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Love Is a Drug Ch. 01 Pt. 06

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They were lost, of all the times this was the worst possible time to have lost the car. Desperately running from the crooks or who-ever they were, had diverted them away from where they were parked and now they were wandering around in circles.

“I was sure it was this street,” Theo pointing to a hairdressers he was certain they had passed before they had that little entanglement.

“Na, that was called Lorrain’s, or was it Lances?”

“Oh god,” Theo cursed, now feeling tired. They stopped and looked around, the streets all looked the same and his silver Hyundai was nowhere to be seen.

“Fuck.” Andy growled.

“You don’t suppose the cops found it and towed it away?” A serious look washed over on his face.

“Don’t be ridiculous, why would they take my car?”

“I dunno, maybe with the shooting incident they connected it to us?”

“Shut up! We were the victims remember?”

“Yeah but we have goods!”

“Please, don’t make this harder for me.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to force down the stress. But he may have had a point, though he didn’t think the cops would be looking for the car, it was more likely they would be looking for them! “Shit lets get the hell out of here.” He caught the man by the collar of his leather jacket and dragged him along.


They slipped into a side street and Andrew looked around. Two coppers were walking down the road, walkie-talkie close to ones mouth.

“Fuck it.” He pulled back, clasping the bag close to his chest, feeling his heart thumping in fear.

“What?” Theo asked then looked around, instantly moving back against the wall. “Oh!”


“What if they found the body? What if we were snitched on by the other tramps…?”

“…Shut it Theodore, I’m trying to think.”

“We need to get rid of this and fast. I can’t carry this stuff around with me all day, we could get caught.”


“We will have to find someone.”

“You nuts? You know how dodgy that is!”

“Got a better idea?”

Theo looked down and bit his lip, freezing at the sudden sound of the radios crackling from the policemen as they passed close by. Andy stopped breathing and froze like a rabbit in headlights.

As the sound quietened, they exhaled loudly.

“Andy I wanna go home, I have had enough now!” He complained.

“Just as soon as we get rid of this”

“No, I can’t do this, not anymore. Let’s find the car and get the hell out of here.”

Andy gazed down at the smaller man. “Look we go on then we are finished. Jail, maybe Ten years, do you really want that?”

“No,” he sank down the wall miserably.

“Then let’s get rid of it, I think I might know someone.”

Moving closer to the station, Theo became aware of who this person was -Eddy Brown, the last contact that they should be dealing with. He has had quite a few dealings with the boys, but he’d also been raided a few times too. He lived in a tattered old flat in a block of seven stories, a haven for addicts, drunks, and a regular haunt for the police to be called. He swallowed and looked up, Eddy was on the fifth floor, and he hated places like this.

“Look you can stay here if you feel you aren’t up to it…”

“…No, I don’t want to be left alone with…” He shot a look to some boys, probably no older than Eighteen, hanging around by the front door.

“You ain’t scared of a bunch of kids, are you?” He chuckled.

“No!” He huffed “Just… Its dodgy here Andy. What the hell you playing at? The police swarm here more than flies on shit.”

“It will be fine. We’ll be in and out in minutes I promise,” Andy placed his hands on his shoulders, a habit that was becoming more frequent these days.

Theo nodded and followed Andy up the metal grated steps. Loud techno music seeped through the walls of one flat, and from another, a girl screamed and shouted obscene words, obviously having a domestic which signalled a sure sign that the police would be there very soon. His fear rose yet again. All he wanted to do was be enclosed in the comforts of his own home, preferably his bed as the drinking from the night before was taking its toll.

They finally stood at a yellow stained door that looked like some one had thrown something foul at it.

“I will go, you keep watch ok?” Andy said in the stern way he always did when he was in business mode. Theo nodded and Andy knocked.

“Fuck off,” came the rash reply.

“Eddy its Andrew.”

“Andrew who?” He sounded drunk, which wasn’t a surprise.

“Stan, I thought I might interest you in some stuff.” (Stan was another nickname for clients only)

It went quiet and the door opened a crack, the security chain stopping it after a few inches, just enough for Eddy to see who it was. A pair of reddened eyes peered out, firstly in annoyance but then they lit up when he saw the familiar standing there, gazing over his trendy specks. The door closed and after a small shuffling noise, opened widely, a small, unshaven eryaman escort man with black hair and ruddy complexion looking out.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” He smiled with open arms.

