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Loves Chances Section 02

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A few months past before Leslie asked Dina to move in with her. It had taken Dina by surprise, though she was over joy. It had become almost as if Dina lived there anyways, the hour and a half drive did take a lot out of her. Dina didn’t mind, any time spent with Leslie was great no matter the cost.

Leslie used the fact that by the time Dina got home in the evening she was tired to her full advantage. Dina had her normal daily chores to do, though Leslie did take in consideration of the hours that she did work during the week. She would cook the meals, clean the cottage and on the weekends there was always the laundry to do. After dinner had been cleared and the dishes put away came the real play, the chores just was to put Dina in the right headspace.

As the night would roll in and Dina left to washing the dishes, Leslie moved into the living room and settled on the couch with a glass of blush wine. Sipping it lightly as she awaited Dina to finish up. Dina knew right after she was done what was to be done. Dina moved from the kitchen into the bathroom to draw a warm bath with jasmine scented bath beads. She lit the candles and placed one of the cd’s into the cd player, turning it on low.

Only once Dina placed Leslie’s robe in the dryer for most of the time that would be needed for the nightly ritual did she kneel in front of Leslie. Her head held high, eyes lowered slightly, with her hands palms up, fingers together and kneels parted as she sat back on her heels. Dina spoke soft, even as she looked up at Leslie with a smile, “Mon Amour, Your bath is ready.” Leslie smiled and leans forward and slowly slides her hand along Dina’s cheek, placing a light kiss on the girls forehead. Then lightly grasps Dina’s hand, helping her up as she herself stood. Softly feet sound on the floor as Leslie lead Dina back into the bathroom and closed the door with a click.

Inside the bathroom Leslie stopped mid room as Dina lightly moves to face her. Her hips began to sway to the music as slender fingers moved up Leslie’s chest and over her shoulders. Hands slide down her arms, lightly grasping Leslie’s wrists. Lifting them upwards as she took a step closer with a playful grin. Leaning up slightly on her toes Dina softly kisses Leslie’s lips. Soon as Leslie returns the kiss she pulls Leslie’s upper lip between her own sucking softly from it. As hands move down to slowly unbutton her blouse and slide it open, then back up over her chest. Lightly lowering Leslie’s arms as the white silk blouse slides off and was lightly tossed to the chair. Reaching behind Leslie, Dina ran her nails softly over the soft supple skin, leading down to her bra clasp and unhooking it. Hands slide up and hook her thumbs under the straps of her bra, sliding it down and off only to be tossed with the blouse. Leaning forward Dina lightly brushes her lips over the soft curves of Leslie’s collarbone, kissing as she lowers to her knees in front of Leslie.

Kneeling in front of Leslie, Dina lightly crosses her ankles as hands move down along Leslie’s sides and leaning forward. Placing a gentle kiss on Leslie’s stomach as she reaches around and unzipped the tailored black skirt that came down to mid calf. Slowly allowing the soft sleek material to slip down past Leslie’s hips as Dina followed, allowing her lips to caress skin. As the skirt dropped around the ankles Leslie, slides her hand behind Dina’s head. Curling fingers tight within the crimson strands, pulling her head back to look into her dark green eyes. Stepping delicately out of the skirt with a seductive grin as Dina lifted the discarded article of clothing and tossed it with the others.

Leslie left standing in a black garter belt, matching g-string and nylons, her piercing blue eyes starring down at Dina. With a soft smile Dina slides her hands slowly up Leslie’s legs, lightly touching with her fingertips. Lightly grasping under the garter belt, sliding it down over Leslie’s hips, allowing the nylons to Starzbet follow. Lifting each foot up carefully Dina places a tender kiss on Leslie’s ankle, slipping the nylon off of her foot before placing it back down again.

Once Leslie stood there naked in front of Dina a light smile touched her lips as she moves to stand, lightly taking Leslie’s hand and guiding her to the bath tub. As she steps into the tub, Dina lowers down to her knee’s beside the bath, while Leslie settles back into the warm water. Picking up the natural sponge and dipping it into the water lathering the sponge. Running the sponge slowly along Leslie’s slender frame, starting at her hands, moving up each arm and stopping at the shoulders. Gently dipping the sponge into the warm water, then sliding it over Leslie’s shoulders and down her chest. Being sure to pay great attention to Leslie’s B cup size breasts, teasing the nipple and kneading softly into the flesh before moving on. Down over the rib cage and stomach, making large circles into smaller ones until she reached Leslie’s bellybutton. Slowly making her way down to Leslie’s hips, only to slide her hand along one of Leslie’s legs, lifting it out of the water. Careful not to miss a spot as Dina washed her foot, and ankle, moving up to the calf, thigh then inner thigh. Barely brushing the sponge teasingly past Leslie’s pussy lips, before moving to the other foot and repeating the process. Pausing a moment as Dina looks up at how peaceful yet excited Leslie was getting from the bath, leaning forward she lightly presses a kiss upon Leslie’s lips. Tenderly Dina pulls Leslie’s lower lip between her own, suckling and nibbling. As the sponge moves closer and closer to Leslie’s pussy lips, slowly massaging her clit and moving down between her legs.

