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Lisa Has Longings Ch. 02

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Thank you for all your ideas and encouragement. As you might have guessed, Lisa will not be doing the honorable thing in this installment. Actually, I took a hint from BbwCupcake for where we are going next…


“Hello. I’m calling for Mrs Robert Bellows. Is this Mrs Bellows?”

The voice at the other end of the phone sounded familiar to Lisa, but she knew she hadn’t heard it in a long time. It was deep and resonant and very male… Lisa decided to stall for a moment.

“May I ask who is calling?” On the computer screen, the woman was getting hot cum shot all over her upturned face.

“Or should I ask for Miss Lisa Anderson?” said the voice. Just then, Lisa’s pussy responded. It squeezed the dildo, and Lisa had to hold it still. Her cunt knew that voice even before Lisa’s mind did. It was Jimmy.

Lisa had a reason for nicknaming her dildo with that name. Back when she and Elsa were deep in the game, Jimmy (she never knew his last name) was one of the repeat clients she really looked forward to seeing.


“Is this little Lisa? I’ve been missing you, babe. You all married and everything now?”

“Oh- I guess—” Lisa eased the dildo out, pushed it back in. The sluicing sound was starting again. “Yes, I guess I am, Jimmy. How did you find me here?”

“Oh, I poked around. Figured out where you went to school, all that stuff. You weren’t too hard to find.” Lisa was enjoying just the sound of his deep voice. She was sliding the dildo in and out as she listened to it.

“Oh—nice of you to call….Jimmy.”

“Nice to hear your voice again, girl. I bet you’re just as pretty as you ever were. I think about you all the time, Little Lisa…”

At the sound of her old pet name, Lisa remembered how many times she had fucked him, how many ways she had had to please him. If he kept talking to her now, in the state she was already in… Lisa was getting close to orgasm when Jimmy’s voice came over the line again.

“Hey, Lisa- you there?”

“Yeah—yes, I’m here, Jimmy.” She had almost called him ‘Sir”, but managed to catch herself just in time. “Sorry- how can I help?” Lisa was already tempted to slip into the language of submission- the private rapport they had had in the old days.

“Well, darling- I’m in town for a few days. You like to get together? We could talk over old times, say hello…” It was a transparent ruse, and Jimmy knew that any woman would understand his intent…

“Sure, Jimmy- that could be fun.” It was almost dinner time anyway, so they made a plan to get together in just half an hour. In a lapse of judgment, Lisa gave him her home address.

As she hung up the phone and checked the time. Lisa was still unsure what ‘talking over old times’ might entail.

In the shower, she checked her pussy. On the spur of the moment, she shaved off what little pubic hair she had there. She took care to do a good job, shaving twice. As she stepped out of the shower stall to dry herself off, she felt her pubic mound with the palm of her hand. Yes, it was smooth- no trace of stubble.

Lisa wondered what she would wear. She decided on something silky and pink. She pulled up the little thong panties and felt them cradle her pussy lips… The dress she chose fitted her waist and ass closely. She was applying a little makeup and deep red lipstick when she heard the doorbell.

Was it seven already? Where might they go for dinner that no one knew her? Lisa’s heart was pounding as she approached the front door.

As she reached out to open it, Lisa wondered if she was really about to re-enter a world she thought she had left behind. Then she looked into those eyes she had not ataşehir escort looked into for some 14 years. Jimmy.

“Hey- is this my Little Lisa? Aren’t you beautiful!” As he gave her a hug, Lisa smelled Jimmy’s scent again. She knew she was a goner.

Yes, Jimmy was fourteen years older now- but he still had the same eyes, the same smell. The same vibe. She was already wondering how long it might be before she could spread her legs for him.

The living room looked expensive- the furniture and rugs cream colored. As Jimmy took a seat, Lisa went to get him a drink. She was turned away from him at the bar, but she felt his eyes on her body. The heels she had chosen matched the color of her dress perfectly, raised her up and made her ass and legs tense invitingly. Even before she had made him his drink, Lisa was already getting wet.

“I’m so happy you could drop by, Jimmy.” Lisa handed him his drink and seated herself opposite him, her long legs demurely crossed. “What brings you here?”

“Jimmy, Jimmy…. it’s funny, Little Lisa, to hear you call me by my name.” He looked at her as he took a sip. “I remember how you used to address me, when I’d come to visit.” He smiled at her. “You do remember, don’t you, Little Lisa?”

Lisa closed her eyes for a moment. Once she started down that road, she would not be likely to turn back. Then something inside her made a fateful decision.

