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Luna and Riley Ch. 09

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Disclaimer: This story is dramatically fictitious and possesses depictions of completely unrealistic and unattainable body standards. If that isn’t your forte then you may not find this story to your liking. If you decide to read the story regardless I thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

Notice: You should read the earlier chapters, so that the story makes more sense. Your choice though, hope you enjoy it regardless.

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this product are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidence.

Chapter 9: Calling Their Bluff

Luna sat on the living room loveseat, her long, thick legs stretching across it completely. Riley was sitting on her lower shins, slaving away, massaging Lunas muscular legs one at a time. As a part of the punishment, Luna did her best to ignore Riley, robbing her of the satisfaction of pleasing her sister. Luna hid her face behind her phone, pretending to swipe and tap, as she bit her lip to keep from revealing her euphoric condition.

Riley’s breathing was slightly labored and her weak arms trembled slightly, as the massage had carried on for some time. Her tiny hands worked themselves perfectly into every nook and cranny that Luna’s muscles created. Were it not for Luna ignoring her, Riley wouldn’t have cared about her own physical state, as she actually quite enjoyed feeling up and down Luna’s toned body.

But Luna was doing an excellent job of teaching her a lesson, and despite not realizing it, Riley was subconsciously becoming much more understanding of her place in the relationship. She loved Luna, and she knew with every fiber of her being that Luna loved her, and no matter how that love would manifest itself, Riley found herself to be content. While a small part of her was admittedly frustrated with the immediate situation, a larger part fully understood and accepted it, cherished it, even.

It felt good to serve someone; to be someone’s plaything. Riley considered it like trading control and freewill over her own life, for love and attention from the one person she had always wanted it from. A worthwhile trade in her opinion. And while she was currently doing something that she may have otherwise not done, Riley knew, deep down, that Luna would never fully abuse her power and authority. Punishment was a good teacher, and Riley now knew to be more obedient, if she wanted to receive more attention and affection.

Riley kneaded her knuckles up Luna’s thighs, the fairly strong pressure displacing the lactic acid that had built up in her muscles. It took everything in Luna’s power to not moan or whimper in pleasure, defeating the purpose of the punishment. Luckily for her, the massage was soon cut short as both Luna and Riley heard the garage door begin to open. Luna put down her phone and grabbed Riley’s hands to stop the massage.

This was it. The moment they had both been dreading since the previous night. Luna leaned forward and picked up Riley, placing her feet on the floor, before sitting up and standing herself. Despite wanting to punish Riley, Luna knew that they had to act completely normally if they were going to pull off their plan of pretending they had never had sex. And being naturally caring for one another, she would have to postpone Riley’s disciplining for when they were not under surveillance.

Having prepared for this moment earlier in the day, Riley was now dressed in a simple t-shirt, a bra, short khaki shorts with the legs rolled up a bit, and plain, light blue panties. It was very average attire for Riley to wear around the house, which is exactly why they had chosen it. Luna was still dressed in her thigh socks, gym shorts and high neck tank top, making the two look entirely ordinary.

Riley raced to the switch, turning it on and grabbing the two joy cons from off the console. Luna and Riley had decided to be playing games when their parents arrived, mainly to give them something to be doing, as they had figured it would be challenging to act completely normally. Luna sat down on the floor in front of the TV, cross legged as usual, as Riley hurried to her, handing her a controller before plopping down in her lap.

As Luna navigated the interface, selecting a game, Riley pivoted in her lap and looked up to her face. This would be the last time that they knew with complete certainty, that they would be able to be together while everything else remained normal. Luna looked down to Riley with a loving smile as Mario Kart loaded in the background.

“I love you, Luna, so much.” Riley whispered frantically, uneasy about what would happen soon.

“I love you too, Riley. Be strong for me, okay?” Luna responded, reaching down and kissing Riley on the lips passionately.

Both of them wanted the kiss to last longer, but they both knew it couldn’t, breaking it away after a few seconds. Riley repositioned herself in Luna’s lap, pinbahis güvenilirmi facing the screen, wiggling her butt further into Luna’s crotch with a giggle. Luna began to pinch and poke at Riley’s sides, making Riley jerk and twitch as she laughed from the tickling. Luna had hoped that would lighten Riley’s spirits and hopefully make her act more like her naturally upbeat self in front of their parents.

