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Magic Dress – Angela Pt. 04

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While we were both in our lucky dresses, Jane made a suggestion, which Angela said she would pass on to Arthur.

Next week, I called a meeting of all employees, stressing that it was good news. I told them that our last contract had been completed within time and budget and they were very satisfied with the quality of our work. As a result, we had more orders coming in and would be looking for extra staff. There would be a bonus.

I added that it was convenient to tell them something else, which I did not think important, but some might, and I told them that I liked to dress up in women’s clothes sometimes. I didn’t think that it had any relevance for the firm, but if it was a problem for anyone, there would be a generous severance package and an excellent reference, plus I would help them to find another job.

“Why should it be a problem, boss?” said our workshop supervisor. “I’ve seen you in town a couple of times. Now I’ll say hello. We’ve got at least three gays and two lesbians plus several folk who support the wrong football team, but what you do in your own time is up to you. I build doll’s houses.”

“Yes,” said the stores clerk. “I’ve seen you shopping for dresses with your wife.”

“And in the café in the department store,” added someone else.

“Doesn’t Jim do that as well?” someone asked and Jim nodded.

“We think you’re a great boss,” said the chief electrician, and everyone clapped.

No-one had any objection, and now they greet me if they see me out and about. I have grown my hair longer and wear it in a trendy executive ponytail during the day. I will get it properly styled for our holiday.

There was one more weird thing. I was out and about when I spotted a woman wearing another one of That Dress, so went over. I realised it was Maurice, who had been my best manager, but had gone to pieces after a divorce, and we had had to let go. He was now engaged to another woman, but cross-dressing at the weekend as Yvette. The expansion meant that I could re-hire him, which I did after a bit more talking with him and discreet enquiries. He came back better than ever and married his fiancée Kathy. So there are three cross-dressing men at the same company, and we and our wives often get together for all-female time. But all three had started with the same pattern of dress, which seemed to have something about it that we couldn’t explain.

Maurice apparently told people about Yvette, and some of the women said they would love to meet her. I asked my Personal Assistant Susan if she could book a room in a restaurant for an afternoon, and she said why not meet the others? She offered to make arrangements with Iris, Nancy and Kathy, and said leave all the details to us, and booked a room in a hotel for the afternoon with a meal and tea later. The finance officer gave blanket approval. It was nearly all the women in the company who wanted to come!

We decided not to wear our special dresses, partly because it would look odd to have three the same, but mostly because they were special and private. I now had some briefs which would hide my bulge but also padded my hips and buttocks. I had to tuck my cock back between my legs and push my balls up into my body, which was not totally comfortable, but not as bad as it sounds. It was strong elastic material to hold me in place, and give a flat front. Iris had found a clinging dress which she said made me really alluring. Yvette and Jane also looked stunning. Jane was clearly the most stylish, but it was Yvette who was the hit, when Kathy lifted her skirt and showed the whole room her French knickers. They all clapped, and I think most of the women in the room had an individual look during the afternoon.

The other women in the company were also tarted up, and there was an awful lot of mutual appreciation going on in the room, with not a man in sight. We ended up sitting at three separate tables with our wives so that everyone could get a chance to talk to us. This was mainly compliments with some congratulations. One woman told me she was a lesbian and really fancied me. “Nice gaff,” she added with a wink. Iris was beaming with pride. Of course everyone wanted to talk to our wives, and I wondered if some husbands might need advice. Iris later told me that was true.

After so much talking, Bostancı Ukraynalı Escort I was glad of the tea, but of course that was going to give its own problems. Fortunately Susan had anticipated this. The hotel hosted conferences, often with a predominantly female audience, so we had access to two large sets of Ladies’ toilets of very high standard. The only difficulty was that everyone wanted to talk to me in this special women’s place. So it was difficult to get out. Yvette and Jane said the same.

The last part of the afternoon began with Gloria Gaynor coming through the speakers singing “I will survive”. The waiters had cleared some floor area and we all danced to some female favourites. It was a wonderful womanly time and one of the best days of my life.

Departing took a long time because every woman wanted to kiss each of us on the cheek, and many wanted to kiss our wives and say how great it had been to meet them and how fantastic it was that they supported their husbands. Susan, of course was last. She grabbed my head and kissed me full on the mouth, then hugged me. She was slightly tearful as she said I had been a wonderful boss, and I deserved this party. She said Angela would be welcome in the office any time.

Of course, I said I would do this again, probably every year.

A week later, our workshop supervisor and chief electrician came to see me. “Trade Union business,” they said, looking very serious. I invited them to sit down and asked what the problem was.

“Equal pay for equal work. No discrimination because of race, religion or gender.” I was worried.

“How come my wife gets to dance with Angela, and I don’t?” They were smiling.

