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Long Lunch Ch. 5

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I knelt at the foot of the bed and stared at his fingers sliding in and out of her. He did not look at me, but kept talking to her. “Soon, I’ll stop this with my fingers. Then what would you like?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“With my cock?” His fingers slowed a little.

“Of course with your cock? What else?”

“Hmmmmmm, my toes?” Fingers still slower.

“Nooo! I want to feel you inside me, feel your cock open me.” Her hips rolled up to him.

“How about my tongue?” His fingers had stopped now as he turned to look over his shoulder at me. At his nod, I wrapped one hand around him and began slowly pumping up and down, just pleasuring him as he tortured her with his suggestions. I allowed my palms to play over him, going underneath the shirt he still wore, noticing his sweat, then licking his spine. This sent a chill through him as he settled back into me and thrust his hips a little to prompt me to continue my slow hand.

“Please, your cock. C’mon. This is killing me.” And that was what he needed, his hand silently slid out of her and he said nothing as he got up off the bed.

He came to me full front, pushed me down on my knees and held my chin, saying to her and me at the same time, “All good things to those who wait, dear. All good things.” With that, his hand found the back of my head and pushed my mouth onto his cock. All that waiting welled up inside of me and as his head hit my tongue, I had to remind myself not to moan, not to let any sound escape me, for fear of upsetting her. I now served two masters, but only one could truly have me. He continued to fuck my mouth, controlling speed and depth until I was only a vessel for him. I felt my pussy swell and become drenched with my desire to have him, to have her. To give and to take. She had begun breathing heavily on the bed and I heard him ask, “Are you sure you don’t want my tongue?”

“Fine, yes, God Please. Please, anything. . . .” His rhythm in my mouth increased as her pleas came faster and faster. I could feel his reluctance at leaving my wet warm mouth, but the time had come to feed his pet new food. Even his own desire for this next sight was more than he anticipated and continuing to have me engulf him would have been too much.

“OK. I’ll give you what you want.” I climbed on the bed, sitting where he had been, while he looked over my shoulder from the foot of the bed. This Ankara escort put my mouth about where he would be logically and gave him an incredible view. This also allowed him to entangle his hand in my hair, controlling my head so that I would be above her when he spoke, like a puppet.

He kissed me on the lips, deep, soft, encouraging. I needed this. To be so close to this dark flower, inhaling her perfume after so many hours alone, was intoxicating. I needed and wanted his guidance. Careful not to touch her yet, I breathed on her, blew on her hair and clit. When she rolled to meet my mouth and thrust up to my lips, I felt his hand pushing my head down and felt his voice whisper in my ear. “Are you happy now, pet? Is this what you wanted? Taste.” My lips met hers and my tongue laved her labia. Such slickness, such enrapturing softness I had never even imagined. I became less tentative, more muscular and pointed in my lickings. I felt the subtle difference in the interior and exterior skin, found the little button of her clitoris and tried desperately to please her as he had pleased me so often. I felt my saliva welling, my mouth watering as did my cunt and then I felt him pull my head up.

“Why did you stop? Baby, c’mon. That was sooooo gooood,” she purred. “Do it some more, just like that.” His fingers dove into me and I bit the sheets as he fucked me to a rocketing climax, so fast and intense that I was sweating.

“Whatever you want, sweetheart,” he told her and kissed me again before pressing me into her. This time, my head moved faster than his hand and I continued to give her my mouth as him.

Her little moans and sighs drove me on and now I could feel him leave the foot of the bed for a more far away view. The sight of the two of us, stretched utterly nude on his bed, a meadow of hair and skin and breath and legs, made him weak. His cock had reached an enormous length at the sight of us, surmounting his rather blase attitude toward woman on woman sex. The woman so willing to be his plaything, now making another woman hers, was pulling on him, bending him in ways he did not anticipate. He settled back into the leather chair to watch, seeing if I could bring her to orgasm on my first try.

