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Love At First Light

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This is a story I often think back on, as one of the most memorable times of my life.

In 1995 I had been made redundant from a heating installation company. I arranged to go back to full time college to learn about computers but that left me with the dilemma of what to do until September so I started job hunting. Just to help matters my girlfriend at the time got a job in London and decided she wanted to move down there, I did not, and we agreed on an amicable split.

A friend threw me a lifeline…he worked for a company that managed several properties in Spain, a couple of which he owned, and they could not get any local plumbers to fix leaks, mend toilets and sort out the hot water so I went out there for 3 months, staying in a little corner apartment that needed the decorating and tiling finishing, which I agreed to do as it was rent free. I had the use of a little Fiat car for work and pleasure, when it started, and they even paid me! With my redundancy money I was quite well off and having a great time, the work was not hard, I paced myself, working five mornings a week, doing some swimming and sun bathing in the afternoon and then hitting the bars in the evening and at weekends.

I had been in Spain for five weeks or so and I was in the local store waiting to pay for my groceries when I noticed two very pretty teenage girls in front of me, arguing quietly about which of them should ask for cigarettes and what brand to buy.

I offered my assistance, I said that most of the people I knew who smoked, smoked Benson & Hedges and I asked if they wanted me to buy the cigarettes for them.

The elder of the two said ‘yes please’ immediately and turned to the younger girl and said ‘They were what Mum bought on the plane’.

I got the cigarettes at the till, paid and met the girls outside. As I handed over the cigarettes the younger girl said to the other ‘we haven’t got a lighter’. I offered them a light but the older girl blushed and said they would get a lighter later. They offered me money for the cigarettes, to which I replied ‘don’t worry about it’, and turned to leave.

On a whim I turned back to the girls and said ‘you don’t smoke do you?’, the younger girl replied ‘er, no…does it show?’. I said ‘would you like some guidance?’. They looked at each other and did not answer. I suddenly thought about how the situation must seem, a man not far off old enough to be their father (I was 33) offering to take them to who knows where to teach them to smoke, I quickly added that I wasn’t trying to hit on them and that I was thinking about the little bar near the harbour, which would be reasonably quiet at that time of day. They had a little discussion about it and decided it would be OK.

We chatted on the way to the bar, about 5 minutes walk, the elder girl was nearly 18 and called Melanie, the younger girl was her 15 year old sister, Lisa, and they had arrived in Malaga that morning, on a two week holiday with their mother.

At the bar I ordered three bottled beers and I started instructing my two interested students. Over the next three hours, with 12 beers between us and the girls smoking five cigarettes each I taught them how to smoke. We got on famously, Lisa was a real flirt after the first couple of beers and Melanie seemed shocked at her sisters behaviour!

As we chatted they explained that it had transpired that their mother had smoked when she was younger and had given up when expecting Melanie, then due to various reasons, mainly financial, not started again. Their parents had separated 10 years previously and after some lean periods their financial position had recently got a lot better due to being left a sum of money in the will of a close relative and their Mum had just started a new job with much better pay. Their Mum had decided that a holiday was needed, their first for 10 years.

Much to Melanie and Lisa’s surprise their mum had bought 200 cigarettes on the flight out and when they asked why, she had told the girls that she was going to start smoking again. She had also said that if they wanted to smoke that was ok, but if they did not then she would respect that and only smoke in her bedroom or the garden, not in the rest of the house.

Later that evening the girls left me at the bar and headed off, their cigarettes and my lighter in hand, both smoking as they headed back up toward their hotel. I sighed at the beauty and innocence of youth, had a last cold beer and headed for my apartment for a shower, something to eat and to decide which club to head for.

I saw the girls twice during the next couple of days, once with a couple of boys headed for the beach and again in my local store, they were buying cigarettes. We did not speak but they smiled and waved.

The next day I had the particularly tough job of replacing some leaking pipes on the roof of one of the apartments I was working on. I was sweaty, grimy and wearing a grubby tee-shirt, shorts and a pair of trainers. As I was closing the boot after struggling to get a load of old pipes into it, I saw the two girls across the street, standing with an attractive woman in her thirties, who I assumed to be their mother. She had shoulder length light brown hair, she was wearing a pair of shorts and a simple white blouse. Melanie was pointing ankara otele gelen escort straight at me and talking to the woman. I watched with some trepidation as the woman walked across the road toward me with quite a stern expression on her face, she stopped about two paces off and put her hands on her hips and said ‘are you the man who is supplying cigarettes to my daughters?’

