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Love You, Daddy! Ch. 02

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“Heya, toots, what’s up?” Karli quipped as she walked into my room. She must have immediately sensed something was on my mind, because she tossed her purse aside and sat on the corner of the bed and looked at me with concern. “Everything alright?”

“Well, yes,” I said somewhat hesitantly. “Nothing is wrong wrong, but I have an issue on my hands and I am not sure how to resolve it.”

“Well, go on, anything I can do to help. You know that!” she said, smiling.

“This… is really awkward for me to talk about, even with you,” I admitted, clasping my hands in my lap.

“Oh, fuckballs, you’re not pregnant, are you?” Karli gasped, her eyes going wide.

“No no no,” I said with a trace of irritation, waving dismissively. “I said nothing is really wrong.”

“Sorry,” she said simply. “Go on.”

I took a deep breath. “You know how I’m worried about my dad, right?”

Karli nodded. “We both are. Everyone wants to see him happy and he might be fooling most people, but not you and I.”

“He deserves to be happy,” almost griped. “He’s the nicest guy anywhere.”

“Well he is Canadian, so he’s kinda cheating there,” she quipped. I just sighed and continued. “I… I may have come across him naked the other day.”

A sly grin grew across Karli’s face and she began to giggle. “Oh shit,” she said mirthfully. “You saw that titanic dick of his, didn’t you?”

“How do you know about my dad’s cock?” I demanded, compelling her to make a placating motion with her hand.

“Relax, it’s all good. I overheard my father talking on the phone one day about seeing your dad changing in the locker room down at the gym. He was loudly talking about the fact that it was the biggest shlong he’d ever seen in his life.”

In spite of myself, I giggled. “Given that your dad used to be gay before he met your mom, I guess he knows what he’s talking about.”

“Yeah, I think my dad’s jealous, he doesn’t really have a shlong, he has more of a… shlort.”

We giggled together at the jest. Karli’s dad was Vietnamese, her mother black, so Karli referred to herself as ‘blasian’. Despite any deficiencies in her father’s cock size, however, he and her mom had bred a smoking hot daughter that I counted as my best friend and loved to fuck. Karli’s skin was a warm brown, as were her almost almond-shaped eyes. Her long, jet black hair had just enough kink to it to become wavy and beautiful to play with, thick and full, with tea-coloured highlights. Her breasts were nicely sized, looking large because of her small frame. She had a tiny waist, great legs and a muscular butt. Even her nose was cute as a button. Her eyes danced with excitement when she was talking about a subject that interested her.

“Annnnd, I might as well make a small confession here,” she said, looking at the bed and blushing, something her skin colour only barely allowed. “I haven’t seen it, but…”

“But…” I pressed.

“I… well, one of the reasons I like hugging your dad is because I can feel how big it is through his pants.” Karli confessed. “Like when I was over the other day? Yeah, totally used that opportunity to cop a feel.”

My eyes went wide. I didn’t know whether to slap her wrist for being naughty or give her an award for her daring-do. “I don’t even know what to say to that.” I muttered.

“Nothing, there was no harm done,” she pointed out. “Not like he notices, and we’d both done it to boys before to check out how big they might be.”

“Yes, but this is my dad.” I said somewhat emphatically.

“Who you have now seen naked.” Karli said, as if completing a sentence I had started. “So what? It’s almost unavoidable in families to see one another naked at some time or another. Did you ever see your mom naked?”

“That was different,” I said reasonably. “She was my mom, we went to spas together, changed at the gym and showered together… hell, we even skinny-dipped a few times together up at the cottage.”

“Then what’s the big deal?” she asked, before giggling when she realized what the answer was. “When did you see his dick, anyway?

Now it was my turn to blush. “I… I saw him in his shower.”

She tilted her head in confusion. “Buuut, the shower is in his bedroom and the glass is all that special treated shit and ohhhh my God, you spied on him, didn’t you?”

I blushed brighter than a a lobster as I squeezed my eyes shut and nodded.

Karli adjusted herself on the bed, sat back on her hands and grinned. “You little perv. So, did you like what you saw?”

“I don’t really think that’s the point.” I murmured. “He’s my dad.”

“And he’s a total hunk,” my friend declared. “I’d fuck him in a New York minute.”

“I pinched my eyes. “That’s all well and good for you, Karli, but the problem is, I think I would too.”

She was silent for a moment before looking at me intently. “Go on.”