I put myself in her mind. I thought about all the ways he had made me cum like this and began trying the things I thought he did. I wrapped my lips around her clit and began Ankara escort bayan sucking as though it were a tiny little cock. She gasped at such a direct sensation, so I let up a little, but continued. That seemed to please her and I was grateful that she was so demonstrative. She was easy to read and therefore it was becoming easier for me to bring her to the edge and then back off a little. During one of these pauses, I looked over to see him, leg draped over the arm of that chair, fisting his beautiful cock. With her juices clinging to my chin, I smiled at him. He just laid his head back and continued showing off for me. Her pleading whimper drew both of us back, though, and I returned to her at his urging.

I felt she was now aroused enough to touch without immediately noticing the differences in our hands. I slipped my hands under her ass and tilted her up to me, changing the angle so that I could more easily spread her lips with the one hand I now slipped out from under her. Seeing my little fingers playing with another woman’s slit was such a fucking turn on for me. I went ahead and gave in to the minigasm that I felt coming on. The shiver was delicious as I became bolder and slipped a finger into her. She arched against me and I pushed another in and began stroking the wall behind her clit like he had told me about. She froze a little and I was afraid she wasn’t enjoying it, so I continued to trace broad, flat circles on her clit with my tongue. Once I was there, I was rewarded with a small gush on my fingertips and a cry of surprise and pleasure from her.

“Keep doing that, Zack, do it doitdoitdoit. . . . .”

The mention of his name in another woman’s voice as I fucked her like him made me dizzy. I wanted to make her cum like he did me and I was not about to let up now. It was no longer a show for him; it really never was in the first place, but now, I was so deeply turned on by turning her on that his presence was just a wonderful layer. I raised up do let a long strand of saliva lubricate my fingers, let it drip from my mouth to her cunt and looked over to smile at him, but he had moved and I could already feel his fingers entering me from behind. That sensation of my pussy being filled while fingering hers made me thrust almost violently against him. I removed my fingers from her and glued my mouth to her cunt and raised mine so that he could have freer access. Escort Ankara Our rhythms became blurred as his strokings drove me and her moanings drove him until I felt myself resist, resist, resist, resist and then explode against his hand, the pressure bursting inside my head as she thrust her beautiful wet cunt against my face and I felt her contractions hard and long.

That long beautiful shiver afterward was truncated by my desire to take him. With my hand still in her, I turned to him. I wanted her distracted enough to not ask questions. My mouth opened and without hesitation of any sort, he drove himself all the way to the back of my throat, fucking and thrusting and pushing and humping my mouth until I could feel his cock rear back in that preejaculation press and then I felt him shooting endlessly, forcefully, curling over my head and continuing to gyrate tenderly now against my tongue and lips.

I swallowed, satisfied, smiling. Our breath came in rhythm now, a kind of haze settling in the room. A cosmic storm abated in all three minds. Time slowed and thoughts flowed and nothing needed anything just then. Peace, contentment, calm. My hand rested in her and the other one on the top of his cute ass and my head just pulsed with the satisfaction of him and her and me. So wonderful just to be.

And then I heard her sigh, “Oh, Zack. How beautiful that was. How wonderful. Come up here and kiss me.” My eyes flew to his. I saw him shoot a sidelong glance at her, then motion for me to remove my fingers from her. I did as I was bid.

He placed his face next to hers. He kissed her ear, whispering, “Did you like that?”

“Yes,” she sighed again.

“Do you want to taste yourself on me?”


I trembled. I could almost imagine what he had in mind and my suspicion was confirmed when he wagged his finger for me to come up to their faces. He fixed my gaze, then nodded. I lowered my mouth to those incredibly red lips and let her lick me, her tongue darting out to taste.

“I taste good on you. I do.” And she began to kiss me deeper. This was driving me on. I loved deceiving her with you, pleasing her with you. But I wondered how this would be revealed to her. I decided not to worry, to trust you, and so began to kiss her back.

“Untie me, please. I want to touch you.”

“Not yet.” I could see he had something in mind, but I had no idea what. There was apparently something he wanted to be certain would happen, in case she was angry. He climbed up, straddling her shoulders. “Suck me again.” She did as he told her and he motioned me behind him. Then I knew what he wanted.

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