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Mad Season

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“To Max with my eternal gratitude for showing me the meaning of eroticism”

* * * * *

I would like for you to join me as I explain my journey into the world of fantasies, passion and teasing that began the season of my life that I prefer to call my “Mad Season” of which I would not change for a million dollars. Who would have thought that through a chance reading of the personal ads I would find Max and that this would be the beginning of my sexual awakening?

My sexual experience had been limited because I had only fucked one other man before I married my husband. I knew that I was curious and that is when I began reading erotica. Upon responding to Max’s ad, we began talking about fantasies. I was very new to the “net” and did not think it was important to look at his profile. I later found out it gave his interests as exhibitionism and voyeurism. The funny thing is, had I saw that I would have never answered his ad and I am sure I would not be writing this. He writes for pleasure and would write me short stories. The stories would be about his fantasies. Things we would experience together. Things I would experience for the first time if we did happen to meet.

Never in my wildest imagination, would I have thought at the age of 40, I would experience my sexual awakening. I figured that being a wife, a mother and a career woman was all that I needed at this point in my life but I was wrong. Also, I never imagined I would ever stray from my marriage for any reason but I am glad that I did. Now let me tell you about the events surrounding the first night I met Max and maybe then you will understand about my “mad season”.

Max and I kept in very close contact for awhile and after he phoned me the first time and I heard his voice, I knew then that I would have to meet him. He has a great sense of humor but most importantly I couldn’t resist his fantasies. We had exchanged pictures and I liked his smile but just wasn’t sure if I was sexually attracted to him and he had told me I looked like a realtor in the picture I sent him. I had one friend that I knew had met someone from the personals so I phoned her and asked if she would join me for a night out of town. She agreed and Max and I continued to exchange fantasies about the night we would meet.

It was a hot June day when my friend and I took off on my adventure. I was so nervous I was ready to just forget it but I knew I would never forgive myself if I did not follow through with this. I had decided before I ever went that even if for one night I experienced new pleasures then it would be well worth it. My friend and I checked into the hotel. I had packed accordingly per his instructions. Max had asked me to wear a skirt, no panties or hose and to leave the bra at home. Crazy as it seemed istanbul escort to me at the time I obliged. I was dressed in a white casual skirt with a white man’s dress shirt and a red belt separating the two with red heels.

I was in my room when the phone rang and I picked it up with trembling hands and voice because he was telling me he was on his way and then he laughed and told me how nervous I sounded. I told him I was nervous that he would show up but even more so afraid he would not. Again he laughed and said he would phone me from the bar when he arrived. He knew I was bringing a friend as he had one too but he asked that I come to the bar to meet him alone. Within 20 minutes the phone rang again and he was indeed in the bar now. I knocked on my friends door and told her I was going and to meet me in the bar in 10 minutes. The walk down the corridor alone for me was one I will not forget. So nervous but so excited that I could feel my pussy beginning to release my juices. The feeling of my skirt touching my body and my nipples became erect with the slight touch of my blouse as I moved made me feel as sexy as I have ever felt in my life.

I walked to the doorway of the bar. As I began to search I saw him stand and wave his hand at me with a huge smile on his face. I proceeded to walk towards him and as I continued I saw him smile again and when I stood by him the attraction I had hoped would be there was, but so intense it threw me for a loop. Max was a very handsome man and I only hoped that he would be as attracted to me as much as I was to him. He had told me before he would greet me with a kiss but reached down to hug me instead. He explained later that I had looked so nervous he felt that it would be better this way. Max was dressed in casual shorts with a sports shirt. I sat down at the table and he ordered me a beer. His friend was sitting across from me and at times it seemed easier to talk to him because he did not know of my secret thoughts and fantasies. My friend showed up and the four of us talked but it was not long before Max asked his friend and my friend to get the beer out of the car and we would meet them at the room so we could all relax and talk.

As our friends left the bar Max asked for his kiss from me and I obliged willingly. He asked if I had dressed for him the way he had asked and I smiled and said yes. He then asked for me to show him so I sat back in my chair and spread my legs so that he could see my shaved wet pussy. I had unbuttoned my blouse just enough that when I would turn he could catch a glimpse of my breasts. He dared me to unbutton one more and I did as he requested. I had to smile and he asked if I could see how excited he was. I could tell by the hardness pressing against his shorts cebeci escort he was excited, and dared asking if I could see him too. When he rearranged himself, I could see up his pants leg and needless to say I was very impressed. The head of his cock was big and I could tell from the bulge how big he was which excited me so much more.

