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Lonely Womans Fantasy Ch. 01

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Taking on the new management appointment at head office brought with it certain drawbacks Janet hadn’t considered. It seemed a good opportunity, starting a new life away from the small town she had grown up in, but the loneliness of a large city was one of the things she was finding hard to get used to.

While unpacking she found a box of her ex-husbands and instead of throwing it out unpacked it, placing things in the bedroom and bathroom as though she had a man in the lonely apartment.

With nothing to do in the evenings and at the weekend Janet spent some time reading and fantasising in the bath over a steamy novel about a woman servant dominated by a strong master. She fancied the handsome dominant man was there ordering her to get on with the housework which helped get the boring chores done, when usually there was little enthusiasm for such tedium.

Among the clothes still unpacked she came across a fancy dress costume; a fantasy French maid outfit. She hadn’t worn it for her ex-husband and would have trashed it with utter contempt. Laughing to herself she thought it might serve a purpose.

Holding it up against herself, looking in the mirror, she could see why she had refused to wear it to the fancy dress party. Her bust was larger but her waist was still slim, especially since moving here, when cooking for one seemed such a chore. She would still be able to get into it if she dare wear it.

The suspenders holding up the stockings were a man’s sexy fantasy, not hers, but she pulled them up her long legs anyway. They were surprisingly smooth and sensual. It was difficult fitting the suspenders to the stocking tops but she got the hang of it.

The small scratchy nylon panties had been rejected for a comfortable pair of white cotton ones. The high heels were kicked to one side and she stepped into a pair of comfortable black flats.

Even though she was alone in the apartment she couldn’t bring herself to wear the sheer blouse. Instead an old white comfortable cotton one was found. It was a bit tight over her larger bust but it seemed decent enough. Preening her hair before a mirror she thought at least she looked the part in the little tight black skirt and white blouse.

Janet tied her long dark brown hair up and fitted the frilly white cap. Trying on the apron finished off the outfit leaving her looking sexy and cute. She gave a curtsy and said, “Yes Sir, anything you want, right away Sir,” and giggled. If the office staff could see the boss dressed like this they would be surprised.

The idea of walking through the main office to her private office in the outfit made her laugh out loud. That was another draw back to this move. She had to be the boss all the time. It would be so nice to let someone else make the decisions for awhile.

There was no-one to ask what they wanted for dinner or to choose a restaurant, or a film, or even should she just stay in for another dull evening. It might not be so boring if there was someone to share the place with her.

She paraded through the apartment sternly telling her image in the mirror to get on with the vacuuming or she would be punished for neglecting her duties.

It worked. The outfit added a certain something to the game she played. Bent over polishing a table she could feel the skirt riding up. Manoeuvring around the table she managed to get a rear view showing off the stocking tops in a mirror.

She wiggled her ass to see how sexy the image was. Thinking of a scene in the novel she exclaimed. “I’m sorry, Sir. I won’t do it again, honest. Oh! Please sir, don’t punish your naughty little maid,” she said, in a suitably hushed conciliatory voice.

Janet slipped the comfortable panties down to reveal her bare ass. It was firm and would be appreciated if there had been someone there to show it off to. They slipped down her legs with a tingling sensation that ran up them to her pussy.

She imagined a strong uncompromising man standing behind her leaving her feeling like a naughty little maid from the novel. “Please, sir. You shouldn’t be seeing my bottom,” she cried out, in an assumed French accent.

She tried to imagine what it would be like to be spanked. A slight feeling of humiliation formed but the act couldn’t be sustained. She stood up and pulled the panties into place. “Get a life woman,” she admonished, wagging a finger at the mirror.

What was she to do now the housework had been done? If she had worn this for her husband maybe she would still be back in her home town. She shook her head clearing the memory of a failed marriage, not wanting to think about what if.


The next evening was no better. It was Friday and she had a whole boring weekend to look forward to. She strolled to the usual local Chinese restaurant for a takeaway finally deciding on the usual. Passing a launderette she noticed two young men in tight jeans and t-shirts playing cards.

