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Love Muffins Pt. 01

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Anne walked over to her full length mirror, feeling sexy in her new lingerie. Zack had never seen her like this. For an empty-nester, she had worked hard to keep the body of a trophy wife. She loved the way her blond hair curved and accentuated her modest cleavage. She turned sideways and admired the profile of her buttocks. She grunted a few times while thrusting her pelvis against the air, thinking: “I’m going to be doing that for real tonight!”

She heard a buzz and glanced at her phone. A text from Zack.

Zack: Dammit the trailer got a flat.

Anne: U ok? Is the client’s car ok?

Zack: Yeah everything’s fine, but wont be home till after midnight

Anne sank onto the bed, wilted with disappointment. She knew it wasn’t Zack’s fault – no need to make him feel worse about it.

Anne: ok see ya in the morning – remember Im off tomorrow!

Zack: Yeah sry hun, I meant to make it back b4 you went to bed.

Anne sighed and tossed the phone on the bed, trying to control her emotions.

She stared at the phone, knowing it wasn’t his fault. She looked at herself in the wall mirror. Slouched, sitting on the bed with a frown.

It buzzed again.

Zack: Hey, its ur 1st day off in forever. Maybe i will take a little time off too.

Her eyebrow went up, but she still didn’t respond.

Zack: Maybe we could think of something fun to do.

She picked up the phone.

Anne: I can think of a few things 😀

Zack: Me 2

Zack: Did u decide about thing we talked about

Anne frowned. Zack had been hinting that after the kids moved out they could get more adventurous. He had mentioned the slutty young woman who always flirted with him at the auto parts store. Anne had brought up her young male employee, Alejandro who seemed to pay her boss a little too much attention.

Decide? They were just sharing a little fantasy. She didn’t think they were anywhere near taking the idea seriously. Why the hell was he thinking about fucking somebody else when she needed him now?

She waited another minute. This is not a conversation to have via text msg.

Anne: Fix yer tire ya horny bastard and come home to me.

Zack: Lol ok back to work

Zack: Night hun sry again.

Anne: Xoxo

Anne reached over and opened her nightstand drawer and look at her vibrator. She pulled it out but just stared at it, deep in thought. No. I won’t do that. He said he would take some time off tommorow. I want to be horny for him. I want to get fucked all day long.

It wasn’t until 2am that Zack got the rig home, the client’s car safely tucked away in the garage workshop, and the trailer parked again. He stepped into the bedroom, his clothes soaked from the rainstorm raging outside. A lightning strike illuminated Anne. She was wearing sexy lingerie, and had fallen asleep on top of the bedspread. She looked absolutely stunning.

Zack reached out tentatively to touch her, but held back. She works so hard, he thought. I’ll let her sleep. Zack lifted his side of the bed spread and laid it over her gently, stripped off his wet clothes, climbed under the covers and was asleep in moments.

The black woman behind the counter was grumpy. She’d been up since 5am baking. She regarded Anne with a curious gaze.

Has this woman been up all night, partying? Why was she in my store in a cocktail dress at 8am on a Tuesday?

The cashier inspected the blond more carefully. Nope, she doesn’t look like she’s been partying. Except for the sexy outfit, she looks like a soccer mom. A very fit, very attractive blond soccer mom. The African woman’s pussy twinged a little. “Damn!” she thought to herself. She had thought those days were long behind her.

“I’ll have two grande Love Muffin Combos, please.”

The barista hesitated. Did this woman know what she is ordering?

Anne just waited.

“Ahh, you know what kinda combo that is, right? We specialize in herbal remedies and so on. Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Anne blushed and nodded curtly.

The cashier turned to start the order. She pulled out two grande cups. She started to pour the coffee but it spilled out all over the counter. The cups were cracked. After looking at 5 more cups, it was evident that her entire stock was damaged.

“Sorry I can’t make two Grandes”

Anne looked flustered.

“Tell you what. I’ll give you four regulars for the same price. You’ll get four muffins instead of two that way.”

Anne nodded and thanked the woman, dropping a 10 dollar bill in the tip jar.

The barista appeared not to notice, but when she turned around a smile appeared as she doubled up on the ingredients to the coffees.

Zack yawned and walked sleepily into the kitchen. No Anne. Had she gone to work after all? Was she pissed at him?

He sighed and was headed towards the coffee machine when the door opened and Anne walked in carrying a tray of coffees and muffins. The cups had an African color scheme with big hearts all over. But never mind the coffees. Anne was wearing a form fitting red dress which clung to her figure like saran wrap, with a plunging neckline. And yenibosna escort white sneakers. Zack broke into a wide grin.