“Business! Look can I come in? I don’t want to talk here.”

“Sure thing, come in. Is li’ll Theo with you?” He looked around the door.

He shook his head and slipped around the corner to avoid being seen. To be honest, Eddy gave him the creeps, always hugging him. He stank and he was vile. They always took the piss out of him after they had visited, teasing him that Eddy fancied him. He would shag anything he would.

Once he was inside Theo crept back into the corridor and sighed, leaning on the railings and looking down at the litter of wood, tyres and god knows what else. He kept looking at the boys that seemed to be creeping closer. He hated this and cursed under his breath for Andy to hurry.

Someone then screamed making him nearly jump out of his skin. There were three men piling out of the flat three doors down, almost knocking him over as they fled past. The Black lady shouted out, standing on the open landing and then the inevitable happened. Sirens wailing through the estate and now panicking rapping on the door hard.

“Andy…Andy we gotta go NOW!”

“Who… What?” Eddy stammered, holding the goods.

Andy shoved the wad of cash into his inner pocket. “It’s Theo”

“…But I thought…”

“No time Ed. Hide that stash, we gotta go.” With that he fled out of the door, pulling his companion with him.

The punter hung on the frame watching in his haze as the two men run down the steps. The police car came speeding in and stopped dead, trapping Theo and Andy at the bottom of the steps. They heard someone shout “STOP POLICE” sirens ringing in their ears.

“Andy!” Theo called “They have nothing on us,” he panted whilst still running.

“No I couldn’t … I couldn’t…””

Suddenly he heard a yell. It was his partner but he couldn’t stop, not now. He still had some on him, Eddy could only afford so much, and so he was still left with half in his jacket. It was no good, he had to get away. When he finally couldn’t run anymore he stopped, realizing the police had stopped chasing him and now had Theo up against the wall, frisking him.

“Shit!” He moaned, but then had an idea. There was no way he could let him get taken in by the police. They’d know he had visited Eddy, who was known to have drugs. He moved closer cautiously.

The boys in blue were reading his rights, but as soon as he was in earshot he heard the words ‘shooting’ and ‘drugs’ and that they had been after him for a long time. This one was one of those nasty self-righteous arseholes, who loved his job so much that he didn’t care about the abuse he would inflict on the criminals he caught.

“Who the hell tipped them off?” He whispered, now backing up.

Theo’s eyes soon caught his as his head was bashed to the side, his eyebrows arched and then he blinked helplessly. Out of the blue he kicked out, hitting one straight between his legs. The taller officer rolled over in pain, the other tried to grab him again as he tried to run away but was punched hard, something Andy had never seen before from the little friend. It worked, both men now limping about, giving him enough time to run at high speed towards Andrew who was watching with utter amazement.

“LEGGIT!!” He shouted as he shot passed him. He heard the word back up from the wounded office, fleeing before they came.

Running through the streets for a second time, Theo screeched as Andy’s car came into view. Quickly he pulled out the keys and pressed the button to open the door. It made a bleep and the lights flashed.

“Get in now!” Andy swung open the door and both men crawled in. Slammed down his foot and sped off, the two policemen only catching up as the car disappeared, so they couldn’t take down the registration.

“Bravo Three, we lost them, repeat lost. Silver Hyundai, couldn’t catch the number Sarge,” The smaller younger officer spoke on his radio.

* * *

Cal stepped out into the grand garden; the sun was gleaming, making it oh so picturesque. He walked along the path, hands in his pocket and admired the flush colour of the flowers. Obviously this Boss man had a gardener to keep it looking like this almost like the parks in London, he thought. But he wasn’t here to attend the bloody Chelsea flower show! He was here so he could call Theo and Andy in private, and to give him a chance to think about this offer. One that he hadn’t actually said much about yet. He was to have dinner with him at Six and later discuss his proposition in greater depth. He had hinted they could be better off, so what was his plan?

