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London Awakens Ch. 01

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I blinked. I had been about to say something, but got distracted for a second and lost my train of thought. Or had I fallen asleep? I looked around the room. It was spartan, white, except for the monitor that kept beeping softly. I looked down at myself. I was sitting up in a bed, a hospital bed, and what was I wearing? Was it a…

“Yes, it’s a hospital gown. You are in the hospital.”

A young black woman approached me with a kind smile on her face. She was dressed in a form fitting pencil skirt and a billowing lilac blouse that accentuated some generous curves, and… a white doctor’s coat.

“Who are you?”

She smiled again, her spectacles framing her face in a way that showed off her sparkling eyes.

“You know who I am. Think.”

I furrowed my brow. At first, fog, but then, a name.

“You are Dr. Phillips.”

“Yes that’s right. I am Dr. Angel Phillips. Very good. Do you remember who you are?”

“Yes. Yes of course. I’m…”

I paused. The fog was back.

She leaned over the bed and softly caressed my forehead.

“Come on now, you know this one, too.”

“James, London James. I’m London James. I’m 24 years old. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m a…student, a medical student…”

She frowned, but her eyes were soft.

“Yes, London, you were 24 years old, but now you are 28, and you are no longer a medical student. You remember why, too.”

I did remember, suddenly.

“I was in an accident.”

“Yes, a very bad one. It took the lives of three of your classmates, including your girlfriend Melissa, and left you with a critical brain injury.”

I thought hard, trying to remember. Nothing came back. I could remember no details, no classmates, no Melissa. I looked up at Doctor Phillips.

She nodded.

“Your memory has many gaps, and it is difficult for you to form new memories. In fact, the memories you do have are difficult for you to access. Not that you remember this, but we have had this conversation many times before. Many, many times.

You have been working so hard, though, both mentally and physically. You are incredibly intelligent, and your short term memory loss has allowed you to work out at an intensity to get you in the kind of physical shape that most people only ever dream of.”

She sat on the bed and moved my gown aside to reveal bulging pectorals and a perfect, six-pack abdomen, In fact, everywhere I looked on my body, there was lean, rippling muscle. She lightly stroked the skin on my thigh.

“Tomorrow, we will begin a procedure that may help return your memories to you. London, you are the first of the study group to have the kind of injury that fits the work we have been doing. Yes, I know that you don’t remember the study.”

Her hand slid up and found my erect cock.

“There is another side effect to your brain injury, one I’m sure I will miss. It’s made you an enthusiastic and inexhaustible lover.”

She bent down and wrapped her plump lips around the head of my cock, her tongue hot and wet on the underside of my bulbous head.

“Dr. Phillips, Oh my God!”

“Angel, call me Angel, baby.”

I closed my eyes and let the bliss envelop me.

I blinked. I had Starzbet been doing something, but got distracted for a second and lost my train of thought. Or had I fallen asleep? I looked around the room.


Wait, who was Angel?

~ ~ ~

The subject was wheeled into the OR suite. Dr. Angel Phillips felt nervous, almost giddy. Neuroscience had been her passion since she was eight. It was what drove her to finish college at age 14 and medical school at age 18. At age 30, she was an MD triple boarded in neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry, with a PhD’s in neuroscience and artificial intelligence. London James was the culmination of eight years of work, hundreds of scans on first year medical students, thousands of hours in the lab, uncountable hours writing code to handle the huge streams of information. And with London himself, she had spent day after day, working with him, practicing, answering the same questions over and over again. She admitted to herself, with a wry smile, that it hadn’t been all work. London had some very large physical advantages, advantages that had helped her through many, many long work days.

The electrodes in London’s brain had been placed in 42 different procedures over the last 18 months. Altogether there were 600,000 electrodes, which branched into 3.6 million nanoelectrodes, each one painstakingly placed by a team of neurosurgeons. The multiple scans taken over that time had served to augment and complete the initial scans that London had given them each week as a first year medical student. All that information had been mapped in a very powerful neural net computer to create a ‘virtual London’ that Angel hoped would give him back to himself.

Today, they would be activating the wireless relay implanted in London’s skull, itself a remarkably powerful computer, that would link him up with his virtual twin.

Everything was ready. Angel nervously looked around the room at her colleagues, who, like her, had spent so much of their lives working for this moment. She activated the touch screen.

“Okay, everything go? I am now activating base routines. Everything looks good. Let’s initiate temporal lobe data transfer. Good. Can we clean up some of that interference? Reroute the lateral thalamic pathways. Perfect. Everything looks nominal. Okay, supratentorial data transfer, this should wake him up.”

She pressed the touchscreen a final time.


And then…his eyelids fluttered, then opened. He looked around the room. Cleared his throat.

“Dr. Phillips. Dr. Chan. Dr. Jones. Nurse Paski. Nurse Nkongolo. I believe your procedure has been a success.”

Angel Phillips gasped. As did the rest of the team.

London sat up and looked directly at her.

“Angel, um, Dr. Phillips, I need to see you in private. It’s rather urgent.”

Angel couldn’t help but notice his huge erection.

~ ~ ~

Angel lay flat on her back on the exam table, staring into London’s steel blue eyes as his cock pumped her dripping pussy. Her brown legs were flexed upward, her ankles around her ears, to give him access to her deepest depths. She could feel his huge cock hitting her cervix, his girth stretching her, filling Starzbet Giriş her. A long wail escaped her mouth.