“What the hell? You look, well, stunning! I uh.. Not complaining, mind you, but… And why four coffees?”

“Don’t ask.”, said Anne.

“Ah ok.”

“Drink up while it’s hot

Zack smiles and grabbed a coffee and a muffin. The coffee was delicious, with a slightly odd flavor he couldn’t trace.

He noticed had her make up done up as if they were going to a party.

Zack looked down at his stained teeshirt and jeans.

“Are we going somewhere?”

“Not really”, she said while placing her hand on his thigh.

“Maybe upstairs?” he asked hopefully, reaching for her.

“Not so fast!” she said, pulling away. “We have to have our breakfast.”

“Besides, we don’t have to be upstairs. Empty Nest, remember?”

Zack’s cock started to grow.

His phone buzzed. He glanced at it.

“Its Meg. She’s on her way over now. She wants to borrow my arc welder.”

Anger flared inside Anne. What the fuck?

“Tell her no, you can’t today.”

“I already promised, and she probably has already been on the road for an hour. I can’t tell her to turn around.”

“It won’t take long…”

“Zackary you know damn well that you won’t just throw the welder in her truck and tell her to shove off. She’s your sister. She loves you and will want to stay and chat and…”

Anne’s phone lit up. She lifted it to her ear.

“What’s up? This better be good.”

Anne put her hand on her forehead and leaned forward on the table, asking questions and listening to what sounded like somebody panicking on the other end.

“Ok, I will be there ten minutes.”

“Uh oh, something wrong at the store?”

“The cash registers aren’t working and a ferret has escaped.” said Anne as she grabbed her purse, a coffee and a muffin, and stalked towards the door.

“Dressed like that?” said Zack.

Anne stuck her tongue out at him before trying to open the door with her purse, a coffee and a muffin. Zack jumped up and opened it for her. She tilted her head and give him a little smile. She wasn’t really that angry.

Zack’s erection didn’t seem willing to fade away, even after his sexy wife departed. He looked at the tent in his pants forlornly as some crumbs from the muffin fell on it. He could go take care of it, but he wanted to be ready for Anne when she returned from work. The cash register and ferret problem didn’t seem like an all-day event. He grabbed another coffee and muffin and headed out to the workshop.

Anne finished her coffee and muffin in the Best Pets store parking lot. Even outside looking in through the windows, she could see what a mess the place was in. Alejandro was standing at the register speaking with a line of customers. Anne powerwalked up to him and asked what the problem with the cash register was.

Alejandro glanced at Anne and then did a double take. His jaw went slack as his gaze wandered over Anne’s elegant made-up face, down the neckline to her breasts, and then down her long shapely legs to her white tennis shoes. His cheeks flushed bright red.

“Alejandro! What is going on here?”

As he snapped back to awareness he could feel his pants getting tight. This was going to be a difficult morning.

Zack heard gravel on the driveway, when he stood to go greet his little sister, he noticed his hardon was still raging. He poked his head out of the workshop doorway to greet her.

“Hey Meg! I’m in here working on a car.”

Meg waved as she headed to the house. She was the opposite of Anne in every way. Where Anne was tall, blonde, graceful and elegant, Meg was short, brunette, adorable and gruff. She sensed Zack was wondering why she was ignoring him and heading into the house.

“Just gotta take a dump. I’ll be right there.”

Zack laughed. He caught himself watching her ample buttocks wiggle in her tight jeans as she strode away from him. Damn, he thought, I haven’t had those kind of thoughts about his little sister in a long time.

He called after her.

“There’s coffee and a muffin for you in the kitchen.”

“The Broom! Now!”

Anne lunged forward with the little cage, with Alejandro right behind her, trying to steer the ferret into the cage with the broom. Anne’s hose-covered feet slipped on the tile floor and she went flying forward. By some miracle, Alejandro got the broom in the right place and the ferret ran into the cage as they both toppled to the floor. Anne knocked the cage door shut and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time she realized something long and hard between her ass cheeks. The world suddenly became fuzzy and she felt blood rush to her cheeks. Before her brain started to function again she found herself flexing her ass cheeks against Alejandro’s engorged member.

“Ugh” grunted Alejandro.

Anne felt dizzy. She finally stood up and picked up the ferret cage. She dropped it the arms of the distressed Alejandro, and stalked into her office without a word.