Luna could hear two car doors close through the wall, which meant her parents had arrived together. That wasn’t entirely uncommon, but Luna silently considered the possibility that it implied they had met and talked before coming home. It really didn’t matter though, in fact, it was probably for the best that Luna and Riley assumed their parents had already discussed the matter. Time seemed to slow as Luna’s heartbeat became strong and fast, waiting for the door to the garage to open.

Soon enough, the door swung open, and Luna could hear the clack of high heels and the softer thud of her father’s oxfords enter the house. She could feel Riley tense up in her lap, as they both sat absentmindedly, looking at the screen displaying a race they both were losing. Luna gave Riley one last squeeze of encouragement between her arms, before doing her best to mentally return to a younger, much more innocent, version of herself.

“Luna?!… Riley?!…” They heard their father call out into the house. Based on his tone, Luna figured he knew.

“Yeah dad?” Luna called back, her voice wavering a bit. She cleared her throat quietly, while taking a deep breath. She would have to do better than that.

They heard their father make his way to the living room where Luna and Riley were seated, with an urgency to his pace. Luna turned from the TV and looked to her father with as innocent a look as she could muster. Riley was silent, somewhat unlike her, but Luna couldn’t do anything about that now. Their father made his way towards them, and Luna could see that his face was paler than usual.

As he grew closer, Riley came more and more into his view, until she was no longer obscured by Luna’s large frame. To his relief, Riley seemed very normal and petite, just like he had always known her to be. He let out an audible sigh as the color seemed to return to his face. Riley turned and looked up to her father, her motions a bit robotic and her face a bit pale.

“Hey dad…” She said meekly, trying her best to give a genuine looking smile.

“Did you need something? You seem… on edge.” Luna asked, feigning ignorance.

“No…” Their father said with another sigh, before looking over to his wife who was standing in the entrance way to the living room, “I just wanted to see my two, perfect little girls.”

The inflection in his words were like that of someone who had just won an argument. Upon hearing his words, Eleanor walked over to her husband and laid her gaze upon her children. To her disbelief, her daughter, Riley, was back to her normal, small self, sitting happily in Luna’s lap like she had done many times before. Eleanor couldn’t believe it, and yet it was real all the same.

“I’m not really that little dad…” Luna replied, hoping that sounded natural. It was a shock to her how hard it was to tell if she was speaking typically, as her mental toil was making her question everything she was saying.

“I know, but you’ll always be my little girl.” He replied, “So who’s winning?” He asked, referencing the game.

“Technically I’m beating Riley, but I’m still not in the lead.” Luna replied, now becoming self conscious that she was answering all of her father’s questions.

“I see, well have fun you two, your mother and I are going to have a little chat, and after that, we’ll get started on dinner. Sound good?” He asked.

“Sounds good to me.” Luna replied as she squeezed Riley with her legs as subtly as she could, hoping to snap some sense into her.

“Okay dad!” Riley spoke, responding to Luna’s squeeze.

With that, their father walked out of the room with their mother, and the two made their way to the master bedroom. As soon as the bedroom doors closed, Luna and Riley both gave a unanimous sigh. Luna placed her chin on top of Riley’s head and wrapped her arms around her.

“I think it worked.” Luna whispered quietly.

“Sorry, I know I wasn’t acting very unsuspecting.” Riley whispered in return.

“That’s okay,” Luna comforted her, “As long as they bought it, it doesn’t matter.”

* * * * *

Mr. Johnson closed the doors to the master bedroom behind him as he and his wife made their way inside. His mind had been racing the whole drive home, and he was unsure of what he would have done or said, had his wife’s tale turned out to be true. Thankfully it hadn’t, although, at the same time, it meant that his wife had lied about something so odd and vulgar. With the doors closed, and their privacy attained, he wasted no time initiating the painful conversation that would undoubtedly unfold.

“Eleanor, in all our years of marriage… I never would pinbahis yeni giriş have thought you would be capable of doing something this strange and, honestly, repulsive.” He started.