I was speechless for a moment and then mumbled something inane like ‘they said you were ok with it…’ which of course they would have said anyway. I was kicking myself for being so naïve and could feel myself turning red with embarrassment and no small amount of anger. The next thing that happened totally surprised me, she started laughing and said ‘your face – you look like you are going to burst!’ Then I noticed Melanie and Lisa further down the pavement laughing their heads off!

Melanie and Lisa walked up to me, both smiling widely and Lisa said ‘this is our Mum’, the woman held out her hand and said with a smile ‘I’m Lynda, pleased to meet you’. I wiped my rather grubby hand on my shorts, took her hand and said sheepishly ‘Alex – I think I’m pleased to meet you.’

She laughed and said that the girls had put her up to it and that from what they knew of me, they thought I would take the joke well. She admitted that once she had seen my face colour up then she could not keep a straight face and continue with the pretence of anger.

Lynda said that she and the girls were going into town for lunch and asked if I wanted to join them. I looked down at my work clothes and said, rather regretfully, that I needed a shower and to get changed before going anywhere. She looked me up and down with a twinkle in her eye and said ‘I don’t know, I like a man covered with dirt and sweat, makes him look earthy!’. I smiled and apologised and headed for the driver’s door of the car. Lynda said ‘how long will it take you to shower and change?’

‘Twenty minutes or less’ I replied, hopefully. ‘I’m only round the corner. I only used the car to carry tools and bits’

Lynda turned to Melanie and Lisa and said ‘You can wait twenty minutes, can’t you girls?’ they said yes and Lynda turned to me and said ‘see you here in twenty minutes then’.

I dashed back to the apartment and stripped off as I went through the door, showered and grabbed a clean white tee off the line on my balcony (to show off the tan!) and a pair of chinos. I was back out in 15 minutes dead!

As I walked round the corner Lynda, Melanie and Lisa were sitting on a low wall smoking and sharing a bottle of water, the scene was perfect and I wished I had a camera. They saw me and stood up as I joined them and we walked down the road to the bar where I had taken Melanie and Lisa three days previously. Melanie and Lisa were chatting about the boys they had met and that they were going to a water park with them the next day and that one of the boys, Mark, was teaching them to wind surf. Lynda smiled at me and said ‘young love – the girls are really enjoying the holiday, they are relaxed and happier than I have seen them in ages’.

We got to the bar and ordered the drinks, we were all on San Miguels, and we headed for a quiet table on the patio outside the bar. Lynda said ‘that’s another thing you have to answer for, not only have you turned my youngest into an under age smoker, you are also responsible for them both being under aged drinkers, plying them with beer!’ but this time she said it with a smile on her face. Melanie said ‘Mum you know we already drank lager before coming here and you told us that you started smoking when you were 12!’

I said to Lynda ‘I take it you are OK with your daughters smoking then?’ she replied ‘I told them it was OK by me and I meant it, in fact looking on the bright side it means that I can smoke anywhere round the house now that the girls smoke…I was going to be confined to my bedroom and garden to smoke otherwise! I am actually looking forward to us all curling up with a film on a wet Sunday afternoon with a pot of tea, or a bottle of wine, and twenty B&H…thank you for getting them into B&H by the way, it will make buying duty frees that much easier!’

We chatted like this for ages, then Melanie and Lisa left to go and meet their new boyfriends and Lynda and I drank a couple of bottles of wine and got quite merry. I asked what she was doing for dinner, to which she replied that she was going to grab something when she was hungry as she usually did. I suggested that I cook for the two of us…and we headed for my apartment.

I did a chorizo and sundried tomato pasta with salad, I had put chillies in the pasta sauce and it was quite spicy but Lynda loved it and finished the lot, saying it was the nicest meal she’d had in ages.

I cleared the table and as I put the plates into soak Lynda leant on the door post and lit a cigarette, I watched her every move and as she exhaled a thick plume of smoke she looked straight into my eyes and said ‘You don’t smoke do you? Does my smoking bother you?’.

My throat was dry and I had to swallow before I replied ‘No I don’t, and actually, watching an attractive woman smoke is real turn on for me’.

She smiled and exclaimed ‘I knew it! You watch the three of us smoking all the öveçler escort time’.

