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Making Beautiful Music

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Part One

I have been a guitar player most of my life. Self-taught, better than the average player, but no professional. Occasionally, I like to find bars or restaurants that feature open mic nights so I can get up and play in front of people, most of whom are there for the same reason.

One night, I played at a nearby bar with an open mic organized by a women named Sarah. She’s maybe 10 years or so younger than me, pretty, but not intimidatingly so. She is a decent guitar player and a fairly good singer. So I approached her one night and asked if she might be interested in getting together to work up some songs to perform as a duo. At first she gave me a somewhat quizzical look but then said sure. We made arrangements to meet at her house in a couple of nights to see if there was any music we might make work.

On the evening in question, I packed up my guitar, told my wife where I was going, and headed over to Sarah’s place. To help dispel any tension, I picked up a bottle of wine.

Sarah welcomed me graciously to her home and was pleased with the wine. She poured us each a glass, and we settled in to playing music. We rehearsed a number of songs that we decided we could play together. Then we relaxed with the wine and made small talk. We agreed to play together at the next open mic session and to meet again the following week to rehearse some more.

This became our regular schedule, playing at the bar and working on music (and wine) at her house. As each week passed, she became more comfortable having me there. Sarah’s comfort level with me increased to the point where she admitted she was bi, “well, really more lesbian”, and was in an off-and-on relationship (currently off) with a woman that I had seen at the bar sitting with her. The woman’s name was Amy, and she was an attractive blond about the same age. Now I understood Sarah’s initial reaction to my suggestion about getting together.

Then one week, she seemed to be almost flirting with me, asking questions about my wife’s and my relationship. “What does she think about you drinking wine and making music with a divorced lady? Isn’t she afraid I’ll steal you away with my angelic voice?”, she laughed.

“Well”, I said, “we are still married but lead pretty separate lives. I’m not sure she cares much about what you and I are doing here.”

Sarah gave me an incredulous look, saying “I don’t believe that. I’ll bet she’s thinking I’m here seducing you with wine and song.” Then she laughed heartily.

Attention bells started to go off in my head, as I tried to parse her words. Was she hinting she would be open to something physical between us? Did I dare take a chance following up her comments? After a moment’s reflection, I decided to see where this would go by opening up to her about my sex life.

“Sarah, I’m older than you by enough that I’ve reached the age where years of high blood pressure and the meds I take for it have given me a solid case of ED that viagra won’t touch. My wife refuses to understand this and takes it as a personal insult to her that I cannot perform. That’s driven a wedge between us that neither of us seems to want to repair. So, to be perfectly honest with you, I can’t remember the last time I had sex. And, yes, I find being here making music and drinking wine with you definitely gets my imagination into gear. You are very attractive, but I would not jeopardize our friendship by making a move on you. I have too much respect for you, and anyway, that’s not how you swing.”

Sarah’s expression was one of sympathetic curiosity. “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear all that. That’s not right of her. I really do enjoy our time together, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

She still had the curious, flirty expression on her face, so I decided to up the ante. “Well, I shouldn’t be telling you any of this. Must be the wine. But to be honest, I guess I’m different than a lot of guys. I was always more interested in satisfying my partner than in getting any satisfaction for myself. I guess what I’m saying is, I always enjoyed going down on a woman even more than having intercourse. For me, nothing could be more thrilling than feeling a lady lose herself completely to her pleasure while I’m wrapped up between her legs. I’m not trying to get too graphic here, but for me, the female orgasm is the most amazing, overwhelming experience I have ever had the privilege to be part of. Truth be told, I think I’m addicted to it. There, I guess I’ve completely shocked you and made you want to throw me out.”

“No, no, I ‘m not going to throw you out”, Sarah said. “So your wife won’t let you do that to her?”

“She won’t”, I said. “Too much anger at me, and she never seemed to like it anyway. She has body image difficulties and refuses to allow me near her now. So, I just do without, and I get frustrated being in situations around attractive women.”

Sarah was very quiet, staring intently into her almost empty glass of wine. She got up and went to the kitchen, returning adiosbet yeni giriş after a brief interval with a fresh bottle. As she topped off our glasses, I debated what to do next. Had I gone too far? Should I apologize and make my humiliated exit?