“I… I… I know what I saw…” Eleanor said with little conviction, “Maybe… Maybe Riley’s body wasn’t different…” She continued, furrowing her brow as she recollected her memories of that night.

“This is ridiculous, listen to yourself, honey, you’re back tracking and changing the story now.” He said with little regard to her feelings, “I can’t believe you would do this.”

Her husband was doing an excellent job of making Eleanor feel like an absolute schmuck. It was embarrassing and insulting, but most of all it was heartbreaking to hear his words. Their relationship had never been perfect, but neither one of them had ever said or done anything to the other that hurt as badly as what he was saying now. While Eleanor understood that from his point of view, the situation was very simple and disturbing, she still felt as though he was going over the top, and treating her worse than he should have been.

“Please… D…Don’t you kno… ow me by now.” Eleanor worked out, crying heavily at this point, “I Wou..oudn’t d.. Do thisss.”

“I thought I knew you,” Her husband replied with apathy, “But now… I’m not sure.”

Eleanor broke into more sobs as her husband broke her heart. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t believe her that hurt the most, but rather the way in which he portrayed it. A more loving and understanding husband would have been more worried about his wife’s state of mind, rather than being angry with her actions. It seemed she too was now unsure of the type of person her husband was.

“I… I need some time,” Her husband continued, “Time to think about… all of this, and what it means. I love you dear, but I’m worried, and disturbed.”

Despite his change of tone, it was too late. Eleanor’s emotional fortitude had been obliterated, leaving his final words more insulting than comforting. She sat on the bed and cried into her hands as her husband left the room quietly, leaving her to sulk alone in isolation. He returned to the living room to discuss dinner plans with his children, only to find that they had up and left. It didn’t really matter to him, as he sat on the couch and contemplated the odd day this had turned into.


Luna and Riley scurried past the master bedroom, up to their own, shortly after their parents had entered. As they did so, they lingered for a moment just outside, hearing their father verbally attack their mother, who sounded like she was crying. They both gave each other a saddened look before continuing up to the privacy of their personal living quarters. Luna plopped down onto the large bean bag chair in her room, as Riley started to sit down next to her.

Luna shook her head, and gestured to the bed where she wanted Riley to sit instead. Figuring this was a continuation of her punishment, Riley obliged begrudgingly, climbing up and getting comfortable on the bed. The two sat in silence for a moment, a somber atmosphere was thick in the room. While they were both happy to have fooled their parents, an unforeseen consequence of their victory was now apparent.

“Do… Do you feel kinda-” Riley began softly.

“Shitty?” Luna said, finishing her sentence, “Yeah, I mean, I’m happy, but I can’t believe I didn’t think about mom.”

“Yeah me too,” Riley agreed, “I was only thinking about us, I completely disregarded how it would affect mom and dad.”

“It didn’t even cross my mind…” Luna said, baffled at her own lack of concern over her mother’s mental and emotional health.

“Me either…” Riley nodded somberly.

“We need to make it up to her.” Luna spoke with resolve.

“How, we can’t just go and apologize, we aren’t supposed to know what’s going on, remember?” Riley pointed out.

“Yeah, but maybe we can just say that we heard her crying through the door, which technically isn’t even a lie, and try to comfort her.” Luna reasoned.

“I guess that could work,” Riley agreed, “But I mean… We are kinda the whole problem, what if she doesn’t want to see us. What if she still believes it or blames us.”

“It’s possible, but that’s just a risk we have to take. We owe her, it’s the least we can do, after what we’ve already done.” Luna stated.

“I’m yours. Whatever you choose to do, I’ll follow you.” Riley said with the utmost sincerity.

“I know,” Luna said with a heartwarming smile, “Come on, let’s go help mom.”

With that, the two got up and made their way to their emotionally unstable mother. With each step closer to the door, Luna became more and more uncertain of whether they should do this. It was much easier to say it needed to be done, rather than to actually do it. But her body continued down the stairs and towards the master bedroom, even as her mind had second thoughts.

Their footsteps were quiet on the hardwood floor, allowing them to approach the double doors that led to pinbahis giriş the master bedroom without alerting their father. Quietly they turned the knob and made their way inside. The room was fairly dark, none of the lights, lamps, or candles were currently on, being lit only by the bluish, afternoon glow of an ending day through the few windows. Luna and Riley could hear their mother’s sniffles and soft whimpers as they approached the large bed.