“I… heard him showering and decided to take a peek. Not even sure why, really, I just seemed compelled. I was pendik escort looking around the corner of his door and then I… saw it.”

“And you were blown away,” Karli mused. “Did you begin doing yourself while you watched? Wouldn’t blame you.”

“Yes, but… not until after he began trying to jack off in the shower.”

“Ooh, mutual masturbation,” Karli purred. “So you- wait. Did you say tried to jack off?”

I nodded, realizing how bad that sounded.

She screwed up her face. “Oh, please don’t tell me he’s got a bum dong. That would-”

“No,” I said flatly, cutting her off. “It’s not that. I just think he misses my mom so bad that he can’t let himself do it, you know? He tried, had a huge erection and then just gave up. And he was so frustrated, I could tell. I feel so bad for him.”

Karli said nothing for a few moments, the notion of my dad’s distress and loneliness obviously bothering her. I sat still, knees to my chest and let her ponder what I was saying. “He’s really gotta be hurtin’.”

I nodded. “He won’t date, not at all, and he just says he’s too busy to do it. But he won’t work out either, he won’t write. He’s just so lost unless he’s looking after everyone else and pretending to be okay.”

“And he’s hurting so bad he can’t even crank one out,” she murmured. “We have to get him laid.”

“I told you, he won’t date.” I iterated.

“Then it’s up to us,” she said simply. “We’re going to fuck your dad.”

I’m not sure my eyes could have been any wider. “I… Karli, even for you, that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, it’s one thing for me to have a momentary fantasy about having sex with my dad, but seriously… incest? Like fuck him and be his lover?”

She shrugged. “That’s your problem, white girl, not mine. He isn’t my father.”

“And if I suddenly wanted to fuck your dad?” I demanded.

She gestured to the door. “You know where I live, although I don’t know why you’d want to- he’s short and has crooked teeth. Your dad’s a dreamboat, girl. Didn’t you ever hear the girls in school talking about him? Or the gay guys? Even the female teachers wanted him and envied your mom.”

I clapped my hands over my ears, more as a gesture of my distress than any serious attempt to not listen. “You’re fucking nuts! I can’t sleep with my dad!”

Karli shrugged and sat back, looking at me pointedly. “Well let’s hear your ideas then, because I’m all out. Your dad’s the nicest guy I know and he needs help. I’m waiting.”

I looked at her in exasperation. “You can’t… I… we can’t just… what makes you think he’d even remotely agree to anything this insane?”

“So we seduce him,” she said simply. “And no, I don’t mean get him shit-faced and take advantage of him while he’s drunk. He has to want us. So we’ll tease him until he can’t say no and then he let’s out all that built-up tension and sexual frustration on us.”

Her words gave me pause. “I… if he hasn’t jerked off since mom died, he’s gonna be really pent up, isn’t he?”

Karli nodded.

“And… really backed up.”

She nodded again. “That’s a lot of cum. Plenty for two girls to share.”

Her logic was starting to appeal to me. That probably should have bothered me, but to be honest, it didn’t. Reconciling myself to it, justifying it in my head was all that remained. Finally I nodded. I would do this and make my daddy happy.

“Ooh, I can’t believe I’m gonna get to fuck your dad!” Karli squealed. “I can’t wait.”

“Whoah, keep your hoo-ha in in your holster there, sister,” I said, holding up a hand. “This is going to take planning.”

“And practice,” she agreed. “Now that we know how big his cock is, I’m gonna need a newer and bigger vibe to gauge myself so that he doesn’t tear me apart.”

“That’s my Karli,” I said dryly. “Always thinking with your cunt.”

“Gotta be practical,” she protested. “What if he wrecks me?”

“Then whose fault will that be, you jiggling Jezebel?” I retorted.

“Fair enough, but it still makes sense to take precautions. And to be honest, I’m getting really horny. Can we stop talking and do something about this itch I’ve got?”

I had to admit, I was getting pretty wet too, now that we had resolved our course of action. “Where would you like to do it?”

A mischievous twinkle entered her eye. “What about in your dad’s shower? Not like he’s gonna be back soon.”

I considered. There was a certain thrill to the idea. “Alright, let’s do it!” I declared, taking her by the hand and running out of my room, the two of us giggling with excitement. We dashed into my dad’s bathroom and began removing our clothes eagerly. I could tell she was already excited because her pussylips were glistening invitingly.

“Oh, shit,” she exclaimed, snapping her fingers. “Forgot my vibe. Stay here, I’ll get it and yours!”

