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Lynette Loves Her Toys

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It’s always great to meet new and interesting people along life’s journey. A couple of weeks ago, I was at Avila Beach here on the Central Coast of California. My next door neighbor, Denise, and I were enjoying the sand and surf on the clothing optional side of the beach. Within a half hour we were both nude and I was loving her huge beautiful breasts. She is a passionate lady with a 34GG rack and dark crimson red nipples which were erect during our entire stay.

My name is Rob and I’ve been retired for the past couple of years. I get to enjoy the coastal beauty any day I choose. Denise had the day off from her job at the local farmers market. There were a few other people at the beach that day. They were all settled in and properly naked. We found our spot about ten feet from the ocean’s edge and thirty yards from the nearest couple.

As we got settled, I noticed the lady that was thirty yards away was sitting and rubbing sun screen all over her very tan breasts. Of course, I stared, I always stare at a lovely pair of tits. She spent a lot of time rubbing and massaging her boobs and dark brown nipples. More time than I thought she needed; but who am I to complain. Denise broke my concentration by requesting that I protect her with sun screen too.

By this time, our towels were in place, we each had a bottle of water for hydration and Denise was laying down on her stomach. Denise was wearing a small string bikini which did nothing to hide her hour glass figure. As she was laying on her towel, all I saw was the narrow strap of her bikini top. She was showing plenty of side-boob and the strap of her thong was hidden within her butt crease. Denise has a wonderfully wide ass that comes with being forty-seven years old. I started with her fleshy butt cheeks and spread the sun protectant all around her body. I made sure to cover her boobs with cream as well.

It was a perfect beach day with a few white clouds floating through deep blue skies. Denise had never made love in public before. I knew she was in the mood and was encouraged by a close friend to give it a try. The more I applied the sun screen and used my hands to massage every inch of her body, the hornier she got. By the time I reached her inner thighs and pussy, she was ready to fuck. I applied a little bit of lotion to her smooth outer lips and she grabbed my hand and held it tight against her cunt. My fingers rubbed up and down her tight slit and hard clit.

As I was stroking her inner flesh, she moved her hands up to grab her boobs and pinch her nipples. From that point she was ready to make love. We have been intimate for several months and she loves my seven-inch cock, so I was not surprised that she was willing to make love so quickly. What surprised me was the fact that we had an audience. The lady that was sitting thirty yards away and playing with her tits was watching us intently. Denise and I nicknamed her Mystery Lady.

Mystery Lady watched me take Denise from the rear and then gave us a ‘thumbs up’. While we rested, she mounted her friend and bounced to an orgasm before giving him a blowjob. Watching her cum got us revved up again, so Denise and I made love in the good old-fashioned missionary position. As we were engaged, Mystery Lady moved her towel within twenty feet of us. She was a quite the voyeur.

After our second go around, Denise drifted off to sleep while I took a walk down the beach. I was staring out to the horizon when I felt a presence behind me. It was Mystery Lady. She introduced herself as Lynette and we engaged on a lovely conversation. We sized each other up as we talked. I was quite impressed with her golden tan breasts and dark brown nipples. She liked seeing my seven-inch cock up close. I was semi-erect and getting harder as I spied that incredible patch of pubic hair covering her mound.

Lynette apologised for getting so close to Denise and me while we were screwing. I confessed that I was turned on by her presence while I was balls deep into Denise’s pussy. She admitted she was masturbating while watching and had a massive climax just before us.

Lynette admitted that she was drawn to Denise’s breasts and wondered about their size. I was proud to tell her that Denise is a 34GG and all natural. She allows me the pleasure of fondling, rubbing, squeezing and kissing her glorious boobs. Lynette is proud of her own D+ breasts, especially how tan and sensitive her nipples are. She admitted to having orgasms occasionally, with just nipple play.

Lynette asked if Denise was my girlfriend. I had to confess that we are more like fuck buddies, and that we live next door to one another. That blew Lynette away, she remarked this was very convenient. I must agree. This got us on the subject of public sex and I told her about Catherine and I making love among the rock outcroppings. She said she might have seen us, as she is an Avila Beach regular and loves to watch other people fuck. You can easily tell she is a regular by her all-over tan.