Eleanor was under the covers, hugging a large pillow close to her chest, as she cried softly in the wake of her emotional death. She must not have heard her children enter, as she jerked lightly when Luna rested her hand on her legs through the sheets.

“Mom, are you okay?” Luna asked sincerely as she rubbed her mother’s leg tenderly.

Riley climbed up onto the bed and sat at the head next to her mother, placing her hand on her mother’s shoulder similar to Luna. Despite all the evidence that supported the idea that her children were infact, not having sex, Eleanor refused to belive it. She knew that what she had seen was real, and even though she didn’t understand how it was possible, she couldn’t be convinced otherwise.

That being said, Eleanor couldn’t disregard her current emotional yearning for comfort and care, and she quickly lost the mental battle of remaining steadfast in her disapproval of her children. Under the loving touch of both of her offspring, Eleanor’s fading tears reopened into a new wave of emotional turmoil. She began to sob hard, as Luna and Riley continued to caress her silently.

Feeling that they had maybe made things worse and not better, Luna contemplated her options. After a moment of consideration, Luna swallowed her fears and suddenly reached under the covers with both arms. She scooped up her emotionally distraught mother into her arms and lifted her out of the bed, similar to how she had held Riley earlier that day. Truthfully, it was earlier in that moment that Luna had discovered how intoxicating the feeling of cradling your loved ones was.

After a brief moment of silence, Eleanor seemed like she was about to object to being held, but soon she melted into Luna’s arms. Eleanor was much larger than Riley so holding her wasn’t as easy for Luna, but it certainly wasn’t hard, and she rocked her mother in her arms gently as she tried to comfort her. Eleanor’s sobbing slowed as she curled up into Luna’s ample bosom. Eleanor marveled at the warmth of Luna’s chest, the strength of her arms, and the feeling of security and comfort that her embrace provided.

She felt like a little girl again, carefree and happy, a feeling she hadn’t experienced in a long, long time. Her crying completely stopped, closing her eyes as Luna lulled her into a calm state of mind. After the vicious experience with her husband, Eleanor was incredibly susceptible to such a kind and loving gesture, needing all the love she could get.

While she was being cradled, she found herself forgetting about her worsening relationship with her husband, and her husband altogether. Infact, the only thing that she could really focus on was Luna, and the magical feeling of her affection. For the briefest of moments, Eleanor thought she now understood why Riley would want to pursue a relationship with Luna, despite the complications of being related. It was this thought that pulled her back into reality.

Scared of Luna’s powerful effect on her psyche, Eleanor opened her eyes, and requested to be put down. Luna indulged, laying her mother gently back on the bed. Nothing in how Eleanor had asked to be let go, had indicated to Luna that she had disliked the experience. And since her crying had stopped, Luna assumed that she had probably enjoyed it. Luna leaned down and kissed her mother on the forehead, which Riley also imitated.

“We love you mom, we don’t like seeing you like this.” Luna whispered tenderly.

“Thanks girls, I love you too.” Their mother replied with a weak smile, her eyes still wet and red from crying.

The three stayed there, in silence, until Luna could hear footsteps approaching the slightly ajar door to the room. Luna looked towards the door as it swung open, their father standing in the threshold. He flipped the switch by the door, flooding the room with bright, soft white light. All three girls squinted as they quickly adjusted to the sudden light.

“Girls. Why don’t you come out here, I think your mother should be alone for a while.” Their father said coldly.

Luna took notice of the incredibly unsympathetic demeanor of her father. It now made sense as to why their mother was crying. Luna had never known her father to act in this way, and despite the situation, it still seemed more harsh than was necessary. Nonetheless, she didn’t want to raise any suspicions, so she and Riley were forced to comply without question.

As Luna and Riley exited the room, Luna looked back to see her father shake his head at their mother before closing the doors. Luna wasn’t entirely sure how to feel at that moment. She felt a little better knowing she had comforted her mother, but she also felt worse for her mother due to how their father was treating her. Overall she felt that she had done everything in her power to mend the situation, and it was now up to their father to act like a man, and care for his wife.

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