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Love , Comfort Act 01

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Act I

Author’s note:

This is an improved revision (hopefully) from a story I originally did back in 2015. I am re-releasing it because finally I have the second act done which will be released shortly after this “new and improved version.”

Sometimes you have to go through Hell to get to Heaven. Such was the case for young Jimmy. Hell came in the form of the tour of duty he served during the second Korean War which started roughly 66 years after the truce that ended the initial war in 1953. Subsequently, he found Heaven sometime after arriving home.

He was suffering from what the doctors called Post War Sleep Disorder (PWSD). Simply put, the young man could not get a peaceful night’s sleep to save his life. The six months of almost continuous combat he experienced, coupled with his 18 month stint as a POW in a horrific North Korean prisoner of war camp, had left him deeply scarred, both mentally and emotionally.

The war and its aftermath was his own personal hell. But if you asked him, “would you do it all over again,” the answer would be a resounding yes for it was this hell that set the stage for him to find an especially heavenly love in the arms of an angel—his beautiful mother.

Amanda heard her son pacing restlessly in his room at night. These were the occasions when he gave up on sleep altogether. Other nights when he slept out of utter exhaustion after being awake for two or three days, she heard anguished cries plaguing his sleep.

A mother’s heart is a fragile thing, especially when it comes to an only child, so it was no surprise that poor Amanda wept for her son to the point of complete despair. It did not help that Jimmy closed himself off to her about his combat experiences in the war.

It was his experiences as a POW that especially bothered him Amanda suspected, but despite her best efforts to get him to open up regarding the time he spent in the harsh North Korean POW camp, in the end, it was to no avail. All of Amanda’s best efforts to get him to talk failed, as he simply would not, or maybe could not, open up to her.

Amanda was beginning to feel she had failed as his mother since she could not help her 20 year old son overcome his night terrors. She had already failed as a wife, in her mind anyway, as Jimmy’s father, Tom, had left her some 4 years ago for a younger woman.

Amanda was approaching 40 and becoming extremely self-conscious about her age, but if she would have taken the time to critically examine herself in the mirror she would have noticed she had very little reason to be self-conscious. She was a true beauty, with locks of chestnut-brown hair that fell past her shoulders in a perfect wave of teased curls curtaining her lovely oval face.

Her lips are pouty and inviting. Jimmy had long ago memories burned upon his very soul from when he was just a boy of the taste of her kisses from those honey flavored lips.

Her complexion was perfect and glowed with a beauty that demanded strict attention. At 5′ 8″ and 135 pounds she had a body that demanded even greater attention. The highlights of her heavenly body was a pair of long, muscular legs, along with a perfectly shaped ass. Her nearly flat washboard stomach had only hints of fat on it such was the sculpted figure she strived to maintain still at her advanced age.

Her outer beauty was matched by an inner beauty that reflected itself in her warm and bubbly personality. Her smile was dazzling and would simply light up any room when she was happy.

In short, Amada had the personality of an angel, but the body of a devil, accented by her all natural 37F breasts. Amanda’s tits were regal and majestic, to say the least, and she took extra pride in following a workout regime that ensured they would stay that way for some time to come.

But Amanda, ever the harsh critic of herself, thought her tits were beginning to sag a bit with age. What Amanda really required more than anything was a boost of self-confidence in regards to her aging body. Such self-depreciating thoughts left her feeling insecure, depressed, and vulnerable.

In spite of this feelings of insecurity, she yearned to see if she still had what it took to turn someone’s head. She often wondered to herself, “would I be such a horrible mother if . . . maybe I showed off for my son a bit to see if I still had some sex appeal because if I could turn his head then . .?”

With the arrival of summer she had the perfect opportunity to find out. They had a nice pool in the backyard and Amanda, being a sun worshiper, loved nothing more than to spend a warm, quiet summer afternoon working on her tan. For this task she had a varied assortment of multicolored bikinis that were very much up to the job of showing off her luscious body to the sun’s warming rays.

Indeed this summer Jimmy is to be the perfect little guinea pig. Amanda sincerely hopes, after seeing so much ugliness during combat and during his captivity, Jimmy will find the beauty of his mother to be a most welcome pendik escort sight.