She dashed naked out of the bathroom, leaving me to my thoughts about tuzla escort our plan. She returned a few moments later, wearing an evil grin and presenting our vibrators, her slender chrome one and my flesh-coloured toy, which I had named Viktor. She walked up to me slyly, poking my puss with the head of my vibrator.

“Mmmmm, can’t wait to fuck in the shower with you,” she purred. Without another word I pulled her to me and we kissed deeply, wrapping our arms around each other. Tongues tangled as we moaned into one another’s mouths. “Let’s do this before I overheat and explode.”

I disengaged from our embrace and turned on the shower, the two of us giggling excitedly as steam began to creep out of the large stall and fill the room. We stepped in and let the hot water from the twin jets cascade over us. Her body shone wetly and I kissed her again, her lovely form melting into mine. Hands wandered and roamed over wet skin, her cafe-warm tone contrasting with my alabaster complexion.

Karli knelt in front of me now, gently pressing me against the back wall. I tilted my hips forward, biting my lip in anticipation. Her dark eyes looked up into mine as she pressed her mouth to my slit, using her fingers to spread my lips wide. I groaned in pleasure as I felt her tongue snake inside me, lapping and probing hungrily. I placed my hand on the back of her head gently, rocking it as she massaged my wetness with her skilled tongue.

The water beat down on me and I caressed my breasts with my free hand while Karli worked her magic below. My mind was transported back to one of our first times together, in the showers at our high school. We’d almost been caught, but it became something of a tradition for us after- not that Karli and I were new to one another’s bodies, mind you.

I shuddered and gasped loudly as she teased the buzzing head of her vibe along my pussylips without warning, my knees almost buckling.

“Holy shit…” I hissed as she giggled, helping to keep me upright. I steadied myself and prepared for her next inevitable assault on my cunt. Soon enough, she slid the long, silvery length of her vibe into me, sending delicious shivers to the very tips of my fingers. I flexed my knees a little and tilted my hips forward as much as I dared while she pushed her toy in and out of me.

“Gnnn, it’s so good with you…” I groaned, loving the feelings. “Just keeps getting better…”

“Gimme your vibe,” Karli said lustily. “Wanna try something.”

Without a second thought I handed over my toy and waited to see what she had in mind. It wouldn’t be the first time that she’s kept one in my puss while the other one went in my ass, I loved that sensation. But what happened sent me suddenly to the floor of the shower. I nearly cried out in shock, which should have been okay since no one was home, but still, I stifled myself at the last moment.

Both vibes were in my pussy, stretching me wider that I was used to and vibrating differently. It was absolutely unreal how it made me feel. I thought I might shake apart as I squirmed and writhed on my back, unable to control my body.

“Augh!” was all I managed to say, my pussy a buzzing, pulsing blossom of sensation. “Karli!”

“Ooh, why haven’t we done this sooner?” she mused, using both hands to push the vibes in and out at different times and speeds. Sometimes she would let one sit deep inside while stroking back and forth with the other, but at all times they were both in me. “All the times we’ve fucked over the years and we never thought of this?”

“Jesus,” I grunted as she relentlessly assaulted my cunt. “Fuck, don’t stop, I’m-”

Before I could finish the sentence my pussy almost seemed to explode. The orgasm that washed over me was staggering. My head was absolutely spinning, even while my cunt felt like it was expanding with a tingling tidal wave of pleasure that filled my whole body. I couldn’t feel my limbs, everything was just floating and raw cumming.

I was breathing heavily, like I hadn’t had oxygen for years. I still couldn’t see straight, everything spinning and only vaguely aware of the constant buzzing in my pussy. The spattering, tingling sensation on my skin might have been the shower, or just my nerves alight with pleasure, there was no telling. It was like the most intense high you’ve ever had, your awareness splintered and floating on waves of colour.

“Wow, Kar,” I said finally, gaining some sense of self back. “Where’d you get that idea?”

She giggled and shrugged. “Just came to me since your cunt was right there. But don’t you dare be done already, you need to make me cum, y’know.”

“Mmmm, wouldn’t dream of letting you miss out,” I purred as I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. Our bodies melted together beneath the cascade of water, fingers and hands roaming over wet skin. Finally I turned her around and we lay on our sides, faces nestled between each other’s legs. I began kissing and licking her pussy ataşehir escort hungrily, thrilled to taste her once again. Karli responded in kind, almost chewing on my thick netherlips in her eagerness.

