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Lost ID Reveals True Identity

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It started out like any other Wednesday morning. Hit snooze alarm three times then drag body out of bed. Feed dog, make coffee, brush teeth, and hop in the shower. My life was satisfying but oh so predictable.

By the time I got out of the shower my wife, Tami, was up and ready to hit the streets for her morning run. Damn she looked great in her tank top and running tights.

We’ve been married for ten years but I still admired her small perky breasts, flat stomach and cute bubble butt as much as when I first fell in love with her.

She looked at me with her sexy pout and asked “why don’t you go into work just a little late and run with me today?”

“God, I’d love to but early meetings beckon,” I responded.

“Well, your loss,” she said, stating the obvious. “See you tonight,” she added and playfully slapped my ass on her way out the door.

I filled a travel mug with coffee, grabbed my keys and headed to work. I was employed by local PR/Marketing firm. I handled crisis communications for our clients, far away from the exciting world of the creative wing. Level headed and deliberative was my calling card.

I had just turned onto the freeway on ramp when my cell rang. The caller id indicated it was Diane Stuart calling. Strange, I thought, since I believed she was still on vacation in Key West. In any event, it was a call to ignore. Shortly after it stopped ringing she tried again. On her third attempt I reluctantly took the call.

“Hello Mother…how’s vacation?”

“I’m having a great time Wayne,” she replied. “I’ve run into a bit of a problem though and I need your help.”

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I lost my driver license and I need an ID to catch my flight tomorrow night. I really need you to stop by the house this morning, find my passport, and overnight it to the hotel.”

“Not a good day Mother…I really need to get to work,” I responded.

“Please Wayne,” she pleaded. “You’re the only person with a key to the house and I’m in a real bind down here.”

She did have a point. “Fine,” I answered. “Any clue where I might find it?”

“It should be in my desk or the file cabinet in my bedroom,” she replied.

“I’ll call you when I find it.” I replied. “Text me the address of the hotel and I’ll get it out this morning.”

“Thanks so much Wayne! I’ll make it up to you,” she said in an obviously relieved tone.

As I pulled off the next off ramp and back tracked toward her home, I thought of how our relationship had improved. When I was young I didn’t have much of a relationship with Mother. She was very quiet and did little but clean, cook and fill the role of traditional Midwest housewife.

My Father ran the house with an iron fist. Whoever came up with the phrase “spare the rod, spoil the child” definitely had my Father in mind. I was whipped for the most minor offense and always resented my Mother for not intervening. He was often drunk and always abusive. I don’t recall ever receiving encouragement from him or a compliment or “thank you” directed toward Mother.

When I was in Junior High School he left. I never learned why he left but I felt like I should leave well enough alone and enjoy the peace his absence created in our household.

Once he was gone my Mother became more engaged in my life. Her demeanor changed and I actually saw her smile from time to time. She went out at night and started to create a seemingly happy life for herself. I had no idea what she did when she went out but she seemed to enjoy herself as she always returned in a great mood.

My day dreaming down memory lane ended as I approached my childhood home. I hoped I could be in and out quickly and get my morning back on track.

Once I entered the house I looked through every drawer in her desk and file cabinet and couldn’t find the elusive passport. I gave Mother a call to let her know it was lost.

“Please keep looking” she pleaded. “I really need an ID to get through TSA…try my dresser.”

With Mother still on the phone I walked over to the dresser and started rummaging through the drawers. The top drawer was full of bras and panties…certainly not the conservative type I would have expected of my seemingly prudish Mother. I felt like a true pervert rummaging through her garter belts, lacy bras and silky panties. “Good for her,” I thought to myself. She had g-strings and thongs mixed in with more traditional, yet very sexy, panties. I was embarrassed that I found myself becoming uncomfortably aroused by touching these intimate items.

My curiosity got the best of me and I picked up a brassiere to check the size. I was surprised to see a 38DD label attached to the strap. “Wow,” I thought to myself. “Her clothes certainly hide her impressive assets.”

But as I tossed a hand full of panties to the side I gasped in shock. Hidden in her lingerie drawer was a stack a photographs and assorted VHS tapes. The video tapes were obviously porn with explicit handwritten labels such as My First Taste maltepe escort of Pussy, Abused at the Truck Stop, and My Rape.