They had always been close, and now with his father out of the picture, Jimmy ha optimistic expectations they will only grow closer. His sincerest wishes are that he and his mother will develop a very special and extremely tight committed bond of deep eternal love. This would be a dream come true for Jimmy, the shy sincere “mama’s boy”.

Jimmy arrives home in the spring of 2019. He isn’t long before the nightmares start that prevent him from getting a decent night’s sleep. After a week he is looking drawn and pale. His mood is dark as he even becomes irritable with his mother.

Amanda tries to give him time and space to get adjusted to being home, but as June arrives and with it the warm summer days things are not getting any better.

They had plenty of time to enjoy the summer alone together as Amanda had taken a LOA from her job as a nurse at a local hospital once it becomes evident what rough shape Jimmy is in emotionally.

Physically, it is quite the opposite. Jimmy despite his lack of sleep still finds the energy to hit the gym on a daily basis. Naturally, during his captivity he had dropped quite a bit of weight, but now that he is home again, with his Mom’s subtle encouragement, and wanting to impress her, he is eating like a horse and getting back into top physical shape.

Jimmy should have found the long summer days hanging out by the pool with his mother to be a wonderful tonic, but it is not just the sun’s rays that caress his mom’s body as she reclines by the pool sunning herself. He finds it extremely difficult to keep his eyes off her beautiful bikini clad body thus causing no small amount of guilt, along with quite a hefty load of sexual tension to build up inside of him.

So now, besides the night terrors he is experiencing from the war, he is also having to contend with some rather steamy fantasies about his mother as he lies in bed at night.

Most of his fantasies focus on her colossal tits as they strain against the thin material of whichever of the skimpy little bikinis she is showing off in.

Such thoughts cause him to give up trying to sleep and spend the night pacing. To do otherwise, that is to stay in bed and try to sleep, would put him at risk of engaging in a very long and wicked masturbating session starring his mother. He is not so sure he can take the inevitable guilt that would follow. Thus the pacing. Thus the snapping at his mother irritably the next day over the smallest of things.

He reasons his sexual fantasies about his mother are not entirely his fault though as the doctors at the VA tell Jimmy if he has difficulty sleeping, he should focus his mind on “nice things”. Things that make him smile. Things that warmed his heart. Things that give him comfort. When he tries this method he finds his thoughts inevitably turn to his mother and, of course, she is wearing one of her skimpy little string bikinis.

Finally, after a few nights of pacing and trying to avoid whacking off thinking of his mom, Jimmy is forced to take a couple of strong sleeping pills to knock himself out just so he can get some sleep. And then after falling to sleep the night terrors hit him hard. It was a losing proposition either way it seems.

Amanda is not completely blind to what is happening. She senses her son’s eyes on her while she reclines in the sun in her sexy bikinis. This has the effect of warming her heart that she can still at her age garner her son’s attentions while giving her self-confidence a much needed boost.

Her self-confidence blooms to the point where even after she is done sunning herself out by the pool, she doesn’t take off her bikini right away. Instead, she makes it a point to prance around the house in her bikinis, watching while Jimmy does his level best trying not to notice her. It soon became like a little game to each of them. A game that neither has the courage to speak about, but both loved playing.

She understands it is maybe a little wrong to show off in such a way, but the simple fact is she loves the attention. Her self-esteem had taken a major hit when Tom left her for a younger woman.

She had tried dating, but the men she met were only interested in one thing it seemed– hauling her off to bed. She wants a man that is interested in more than a quick roll in the hay; a man that loves her heart first and her body second, but much to her chagrin, she finds such men to be in short supply.

In fact, the only man that she understands that might fit her needs as such is Jimmy. She knows he simply adores her and loves her beyond the pale, and now, as an added bonus, she is beginning to suspect he is also growing quite fond of her body.

Now with Jimmy home, and in such obvious need of love and comfort, she deems it best she puts what little social life she has on hold. But despite focusing all her attentions on him, Amanda finds the long, hot silivri escort summer dragging on, with Jimmy’s overall emotional health only growing worse.

She is becoming frantic. She knows she must do something, and sooner rather than later, as Jimmy’s well-being is a real source of concern for her. A plan is beginning to form in her mind, but she would need courage to put it into play.