One of them bent over a bench swiping up the small change they had been playing for. His cute ass gave her a sudden unexpected thrill. She tingled gaziantep escort bayan reklamları all over with pleasure. Even her scalp tingled and the hairs on her arms became sensitive. She stood there stroking her arm.

Quickly turning away she told herself not to be so foolish. They were too young to be interested in an old married woman. They looked about eighteen and she was twenty-eight; far too old for them.

Over the solitary meal she began fantasising they were making love to her, both of them at once, in the back of the laundry. Unable to tolerate the isolation any longer she marched from the apartment to the laundry with a bag of washing, hoping they wouldn’t be there, not wanting to make a fool of her self.

Janet realised the loneliness and fantasies had pushed her into this naughty move but figured nothing would come of it. She was a mature married woman, divorced she corrected, and they looked so young and fit. They would most likely ignore her. Not thinking it through she intended to disregard them, unless they made the first move. Only a sketchy game plan had been considered, but she was excited at the prospect of talking to someone.

Based on the novel she was reading she thought to pose as a rich mans maid. How it could possibly relate to them or the launderette was a bit of a challenge. At least she might be able to strike up a conversation with them.

Entering the launderette she saw them out of the corner of her eye and thankfully there was no one else around. Standing looking mystified at the instructions on how to load a machine she discovered her first mistake. The dryers threw out a lot of heat and she dare not take off the coat as she had foolishly worn the silly maids outfit under it.

She had only worn the maid outfit out of sheer devilment; not intending to let them see it. It gave her a thrill wondering what they might think if they saw the naughty outfit, though it was less obscene with sensible shoes and blouse. If she took off the coat she would look either a fool, or a tart.

In the reflection of the machine she saw them taking notice of her. They were young and she was an experienced mature woman, so quite able to manipulate them into playing a small part in a game. She felt foolish at having gone this far and knew the encounter would end before it even started.

All she wanted was for them to play a small part in a game so she could return to the apartment and take a long soak in a hot bath weaving them into a fantasy. That’s all, nothing else, nothing too daring.

All they had to do was flirt or better still she might be able to get them to take a lead if she played the damsel in distress. Wearing the naughty outfit under the coat was providing some unexpected and pleasant stimulation.

From the worried look upon her face and the sighs of exasperation one of the students walked up to her and asked, “Can I help you? I know how to use these machines. I’ve plenty of experience,” the young man said.

Affecting a French accent she began the fantasy play wondering where it might take her. “That is good I need a man with experience,” she coughed covering up a giggle from embarrassment at the unintended innuendo. ‘Where in hell did that come from,’ she wondered.

“I am not good at it. Are you good at it?” she asked, with an innocent look, trying to be disarming and cute. She was pleased with the effect for he was just standing their trying to get over the strange accent as well as suggestion.

“The machine in apartment is broken,” she lied, hoping the accent wasn’t too strong.

He helped her load the machine while making a big deal about what seemed to be obvious. He was sweet and charming and she couldn’t help responding to his open frank approach.

He suddenly cut off in midsentence with embarrassment showing clearly on his face. He had a pair of tiny panties in his hand. They were the little black see-through ones that went with the maids outfit.

Seeing his nervousness over a pair of panties was re-assuring. Five years of married life meant she could handle him easily enough. The thought of handling him brought a fresh flush to her cheeks. She pulled the little frilly things from his hand and smiled sweetly in thanks.

Just talking with him left her feeling like a teenager again, innocent and vulnerable, though not so awkward.

“Oh! No!” she exclaimed in mock surprise. “I left money in apartment. Now I can not wash clothes. I’ll be in big trouble. The boss might send me back home this time. I’m always getting things wrong. What can I do?” She exclaimed, with hands held out with a French shrug. The look of misery was perhaps a little too contrived but he didn’t seem to notice.

Loosening the coat she looked up at him through long eyelashes. Kneeling over the wash bag he had a view of a deep cleavage, all designed to distract him. Would he fall into a character in her fantasy or would it all come to nothing?

“You could run home and be back before this gaziantep escort resimleri place closes. I’ll look after your machine while you’re gone,” he told her.