I blushed again, and I thought that she must think me a real weirdo, but she surprised me again by saying ‘don’t be embarrassed, I feel exactly the same. There are two things I like better than smoking, and they are having sex and smoking whilst having sex!’

With that she walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I could taste the sweetness of the smoke in her mouth and it turned me on instantly. She felt my response and pushed hard against me, kissing me harder.

She stepped back from our kiss and tapped the ash from her cigarette into the ash tray then put it to her lips and took a gentle drag on it and then exhaled in a long plume up into the air, exposing her long neck , she enjoyed that I watched her every movement. I started to undo her blouse buttons. She took another pull on her cigarette as the buttons came undone, she turned her head slightly to exhale then we were kissing again.

I reached behind her to release her bra, but she stepped back smiling, put the cigarette gently between her lips, and released the bra catch at the front, she shrugged her shoulders and her blouse and bra slid to the floor. She undid her shorts and with a sensuous sway she slid her shorts and panties over her smooth thighs and onto the floor. As she stepped out of her clothes she reached up to the half smoked cigarette between her lips and gently drew on it before removing it from her mouth. Lynda had a great body, rounded but not fat, large breasts, larger than I normally like, but a lovely shape.

She smiled ‘now its your turn’ and she leaned against the doorframe smoking and watching me, meeting my eyes and smiling mischievously as I removed my tee shirt then my trousers and boxers.

As I stood from removing my boxers my almost painful erection was pointed at Lynda and she reached out with the hand that had the cigarette between her first and second fingers and gently caressed my shaft along its length with her thumb and ring finger, I in turn reached out and stroked her breasts, teasing her stiff nipples.

She took the last pull on her cigarette, stubbed it out in the ash tray then got hold of my erection and lead me toward the bedroom.

I got a condom from my bedside cabinet and she took it off me and fumbled putting it on me until I helped her, but the mood was very light hearted and we were laughing. Lynda laid back on the bed and we made love in the missionary position, quite gently, as you do for the first time with a new partner. I reached my orgasm first and pulled out in case the condom split or came off. As we lay together I reached down with my fingers to bring Lynda to orgasm but she stopped me, saying ‘there’s no hurry, we have all night, and I would rather cum with you inside me’, then she went for a couple of glasses of water, her cigarettes and an ash tray. As I lay on my back on the bed, Lynda lay propped on her elbow beside me, she smiled as she put the ashtray on my chest and lit a cigarette. She reached down with the hand with the cigarette and started to play with me, I was soon hard again but she carried on, stopping from time to time to draw on her cigarette. After a little while she straddled me and lowered herself gently down my shaft while drawing on her cigarette, a very sexy sight, then she moved her pelvis rhythmically back and forward. I could see the pleasure on her face as she smoked and fucked, and she quickly reached a shuddering orgasm.

Lynda did not go back to her hotel room for the rest of her holiday apart from to get her things, meaning that Melanie and Lisa had a family room to themselves. Lynda went and spent the mornings with her daughters while I went and did some work, then I would meet up with them at our favourite bar and either all of us would go out for the rest of the day or just Lynda and I would find something to do. My heart always leaped when I approached the bar and could see the three of them smoking at our usual table, and Lynda knew the effect it had on me!

One evening before dinner Lynda and I went for a walk on a local beach in the fading light, we walked and talked and Lynda smoked. She asked why I did not smoke if I found it so sexy. I told her that I used to, whilst at college, but all of my hobbies demanded a high level physical fitness. She said she loved my body but that she liked to watch a man smoke and to share a cigarette as well. We kept stopping and kissing, pressing hard against each other, stroking and squeezing each others bodies through clothes, promises of what was to come.

Due to our minds being on other things, reaching the end of the beach came as a bit of surprise. We stopped and stood on the deserted sand facing the sea in the fading light with our arms round each others waists. Lynda reached into my breast pocket for her cigarettes and opened the packet with her thumb. She struggled getting the cigarette out with one hand, she obviously did not want to take her other arm from round my waist. I took the cigarette out for her and placed it between her lips. While she put the packet back in my pocket I took my lighter from my trousers and lit her cigarette for her.

She turned her body to face my pendik escort side and moved her left hand from my waist to caress the back of my neck. She took a pull on her cigarette then moved the hand with the cigarette to stroke the expanding bulge in my trousers. I groaned softly, which encouraged her to go further. She put the cigarette back to her lips then reached down and unzipped me, reaching in to free my now full erection.