The top photo was an 8X10 picture of my Mother. She was standing in the downstairs rec room. Her hair was disheveled and she looked angry. She was wearing nothing but a back garter belt, bright red panties and dark nylon stockings. She was leaning over as she was pulling down the panties, exposing a dark and very thick hairy bush. Her breasts were large and full…much bigger than I would have guessed from the concealing outfits she always wore in my presence. Her areolas were small and light but her nipples were hard and long.

I lifted the picture to look at the photo beneath it. It was more shocking than the first. Mother was on her knees with her hands tied behind her back with, what appeared to be, black stockings. Standing in front of her was a short and very fat man who I recognized as Frank, our next-door neighbor when I was young. Frank had his balls in her mouth and his hands on the back of her head.

Kneeling behind my mother was another naked man whom I did not recognize. He was rather skinny but had a long and erect penis aimed at Mother’s ass. There was a mirror in the background and I could make out a familiar figure. It was a reflection another neighbor, Kevin, who was taking pictures. Kevin was also nude and obviously masturbating while documenting this sexual encounter with a 35mm camera.

Before I could look at any more pictures, I was jolted back to reality by my Mother’s voice on the phone. “Have you found it yet?

“Ummm…no, umm, I’ll keep looking,” I muttered.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I replied. “I’ll look some more.”

I dropped the stack of pictures and looked through her second drawer and found nothing but sweaters and socks. I went through her final dresser drawer and, tucked under her slacks were several documents including her passport.

“I found it,” I told her.

“Oh, thank God,” she responded clearly relieved. “Please be a dear and overnight it to the hotel so I can catch my flight tomorrow night.”

“Fine, you’ll have your damn passport,” I replied somewhat confused and angry.

“I’m sorry to put you out but it really would be a huge help…is something else wrong?”

“Nope,” I answered. “I’ll ship your passport this morning.”

“Should I send you your pictures too?”

“What pictures are you…Oh my God” she screamed. “I forgot those were in there…please”

Before she could finish I hung up. I grabbed the pictures, her passport and several pair of her most intimate and sleazy panties, although I had no idea why or what I thought I would do with them.

Throughout that day and the next day my Mother kept calling and I kept ignoring her. I was having a very difficult time reconciling my feeling of disgust and arousal. I did know that I did not want to talk with her as I had no idea what I would say.

I had agreed to pick her up from the airport but convinced Tami to fill in. When she got home she asked what had happened between us as Mother was clearly upset and very uneasy after being picked up. I explained to Tami that my Mother and I has always had a complicated relationship and now was no different. I thanked her for filling in for me and told her I was going to meet some friends for drinks and would be home in a little while.

Of course that was a lie. I needed to be alone to think so I headed to a pub near work to pound down a few. After downing a few Smithwick’s my cell rang again. I had just enough of a buzz to have the courage to answer it.

“Don’t hang up,” my Mother said before even saying hello. “We really do need to talk about what you saw and how you’re feeling about things.”

I explained I was sitting in a bar so anything I had to say would be inappropriate on the phone in a public setting.

“Then please stop by on your way home,” she asked. “Just give me a few minutes to explain.”

While my relationship with Mother couldn’t be described as healthy and warm it was certainly better than the days when my old man tormented the family. Not wanting to return to the days of silence between the two of us I agreed to stop by to hear her out.

Being a coward by nature, I ordered two more beers and two shots of liquid courage to counteract the anxiety I was feeling. A responsible person would have realized they had had too much to drink and called a cab. But, in the first example of poor judgment that evening, I shuffled to the car and headed to my childhood home.

When I arrived I found the front door unlocked so I let myself in. I found Mother sitting on the living room sofa drinking a glass of wine. The empty bottle of Shiraz on the end table suggested she was as nervous about this meeting as I was.

“Why don’t you pour yourself a drink Wayne” she suggested.

Despite my considerable buzz I walked to her always stocked bar maslak escort and filled a glass with my now best friend, Jack Daniels.

I sat down on a recliner directly across from her. “Well,” I asked sarcastically. “What on earth would you like to talk about at this hour?”

“Well, I’d like to paint the walls and need your opinion on color, smart ass,” she answered in an equally sarcastic tone. “We need to talk about what you found in my drawer.”