Sarah rescued the moment in a way that was completely unexpected. “You know I’m a lesbian, right?” I nodded and started to reply, but she cut me off. “No, let me finish.” A pause, as if she was carefully considering her words. “Oral sex is a lot of what lesbians do, you know. It’s not that I don’t like men, I like women more. Women have a better idea of how to please each other.” Again, a long pause as she thought. She took a huge breath and continued on. “But once it starts, I guess it doesn’t really matter who is going down on you, as long as they are reasonably competent and can make you feel that they are doing it to please you…that it’s not a burden. Understand what I’m saying?”

My hands were shaking as I took a big swig of my wine. “Yes, I understand. I’ll bet most men do it only as a quick fore-play step and then just want to jump to intercourse. That was never my way. I truly love the taste of a woman, always have. Actual sex was just the bookend on the whole thing for me. I guess I’m just weird”.

She smiled. “Well, if that’s weird, that’s the best kind of weird I’ve ever heard of.”

Again it got quiet between us.

I decided it was now or never, I would say what this conversation had led me to think, and take the chance that I might either score or that would be the end of it. “Sarah, would you consider allowing me to pleasure you? Nothing else would be required of you, except to enjoy. Teach me how you like it. I expect nothing in return, except the thrill of being part of your pleasure. I won’t even take any clothes off, if you prefer. But hopefully it would benefit both of us.”

She sat still as stone, her expression sphinx-like. “Damn!”, I thought. “I’ve really blown it now. She is insulted and disgusted with me!”

“I’m so sorry, Sarah”, I blurted out. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you like that. I had no right to ask that of you. Please forgive me. I’ll go”.

As I stood up, she said, “Don’t be silly! I’m not insulted. I was just going to suggest the same thing to you. But I was afraid you might not find me attractive enough or want to get involved with a queer woman.”

“You’d be willing to try this with me?”, I gasped, relieved beyond belief.

“Yes, I think so. If you are. You’d be willing to do it?”

“Oh, yes!”. I managed to squeeze the words out. “I think you are a very lovely lady. I would consider it an honor and a privilege to pleasure you!”

We moved together and kissed, tentatively. The we clutched at each other, tongues twisting in harmony.

She said, “How do you want to do this? Do it now, or wait till we’ve had a chance to think it over?” I sensed she was still unsure and a bit embarrassed.

I said, “I want to pleasure you now. How about you put on a robe? That way you can keep covered and let me access what you are comfortable with. You could sit on the couch, and I’ll kneel down in front of you. Anytime you say ‘Stop’, we stop”.

She liked that idea, leaving the room and returning in her robe. I knelt and we kissed again, gently.

“Do you like your breasts played with too while you’re being licked?”, I asked.

She giggled and nodded her head. I realized that I needed to be patient and move slowly to be sure she was completely comfortable with what we were doing, even though what I really wanted was to climb up under that robe and get my face right into her pussy. I started at her feet, kissing and licking each one, sucking her toes, licking her arches, kissing up her ankles, switching from left to right and back again. “Ooh, I’m getting the full treatment, huh?”, she said. I smiled and nodded. Then, I kissed and licked my way up to the inside of her knees. A contented sigh told me I was on the proper path, and I could feel Sarah relaxing more and more as I moved ever nearer to my goal. Her eyes were closed as she allowed me to spread her legs gently apart to open the robe a bit more.

By now, I was getting the scent of her arousal. That scent never fails to shock my brain, going right to the center of my sexual core. As I continued to lick and suck the soft skin on her inner thighs, I could see her bush, neatly trimmed, a prominent V covering her mons and a soft ring of fur around her vulva. What a beautiful sight! How long it has been since I was so close to such a treasure!

Undoing the robe, I reached up to cup her left breast. It was small and firm and fit perfectly in my musician’s hands. Sarah’s breath caught as I circled her nipple and gently tweaked it. My other hand performed the same ritual on her right breast.

I continued to slowly lick her thighs, moving ever upward. At I reached where her legs join her crotch, I stopped and gazed at her lovely pussy. I said, “Oh, Sarah! adiosbet giriş How beautiful she is! She deserves to be kissed!”

