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Lover in a Strange Land

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A crack of thunder woke her. In a flash of lightening she could see that the window had blown open. A puddle was forming on the floor as the rain poured in. A short internal discussion and she decided that getting out of her warm bed was worth not having to clean the mess up in the morning.

Quick race across the room, slam the window shut and double check the lock. Dive back into bed, and wiggle toes into the warmth. As she settled back into the bed, a motion in the corner caught her eye. A lightening flash and she could clearly see the man moving towards her bed. Her mind raced, her hand automatically went to the bedside lamp, only to be caught almost before it moved. He grabbed the other hand as it rose to fight, and sat heavily on her lap, trapping her legs. Her mouth opened to scream and another flash of lightening revealed his face.

What an idiot! Didn’t he know she could have hurt him!! Why didn’t he just tell her who he was? She relaxed immediately, and a smile broke across her face. But when she went to speak, to scold him for playing such a trick, his mouth covered hers. It wasn’t his usual kiss. No soft lips, no teasing tongue. He took from her what he wanted, pushed her lips Ataşehir Escort open with his tongue, invaded her mouth. When he finally released her, she found herself gasping for air.

Before she could quite breathe, his mouth was on her neck. His teeth traced a path of pleasure pain down her neck, back up to her earlobe and finally down across her collarbone. He moved her arms together behind her and grasped her two hands in one of his. His other hand reached up and pulled open her shirt – his button-down shirt, which she always slept in lately. Several buttons broke off, rolling across floor.

She moved to protest again, and found that he had her held firmly. The look in his eyes was new. This was not the kind, gentle lover she knew. Gone was the man who spent hours stroking and caressing her, gentle and loving. This man’s eyes were hard. His jaw was set, his touch firm – almost cruel. She felt her breathe catch again, and when his hand reached up to grasp her breast, pinching her nipple, she felt an electric shock that was entirely new to her.

He pulled the shirt off her shoulders, but instead of releasing her hands to remove it, he wound the fabric around her Ataşehir Escort Bayan wrists, and pushed her back onto the bed. She lay before him, naked and breathless. Her arms trapped beneath her, her body softly illuminated in the intermittent flashes of light.

Again his mouth, his teeth and tongue and lips. Again he kissed her. His tongue thrust into her mouth and as he withdrew, he caught her lip between his teeth. Teeth down her neck, kisses across her shoulders. A hand on each breast, her nipples trapped between his fingers. When his mouth covered a nipple and bit, she cried out. Pain. But more. She felt a flush rise to her cheeks. She felt her back arch in response. Her hands struggled beneath her to be free. To push him away or to pull him closer she wasn’t sure.

An arm under her back, pulling her up to his hungry mouth. The other pushing her legs apart. When one finger, and then two entered her body surprised her. She moaned, and her hips thrust forward, meeting his hand. His tongue kept time on her nipple with the fingers inside her and she felt the heat from her cheeks move down across her shoulders.

Suddenly, his hands, his mouth, were gone. A Escort Ataşehir small whimper escaped her and her eyes opened.

To find him over her again. His clothes were gone, a pile on the floor. Finally, it occurred to her to be frightened. This was a man she thought she’d known. Always, their lovemaking had been sweet and gentle. But this creature in her bed was entirely new. The pain in her breasts started to register. Her mind started to clear. When the fog was almost gone, and she started to ask him what was going on – he entered her. No slow seduction, he slammed his hips against hers.

She cried out at the sudden shock. He only looked down at her and grinned that feral smile. Again and again he thrust into her, and she felt her body betray her again, her hips matching his thrusts, her nails digging into the palm of her hands.

Finally, she felt the shirt loosen. Her hands free she moved to push him away. This was too intense. She needed him to slow down and let her think. Her small hands moved up to his chest, tried to push. And she watched as they instead snaked behind his neck, tangled in his hair. Her legs wrapped around his hips, her back arched to meet him.

A rumble of thunder rattled the windows. The bed slammed against the wall, the sound of the impact drowned by the storm outside. When the orgasm took her she was vaguely aware of a voice, crying out. Her own voice. Her own cries.

When her head cleared and her eyes opened, he was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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