A couple of beers had relaxed me and by this time the nervousness was going away. We began to walk to my room and he took my hand while we laughed and joked. We entered the hallway to my room and as we approached it he stopped me and placed me against the wall. That is when he reached down and kissed me and it was so hot and exciting to me. As this was occurring his hand moved up my thigh and I parted my legs very willingly. As his fingers sought out my pussy he could feel how wet I was for him and he looked at me and said, “This is for me?” I could barely talk at the time for nothing even remotely close to this had happened to me before.

As we entered my room he turned me around to him kissed me and hiked my skirt up to my waist while lowering me to the bed. Max began to eat me with such expertise I did not ever want him to stop. His tongue began to tickle and tease my clit and then with short breaths blowing on me I thought I could not stand much more. My thoughts during this were the fact of how exciting it was to let a partial stranger do these things to me. How erotic this scene was and to me it still has the same effect when I think back to that night. We could hear our friends next door so we broke away from each other and told them to join us. Max had asked for me to bring my lime one piece bathing suit but had requested I cut out the cups and the protector so that he could enjoy watching me. I thought everyone had brought a suit but I was the only one and that made his eyes twinkle. He requested I change into it and once again I was happy to do so.

The four of us went to the pool area and as our friends sat down in chairs to talk, Max sat on the side of the pool. I dove into the warm water and began to swim. I knew I was teasing him/them, and as I would barely rise above the water I knew my nipples were hard and that all of them could see right through my suit but I did not care one bit at the time. I was showing off my body blatantly and I loved it. I had so very little confidence in myself before this that I hope you can realize how dramatic this was for me.

We walked back to the room and the two guys walked behind me. I could not help but smile because I knew what they could see. As we entered my room we grabbed for a beer. I began to get cold with just the bathing suit on with a towel wrapped around me so I told them I was going to change. I looked at Max and he smiled while asking our friends ankara escort to leave for a few minutes (which he did throughout the evening when he wanted to be alone with me and not showing off in front of others). I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his wonderful cock. He was so hard and I did not want to stop but he pulled away wanting this to last. Max had asked me to wear something sexy so I went into the bathroom and began to change. I placed my white shirt over me but left it unbuttoned almost to the last button. I am tanned all over so the contrast of the white shirt against my skin with the deep v that centered before my breasts was a very big turn on to him. While I was changing, Max had asked our friends to come back over because a part of his fantasy included teasing his friend too.

I moved about the room teasing Max and his friend by slight movements to give them a better view of my body but I was behaving very nonchalantly which amazed me. I was having a wonderful time and I did not want it to end. My eyes showed the lust I had for him and I could not deny it. The show I was giving went on for awhile and it was nice to hear that his friend was envious.

Our friends left us alone again and Max reached down to kiss me, and as his lips moved to my neck he began to nibble softly and the moans began to escape my lips. His lips began to move to my breasts and began sucking and nibbling on my hardened nipples. My hands moved to his large erect cock and as my fingers closed around him I knew that I had to feel him inside my hot pussy. My lips were also seeking out his nipples and teasing them with my tongue. I parted my legs and as his fingers touched me again I became so wet that I could feel my juices begin to flow and as he placed 2 fingers inside me I did not think I could bear it any longer. I pulled away and began to suck on his cock again and the feeling brought Goosebumps to my skin, oh how I do enjoy his wonderful, thick cock.

Max lightly placed me on the bed and then he covered my body with his. I wanted him so much at the time that I did not care of any consequences to follow I just knew I needed that cock inside me but I also knew it would not happen on this meeting. We had agreed that we would not fuck on this first meeting and although I was ready to forget our agreement, and I knew Max was close to dismissing it too, he is the one that maintained our passions. He would take his cock and rub it against my wet and excited pussy teasing me with it but reminding me that we would fuck soon and that this was part of our plans.

He was driving me crazy with lust but I was enjoying this so much and we had accomplished most of the things that we had planned for the evening. Everything he had envisioned to me in his fantasy had taken place and was as erotic as he had described them to be so I knew I needed to trust him and that the next meeting would be so very much more. He was teasing me again and leaving me wanting him so badly I knew we would see each other again soon…and we did.

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