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Long Distance Sex

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Jaime sat on the couch, flipping through the channels, bored. This was going to be a really long Friday night at home. She heard the phone ring, and flipped off the television before picking up the phone. She looked at the display and saw that it was her boyfriend, Greg.

She answered, smiling. “Hey babe! How’s your trip?”

“It’s going okay. The days have been busy, but the nights are lonely. I am really missing you.”

“Aw, I miss you too. But you’ll be home in a few days.”

“Yeah, by Tuesday at the latest.”

“Good! It’s been a quiet week without you and…”

“And?” prompted Greg.

“And,” added Jaime, “the bed is really empty.”

“Yeah, mine too,” said Greg.

“And not a lot of fun without you,” she added, “If you know what I mean.”

“I do, but at least you have some toys to keep you entertained.”

“I do, but a toy can’t replace you honey. The taste of your mouth. Your hands on me. And of course other parts of you.” Jaime started squirming on the couch, starting to get excited.

“Mmmm,” he moaned into the phone. “What part would that be, exactly?”

Jaime bit her lip, wriggling her ass, feeling herself Maltepe Escort start to get wet. “Your big juicy cock of course. I wish you were in front of me right now so I could lick it up and down, take the head in my mouth and suck on it until you are hard and ready.”

Now it was Greg’s turn to pause. “Not really fair hon,” Greg said. “You’re making me stiff through the phone.”

“Good, because I’m getting wet already.”

“Babe, take the phone into the bedroom, okay?”

“Okay,” she said standing up and walking into the bedroom. “Now what?” she said, anticipation growing.

“Put the phone on speaker, and set it on the nightstand.”

She did as he asked. “Okay.”

“Now, take off your clothes and lay on the bed,” he said, voice growing husky.

Again, she did as he asked, quickly pulling off her jeans and panties, crotch wet, and her blouse and bra, and throwing them on the floor, in a hurry to move to the next step. She lay on the bed, pillows fluffed up under her head. She could hear clothes rustling, knowing he was doing the same on his end.

“Are you naked and on the bed?” asked Greg.

“Yes,” she said Maltepe Escort Bayan breathlessly.

“Reach up and stroke your nipples, until they are sticking out to little points. Imagine I’m licking them with the tip of my tongue.”

There was silence for a couple of minutes, and then he heard a soft whimper.

“Perfect, now keep pinching one of your nipples, but reach down with your other hand and feel your pussy. Tell me how wet you are, and give me a lot of detail.”

There was another moan as she followed his instructions. “Oh baby,” she sighed, “I am soaking wet. My pussy is slick and juicy. It’s running down my thighs. It’s like I can feel you touching me.”

“Good,” he said, breathing heavily. “I’m stroking my cock, feeling your hands on me, and I’m getting rock hard.”

“Is there pre-cum on your cock head?”

“Oh yeah, I’m going to squirt so much when I come.”

“Mmmm, baby,” she groaned, “reach down and get some of your juice and rub it on your lips. Tell me how you taste.”

After a few seconds Greg said,” it tastes salty and warm.”

“Yum, I wish I could be there and lick it off your lips,” Escort Maltepe Jaime sighed.

“Your turn,” Greg said. “Taste your pussy juice; rub it all over your mouth.” He heard another deep moan through the phone.

“Oh god.”

“Do you taste good?”

“Yeah, I want you here to taste me, lick my pussy, and suck on my clit.”

“Oh god babe, I’m so close.”

“Me too, I’m rubbing my pussy faster baby, imagining your cock pounding into me.” Jaime couldn’t speak anymore, so close to an orgasm. She rubbed her swollen clit, moaning loudly. “Oh god! Oh god! Yes!” she yelled as she came, thrusting her hips up against her hand.

She heard Greg through the phone. “Oh my god! I’m coming! Oh shit baby!” Then she heard a loud grunt and a deep sigh.

They were both quiet for a couple of minutes, coming down from climax, and then Jaime said, “Sounds like you made a mess.”

“Yeah, wow, that’s a lot of cum. I guess I’ve been building up.”

“Me too,” she sighed, reaching over to take the phone off speaker and put it to her ear.

“That was great honey,” he said. “But I can’t wait to get home and do it for real.”

“I love you. Call me tomorrow night, I’ll have some of my toys out and ready. You can listen to me play all night!”

“I will. Love you too. Sleep tight.”

She hung up, and lay in their bed, pulling the cover over her, and was contently asleep within minutes, dreaming of her boyfriend holding her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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