She remembers how when Jimmy was younger, and suffered from the occasional bad dreams that all little kids seem to have, she would comfort him by snuggling in bed with him, and letting him fall asleep in her arms. It worked every time, but then, of course, he was only a boy and now he was a man!

After some internal debate Amanda considers her plan, at the very least, worth a shot. She shall figure a way, assuming her courage holds out, to get him in her bed and from there — it will be in the hands of fate. A few nights later the moment of truth comes. Will she will have the courage to act upon her plan?

It is around midnight and she is just getting ready for bed. She had been talked into going out for a few drinks at a local restaurant with friends to celebrate a birthday. It was her first time doing anything socially in weeks and she came home a little drunk and depressed.

The two glasses of wine she had with dinner had left her feeling playful and frisky. But, as usual, she had no one to play with which is why she is sad and lonely.

After getting undressed for bed, she is in the midst of brushing her teeth when she hears a loud thud and then a short cry of pain. It comes from down the hallway; most likely from Jimmy’s bedroom. She rushes out of the bathroom and into his room, not realizing, or maybe better yet, not caring, that she is wearing nothing but her bra and panties.

When she enters his bedroom she is, at first, confused. By the dim light streaming into the room from the hallway, Amanda sees his bed is empty. Then she hears a small rustling noise on the far side of the bed coming from the floor. She hurries around his bed and sees, her heart breaking, Jimmy curled up on the floor in a fetal position, clutching a pillow.

“Jimmy . . . Honey . . . Baby are you all right?” she shrieks reaching over to flip on the small bedside table lamp. “What are you doing on the floor?”

He blinks his eyes at her, once, twice, looking confused. He is shaking like a leaf and has a look of panic in his wide staring eyes. Although his eyes are open, Amanda is not sure if he is fully awake and aware of his surroundings. A suspicion that is soon confirmed by his actions.

“P-please d-don’t let them . . . put me in the hole again Mommy.” His voice comes out barely above a whisper, and has such a heart-breaking quality to it that it causes large tears to begin to well up in her pretty green eyes.

Fighting back the tears, she bends over him and brushes a strand of his swirling lion’s mane of light brown hair out of his eyes. Amanda gazes down at him. Maybe for the first time, she realizes her son is no longer the cute little boy he once was, but while away he has matured into a strikingly handsome young man.

His jaw is square and firm while his angular cheekbones accent his masculinity. His skin has a dark healthy glow from hours of relaxing in the sun with his mother. She can’t help but to notice his broad shoulders or his washboard stomach as he reclines on the floor shirtless.

A sudden wave of guilt washes over her after she realizes she is standing there like a gaping idiot admiring her son’s well-toned military physique before becoming lost in his gentle hazel eyes as they stare wide and unblinking up at her.

He is hot and sweaty and obviously scared. Making a firm decision that she must do something to ease his suffering, she leans over and whispers in his ear, “You are safe Jimmy. Mommy is here, and you are coming back to her bed and I am going to . . .” She helps him to his feet before continuing. “Give you so much love and comfort that you are going to get a good night’s sleep for once.”

“Mom you don’t have to do that. I’m alright.” Jimmy snaps back irritably in a rough voice designed to hide the abject fear that the horrible dream has caused him. He gamely begins to pace the floor, shaking off his mother’s hand on his shoulder.

She watches him move like a tiger treading in his territory. When he turns towards her and hits her with that rascal like grin of his she once again finds herself captivated by his sweet innocent charm wrapped up in such an exceedingly dashing and elegant physical package.

“Mom it’s Ok. I’m all good now. I don’t need to come to your bed.”

No sooner does Jimmy speak those words come to your bed aloud than his heart leaps with fevered anticipation at just such a thought.

Her simple response sends shivers up and down his spine. “Shh honey. You do. I mean you must. It’s what you need baby. It’s what I need . . . Please don’t deny your mother the şirinevler escort chance to provide her baby boy with so much love and comfort those silly nightmares won’t stand a chance. Please honey . . . come to your mommy’s bed.”

Dazed and still a bit confused it’s easy for Jimmy to let his “mommy” take control. He allows her to sit him down on the bed while she waits patiently for his final decision.