Lisa opened her eyes again. She made eye contact with Jimmy. He was smiling at her, as if he knew what she would do next. “Yes, I do remember. Sir…”. Lisa then very volitionally lowered her eyes to a point on the floor midway between them, as she had always done before. “Is there anything you’d like to talk about, Sir?”

“That’s much better, dear. Yes, I’d love to catch up on things a bit.” Jimmy raised his eyes, looked around at the ottoman, the grand piano… “Nice place you have here. Where’s Mister Robert Bellows, may I ask?”

Lisa kept her eyes down. She knew she had to answer, but made him wait a few seconds as she tasted the words she was about to say, held them on her tongue.


“Mister Bellows- Mister Robert Bellows is in Europe, Sir. Belgium, Sir, to be specific.”

“Hmmmm. Some kinda fancy job, I guess?” Jimmy looked around the room again. “Is that what paid for all this- stuff?”

“Yes, Sir. Some kind of fancy job.” Lisa’s heart was pounding again. “I’m here when my husband’s away…”

“You settled down with some white cracker, like a good girl?” Jimmy sat up, looked at her.

“A—a white cracker, Sir. Yes, Sir. I’ve settled down, been a good girl…” Lisa blushed. At this moment, the Good Girl was thinking about cock. Specifically, she was thinking about black cock. She stole a glance at Jimmy’s crotch. It was pushed down his right pantleg, where he always used to keep it. Even soft, it looked pretty big.

“Well- would Missus Good Girl White Cracker like to come sit on the couch here next to ‘ol Jimmy?” He patted the cushion next to him. Lisa took this as an order.

“Yes, Sir.” Lisa positioned herself next to him She smelled his scent again. As if in response, her nipples tightened up, pushing against the pink silk of her dress. The shiny material just accentuated the tips as they jutted out.

“Now, tell me true, Little Lisa.” Jimmy smiled. He knew there was something on her mind. “How you been?”

“Well, Sir…” Lisa’s hands were folded in her lap. “Are—are you inviting me to speak, Sir?”

Jimmy smiled wider. “Yes, please. Tell Jimmy the first thing that comes to mind.”

“Well, Sir…” Lisa swallowed. “It’s about my husband, Sir.”

“Mister Robert?”

“Yes, ataşehir escort Sir, my husband…”

“Mister Little White Cracker?”

Lisa smiled. “Yes, Sir.”

“Say it.”

“Mister Little White Cracker, Sir.”

“What about him, Lisa?”

“Well, Sir- when he’s away, I have needs. I have—I have thoughts.” Lisa was close to tears.

“Thoughts about what? Tell Jimmy….” He reached over, put his big right hand on Lisa’s bare thigh.

“I think of…” Lisa had to say it. “I think of- the games I used to play with you, the way I was with you, Sir.” The tears were flowing now. “I think of you, from so long ago. But isn’t that wrong, Sir?”

Jimmy’s hand felt very warm, slightly heavy. “I think, Little Lisa…” mused Jimmy “…that maybe Mister Cracker hasn’t been a real man with you.” The hand caressed a little higher. “Has ‘ol Jimmy got that right?”

In answer, Lisa reached out with her left hand. She rested it on Jimmy’s thigh for a moment. It was petite and very clean against his work pants Then she shifted her little white hand a few inches higher, stroked her manicured fingertips along the length of his prick-lump. He grunted, and the cock swelled.

“Yes, yes, Sir.” She gave his cock a squeeze, felt it respond. “Mister Jimmy has that right, Sir.”

“Have you been faithful- a good girl?” Jimmy leaned back a bit, adjusted his knees apart, making more room for his erection to swell.

Lisa stroked a little higher, adjusted her technique slightly. “Yes, Sir. I’ve been a good little girl…”

Tenderly, Jimmy, reached out and stroked Lisa’s tear-streaked face. “But I guess you still miss ‘ol Jimmy…” He looked down at Lisa’s hand on his cock. “And what about Mister Robert Bellows, Lisa?”

Instead of answering right away, Lisa reached out with her other hand. Now both hands rested along the length of Jimmy’s cock. “Mister Little White Cracker-” she smiled to herself “hasn’t been a real man with me…”

“Ain’t that a shame? Doesn’t he treat you like a lady likes to be treated?”

She was squeezing and stroking Jimmy more firmly through his pant leg now. “No, Sir. I regret to say…” Jimmy’s penis was getting bigger- as thick and long as she remembered it… “I regret to say..that he does not.”

“Guess he don’t know Little Lisa like Jimmy does…” Jimmy felt tenderness and sympathy for his little girl, but he was simultaneously getting very turned on. Lisa was now scratching and pinching his cock through his pants, teasing him. He was getting a real need to fuck- and soon.