His attempt to be friendly and helpful didn’t suit her plan of spending more time with them. She tried to think of something.

“I don’t have a key to get in. I lost it last week and he won’t give me another. I keep making mistakes even after he punishes me, I still get things wrong. I dropped a valuable vase yesterday, so he spanked me,” she said, with a worried look pouting her lips and crinkling her brow.

The words tumbled out of the novel before she could help herself. The look of consternation on his face brought a chuckle to her throat and for a moment she almost laughed out loud. Dropping her head to hide her face in long dark hair, she hid the smirk.

His left knee was shaking, just a little, revealing he was affected by her, enough not to see it as a silly prank.

“Surely he doesn’t hit you?” the young man asked.

His concern was genuine and she thought it was going over the top to bring a nineteenth century novel into a launderette. “I’m used to it. The nuns were very strict at school. I am used to discipline and he doesn’t do it often,” she said, trying to shrug it off.

Pushing coins into the slot he seemed to accept what she said, falling for the story completely. She batted her eyelashes at him thanking him with half spoken words. It was difficult to think of what to say but it didn’t seem to make much difference as they both fussed about her.

They really did believe she was a servant of some strict man who she called her master, but not only that they believed she was as gullible as she pretended. It was interesting to see how easily they fell for a damsel in distress act and believed it all because of a foreign accent.

Feeling confident she thought to push them a little further. It seemed she would be able to remain in charge of the situation, as much as in the office, managing a group of awkward accountants. Allowing these two young men to think they were in charge of the situation was almost the same as she sometimes contrived in the office, only this evening she was having a bit of fun.

It was turning out to be exciting after all!

Relaxing a little she let them take the lead for awhile, as it seemed they had fallen into their roles as hoped. She told them she could not take their money for nothing so she would look after their washing machines and put everything in the drier when ready.

“I would like to take your load if you don’t mind me handling your things,” she said, with a straight face. Smiling at the look of astonishment on their faces, from the innocent offer, she only just managed not to laugh.

“You could go to the pub if you like while I do you,” she said, while letting the coat slip open to show a lot of leg. It worked, they decided to stay and keep her company.

“I must do something for you, for money,” she stated. The sweet innocent look made them blush as though they had been thinking of something already.

“It doesn’t matter you can pay us back when you pass here next,” Jim said.

They sat down to play cards as usual, casually inviting her into the game.

“It would be nice to play with you but I am without money. I already owe you for the washing. I am so grateful for your kindness. Thank you,” she said. For a moment it looked as though they would accept the refusal and carry on with the cards

Janet needed their attention so told them, “My name is Yvette,” she said, pulling the name straight from the novel. They introduced themselves and turned back to shuffling the cards.

She just had to fill the silence. “Do you want to work me hard for money? I am very good at it. I am willing to do anything to repay your kindness.” Once spoken out loud it sounded too outrageous.

“You can play to pay back what you owe us,” Jim suggested.

“Do you know how to play poker?” Billy asked.

“No. I never play cards but would like to learn. You can poke me for money,” she enthused.

“We’ll go into the back room, there’s a small table there,” Jim told her.

For a moment she hesitated. It fitted in with the fantasy at home but that would be going too far. Again the image of being taken by these two young men flitted through her head; arousing her. She followed them with small hesitant steps feeling unsure. She wanted to hold back yet the tingling feeling between her legs propelled her forward.

They sat close like conspirators, in what was little more than a broom cupboard, lending the situation an air of tenseness. “It’s warm in here can I take your coat?” Jim asked.

Billy sat shuffling the cards attempting what he thought to be a professional gamblers’ pose.

She stood up to take off the coat stretching in a provocative pose almost thrusting her breasts into Jim’s face causing Billy to drop the cards. In the confined space there was little room to manoeuvre without gaziantep escort bayan sitesi touching one or the other of the two young men.

“Oh! I’m sorry, let me get them,” she offered.

Neither of the young men could object. They were dumbfounded at the sight of such a provocative outfit. They were mesmerised at the sight of a triangle of white panties, framed by suspenders, being pulled this way and that as she scrambled on the floor at their feet.