She was wearing a silk robe that was very familiar to me. But, for the first time in my life, I became uncomfortably aware of her cleavage. The robe was pulled tightly across her obviously braless left breast but loosely exposed much of her right breast. At the hem, the silk fabric spread apart tantalizing exposing her thighs.

“I’m so sorry you found those pictures Wayne,” she started to explain which snapped me out of my distraction. “But I can’t lie and tell you I regret having them.”

She continued to talk as she got up to go to the bar and open another bottle of wine. She sipped her wine as she walked back to the couch to continue her explanation.

“I cherish our relationship and I’m terrified you’ll shut me out again.” she explained in a more urgent tone. “I’m ashamed my son saw his Mother naked and engaged in such depraved acts. I know you’ll never look at me the same way but you’ve seen a side of me I can’t give up.”

“The pleasure I get from sex and the reaction of men and women I’m with was the reason I was able to break out my shell,” she further explained. “Your Father always told me I was good for cleaning and cooking and nothing else. The reaction of those men in the pictures to my body and willingness to do absolutely anything to make them happy gave me the confidence as a woman to leave your Father.”

As she was talking I found myself getting aroused thinking of her “doing absolutely anything.” Despite the considerable alcohol I already drank that night, I felt my penis growing more erect.

I realized that talking about this was a very bad idea and got up to leave.

Mother started to cry as she feel to her knees. “Please don’t walk out on me…please don’t shut me out again,” she pleaded. “I’m know I’m a filthy whore but it’s not my fault.”

“How the hell is it not your fault,” I barked.

“Please sit down and hear me out,” she requested.

“”I’ll give you five minutes then I’m out of here,” I replied in a cruelly cold manner.

We both emptied our glasses as she started to explain how terrible her marriage to my Father had been and that he had been verbally and physically abusive to her. He drank heavily and was, as they say, a very ugly drunk. Every Tuesday night he had three friends over to play cards. Frank, our next door neighbor, a short and pudgy older man who always tried to hide from his over-bearing wife; Dennis, my Father’s boss, and Kevin, a shy type who played softball with the old man. It was at one of these card games that her life changed.

One night they had gotten particularly drunk and loud. It was late and my Mother explained that she went downstairs to ask them to be a little quiet so they wouldn’t wake up my sister and me.

“He screamed at me to shut the fuck up and never embarrass him in front of his friends again. I went back upstairs but soon our neighbor called complaining about the noise and asking me to send Frank home. I meekly went downstairs but before I could say a word he slapped me hard across the face. He screamed that he told me to stay upstairs and I should never disobey him. I tried to leave but he grabbed me by the hair and threw me against a wall.”

“He grabbed the front of my blouse and ripped it open. I was humiliated and tried to pull my shirt closed but he hit me again. He yanked my bra up over my head and slapped each of my tits until they were bright red and very painful. He got in back of me and pinned both of my arms behind my back totally exposing my naked chest to his friends.”

“Your Father was the only man I had ever been with and no other man had seen me topless. I was completely humiliated but the perversity had just started. He told Frank to come over and pull down my skirt. The three other drunks all cheered when Frank pulled down my skirt leaving me shaking in just my panties. Your Father reached inside and grabbed the crotch of my panties and tore them off. In doing so he let go of my arms which gave me the opportunity to stagger toward the stairs to get away.”

“He quickly grabbed me by the neck and violently threw me down to the floor. He punched me in the jaw which caused me to become dizzy and disoriented. He told his friends to hold me down while he pulled down his pants. He told them to “have at the whore” while he stuck his tiny pathetic little dick in my mouth. I was dizzy but vaguely aware of hands all over my body.

My tits were being squeezed and slapped hard. One of these perverts starting sucking my tits and painfully biting öecidiyeköy escort my nipples. My pussy was filled with several fingers. It stopped when your Father stood up and ordered two of his friends to grab an ankle and spread me wide.”

As my Mother was telling me this story her tears started to dry and her language became more explicit. She became angry and somewhat defiant.