Sarah giggled and slid her hips closer to the the edge of the cushion and my waiting mouth. By now, she was wetter around the edges of her labia, making her fragrance all the more powerful. I teased her just a bit more, licking the crease between her labia majora and thighs, avoiding her lips. But she had had enough of that, and with her hands on the back of my head, she pulled me into her wet center. Now I had my first taste of her wetness. I kissed up and down her labia, then parted them with my nose to drank deeply of her honey. Sweet, sweaty, salty, delicious. I burrowed my tongue into her vagina to enjoy more of her copious fluid. She was producing plenty of that now, and I eagerly lapped up her generous offering. Licking down a bit, I reached below her vulva to her taint. She gasped and angled herself to give me more access. Not this time maybe, but possibly in the future she might enjoy having her rosebud licked.

I worked my way back to her opening and again drank deeply of the ambrosia flowing from her. There is no way to express how much I love tasting a wet pussy. I was getting my first chance to feed my addiction in a very long time, and I was making the most of it. But Sarah’s hands were beginning to pull me upwards towards her pearl. Ah, the clitoris, seat of a woman’s passion, hidden under her hood, waiting for me to make her soar. I knew from past experience that every time you perform cunnilingus on a lady, you must be very careful and observant of all her subtle signals as you approach her clit. Some women are too sensitive to have you licking there directly. You need her to show you where her secret spot is. For some, it is on either side of their clitoris. Some want you just to lick thru the hood. Others want you to go right for the treasure and stimulate their clits with all your might. Apparently, Sarah was the latter type. She moved my mouth right up to her hood and with her hand, spread her lips apart to give me direct access to her nub. I closed my eyes and got to work.

As I licked and sucked on her, Sarah got increasingly more active, moving her butt around on the cushion and rutting herself against my tongue. I had to concentrate to keep my attention on her pearl, as her movements made it more difficult. Then I stuck a finger into her vagina, and that seemed to change her focus. She worked to piston my finger in and out of her as I licked her clit for all I was worth. Her moans and cries became louder, and the rhythm increased until she locked my head between her thighs, as together we rode out her orgasm. She soaked my face as she took her pleasure, singing that beautiful hymn of female sexual energy.

When she was thru, she collapsed on the seat but did not push me away. Her hands and thighs slowly released their grip, as she panted. Her eyes opened, and she looked down at me. “Where did you ever learn to eat pussy like that?” It was more of an exclamation than a question, and I just smiled at her, savoring her “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” as her body calmed. But she continued to hold me there between her legs, close to her sex, a knee wrapped around the back of my neck.

“Can you go again?”, I asked.

” I don’t know. I think so.”

I took that as permission to restart my ministrations, and I began kissing her labia once more. But she surprised me by grabbing my hair and clutching my face tightly to her. Not one to miss a signal, I returned to vigorously licking and sucking her clit. With my finger, I searched out her g spot, and she began bucking and crying out loudly, as again, she flooded my face. She came very quickly. When this orgasm waned, she collapsed on the couch and released me from between her legs. I sat next to her and held her as she slowly calmed. When I reached around to hug her, my hand fell upon her breast, and she tightened her elbow to let me know that she liked that touch. So as we sat there, I gently stroked and played with her nipple. Her robe was completely open and falling off her shoulders. No embarrassment now. Eventually, she sat back and looked at me with wonder in her eyes.

“I didn’t know any man could do a woman like that. Hell, I’m not sure that most women could, either. It’s never happened to me before.” She was still breathless.

I replied, “Well, all I can say is to repeat that I love to eat pussy. I loved it from the first moment I ever had a chance to do it. I think it is the most intimate act that a man and a woman can perform, even more than intercourse. I love eating your pussy. I love it, I love it, I love it.”, I repeated, as if I was chanting a mantra.

After she rested and we finished our wine, I asked her if she was ready for more.

She gave me a tired smile, and shook her head. “But,” she said, “there’s always next week, that is, if I didn’t scare you off with my craziness.” We both laughed at that, and I said I would be sure adiosbet güvenilirmi to come back for more.