He took his phone from his jacket pocket and stared at it for a moment, his thumb hovering over the screen, and tried to think on how to do this. He sighed, knowing Theo would hit the roof. He also didn’t want to give anything away, so he scrolled down the list and took the eryaman escort bayan easy way out by sending him a text. Once he sent it, then sighed staring up at the clear blue sky before heading back inside. He walked back into the house, finding Mr Lorenzo was waiting for him in the sitting room; a big open fire dominated the room furnished with antique beige furniture. He had a glass in his hand and as soon as Calvin made an appearance he handed one to him and smiled.

“Dinner will be ready very soon.” Was the only thing he said before sitting down in the armchair next the fire.

* * *

“That was close.” Andy wiped his sweaty forehead then put his hand back on the wheel.

“Yes,” Theo was still out of breath and leaned his head on the back of the chair.

“Who you suppose tipped them off?”

“I dunno Andy I think they may have got us mixed up with the men who shot Frank.”

“I don’t think so; didn’t one say he had been after you for a while?”

“Why is everything always aimed at me?” He frowned at the man driving. “I mean, do I have ‘kick me’ stamped on my forehead?”

Andy chuckled, “No but this is serious. If they have been tipped off about us then we are finished.” He glanced quickly at his friend, his expression hard.

“I still think they had us mixed up with those men,” He sulked, not wanting to even think about what could have happened.

“You do know we are on the run now? I’d say they’ll have added assaulting two officers to list of charges as well!”

“Shit!” Theo groaned as he regretted kicking and punching the two officers. “I should have gone with them.”

“No, they would have found out where you’d been, raided Eddy’s place; who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He would have not hidden the stash and you’d be caught.”

“Why is it all me Andy? Have you forgotten you and Calvin are a part of this too? And now they will be looking for your car.”

“Yes I have that one sorted.”


“Ray Barns has his own garages, sells old crap stuff like that. I can swap it for another one of his cars until things die down. He can say it was given to him by a random fake stranger.”

“You’re a genius Andy,” He smiled, now feeling a bit safer, but still he was recognizable.

He worried that he would be found and things would get worse from now on. If he was caught then he would not involve Cal or Andy, like a man he would do his time.

He closed his eyes as the impending worry grew. ‘Where’s my Cal?’ He pined after his lover that he now wished was here with him even more than before.

* * *

Lorenzo got off the phone just after he had told Cal to go and sit in the dining room. A smile crept on to his lips as he hung up abruptly. He had paid a man a great deal to carry out a specific duty, one which hadn’t quite been successful, but he still had time. He always had another trick up his sleeve.

He looked in the mirror, sliding his fingers through his hair and turned each side of his head to check his appearance. When he was satisfied he turned and walked to meet his guest.

He felt awkward sitting at the large table alone; the silver cutlery shining under the candlelight, a brass holder sitting in the middle of the table where three candles flickered softly. Red wine was already open and Mr. L told him to help himself, which he did, pouring it into a large posh glass, and savouring it slowly.

He sighed, this man was but fleetingly in his presence, repeatedly ducking out to ‘sort things’.

He was a busy man, yes, and this was why it had taken so long to arrange an appointment with him.

Now he was here, he felt like he still didn’t have the time and was growing angry and impatient.

“Fucking hell, should have gone home,” he muttered, fiddling with the fork. He was missing his boy so badly now, all he wanted to do was go home and hold him and say he was sorry for leaving him like that. He gloomily dropped his head. Why did he agree to stay over? He reached for his phone seeing he had left a text. He was blunt in his reply to the earlier message, simply saying ‘Fine!’

One single word showed how pissed off he really was with him and Cal desperately wanted to text him back and bitch about how he didn’t want to be here and how much he wanted to come home and be with him, but as soon as he pressed the reply button, He came into the room. Instantly shoved the phone back into his pocket. Had he finally found time to sit still for five minutes and talk to him?

He stood, raising an eyebrow as he took in Cal’s sheepish grin as he put away his phone.

“I’m sure he is missing you just as much.” He commented, causing him to frown.

‘How did he know about Theo and me?’

“Bloody Andy.” he said under his breath, still smiling but with his teeth clenched. “Yes.”

He then nodded, watching Lorenzo sit at the head of the table, rearranging his cutlery almost in a tic of OCD.

A rather stunning dark haired Asian waitress brought in the food, it escort eryaman was placed before the guest first and looked rather nice, and different to what he had sampled before.