A low moan parted Leslie’s lips; her fingers worked their way up Dina’s neck and into her long dark red hair. Curling tight and pulling her closer, deepening the sensual kiss before pulling Dina away from her. Piercing blue eyes look deep into Dina’s own eyes as a dark grin formed on her lips, as she pushed Dina back slightly. Moving to stand, the water splashes back Dina; Leslie’s voice spoke in a low husky tone. “Finish washing me, you little minx. Then get my towel, clearly you need to be put back in your place.”

Dina’s eyes lowered slightly, as she went over what Leslie could be thinking up to do to her. Taking the sponge she brought it up over the back of Leslie’s legs and over her firm round rump, admiring it before pulling the drain on the bath and placing the sponge in its holder. Quickly she moved out of the room to get the warm towels, making it back into the bathroom as Leslie finished stepping out of the bath. One towel went to wrap around Leslie’s shoulders, so she could dry her hair, since she always washed her hair by the time Dina made it back into the bathroom with the towels. With the other towel Dina lowers back to her knees, drying the feet to the ankles and knees. Up to the thigh and hips, only to repeat the action with the other leg. Sitting up in her kneel, Dina lightly dried Leslie’s hips and stomach before moving up wards. Before Dina could get any further Leslie curled her fingers into Dina’s hair, grinning slightly as she walks out of the bathroom. Leaving the door open and Dina half crawling into the bedroom. Speaking low Leslie instructed her to lower the lights and get into the bed on her stomach. Then vanished back into the bathroom, closing the door. All being able to be heard was the soft music, which was soon changed to something with more of a beat.

It had taken awhile as Dina laid on her stomach, listening to the music as she closes her eyes to wait for Leslie. Becoming engrossed into the beat of the music she couldn’t help but move slightly to the constant heavy drumming. Breathing softly as her slender frame moved softly against the sateen sheets, barely making a sound. It was the sound of her husky voice echoing in Starzbet Giriş the room, and the sound of the chair sliding to the end of the bed that broke her out of the trance she had so easily slipped into. “Turn over my pet, keep going and masturbate for me.”

Dina blushed as she heard Leslie’s voice, slowly rolling over first with her hips before allowing her upper body to follow. She kept beat the song playing as her body moved lightly along the sheets. Hands slide over her slender frame, just barely allowing fingertips to grace her skin. Moving from her hips up over her waist and ribs, to her breasts as fingers sought out her pert nipples. Teasingly circling the buds before catching them between forefinger and thumb, pinching and pulling with a low moan. Dina’s hips pushed back into the bed a little more, her dark green eyes fixed on Leslie’s eyes.

Breathing heavily her hands moved from her breasts, the look in Leslie’s eyes set Dina on fire so easily. Like a fine lover, her body would move to her own hands, wanting more to be touched as fingers traced down over her stomach again. As her search reached the smooth shaven mound, Dina parted her legs. Her eyes never leaving Leslie’s, even as she shifted slightly to watch her better. A low moan parts her lips as fingers slide down to touch her swollen damp clit, finding it hard and wanting as she starts to rub in slow tight circles. Her hips moving in slow circles, bucking slightly against her fingers. Slowly her eyes drifted half shut, her moans blending with the music playing in the background.

Fingers work around Dina’s clit, dipping down between her silky wet pussy lips and into her tightness. Groaning softly at the feeling, before sliding them out and back up to her clit. Working fingers faster while pressing down onto her wanting clit, as her hips bucked harder against her hand. Grinding her hips upwards as her breathing quickens, back arching, feeling the strong erotic wave building. Having Leslie watching her every intimate move, imagining that every move of her fingers was Leslie’s. Her hips keeping up with the heavy beat of the music as she made love to her fingers. Panting quickly as the pressure raised for a release, her husky voice echo’s in a low moan. “Ma’am… please may I cum.”

Dina was not expecting the answer that had come, “No you can not pet. Now you will stop and put your hands to the side, watch me and do not move.” Her eyes flew open and looked into Leslie’s piercing blue eyes. Breathing heavily as she followed her orders, slowly sliding her hands away from her body. Resting them upon the sheets and set to watching Leslie from between her parted legs.