Lisa’s hands stopped stroking. Instead, she held him firmly through his pants, applying even pressure the entire length of Jimmy’s tingling prick. “I appreciate you listening to my problems, Sir, but I feel that I haven’t been a good hostess.” Lisa removed her hands from his dick and sat up straight on the couch. “Would- would you like to stand up, Sir, so Little Lisa can greet you properly, Sir?”

Jimmy was already rising. “Thought you’d never ask…”

Standing in front of the couch, Jimmy’s prick was jutting down his pantleg, pushing against the material. Lisa got on her knees, was stroking and squeezing it with one hand as she worked the zipper with the other. As she freed his cock, Lisa remembered the many times she had pleased herself with it. In a minute, his pants were in a pool on the floor.

Jimmy stepped out of them, spread his feet a bit to make room if she wanted to stroke his balls. Lisa did. She stroked and lightly touched his big balls with the fingertips of one hand. With the other, she held the cock she had been dreaming of, teased and stroked it on the underside…

After anadolu yakası escort just a minute of this, Lisa took Jimmy’s big hands and coaxed him into cradling the back of her head. “Little Lisa’s very glad that you’ve come to visit, Sir…” Then she took his prick into her mouth.

It was thick, just like she remembered from before. Lisa loved the feeling of having to open her mouth wide just to accommodate a cock. Jimmy held her head as she worked his prick deeper and deeper into her throat. Lisa liked to whore for a man who liked to really fuck her face. She always loved it when Jimmy would hold her face down on his cock until she couldn’t breathe, then release her just in time. For Jimmy’s part, he loved the way her soft palate stroked the head of his cock, the creaminess in the back of her throat.

Lisa was already practically cumming from just this blow job. It had been so long since she had been treated like this- treated like a whore. Jimmy held her head, sometimes forcing his cock into her throat, then pausing and stroking her hair for a moment before challenging her again.

Just then, Lisa realized that she was still wearing her dress- the pink lacy dress that Bobby had given her. She wondered, her mouth full of black cock, if stains would come out of the material easily… but then she realized that it hardly mattered. When Jimmy shot off, she wanted his cum all over her skin. Jimmy felt the change in her rhythm. She disengaged slowly. As his cock popped out of her mouth, all shiny, black, and fat, Lisa gave it another quick lick.

“Just a moment, Sir…” Lisa backed away a foot or two, and stood up. As she undid the little buttons in the front of her dress, the two halves parted. She hadn’t worn a bra. Her hard nipples scraped against the material as she opened the dress for her man. In a moment, she was naked except for her heels and the pink thong pulled up in between her ass-cheeks.

Jimmy looked appreciatively at her body. “You look jus’ like you did when you was nineteen, baby.”

Lisa stepped back in close. She cradled Jimmy’s fat cock in both hands. “I’ve been taking care of myself for you, Sir…” Lisa dropped to her knees again. “Waiting for Mister Jimmy to return.”

She was looking up at him. “May we continue, Sir?” Lisa kept full eye contact with Jimmy as she fitted his fat cock to her face again. He watched her red, shiny lips gripping and sucking his glistening shaft as it slowly disappeared into her mouth and down her throat.

Lisa wanted Jimmy’s cum. At this point, it wouldn’t take long to get it. He had always been good for at least two or three ejaculations per visit. Lisa trusted that this hadn’t changed. She let him set his rhythm, enjoyed Jimmy’s fat glans poking her throat, felt his hands on her head….

When his deep moans started, Lisa kept up the suction. She knew what was coming next. Jimmy’s breathing quickened, his moans got a little hoarse…Then, at just the right moment, he forced his sensitized prick into the back of her throat and held it there.

Lisa had expected this- knew he liked to cum this way. She had taken a deep breath. Now Lisa felt the fat negro prick convulsing, jerking… her mouth filled up with cock juice so fast that it came oozing and squirting out the sides of her mouth. Lisa was being used, and she was a willing participant in it. And as the prick shot and jerked into her face, Lisa was cumming as well- just from the thrill of being a whore for black cock again…

After a few minutes, Jimmy’s prick softened slightly, and Lisa eased it out until just the glans remained in her mouth, where she sucked and licked the little hole in the end.

Jimmy looked down at her. Lisa was smiling. Her lips and chin were covered with his fresh cum, and a lot of it had dripped down onto her fat tits. “Thank you, Sir.” She held the cock with both hands. “Little Lisa was very thirsty, Sir. Thank you, Sir….”

To be continued…

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