I asked Lynette how she occupies Trabzon Escort her time when not sunning and watching other folks. She just started a job at our local adult shop a couple of months ago after years in the apartment management business. She wanted to know if I knew of the place. I admitted I have been there many times, the last being when I helped Catherine buy a strap-on and eight-inch dildo. I recalled the lady at the counter had absolutely no people skills and provided lousy customer service. Lynette said that lady was fired, and she is the replacement. She promised me the best service possible on my next visit, and asked if I would come see her real soon.

“So, will you come see me at the adult shop? I work weekday evenings, starting at five o’clock. I can show you all the new items. That’s one perk of the job, I get to play with all the toys and try on all the outfits. It’s usually slow after seven-thirty.”

As we parted ways on the shore of Avila Beach, I promised I would come see her within the next couple of weeks. I have been busy the last ten days doing odd jobs around the house. Catherine and I hooked up a couple of times for some 5K walks and amazing sex afterwards. Since she was back in Southern California visiting her daughter, I decided to give Lynette a call.

I found the number for Diamond Adult World on an old receipt from when I bought some lube and a new cock ring. I grab my cell phone to call and Lynette answers the phone.

“Good evening, thanks for calling Diamond Adult World where adults come to play. This is Lynette.”

I thought I would tease Lynette, “Hi Lynette, I’m an adult and I would love to play.”

I can hear annoyance in her response and quickly said, “This is Rob, from Avila Beach.”

“Oh you! I should hang up on you right now. Who do you think you are?”

I am momentarily caught off guard. Maybe that is the wrong approach with her.

“Just kidding. How are you Rob? I’m so happy you called. I’ve been hoping you would. I realised I would have to wait for you to contact me, since I don’t have your number. I thought it might be a bit forward if I asked when we first met.”

“I am wonderful Lynette; can you talk for a moment?”

“I sure can, right now there is no one in the store. Wednesday’s are usually slow. In fact, we close at 9:00 PM. So, I’m free to talk. Are you going to come visit me? Please say yes. I really want to see you and your seven-inch cock. I’ve been reliving our meeting at the beach over and over.”

“That’s exactly why I’m calling. I was wondering if I could come down later tonight, I need to restock on some cherry lube and see what’s new in the store. Will you be able to assist me?”

“What kind of question is that? Will I be able to assist you? Rob, you are going to get first class customer service that will make your head spin. My customer service will leave you breathless. My customer service will have you begging for more. My customer service… well, you get the point. You need to get yourself over here right now Mister. I can’t wait to see you again.”

“Well with an invitation like that, I’ll jump in my truck right now. I should be there in about fifteen minutes. I hope you’ll have time for me.”

“Sweetie, I’ve got all night for you. Just get over here quickly and you’ll have everything you desire.”

I’m off to the adult store in a flash. It doesn’t take long as there is no traffic this time of night. I walk into the shop and see Lynette at the register completing a sale. She looks at me with the biggest smile. I blow her a kiss as I make my way to the side of the store. There are three other people browsing amongst the merchandise. I stroll to the back where a huge display of vibrators and dildos fill the wall. I’m amazed by the variety of shapes and sizes. I take a few samples and read the package information. Each one boasts unlimited pleasure or fulfilling sensations or near perfect orgasms. My cock is quickly becoming erect.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to see Lynette. She hugs me and plants a wet kiss on my lips. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that so soon. I step back and give the once over. She is wearing a white lab coat with her name stitched on the front.

“Look at you, you look so clinical. Is that some sort of a uniform?”

Lynette laughs, “Yeah it is. The boss wants to project a helpful image. He wants to avoid the seedy, overtly sexual atmosphere. So, what do you think? Do I look like a lab assistant, or what? Hey, whatcha got there?”

“Well it looks like a ten-inch neon green dildo. The box says that all your needs will be satisfied with this magic wand. Wow, ten inches.”

“That’s probably a little too much for me. I know one magic wand that will satisfy me and it’s right between your legs. I’ll see if I can help any of these other people, and then I’ll be right back. Have fun looking around. The male masturbators are over on that shelf.”

I put the Jolly Green Giant phallus Escort Trabzon back on the wall and mosey on over to the men’s section. There are countless items offering the best self-pleasure experience. Porn star pussies are very popular, but the number one male sex device is my favorite, the Fleshlight. I can personally attest to its performance. I’ve enjoyed countless orgasms with mine. While I survey the many butt plugs and cock rings, I look over to the register and see Lynette ringing up some sales. When she completes the transactions, the happy customers leave the store and we are now alone in a sex shop.