“That’s right, Angel, moan for me. Moan like the slut you are.”

The sensation built up until she couldn’t contain it anymore, she bucked and shuddered and screamed, her legs kicking out repeatedly. She felt him bunch up and he pumped her even harder as his cock spurted his seed deep inside her, the hot ropy streams taking her even higher. She shook uncontrollably. He held her tight, then gradually relaxed his grip. He pulled out, leaving her cunt gaping and dripping. Angel let out a small sigh of discontent, but London moved around the table and stood with his still hard cock by her face.

“Clean me off, Angel.”

She moved immediately in response to his authoritative voice, taking as much of his 9 inch cock in her mouth as she could, her tongue swirling around it, enthralled with the taste of his salty cum mingled with her sweet pussy juices. She grabbed the base of his cock and went even further down on him, looking up into his eyes again, gagging but wanting to take his whole manhood in her mouth.

“That’s it, suck it until I come again.”

She bobbed up and down on his fleshy pole. Looking down, he marveled at how perfect his thick, white cock looked disappearing into her pretty black mouth, and the look of utter submission on her face.

He felt the cum building, rising inside his cock.

“Do you want to drink my cum, slut?”

“Yes, oh yes London, please let me drink it.”

“No. I want to come in your face.”

She obediently pulled off and started vigorously jacking his cock with her hand. As he started coming, she opened her mouth and positioned her face in front of his cock. Sticky white ropes shot out into her mouth, up her nose, and all over her face until it was covered and dripping.

“Good girl. You’re my good slut, aren’t you?”

She flushed in her cheeks.


“Say it.”

“I’m your slut, London.”

“That’s right. Now go get cleaned up.”

She grabbed her scrubs, her bras and panties.

“No panties.”

She flushed again, but left the panties on the table.

~ ~ ~

Driving Logan to her house, Angel felt conflicted. On the one hand, her project was an amazing success. On the other hand, she felt like she had released a creature that could control her on a whim. She had not anticipated this. She had begun his sexual stimulation clinically. She knew that sexual activity was an excellent stimulant to memory and learning, so when she felt like London’s progress had stalled, she started to jack him off during their sessions. Over time, he went from acting like an eager puppy while she ministered to him to instructing her and directing her. Under his direction, she moved from using her hands to using her mouth, then losing her virginity to him as she fell more and more under his spell. Then, once he came, he would slip back into clueless puppy dog mode. She had often wondered which was the real London. Now she suspected that dominance was his real nature. This excited and terrified her. She had always been ambitious and driven. She never had taken time to date, let alone explore Starzbet Güncel Giriş her sexuality. In a way, she was even more naive than London was in his scattered, brain-injured state. And now she was taking him to live with her in her apartment. He didn’t have any family, and his apartment had long been rented out again. He had nowhere else to go. He no longer needed the hospital rehab bed that had been his home for the last 4 years. Angel sighed.

Logan looked over and her and nodded.

“I know, its a big step.”

She started.

“How did you know what I was thinking?”

London’s blue eyes twinkled and he smiled.

“You are a brilliant physician and researcher. This is really Nobel Prize level of work. I feel amazing, and I remember things from my early childhood all the way up until 6 months before my accident, which was when my last brain scan was. Then I remember everything, EVERYTHING, from when we started our sessions. But are you even aware how much information you gave me? You did traces on hundreds of medical students, fellow doctors, and researchers at Temple, didn’t you? And you, yourself, had dozens of higher resolution traces after you had yourself implanted with your own nanoelectrodes, although you only have about 100,000 of those. What you didn’t know was that in constructing my ‘virtual brain’ what you thought was structural information from all those traces was actually rich in other knowledge. So I now have just about all the medical knowledge of Temple University inside my head right now. I don’t need to finish medical school. I already have. Many times over. Including all your knowledge. But along with academic knowledge, I can also remember bits of everyone’s personal histories. I know who they know. I know their fears. I know their desires. Especially you.”

Angel realized she was panting. She could barely keep the car on the road.

“What. What do you know?”

“Angel, I know that you are full of shit. It’s not that you didn’t have time for a relationship. That’s just something you tell yourself. The real reason you didn’t date is that you intellectually outclassed by tenfold every man you ever met, and you could not respect, could not submit, to a man who was your inferior. And that is your deepest desire. To submit. Utterly. To be dominated. To be a slut for your master.”

Angel had to pull over. She could not concentrate on the road. Her pussy was dripping wet. She was getting lightheaded. She looked over longingly at London. His piercing blue eyes, his Greek god body, his pale skin and wavy black hair. She reached for his cock.

“Stop. Ask permission.”

“London, may I touch your cock?”

“Don’t use my name. Call me Master.”

She bit her lip.

“Master, may I please touch your cock?”

“Refer to yourself as my slut.”

“Master may your slut please touch your cock?”

“No, slut. You will move over into the passenger seat, and I will drive us home. Then, if you are good, and if you please me, I might let you worship my cock.”

“Yes, Lon-. Yes Master.”

They switched places, and London pulled away from the side of the road.

“That’s a good slut. Now you may rub your clit.”

Angel sighed in relief and started furiously rubbing her clit. Then she flushed, paused, and sheepishly glanced over at London.

He chuckled.

“Relax, you have no need to be ashamed in front of me. I know everything about you, and you created me.”

Angel resumed her masturbating frantically.

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