Once the door yeşilköy escort slammed shut, Anne doubled over. What was happening to her? She felt juices being to trickle down the inside of her thighs. It had felt huge. It felt like a huge, glorious pillar of meat. She had almost pulled up her dress right there on the floor of the store. She wasn’t wearing panties. Alejandro could have shoved it in right there in front of everybody. She wished he had. What was wrong with her?

She staggered to her chair behind the desk and sat down, heavily. She looked around the office but it was like a weird dream. Every knob, every pen, every roughly cylindrical object looked like a cock to her. They were all calling to her. They all wanted to be inside her, plunging into her in their mad rush to deliver their glorious loads of semen. She felt delirious. She should go home. She needed to get home. Pussy juice was sopping the back of her dress to puddle in the chair.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come In”

Alejandro stepped in, clasping his hands in front of his crotch as he turned around from closing the door.

He started to speak, but Anne raised a finger to her lips. Alejandro stood there looking pained.

Anne picked up her phone and pounded out a text to her husband.

Anne: Alejdro. ogod ok?

Zack was having difficulty concentrating on the car. Sexual thoughts and imagery flashed before his eyes. Washers looked like breasts, bolt holes looked like anuses and vaginas. He kept having to shake his head to clear his mind. He was lost in a reverie, lightly humping the car’s fender when Meg stepped in the workshop with her coffee and muffin.

“Its cold” she said, setting it down on the workbench before heading into the back room of the workshop to locate the arc welder. Zack watched his sister walk across the workshop and his mind instantly transported him to when they were younger. There was that time she was home from college. Nothing happened but they both know something nearly did.

Zack was having trouble breathing as Meg moved stuff around in the storage room. He remembered how great she looked naked that time in the bathroom. Cute, short, brunette all the way down, a bit sturdy. The most beautiful smile; the kind that melts you. Her beautiful unshaven pussy.

His cock was like a rod of steel.

“Found it!” yelled Meg.

Zack shook himself out of his reverie and walked quickly to Meg’s coffee and muffin. His was cold also, but he had a microwave in the workshop. He sat himself down in front of it to hide his massive erection and reheated the coffees.

Meg swore a blue streak while dragging the welder out of the storage room, the metal welder grating against the concrete floor.

Meg scowled at him.

“Thanks for the help”, she said scornfully.

“Uh oh. Uh. ok. Sorry. I’m feeling kinda strange all of the sudden.”, then added “Anyway, I heated up your coffee.”

Meg brightened and strode over to him. She sat on the stool next to him, gulping down the coffee and taking a big bite out of the muffin. She watching his cute sister slurp down the drink and food with fascination. He daydreamed about kissing her full lips, touching her neck, telling her how beautiful she is.

Meg stopped chewing.

“What’s wrong with you? Having a stroke or something?” She looked concerned.

“I… I don’t know. I didn’t get in until late last night.”

Zack thought about the previous night. The lightning flash illuminating the bed. Only now, Meg was on it, in the sexy red lingerie. And this time he didn’t pull back when he reached…

Meg looked skeptical. She always had the most adorable facial expressions. Speaking of facials… His mind was racing through mental images of Meg blowing him, of pumping his sperm onto her cute face as she looked up at him with adoration.

“Well, snap out of it! Here, drink your coffee”, she said, handing it to him.

He drank it on autopilot.

Meg was talking about the arc welder and the project she had in mind. Zack just looked into those beautiful brown eyes. The most beautiful eyes in the entire world.

He watched her hold the cup above her head, letting the last drops of coffee hit her outstretched tongue.

Zack gripped the table with his hands. Afraid to move. He wanted his sister to take his engorged member in her mouth so badly he was afraid of losing control.

“Are you sure you’re ok, bro?”

His phone buzzed. A text from Anne. He felt a rush of guilt and excitement when he read her message.

Anne: Alejdro. ogod ok?

Anne is asking him about Alejandro. Alejandro the young man at the store who had a crush on her. The one that Anne suspects has a gigantic cock. Oh yes, Alejandro. A definite yes. Zack wanted Anne to let that guy slip his giant shlong into his wife’s cunt. Zack wanted his wife to gasp and orgasm as a young bull has his way with her. He had met Alejandro. Yes, oh Anne, a thousand times yes. He clutched his phone with a mission.

Zack: oh yes babe yes

“Zack?” Meg continued to look concerned as he dropped his phone to the zeytinburnu escort workbench and put his hands over his eyes.

“Hey bro, if you aren’t feeling good, I can work on that car as well as you can. It’s only fair since you’re loaning me the welder and all.”

She got up and walked over to the 1957 Olds, examining what Zack had done so far, and then glancing at the pile of parts Zack had purchased.