Part Two

When I arrived at her house the next week, we were both a little tense, not sure what we had gotten ourselves into, each unsure about how the other felt about our intimacy. But music is the universal cure for so many ills. By the time we put our guitars down, we were relaxed once more. Sarah opened the wine.

After a brief pause, we both started to talk at once and then laughed at each others’ nervousness. I told her how much I had enjoyed pleasuring her last week and that I was hoping she didn’t regret it.

“Do you think it’s something we should keep doing?”, she asked. I replied that both our relationships were on the rocks, and why not make each other feel good while we can.

She smiled and said, “I wasn’t sure how you felt. And I was so selfish, just coming my brains out and doing nothing for you. I couldn’t believe I was so unfair, and I figured you would think so too.”

“No, no, Sarah!” I replied. “I loved every minute, every second of pleasuring you. You’ve got to believe that it’s my favorite thing in all the world to do. Trust me on this. And you weren’t selfish when you came like that. Each orgasm you had was a beautiful gift to me. I cherished every one. I replayed that evening in my mind over and over again all week, hoping it would not be the only time.”

“But I didn’t do anything for you. I didn’t even touch you. How can that be fair?” She was genuinely perplexed.

I repeated what I had told other women in the past when this had come up. “Sarah, going down on you was wonderful. I loved how you put your trust in me so you could let yourself go and enjoy your pleasure. You overwhelm all five of my senses when you permit me to eat you. You pussy is so beautiful. She’s a treasure, your lips swelling and opening like the petals of a delicate flower. Your scent and your taste! How can I explain how they intoxicate me, addict me to you. Feeling your wetness on my face, your hand and thighs squeezing me tightly is pure joy. And listening to you sing as you come! It’s the most beautiful music I could ever hear.”

My words seemed to satisfy her concern. We kissed, gently at first then groping and pulling ourselves together. “Let’s go to bed. You can take off your clothes this time if you want.”.

Our love-making was sweet and languid. She climbed on top of me and pressed her bare body against my nakedness as we kissed. I moved my hands over her back and her buttocks, getting to know the feel of her. She slid to the side and began playing with my penis. Though I had promised her that cunnilingus was the only activity I was interested in, I had taken a pill before coming over just in case. I figured if I could show her even some small sign of physical excitement, it would be a good thing. I did begin to stir to half erection, and this pleased her.

When she looked up at me with eyes that told me she was ready for more, I asked her to sit on my face.

“Are you sure? I’ll smother you!”, she objected.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”, I replied.

As she mounted me, I beheld what I happen to think is possibly one of the most erotic sights, that of a woman swinging her leg over my face to sit on me. I liken it to the anticipation at the sound of an symphony orchestra tuning to the A note of the oboe just before a performance.

We locked eyes as she lined herself up with my mouth and sat. Immediately, I was immersed in the wet, hot world of her sex. Gently I licked her labia and parted them with my tongue. A slow stream of her vaginal fluids began to leak from her, and I made sure not to miss a single drop. I pushed my tongue into her to encourage production of more ambrosia.

From the week before, I knew Sarah was active during cunnilingus, and I was ready for her. She began rocking her hips on my face, back and forth, side to side. I carefully studied where she wanted contact on her pussy. For now, she seemed to favor constant pressure everywhere. But soon she focused my mouth on her clitoris and reduced her movements to rubbing my tongue on her pearl. I added suction to the mix and was rewarded with a small, quick jet of fluid. I moved my hands to her breasts and played with her nipples. Her breathing became more rapid and ragged, and her focus on the friction between her clit and my tongue was more intense.

This continued for maybe five minutes before her voice raised to a series of keening squeals as she started to come. I recalled now what she said about smothering me, as I was so deep into her crotch that no air could reach me. But it was not a problem, as I concentrated on contact with her clitoris and her breasts. She was grunting with each thrust of her pussy against my face. More fluids soaked my mustache and beard. Slowly, she moderated the movement of her hips, as she peaked and started to come down from her orgasm. Finally, she sat still against my chest, breathing heavily, eyes scrunched shut. My view of her body was from her pussy to her breasts to her face. One of the most beautiful sights in all of creation is the relaxed, satisfied expression of a woman who has just orgasmed. I had the joy of that sight as we both rested.

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