Susan sorted it out. A series of three smaller events for about 30 employees plus their partners or a guest. This was not just the men in the company, but all the women and their partners so there were a lot to accommodate.

Susan said “I want to talk to Angela about this, not you. A women’s conversation.” So she came to our house on Saturday.

She said to me and Iris. “This is women talking together about men. I don’t want either of you telling Arthur any of this. You can tell Jane and Yvette, but they mustn’t say anything to Jim or Maurice.”

Odd, but we said OK.

She relaxed. “It’s about men and their precious cocks. Now most of the men in the company want to meet you, and most of the husbands are curious. Everyone admired your dress and how smooth it is, and some of the husbands are more than curious. Frankly you look very sexy. So when they dance with you, there are likely to be some stiff cocks around.”

“Oh,” I said. “Should we cancel, or not dance, or what?”

“On the contrary, and on behalf of the women, you should flaunt yourself, and if the guys want to push their cocks against you, you should let them. If it was me instead of you, I would be flattered and bloody excited, and my husband would be jealous and very, very excited. I want to see him with a stiffy, and have him apologise then give me a good screwing. How does that seem to you?”

Iris said that seemed like a lovely idea, and she would certainly love to see Angela do that. She expected that Nancy and Kathy would like it, if Jane and Yvette agree.

I was surprised, but am now enough of a woman to relish the naughty idea. What men don’t know!

When we discussed it, only Jane was hesitant, but said if she could wear the special dress she would be confident that everything was going to be all right. Susan booked us in for dance lessons after work, so we learned how to follow in a waltz wearing mid heels. We paid for it out of our own pockets, however.

Our wives of course took charge. We had been dressed to be appreciated by women before. Some adjustments were required for men. I had larger breast forms, and a smooth more flexible bra so that they would wobble and the nipples show through. Everything was made to be smooth, including higher waisted gaff pants to remove my genitals from view and slightly reduce and raise my waist. The padding on my buttocks had been replaced with silicone forms, giving an even more natural look (and if necessary feel!), I was told. (Yes it cost a lot, but we could afford it and thought it would be worth it for the several events.) Bostancı Üniversiteli Escort I had tights but no actual knickers apart from the gaff as my dress was long enough.

By contrast Yvette had a very short skirt and a blouse. Her chest also wobbled convincingly. When she twirled, there was a glimpse of lacy panties, stocking tops and suspenders. Her bulge had also vanished. Jane wore the underclothing The Dress required, but had different hair and makeup, looking very sultry but also elegant.

Susan was in total control (just as she was in the office with me) and looking good in a long and low- cut blue gown. We three stood on a little stage so that people would not block the door by trying to speak to us one by one. She ticked them off her list and gave each man a lottery ticket, directing the couples to a buffet. When most people had filled their plates, she took the microphone and introduced us.

“Now the people you have been longing to meet! Please welcome Arthur’s sister, Angela!” As we had practised, I gave a sort of wiggle of the hips, and leant forward a little. I slowly turned and moved my bum for their appreciation. There was a round of applause and some wolf whistles.

“And Jim’s sister, Jane!” She just moved her body slowly in a motion which was both elegant and sensuous. I was sure she would be the women’s favourite.

“Last but not least, we have been glad to welcome Maurice back to the company, particularly as he has brought his sexy sister, Yvette!”

Yvette gave a waggle and twirl. As she was on a stage, everyone must have had a good view under her skirt. Then she turned her back and bent over slightly to reveal her stocking tops and her lacy panties. There were more wolf whistles and a lot of clapping.

“Now get eating. In a while we will have the lottery.” She paused. “And the prizes are… a dance with these lovely ladies! So hold onto your tickets, boys. And anything else that’s important to you!”

As conversation resumed, I whispered to Susan “We’re not going a bit far are we? I don’t want to upset anyone.”

“I don’t think so. So far as I know all the women who work here are either up for it or haven’t brought their men. I think many of the wives have been told and no-one’s said they’re against it.”

We wandered amongst the crowd, being introduced to partners, and sometimes being told things like “I think it’s amazing what you’re doing.” Which was very nice. Susan told me that some lesbian partners were there and particularly keen, so had been given tickets.

Then Susan told everyone that it was ten minutes to the lottery, and they should please use the facilities. During this time, the speakers played “Three times a lady” and “Hold me close”.

Finally, we moved down onto the floor and Susan made her announcement. “Have you got your tickets? If you don’t have a ticket you can’t win,” which produced a flurry of checking pockets and handbags. She went to a container. There was a drum roll through the speakers. “And the winner is…” With a flourish she pulled a ticket out. “Everyone! You all get a dance. Look at your ticket and look at the display.” A digital display came on as you have in places where people have to queue, showing the number 1.