“Thank you, Nida,” Lorenzo smiled charmingly at her, making a point of glancing at her backside encased in the short tight skirt as she walked away. This made Calvin a little suspicious; was he some kind of pimp? He was now very interested in what he wanted to talk about. Opening his mouth and picking up the knife and fork, he decided a little politeness first would be a good approach.

“Food looks lovely, and I thank you and appreciate your kindness Mr Lorenzo.”

“Alister, please,” He replied opening then closing in is arched hands.

“Ok thank you…Alister.” He began to eat, and the grey eyes stared at him over the table, a wry smile on his lips.

There was an awkward silence as they ate; Cal was feeling more and more frustrated as he still didn’t start to discuss business. He was trying his best to bite his tongue and not just come straight out and ask.

“So what do you have in mind?” The words came out suddenly and Alister stopped his wine glass in mid air. He swirled it once, then set it down.

“Well you are doing well so far, but there is room for improvements yes?”

“Always room for improvement,” Cal chirped.

“You know I made half a million last year with the demand for high quality products.”

Calvin whistled impressively. “Wow that’s some earner, selling at 50% RRP?” He was relieved, only now remembering that Andy had said he was in the same business.

“70%. We require only the best, pure cocain, Heroin, all shipping from all over the continent.”

Calvin almost dropped the food that tilted precariously on his fork. “P-pure?” He stammered.

“Yes Mr Walsh pure. I have a few qualified scientists that mash Cola leaves and mix them with a combination of acid and water, then the fluid is drawn off and mixed with ingredients such as lime and petrol to make rough granules of cocaine base -also called paste or pasta. The cocaine base is taken to laboratories where it is purified with kerosene, and a number of other distilling processes to make cocaine hydrochloride that’s roughly 90% pure.”

“Wow, you know your stuff,” The noodles slipped onto the plate as his mouth dropped open.

“Of course, but there is a secret ingredient”

Cal raised his head like he was waiting to be told what it was, but he didn’t say another word.

“Yes of course.” He picked up the crystal glass and took a sip, still sitting patiently, waiting for the answer.,

* * *

Theo and Andy had gotten home safely. Whilst grabbing a shower, Andy popped out to sort the car situation; fake insurance, MOT, registration documents all had to be taken care of. Ray was as much a crook as Andy was a master fraudster, so it was easy for him to know what to do in this desperate situation. Andy carefully drove his new swapped black Toyota Corolla, bought for a reasonable price with a little extra thrown in for Ray’s effort of doing him a favour, back to Stratford, picking up some grub from the chippie on the way.

He was still steaming with anger at Cal’s text message about staying the night and that he was sorry, furious that he hadn’t even called. He dressed in a black T-shirt and tight black jeans, waiting for Andy’s return. He was pretty hungry now and had felt weary after an interesting day to say the least! but he still feared the police would burst in and arrest him. And not only that, they could find the stash of cocaine they had hidden in the spare room.

Lighting a cigarette and pouring a glass of whiskey he desperately needed, he chugged it in one go, following it with another. After todays events he needed to get absolutely wasted, and also calm down his raging mood with Cal. This may be the last time a drop of alcohol could pass his lips.

He sat down and breathed out hard, his phone sitting on the table looking at him, tempting him to text him and tell him how much he missed him and what had happened today. But he didn’t want to worry him, he had an important meeting and he would be home tomorrow. His heart ached as he had never been away from him for this long, and it hurt so much. ‘Maybe he will call later,’ he thought, and then shook his head. He had to be strong, but stubborn.

Andy knocked, in his special coded way that Theo recognised as “Its Red.” They weren’t doing business, but he knew how terrified he was after the ordeal with the police. He opened the door and just moved away, his fists clenched as he was still feeling so angry. It was also partly the aftermath of the shock of almost getting arrested and the thought that he still could, also being held hostage and almost getting shot. It was all catching up on him now; his heart raced and his hands began to shake, followed by short uneven pants as he tried to breath.

“I got you Saveloy and chips that ok? Oh also…” He pulled something from the carrier bag and presented it to Theo who clearly hadn’t been taking much notice as he dealt with his panic attack.

“Thought we both needed this, since you had nearly drank all the Jack Daniels,” he chuckled and looked over to the drinks cabinet, where only a dribble was left in the bottle.

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