Lynette hollers over to me, “Hey sexy, come over here and look at my unofficial uniform.”

I walk over to the front counter and Lynette stands five feet in front of me. She unbuttons her lab coat and grabs her lapel.

“Are you ready for my version of an adult store uniform?”

Lynette opens her coat and reveals herself. My cock springs to life. Underneath her official lab coat, Lynette is wearing a bright red corset and black silk stockings. I look down and see her matching red pumps. Her D-cup tan boobs spill over the top of her corset and her dark brown nipples are hard. The corset ends just above Lynette’s full mound of bushy hair.

“Lynette, is that legal? Wow. You look incredible. I love your outfit. Your breasts are divine. May I have a closer look?”

“I thought you’d never ask. Come to me.”

I reach out and hug Lynette. Her breasts squish into my chest and I kiss her. She returns my kiss and sticks her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues duel for several moments. I step back and place my hand under her right breast to lift and feel it’s mass. I massage her left breast and circle her nipples with two fingers. Her boobs are firm. They feel so good. Lynette sighs and holds my hand against her flesh. She directs my hand lower over her satin corset down to her pussy. I slide my fingers through her dense patch of hair. I can’t believe how full her bush is.

“Your hand feels so good. I wanted you to touch me at the beach, but was afraid I’d scare you off. What do you think of my uniform?”

“Lynette, you are gorgeous. I love this corset, so sexy. Turn around, let me see the back.”

She grabs the bottom of her cover-up and pulls it up over her cute ass. I run my hand around her left cheek and squeeze her firm flesh.”

“Quite the bubble butt. You are so sexy, and I love the silk stockings. You are definitely dressed for success.”

Lynette releases her coat tails and closes her outer wear. I’m a bit disappointed.

“I’d better behave in case we get another customer, but I promise this is all for you after closing time. I hope you’ll stick around and join me.”

“You had me from hello. I’m here to stay.”

Just as Lynette rearranges herself, the door opens, and a middle age lady walks into the store. Lynette greets her with a smile and a pledge to help. I leave the women alone and walk back to the men’s section. I browse through more novelties as Lynette assists her customer. After several minutes the ladies walk toward me. I place the butt plug back on the shelf.

Lynette looks at me, “Excuse me sir, may we bother you for a moment. We’re needing a man’s opinion. This is Lisa and I’m the store manager, Lynette. Lisa is looking to jump start her love life with her husband of eighteen years. We were wondering if you could give us your perspective.”

I extend my hand to greet both women, “Hello ladies, it’s nice to meet you. My perspective? Mmm. Well first I think you need to present yourself as a sexual goddess, and I would suggest you wear a sexy corset, perhaps a bright red one. You want to show off your tits and hard nipples. Lisa, you look like you have some amazing boobs under your sweater, show them off to your man.”

I think my response is shocking the girls. Lisa is blushing, and Lynette is shaking her head.

“And don’t forget about your husband’s pleasure. No one admits it, but we love to have a finger up our bums, or better yet a butt plug. It feels so good to have your ass filled. I am wearing one right now. I suggest you start out small. And don’t forget a cock ring. It will keep him so hard and you’ll feel him throb deep inside your pussy.”

I grab a butt plug and cock ring from the display and hand them to Lisa. Her hand is shaking as she takes the items.

“Oh, and don’t forget about him when you are away, you should really buy a Fleshlight. You can even use it together. Mine gets so much use, I just love it. And you’ll need a lot of lube. My favorite is vanilla.”

By now I can see both Lisa and Lynette are getting more than they bargained for and are wanting to leave me alone. I pick up the original version from the shelf and hand it to Lynette. Lisa smiles and turns to walk away.

Lynette gives me the evil eye, “Well thank you sir for being so frank and up front.”

“And don’t forget your pleasure, Lisa. You should check out Trabzon Escort Bayan the nine-inch rabbit vibrators. My neighbor, Denise, swears by it. She says the nine inches fills her up completely, but it’s the vibrating rabbit ears rubbing her clit that sends her over the edge.”