Leslie slowly opened up the towel that was still covering her slender frame, standing up just long enough to slip the towel out from under her and set it off to the side. Settling back on her chair, Leslie lifts both legs and sets them apart with her heels on the edge of the bed. Giving Dina a very good view of her dripping juices flowing from between her pussy lips. Her piercing blue eyes focus on Dina’s dark green eyes, as fingers slide up along her body. Dipping two fingers into her mouth, then opening slightly to allow Dina to watch Leslie sliding her tongue over her fingers before suckling on them.

Watching as Leslie moves her fingers down around her nipples, pinching and moving down to cup her breasts. She lifts them both and brings them together sliding her tongue out to flick over the hard nubs. Pulling one into her mouth to nibble and suckle upon it with a low deep throat moan. As her one hand slides down over her ribs, over her stomach and down between her legs. Slowly working her clit between two fingers, rolling the hard numb between her fingers and pinching it before giving a slight tug.

Dina kept her eyes glued on Leslie’s every move, moaning as Leslie would. It was becoming very hard to sit still, as her own hips grinds up against air wontingly. Her Starzbet Güncel Giriş breathing became hard again as she watched Leslie slide two fingers deep into herself. She wanted to cum so bad, though Leslie’s words rang clear in her mind. Every once in awhile Leslie would remind her of those words “No cumming”, of course in a deep low pitch moaning voice.

Then as Leslie released and squirted over the chair and her own legs, Dina whimpered softly and asked again. “Please Mistress, may I cum?” The answer was the same, “No”. Leslie snapped her fingers pointing to the cum covered chair and legs, “Now come clean the mess with your tongue that you caused to happen.”

Gasping softly Dina rolls onto her knees, crawling over toward Leslie. Lying on her stomach with her head hanging over the edge of the bed, Leslie slid the chair closer. Dina started by licking the chair clean of Leslie’s juices, being sure not to miss a drop. The smell and taste was making Dina squirm a little more, she wanted to touch and to make Leslie happy. Though when Dina went to touch Leslie with her hands, they where slapped away with the explanation of just her tongue was to be used. Inching closer Dina started licking and lapping at the juices upon the slender inner thigh. Rolling her tongue over every inch of each thigh delicately.

As Dina came to Leslie’s still wet pussy she lifts her eyes up to look at Leslie. Not saying a word she moved in, covering her clit and slowly ran her tongue down around Leslie’s pussy. Moaning softly pulling her clit more into her mouth, working her tongue over the still swollen hard numb. Her own moan was matched with Leslie’s, when Dina quickened the pace. Flexing her tongue quickly back and forth, then dipping down into Leslie and wiggling the tip of her tongue. Suckling and pulling until Leslie released again against Dina wanting mouth.

What came next Dina never would have expected, Leslie pushed Dina back and told her to curl up at the bottom of the bed. That was where she was to sleep for the night. Then Leslie moved to her normal spot in the bed, slipped under the covers and turned out the lights. Leaving Dina in a slight daze as she looked through the dark at Leslie silently wondering if Leslie was kidding or not.

When Dina woke the next morning she slowly sat up and looked around. She looked over to Leslie’s side of the bed, sliding a hand over the cool sheets. Shaking her head slightly she slides from the bed and goes to shower. It was Saturday though she had many things to do and not enough time to do them in. Just as she stepped between the bedroom and the bathroom she had paused to look at the calendar, March 7th with March 12th circled in red. “Just five more days..” Dina whispered to herself then continued into the bathroom.

Days passed and Dina’s ford wined along the dirt road leading to the top of a near by mountain. A slight curl touched her lips as the light of the sky just barely gracing the hills and river below with its golden red shine. She steps out of her truck and moves around to the front of it, leaning against the grill as she looks out at the sight before her.

Leslie lightly took Dina’s hand and leads her away from the truck to the fence line to get a better look at the hills and river below. Lacing fingers together they look out at the beautiful sunset. Turning toward Dina, Leslie watches her silently for a long moment before bending down and whispering low in her ear. “I have something for you my love.”

Dina turned to look up into Leslie’s blue eyes with her innocent yet sultry dark green eyes. Leslie smiles as a hand moves up to brush a stray red strand of hair from Dina’s face. Then slowly she sinks to her knee and pulls out a small white box. Opening the box a gold and silver ring lay nestled in red velvet. Shaking slightly Dina looked at the ring then toward Leslie as she asked, “Will you marry me Adina?”

Feeling the blood rushing to her head, the pounding in her heart. Not much else was remembered after Dina wrapped her arms around Leslie’s neck whispering, “Yes, yes”. Leslie slipped the ring carefully onto Dina’s finger and stood, picking Dina up slightly. As lips lower and lightly pull Dina’s soft lip between her own.

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