“Ok, so radiator, generator. Brakes. Easy Peasy!”

Zack stared at his coffee. He didn’t feel like finishing it.

Anne let the phone drop to her desk, a feeling of relief flooding over her. The guilty feeling faded like fog in the morning sun. She looked up to red-faced Alejandro, still standing in front of the door. He began to speak again. Again, she raise her finger to her lips and then said.

“Lock the door!”

She leaned back and shoved against the desk, rolling back until the back of her chair hit the shelves behind and then rolled forward again as titled the chair back as far as it would go. She shimmied down while pulling her dress up until she could spread eagle her legs to show her womanhood to him.

“Take them off. NOW!” Anne commanded with a hoarse voice.

As he unzipped his pants, Alejandro’s magnificent member sprung free. It was gorgeous.

“Get the fuck over here. I need that beautiful cock in me right now.”

Alejandro could not believe his ears, but he complied without comment.

“Just put it in. Don’t hold back. I want you to cum inside me. I want you to just unload into me. Now!”

Once he got around the desk he tried to get on his knees to line up with Anne’s dripping hole. Anne tried to scootch forward some more and the chair shot out backwards. Alejandro caught Anne and laid her down on the carpet gently. Anne lay on the floor with her legs spread wide and her hands on his huge cock, guiding it in.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes!” huffed Anne.

Alejandro grunted as he pushed into her.

“Oh god! Yes. Fuck me fuck me fuck me.”

Alejandro only got four or five thrusts in before his cock erupted. Anne grabbed his buttocks and pulled with all her strength to get him deep within her to release his seed.

“Fuck. Fuck!” grunted Alejandro as he pumped his cream into her.

“Shit.” he said when the world came back for him.

“Oh God that felt good. Can you keep going? For me?” ask Anne breathlessly.

Alejandro said, “I want to see you”.

“Of course, yes. Help me out of this thing, will you?”

They got her dress off, and then Alejandro dropped his arm to the desk, swept everything on it to the floor, and laid Anne down on her back. His cock remained at full mast, with semen dribbling out. He stood there, admiring the body he had lusted over for years, now finally his. His hands glided over her hips, her sides, her breasts. Her glorious breasts with little nipples that were hard as rocks. He leaned over and took them his mouth, one then the other. Then he put his hands on her neck as he went for the kiss. As their tongues slithered around each others mouths , his hand was guiding his cock back into her.

As they began to make love, Anne felt like she was melting inside. His cock was so wonderfully large and powerful. So big. So filling. His caresses were so sweet. Now he was kissing her neck, all the while his member was surging in and out of her. He returned his attention to her nipples and her orgasm started to build. Sensing her excitement, he increased the pace. Anne’s legs flailed wildly above her desk as he fucked her. Then the gates of bliss opened up and Anne came. Alejandro had never seen such a beautiful sight as this elegant woman with her face screwed up in pleasure. Pleasure that was being caused by him. Pleasure for him also as he felt like his whole body consisted of nothing else but his gigantic cock.

It was too much to hold back. Alejandro’s orgasm coursed through him as he sent a second load of creamy semen deep inside his beautiful boss. It was the most joyous orgasm he had ever had. He gripped her shoulders and pulled her tightly against him as he drove his seed into her. Even after the last spurt was over, the pleasure kept coming as he grunted and thrusted until finally dry.

Semen poured out of her and on to her dress below his feet.

“Holy shit!”, said Anne with a huge smile. “This day is nothing like I had planned.”

Meg was having a little difficulty getting the old radiator out. She reached for a screwdriver from the cart. It felt like a… Shit! It felt just like a dick in her hand. She blinked and looked at her hand. No, it was a screwdriver. Suddenly she wanted to stuff it in her vagina and fuck herself with it.

“What the fuck!” she said aloud, dropping the screwdriver. Her pussy felt all warm and good and suddenly well lubricated. She looked down to see if anything was showing through her jeans. Nothing.

She looked at Zack. He looked like he had a fever. Fuck, she felt like she had one too. Then her gaze fell to his crotch. Plain as day, sitting on the stool, with hard-on tenting his jeans. He looked at her with pleading eyes. What the fuck was going on? Embarrassed, she turned back to the Oldsmobile and said nothing, but seeing that hard-on was making her mind run wild. Her vagina pulsed with sexual excitement. Meg closed her eyes but she saw nothing but an after image of the large bulge in her brother’s jeans. She looked down at her crotch again. It felt like a hundred-year flood. A tiny dark spot had formed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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