Lynda drew on her cigarette again and reached up to take it from her lips. With the cigarette between her fingers she stroked the length of my shaft and caressed the glans, stopping from time to time to smoke. Lynda kept me on the brink of ejaculation like that for ages, sensing the pressure building and stopping to draw on her cigarette. She asked for another cigarette and I got it for her the same way as the last one, but this time my hand was shaking as she took the light. She looked at me in the fading light and I could see her smiling as she exhaled. She reached down and started on my aching erection again. This time she did not pause and my powerful ejaculation sprayed down the beach and my legs nearly buckled beneath me. Lynda said ‘wow, I did not know a man could cum that hard! Do you cum that hard inside me?’

I replied ‘I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard! That was amazing!’ She smiled and breathed ‘that really turned me on, I’m soaking!’

I reached down and under the hem of the light summer dress she was wearing until I got to her mound and sure enough her panties were sopping wet. I moved her panties out of the way and as she drew on her cigarette I slipped a finger along her soaking crease and pressed against her clit with my finger tip, her legs trembled and her eyes fluttered with the sensation and she clung to my neck.

I got on my knees in front of her, and she lifted her dress up to her waist, scrunched it up and held it in place with her left hand while she lifted her cigarette to her lips with her right. I could see her hand was shaking this time.

I pulled Lynda’s knickers down and she stepped out of them, we did not care if we could be seen by now. Lynda spread her legs and crouched slightly so I could get access to her soaking sex and I went to work with my tongue. I alternated between her fingering her clit and and her anus, which I could tell she she loved as she moaned loudly every time I touched it. I looked up her body, the cigarette was back between her lips and she was squeezing one nipple through her dress, then she drew on the cigarette, took it from her lips and reached down to my head and ground herself into my mouth as she shuddered with orgasm after orgasm. If I had not had both hands behind her she would have fallen. As the last orgasm faded away, she took her hand from my head and I watched her take a last pull on her cigarette before she sent it spinning into the sand, then she dropped to her knees in front of me and we kissed deeply, her tongue exploring the taste of her own sex in my mouth, which started to arouse me again. She laughed and said ‘lets go back to the apartment or we won’t get back tonight’.

We walked back across the sand to the car with our arms round each other and she reached into my pocket for her cigarettes and held the open packet for me to take one for her, it was the last one in the pack. As I placed it between her lips I said ‘this could be dangerous…’ she laughed and took the cigarette from her mouth to kiss me. She said ‘I’ll remember tonight forever, I have never had an orgasm as intense as that before, but if I don’t eat soon I’m going to faint! Buy me some dinner and packet of cigarettes and you can do what you want with me!’

We realised there was no way of duplicating what had happened on the beach so we did not try, but one Sunday morning as we sat on the balcony of the apartment Lynda noticed that nothing overlooked it and smiled mischievously. She said ‘aren’t your shorts and towel in the washing machine? You could do with getting them out or they will smell.’ I agreed and went to get them.

I squeezed past her chair and hung out the clothes on the line on the balcony, Lynda lit a cigarette and watched. As I went to walk back past her chair Lynda put her hand on my stomach and said ‘stop right there, I have you exactly where I want you.’ she pulled my boxers down and and cupped my balls with her free hand as she drew on her cigarette. Needless to say, I sprang up to an immediate erection and she exhaled then leaned forward and kissed my glans. She circled my glans with her tongue then closed her lips around the shaft and slowly moved backwards and forwards, stopping from time to time to draw on her cigarette. Every time she exhaled then went back to my shaft there was a drip of pre-cum that she gently licked off whilst looking into my eyes. Eventually I could hold back no more and gasped ‘I’m cumming…’ She just looked up into my face as I shot load after load into her mouth. I stopped cumming and my head swam, Lynda licked the last of my seed from my shaft then leaned back and drew on her cigarette. She exhaled and said ‘you do cum that hard inside me – in my mouth anyway! I didn’t think you were going to stop!’. I looked at her and said ‘you are amazing, it is the affect that you have on me that causes me to be like that!’ She replied ‘I have never swallowed before, but it seemed to be the right thing to do with you. I picked a good time to start, I could have drowned!’. I bent and kissed her and said ‘thank you’. I sat down at the table beside her, watching her finish her cigarette, and said ‘I’ll have to hang the washing out more often!’

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