“When your number comes up, go and claim your dance from Angela. When Nancy taps you on the shoulder go to Jane, and then Yvette. Show them how much you appreciate them, and if it is enough you may even get a kiss! And the first lucky man is number one, my husband, Peter!”

The speaker started playing “Moon River” (instrumental), a slow waltz, and Peter came forward: a handsome man in a smart suit, about six feet tall. Of course, he was an expert dancer and led me very skilfully. It was lovely, and when Nancy tapped him on the shoulder I gave him a kiss, and people cheered. He moved to Jane. They made a beautiful elegant couple. (Someone came forward, presumably ticket number 2. Nancy put up her hand and pointed to the display, which still read 1.) Of course Peter got a kiss from Jane. He must have done something different, because dancing with Yvette looked much more erotic. The music stopped and they held each other tight for a long kiss. There was cheering and clapping. He went to Susan on the stage and held her close to Bostancı Vip Escort him.

“Well, I can tell Peter certainly enjoyed that! I hope everyone else has an equally good time. When you’ve had your dance with the three stars of the show, you are required to have a dance with your partner, not go to the bar!”

The display changed to 2, and the music started up again, with a series of smoochy classics, and as the numbers rose, the floor began to fill with other couples, which was better. Quite a number of men were led forward by their wives, I suppose because they were hesitant. One of these was our workshop supervisor, who whispered “Have you had it cut off, boss?” I was sorry he said ‘boss’.

“No,” I whispered, “it’s just gone on holiday, back tonight. Now if you fancy me, kiss me!” Which he did. I was pleased with his boldness. A few others asked me something similar. It was interesting how some were very diffident and some were very unashamed, pushing their cocks at me. I rewarded the ones who were bold with a kiss, and also kissed those I was sorry for, so that was most of them. I liked those that kissed me. Quite a few managed to sneak a hand onto my buttock. Our three lesbians and their partners had all managed to get tickets, so I danced with six women. They were all very attractive, and danced beautifully. They kissed well, too. I got an inkling of how a woman can fancy another woman. Overall I danced closely with 30 men and six women. Quite a good night!

When the last ticket had been called, the music stopped. Susan and Peter came down to the floor, and we were each joined by our wives. “The Last Waltz” started playing, and we danced. A few couples joined us but most watched, and clapped and cheered when the music ended. I grabbed the microphone and asked for a big hand for Susan and Nancy who had managed things so well, which, of course they got.

Peter came over, kissed Susan and said “I’m sure you girls have things to discuss, so I’ll leave you. I’ll take the car, and you get a taxi as agreed.”

“Not before you give the rest of us a goodnight kiss,” said Nancy, and he obliged.

“Now the important topic,” said Susan, when he had gone, “cocks. I am sorry to say that Peter did not have a stiffy when I hugged him, though of course I suggested he had. You have disappointed me, girls. He’ll be doing the first waltz each time, so you got another chance next week.” She hummed the music from “Mission Impossible” and said in a deep voice “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give my husband a boner.”

“Now, Angela,” she continued. “How many cocks did you feel?”

“A few,” I said. “Maybe six or seven. About the same as felt my bum.”


“None. I told you the dress would keep me safe. Though I saw quite a few.”


“Most of them, at least twenty.”

“A good start,” said Susan, “but room for improvement. Obviously word will get around, but I will still pretend it is a lottery. I’m hoping the men will boast and more will fancy their chances. By the way, Angela and Yvette, where the hell did your cocks get to? I bet that is going to be the number one topic of conversation tomorrow.”

“Trade secret,” I said. “But Yvette, your costume was fantastic.”

“Oh yes!” said Susan with enthusiasm. “You’re an incredibly sexy woman.” We all agreed, and she blushed, and said that five or six had managed to pat her pubes. I said two had to me.

Next time I think Susan must have prepared Peter by reminding him, because he definitely had a boner when he left Yvette. I got 15 that time. The following time Peter had a boner when he left me, and I got twenty cocks thrust at me, with which I was well pleased. Yvette said 27. I think word must have got round, since about half of them managed to put a hand on my crotch and most of them on my bum. Yvette of course had more cocks.

Back at work, it was understood that I was only Arthur there, and Angela would never discuss work. However I did notice people looking at the front and back of my trousers.

After each party I went home, we wiped makeup off and undressed. It was a particular relief to get out of my restrictive clothing, though I hadn’t noticed during the party. Then I showered and put on That Dress for about half an hour. I felt I owed it to her, and it brought me back to my basic state as Angela rather than Angela the party girl. I slept happily in my nightie, and after breakfast prepared myself properly, put on That Dress with everything right and spent some quality time with her. That evening, Arthur gave his wife a jolly good fucking. Twice.

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