She stands there in the small pool of light thrown off by the small bedside lamp she just clicked on, hands on her hips, a motherly look of concern on her lovely face. He starts to protest before he looks up. He blinks his eyes up at her; he is finally fully coming awake.

“Mom really you . . .” The protest dies on his lips when he finally notices what she is wearing—an attractive lime green lace bra with matching panties. Jimmy is rendered speechless by the casual way his mother is standing there– half naked– looking hotter than hell.

Yes, standing there so cool and casual, looking totally worried about him while seemingly very unconcerned that she is wearing nothing but that sexy, lace, lime green bra and panties in front of her twenty year old son.

This warms deeply knowing that she was so concerned over his welfare that she went rushing into his room wearing only her underwear.

“I will not accept any excuses Jimmy. I have stood by and done nothing long enough while you have been plagued by these awful dreams.”

“L-let me think about it a minute Mom,” he says weakly not yet ready to surrender. But surrender he will as he understands by the tone in her voice that she is in no mood to compromise.

There will be probably nothing for him to do but to swallow his pride and accept her invitation to come sleep in her bed. He looks at her and thinks to himself just how damn sexy she looks standing there, no make it posing there, in her bra and panties while looking all concerned and motherly. Just for him. Maybe sleeping in her bed would not be so bad after all!

Jimmy’s thoughts soon turn to less pure ideas than simply allowing his mother to comfort him. He could not help it as his mother’s gorgeous big tits, protected from his eyes only by her pretty lace bra, invited, nay, begged for such dark and forbidden thoughts. He stares at them helplessly enthralled by their majestic splendor.

It does not escape Amanda’s attention that her son is noticing her tits with more than a passing interest. She observes how, as he sits on the edge of the bed fidgeting while seemingly trying to make up his mind about her invitation, his attentions kept wandering down to her chest. This causes no small measure of excitement in her– especially since she is a little drunk and her emotions are running free.

This is much the same thing that happens when they hang out by the pool: the way his eyes will inadvertently become glued to her tits, while she is wearing one of her skimpy bikinis. Inwardly, she is thrilled by this accidental sudden turn of events.

As Jimmy reaches out to take her hand, it suddenly comes to Amanda what she must do to get his mind off the horrors he experienced during the war. She must keep his mind focused on much more pleasant things– like her tits.

Just like at the pool, Amanda does not mind at all if her young son can’t keep his eyes off them. The truth was she craved his attention. Besides, she is a natural born show off and is blessed with the body and the attitude to be good at it.

Back in her bedroom, Amanda tucks him straight away in bed before joining him under the covers. Wow, she had not bothered with any pajamas!! Jimmy excitedly thinks to himself as she settles next to him.

The scent of her snuggled next to him drives him mad with an irresistible longing that is nearly overpowering. It wasn’t even necessary her perfume, which she rarely wore, and then only in dabs. Instead, it was just the natural smell of her body. Fresh and clean.

And oh her hair; he smells it as he nuzzles his face against her neck. It falls lightly in his face. Hmmm it smells of lilacs and roses, of fresh rainwater, of spring flowers and vanilla lavender. Or maybe that was the smell of her neck.

Whatever it may be, the smell her natural scent drove him crazy with maddening thoughts of . . . dark sexual urges of a most forbidden nature.

And when she cuddles him close to her body, after gently, carefully nestling his head down safely between the immense twin cups of her sexy lime green bra, he never felt safer or slept better.

Her large, soft tits serve as a pair of delightful pillows for his face. The fact he is so utterly exhausted is the only thing that allows him to slip off to sleep. Otherwise, considering his stiff condition “down there” sleep would have been rather difficult to say the least.

The next day does little to relieve the sexual tension he is feeling towards his mother. The day is full of bright sunshine so Amanda suggests they spend the afternoon hanging out by the pool. She wears an enchanting white string bikini that stands out in stunning contrast to her lovely dark well- tanned skin. Once again, Jimmy finds himself drawn to the delightful sight of his mom’s chest as the string bikini shows off her big, beautiful tits to such a degree that Jimmy finds himself casting furtive sideways glances at them all all afternoon.

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