and sucked at her aching nipple.

He brought her wrists together and held them with one hand, not that she tried to stop him. While still feasting on her tit, he placed his now free hand between her legs. She was soaked with juices and he further spread them around her cunt and easily slid his fingers inside her. She gasped as they entered her, but then he slid them out and found her clit. She started pressing her hips up against his hand, trying to fill herself ankara olgun escort with his fingers once more, but he just rubbed her clit harder and faster making her shudder with delight. While still holding her down, he licked his way across her shoulders, up her neck and down her chest, licking up the many deposits that covered her skin, until he took her other nipple in his mouth. She writhed under his fingers and tongue and, as the orgasm began to shake her, he bit her nipple making her cry out with pleasure. She arched her back, forcing her breast further into his mouth, then fell back to the floor. She could feel her whole body throbbing in time with her heartbeat.

When she relaxed somewhat, he released her wrists and continued lapping down her body while his other hand absently stirred the juices in her pussy. His tongue traced a trail around the undersides of her breasts, flicked lightly over her ribs, glided across her stomach and scooped up the contents of her navel. He continued to lick and suck along the gentle curve of her waist and over her hips and frustrated her by slowing down as he nibbled the tops of her thighs. When he reached her drenched pussy, he removed his soaked fingers from her and fed them into her mouth. She obligingly licked and sucked the juices from his fingers while he lapped and stroked the juices from her pussy with his tongue. As she slid her tongue between his fingers, he slid his tongue into her cunt to feast on her contents, and as she sucked his fingers clean, he sucked her clit while she moaned in bliss. She placed her hands on his head but he lifted her knees over her back, again took both her wrists in his hands, held her down, then buried his face in her cunt. She was so sensitive she tried to wriggle away, but his grip was too strong. His tongue darted in and out of her, pumping her cunt and ravishing her clit. Her juices oozed out of her and this just seemed to spur him on. The sensations soon overwhelmed her and she cried out as yet another orgasm shook her tiring body.

He let her go and she fell back, limp and relaxed. Her face was flushed and her skin was warm. His face was covered in her dew. By her wrists he pulled her gently to her knees then stood in front of her, waiting. She took his balls in one hand and gently massaged them. She took his stiff member in her other hand and she could feel it throbbing under her touch. She pulled the skin forward over his swollen head and he moaned as she did so. Gently, she took him in her mouth, softly sucked him for a moment then plunged him down her throat twice. She felt his balls contract and she pulled her head back and gazed up at him. His face was twisted into a silent scream and his first spurt of cum arced across her face trailing from her fringe across her eye and the tip of her nose to the corner of her mouth. She opened wide and aimed the second spurt to splatter across her cheek and fill her mouth. She placed her tongue under the head of his cock and caught most of the third spurt, though some dripped down her chin. She gently milked his cock and licked it clean until he fell to his knees in front of her. Looking through cum covered eyelashes she smiled at his face, shiny with his sweat and her juices. He smiled back then leaned forward and licked her eyes. He licked her forehead and ran his tongue down her nose and across her cheek. He scooped up the trickle of cum from the tip of her chin and followed its trail back to the corner of her mouth.

She parted her lips and, ever so gently, he kissed her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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