When she turned around her bottom was partially revealed as the skirt rode up. Standing up she straightened it and pulled the apron into place. She pulled at the coat now twisted around her arm as it hadn’t been fully removed.

“You had better take these cards before I drop them. I’m such a clumsy girl,” she said, and leaned over them showing off a deep cleavage. She tried not to stare at Billy who developed an impressive bulge and had developed a nervous twitch; she was wondering if he might come in his jeans.

“Could you help me with this?” she asked Jim. With them both sitting staring up at her, mouths hanging open, she felt justified in the assumption they had little experience and would be easy to manage. Janet neglected to think about holding back her own growing excitement.

The coat sleeve was tight around her arm making it difficult to get loose. Jim tugged, all the time pulling the blouse sleeve with it until it was pulled up tight under one breast.

Straightening her arm the coat slipped off whereupon she sat down suddenly with a drawn out sigh. Her hair came undone in wisps around her head and the blouse was twisted up tight under her breasts.

She looked dishevelled from a hard session of sexual exercise. “I’m sorry. I always seem to get into such a tangle with clothes. I’m sure I wasn’t made to wear them. You are right, it is warm in here, perhaps I would be better off not wearing anything at all,” she smiled innocently at them.

They sat like open mouthed statues in a fountain obviously conjuring with the image of her naked body.

“Shall we play cards?” she smiled at them.

They studiously avoided looking at her breast pulled almost out of the twisted blouse. Playing cards it was easy to fumble around like a fool, as she had never taken an interest in the game. There was only one game she enjoyed playing, and only taking an interest in fantasy games since living alone.

They played on until she owed more than double the little amount they had loaned her. “This is not working. I owe you even more money,” she said plaintively, as though it mattered.

Billy said, “It doesn’t count, we’re just playing to teach you the game.”

This didn’t suit her plans. “I cannot let you give me more. There must be something I can do, perhaps something else we can play for, not money?” she said.

Going through the coat pockets she found some lipstick but it was obviously not going to be of interest to them. Pulling out a pair of panties that belonged to the maids outfit, she fumbled, almost dropping them onto the table in surprise.

Her companion’s reaction was marvellous to behold, with eyes wide they lit up with glee. She had judged them correctly. The silly reaction to a pair of see-through panties was funny but she didn’t laugh. They could stand a little more teasing before she ran home to run a hot sudsy bath.

“Oh! These were for me but I could not wear such flimsy little things,” she protested, while stretching them out before them. “Could you image me in these?” Their heads nodded in agreement. “No! There is no substance to them. Feel the material, it is too harsh,” she said, while thrusting them under Jim’s nose. She wiped his cheek with them.

“You feel how coarse they are? Would you feel my panties Bill? I couldn’t wear these I’m used to nice soft underwear. Even the so called, sensible knickers, I wear now are so small compared to ones I wear at home,” she said, her eyes wide and a voice laden with incredulity.

“My master bought them for me with this uniform. It is not very good I think. What do you say to it?” she asked.

They nodded their heads eventually finding their voices, at last. “It’s great. I mean you look good in it,” Jim told her with a warm smile.

“Yea! You look pretty,” Billy said, and cleared his dry throat noisily.

“Thank you, you are very kind. I think it is cheap. Not much cloth, it is too small for working,” she complained. “I always take it off when working so as not to damage it,” she said, watching their eyes glaze over imagining her working away in underwear.

Pulling up the hem she said. “These straps are old fashioned and a nuisance. I think proper tights would be better, yes?” Janet asked. Again she flashed them an innocent look knowing they couldn’t see her face while avidly staring at the stocking tops and suspenders.

The two young men looked at each other with an idea both shared without a word spoken. “We could play strip poker if you like,” Jim suggested while squirming on the stool, ready to turn it into a joke when she rejected the idea.

“Oh? How do we play that game? I don’t even understand this one yet. I am happy to play with you, if you want me. It is nice playing and talking together. I have no friends here. At the orphanage nuns did not let us keep in touch with other girls so I don’t know anyone at home either. If you want to play with me that is nice. I will strip for you of course. You have paid for me,” she smiled.

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