She moaned as my tongue delved deep inside her slit while my fingers teased and caressed her little puckered knot below. She shivered and squeezed as I pressed my index finger inside her ass, moaning on my clit. She loved having her ass fingered and even fucked, something I’d only done a few times and was still trying to get used to.

“Ooooh,” she breathed, removing her mouth from my clit for moment. “Can you pretend this is your dad’s tongue?”

“Kinda hard since I’d have to pretend it’s my dad’s pussy in my face, then.” I giggled. Accepting the logic of my statement, she dove back inside me, her shameless tongue making her shudder and writhe with abandon.

“Mmmm, yesss, fuck my ass with those fingers,” she hissed, snaking two of her own fingers in and out of my slit while nibbling on my little bud. “Fucking make me cum like only you can, Evie…”

Invigorated by her lusty words, I renewed my efforts until she was trembling and moaning loudly, her legs almost locked around my head as she drew close. I could feel my own orgasm building swiftly, brought about my her skillful tongue and teasing hands. Warm, it was getting so warm again…

We both cried out into one another’s pussies as we came together, our cunts bubbling over with cream from deep within. I wiggled two fingers in her ass and she rocked and thrashed, the tight ring clenching me in pleasure. My own pussy felt like it was dissolving in ecstasy, my clit a shooting star on top of a supernova. It never stopped getting better with Karli.

We collapsed onto our backs on the shower floor, panting like we’d run a marathon. Our fingers of one hand knotted together while we lay still, trying to catch our breath. We must’ve been there a long time, because the water finally started to run cold, a delicious tingle on our burning skin.

Wearily we got up and I turned off the water before we exited the oversized stall. We toweled one another off and gathered up our clothes, heading back to my room. Once there, we collapsed on my bed, completely naked, giggling as we kissed and cuddled. We stroked one another’s hair as we whispered delicate and naughty things against one another’s lips, a game we had played for many years when we felt intimate.

My door, which was partially ajar, now swung open and in walked my unsuspecting father.

“Evie, I-”

I am not sure who looked more shocked, myself or my dad. He was frozen in the doorway, gaping at us, his eyes as wide as dinner plates. His eyes were always expressive and I knew that he wasn’t horrified, he was just… shocked. Not by me being with Karli, he knew we were lovers and had been since we were much younger, but just being exposed to it at all.

“Daddy!” I yelped, rising up quickly into a half-seated position and covering myself with a pillow while trying to sound outraged. I wasn’t really, but thought I’d better play the part. “The Hell? Haven’t you heard of knocking or at least announcing yourself?!”

Karli didn’t even try to use a pillow or my sheets to conceal herself. She merely half-sat up, like myself, and covered her breasts with her free arm while shifting her legs to hide her pussy but expose her cute bum. She was blushing but still smirking, more amused than anything.

“I… I…” my dad stammered, forgetting to look away.

“At least look away, daddy,” I said loudly, rolling my eyes. “That way we can cover ourselves, okay?”

Yes, sorry!” he said hastily, whirling about and exiting the room. We waited until we heard him rush down the hall to his own room and the door slammed shut before collapsing back on the bed, me in exasperation and Karli in laughter.

“The… the look on his face…” she wheezed, her eyes tearing from mirth. “That poor man…”

“It was pretty funny,” I admitted, sighing as I put the back of my hand against my forehead, staring at the ceiling. “Guess I shouldn’t be angry, I mean, we want him to see us naked and fuck us, right?”

“And that couldn’t have gone better if we’d planned it,” she agreed, a huge grin on her face. “He got to see our goodies and we didn’t kill him. He’ll never get that image out of his mind now.”

“We’ll wait a bit and then I’d better go talk to him, I guess.” I muttered, rolling onto my side to face her. She laid down on her side unconcernedly, clearly not at all discomfited by what had happened, tracing a fingernail over one of her nipples lazily.

“Hope he doesn’t make us wait too long,” she said softly. “I really wanna get that big, thick cock inside me, have him bruise my brain stem.”

“God, you are such a fucking pervert,” I exclaimed. “I’m gonna go see my dad, you wait here. Try not to fuck my bedpost while I’m gone, okay?”

“No promises.”

I stood and wrapped myself in my robe, doing the knot up loosely to make sure that my bust sort of peeked out beneath. I conveniently forgot to put my panties back on as well. Karli winked at me and smacked my butt as I went by her and headed down the hall to my father’s room.

I paused for a moment before rapping on the door lightly with my knuckle. “Daddy? May I come in?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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