“He told me he would fuck my damn brains out and teach me a lesson I’d never forget. He pumped my pussy a few times and, as usual, squirted his little stream of jizz inside me. He unmounted me and told me never to disobey him again. At that point I was so beaten and embarrassed that I no longer cared what he did to me. I told him I couldn’t even tell that he climaxed and that he should be ashamed of his embarrassing little pecker. He reacted violently by kicking me in the stomach and inviting his friends to “destroy me”.

All three were naked in no time. Frank straddled my face and forced his dick down my throat. Frank was a fat disgusting pig but his dick was much bigger than your Father’s and, unlike going down on your Father, I gagged on the size of Frank’s tool. He face fucked me hard and started grunting loudly…like a wild boar. He exploded in my mouth dumping more cum down my throat than I had ever thought possible. I was ashamed to be thinking how delicious his sperm tasted. I felt like a total slut as I licked his dick when he was done so I wouldn’t waste a salty drop.

While Frank was still sitting on my face I felt the head of a cock massaging my clit. “That’s it Dennis, screw the slut,” I heard your Father say. As Dennis forced his cock inside me I felt like I would split in two. Your Father’s skinny prick was the only I had ever felt inside me so I was unprepared for how Dennis filled my too tight pussy. I started writhing and moaning feeling both pleasure and pain. I felt Frank sucking my tits and caressing my sensitive nipples with his tongue. Even our disgusting little neighbor was more sexually useful than your Father. I noticed Kevin sitting on as nearby chair stoking his cock while videotaping my assault.”

“Dennis pulled his beautiful dick out of my pussy and rolled on his back. Your Father grabbed one arm and Frank the other and forced me to mount him. As I was forced down on his rigid dick I shuttered with the guilty pleasure of being fucked by a real man.”

“Ride him bitch,” your Father commanded me as he shoved his hairy prick and balls into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and rapidly pumped my face on his sweaty crotch. As I sucked on his balls I felt the tip of Franks prick rubbing my asshole.” I spit out your Fathers dick and pleaded with Frank not to violate my bottom.

“I’ve never taken a dick up my ass,” I screamed. Please don’t…please don’t hurt me,” I begged.

Those perverts just laughed and urged Frank to “plow the bitch.” I screamed in pain as he violently forced his dick up my virgin asshole. The pain was intense as I felt two cocks colliding inside me. Frank soon exploded in my ass. I felt immediate relief from the pain as his cum lubed my asshole. I could feel his dick quiver as he pulled out of my ass.

“Your Father must have been aroused at the sight of Frank fucking my ass because he climaxed and drizzled his another tiny load of my face. I again laughed at the size of his pathetic little tool which earned me a hard slap across the face.”

Your Father then ordered Frank to put his dick back in my mouth. “Your prick was up her filthy ass,” he ordered. “Make her lick it clean.” He stuffed his prick back in my mouth. I tasted my dirty ass all over his dick and balls but, by that time, I no longer cared. “

“I noticed Kevin coming closer with the camera so I decided to humiliate your Father like he did to me. As I continued to grind my dripping pussy on Dennis’s massive cock. I decided that if you Father was going to strip me of my dignity and subject me to this unwanted gang bang, I’d put him in his place.”

“I’ve never been filled by a real man before,” I moaned.

“I climbed off him and got on all fours. I widened my legs and reached behind me to spread my ass checks wide open, which totally exposed my cum-soaked crotch to Kevin’s camera. I invited Dennis to bury his cock into either hole. I could see your Father’s face turning red with anger realizing that I was now enjoying my rape. Dennis slammed his dick deep in my pussy and pumped me fast and hard. He started slapping my red ass as I encouraged him to slap me harder…to make it hurt.”

“He reached underneath me and played with my soaking hood until he found my clit which made me scream with pleasure. I begged and pleaded with him to fuck me harder. I started to shake uncontrollably which made Dennis pump faster. He started grunting loudly and savagely. As I felt the first spasm of his beautiful dick I cried out and climaxed hard. Stream after stream sprayed out of my pussy.”

It was obvious that my Mother was completely turned on at this point of her story. He spoke loudly and no longer cared about the propriety of sharing the most intimate details of her forced gang bang or the reaction of her body to the assault. Her breath was short and her hand unconsciously rubbed her thighs beneath her rope. The light silk fabric was unable to hide the fact her nipples grew large and erect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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