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Lisette’s Backthere Adventure Ch. 03

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Lisette’s Backthere Adventure, a fetish romance novella

CHAPTER THREE (first half’s the romance, second half’s the fetish)

It’s the crack of dawn on Saturday. Lisette’s in her kitchen waiting for her tea to steep. She opens the freezer and gets one of those premade nuts-and-chocolate ice cream cones, unwrapping it on her way to the front of the house.

Lisette lives in the rear upstairs of a camelback, and the ground floor sticks out farther toward the street. There’s two big sash windows that look out toward the street over the ground floor’s roof, and she calls that her ‘balcony’.

Never mind that it’s sloped on two sides and nothing at all like a balcony. She also calls those two big windows ‘French doors’, never-minding that they open up-and-down and aren’t doors at all. If other people lack imagination that’s their problem.

Lisette takes a lick, pulls up a French door with her free hand and stoops through to her balcony. The shingles are warm and gritty on her feet and she lifts on her heels and wiggles her toes. She takes a deep breath kıbrıs escort (jeez it’s hot out _already_!) and looks at the sliver of waxing moon rising over the house across the street. She takes another breath (jeez it only gets dark, it never cools off!) and licks melted ice cream off her knuckles.

It’s thick and white and slippery and a little salty from her sweat and it reminds her of her first handjob. She knew the whole point was for him to spill, but she hadn’t thought about what to do after. So when he came she just licked the stuff off the back of her hand.

Turns out there wasn’t much ‘after’ anyway – he wouldn’t kiss her and pretty much lost interest in the whole thing. But the memory (and the mouthful of goo she has right now) gets her going, both her spit glands and her Bartholin’s glands. She’s putting her mouth back on her ice cream when she hears a thunky-clunk noise from out on the street.

There’s a pedicab rolling along, a pedicab decorated like a carnival float. That’s not so odd, even this time of year, or kıbrıs escort bayan even this time of day, not in THIS town. But it’s the kinda thing that gets your attention, for sure. As Lisette watches it get closer her phone starts buzzing.

“Good morning, Lisette! It’s Joel Fenimore. If you look outside right now you should be seeing…”

“A pedicab decorated like it’s Mardi Gras,” Lisette finishes.

“Oh good,” Joel says. “So you’re already up and about.” She’s putting a weird accent on her voice. “We’ve sent over breakfast.”

“Mmm-hmmmm,” Lisette says through a mouthful of ice cream. The bike’s stopped in front of her house. She watches the rider double-check the address, hop off, bend over to grab a package from the rickshaw’s floor. He’s got nice calves and a pretty butt, the kinda thing gets Lisette’s attention, for sure. She says “mmm-hmmmm” again.

Joel, all accent-y, says: “I hope I’ve not overstepped my bounds…”

Even distracted by the view, Lisette twigs the weird voice and the ‘Simpsons’ reference: escort kıbrıs Joel’s talking like Karl from the Dimoxinil episode. Lisette’s coming up with a clever response when her call waiting goes off.

Now the cute guy is looking up at her. And what he sees is a girl standing on the roof, one foot on either side of the peak. She’s a very pretty and very tall, with very long and very pretty black hair. She has an ice cream cone in one hand and a phone to her ear. He gives her a ‘this call is from me’ finger-point from his phone to hers.

Lisette waves back, then beeps over to Joel’s line. She wants to tell Joel that she _gets_ the Karl joke, wants to know just what the heck is going on.

She says into the phone: “Look, I think I missed my cue for the Romeo every time someone came up to her, she had just farted. And she hadn’t just farted she was so nervous about it that she’d release anyway. She tries hiding outside, she tried and empty place in the room. And how mortifying it was, when she finally met Joel Fenimore in person, the first thing she did was fart right in front of her.

And she just did again, and it’s a little weird and a real lot good. She *does* stink pretty and Joel’s getting her worked up. She can hear her spit on her finger, she feels the wet tip on her ring, feels Joel teasing her from back to front.

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