I hope I didn’t scare Lisa too much. I head over to the lingerie section to check out the thongs while the ladies walk to the opposite side of the store. Lynette is whispering to Lisa as they make their way over to the corsets. I watch them spend the next ten minutes looking around the store and chatting. Eventually Lynette heads over to the register and rings up the purchases. I see Lisa look in my direction as she walks out the door, so I wave goodbye. She doesn’t return my wave.

A few minutes pass before Lynette comes over to me. I am rubbing my cheek with a soft satin thong. It feels so exotic.

“So, Mister, what was that all about? I thought you might have a sweet answer for Lisa, but instead you made her blush with comments about her tits and pussy. I had to spend several minutes calming her down.”

I put down the panty, and kind of smirk and smile. Lynette picks up on my response.

“Oh, did you just punk me? Do you know Lisa? Did you two just set me up? Why I should…”

“No really, I don’t know Lisa. We’ve never met. I was just playing and getting a rise out of you. Do you often go up to strange men in the store and ask them for their opinion?”

“Well, you may have made her blush, but she bought everything you suggested, including the vibrator. Although, she opted for the eight-inch one. She thought nine inches would stretch her too much. What am I going to do with you?”

“Keep me around and let me eat your pussy?”

“You are definitely going to eat my pussy tonight. I guess I should have you come into the store more often. Lisa was my biggest spender since I started working here. I’m on salary and commission, so I guess I should thank you for the huge bonus.”

“Well, Lynette, you did ask for my opinion. And you are the sexiest sales lady I have ever met. I’ll buy anything you are selling. You are killing me with your red corset and silk stockings, I am so hard right now. Talk about a huge bonus.”

“Calm down and take your huge bonus into the back office. I must lock up, clear the cash register and record the day’s receipts. It usually takes me about twenty minutes and then I am going to take you home.”

Lynette gives me the tightest hug and presses her boobs into my chest. Her firm mounds feel good, even though her lab coat. We share a passionate kiss for several moments before breaking apart. Lynette walks back to the front, locks the door and dims the lights. She proceeds to close out the books. I head to the back office.

Lynette yells, “I bet you are fantasising about Lisa’s tits? You’re sorry she didn’t whip them out for you.”

I hear her laugh as I walk into the office. There is a Laz-Y-Boy recliner next to a large desk. The rest of the office is filled with boxes and boxes of sex merchandise. I sit down in the recliner and pull up the foot rest. I see a bunch of catalogues on the desk, from Doc Johnson, Adam and Eve and Love Merchants. I grab a couple and browse through them as I wait for Lynette. I’m amazed by all the products and choices that are available. Anything and everything related to adult fantasies can be bought.

In about fifteen minutes, Lynette walks through the door with her arms filled with finance books and money. She locks the books and money in the safe and joins me on the recliner. Her lab coat is undone, and she straddles me, wrapping her arms around my neck. Lynette moves up and stuffs her left breast into my face. I latch onto her dark brown nipple and suck the erect bud. She pulls my head into her flesh. I grab her right breast with my hand and massage her mound. Once again, I am overloaded with tits and loving it.

“I’m ready to take you home. You can have my boobs all night long. Are you sure, you don’t know Lisa? I can’t get over how you spoke to her. I’m sure her pussy was dripping just as much as mine. She thanked me for all of the help and said she’d be back soon.”

Lynette backs away and leans down to plant a big wet kiss on my lips.

“Let’s go big boy, I’m taking you to my place.”

Lynette gets up and buttons her coat; she pulls me out of the recliner and we head out the backdoor. She is carrying a large bag. We walk around to the front of the building to the parking lot.

“Hey, what’s in the bag? Are you looting the joint?”

“You’ll see, in good time. The boss lets me sample the merchandise. He wants me to know the whole inventory and what to recommend to customers. I won’t know, unless I try the stuff. Now get in your car and follow me.”

I lean in for one more kiss on the lips before getting into my car. I follow Lynette a short distance to her house in Grover Beach and park in the driveway. She owns a nice cosy craftsman home with a large front porch. I love these old houses built around 1910. Her home has been remodelled with an up-to-date kitchen and bath. Lynette gives me a quick tour, pointing out the bedrooms and custom shower with dual shower heads and an overhead rainforest head. I know where I want to end up tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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