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Making Gramps’ Dreams Cum True Ch. 02

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Grandpa Surprises Marie with stories from and she surprises Grandpa John with her college roommate, Megan.

Marie Continues the Story:

I arrived at Gramps Saturday afternoon. He greeted me at the door with a big hug and kiss. “I’m so glad you’re here sweetheart, I missed you.” Before I could say a word he continued, “Take your things to your room and meet me at the computer… I have a surprise for you.”

I hurried putting my things in place and met Gramps, sitting at the computer. At first, I hadn’t noticed that he was still in his robe. I was wearing a scoop necked top with Grandpa’s favorite mini skirt.

“Have you ever read any erotic stories? He asked. I nodded and began to explain when he continued. “I found this great web-site, .com. It has some real good stories on all kinds of sexual themes…. One of my favorite writers is this guy Adom who writes about Grandpas and their Granddaughters. Would you like to read one of his stories with me?”

“Yah, Gramps that sounds hot!”

Gramps opened his robe revealing his beautiful thick love stick. I sat on his lap, with his cock between my legs, his cock rubbing up against my panties. I quickly pulled them off and felt his prick on my smooth pussy. The stories were so hot, my cunt was dripping. We sat for two hours reading stories. Grandpa fingered my pussy as we read.

“Grandpa Scores With Soccer Moms,” was one of my favorite stories because he replaced his fingers with his cock and we played out some of the descriptive sex scenes as we read. Gramps said I had a really tight twat. All I know is he fills my puss to the brim. It all was wonderful and led to a very passionate night in bed. The next day Grandpa told me he e-mailed the author telling him how his story provided Gramps with a ‘means to an end’…. Mine!

A few days later I sent an e-mail to the author Adom.

Dear Sir, My name is Marie… I am reading your lovely stories on my Granddad’s computer. I don’t possess one of my own. I think your stories are really erotic. Gramps doesn’t mind me talking to you because we have a special relationship. şişli escort Keep it up! (And the good work)


After reading more of his stories I wrote:

Hello Adom.

It’s Marie, John’s Granddaughter. I have just been reading some more of your stories. I just finished “Daddy Washes My Hair.” It could have been Gramps and me. He always washed my hair when I was younger. He sometimes rubbed against me. (I think deliberately). But, like in the story, he waited to do anything until after my 18th birthday….

I am planning a surprise for him next week. He will love it. (He always does)

Did I tell you that I would love to try two men of Gramps age? (Together)

Gramps is out shopping. He won’t be back till tomorrow, so I have his computer all to myself. I’ll tell you what transpires with the surprise.

(I’m getting all hot and wet thinking about it.)

Marie XX

After receiving a reply to my e-mails I wrote:

Hello again Grandpa Adom

Thank you for the reply. I think your stories are good. They make me hot and wet when I read them. I certainly do finger myself when I’m reading them. (Even if Gramps is around, now)

I can’t wait to give Gramps his special present. My very good friend Megan is coming to stay with us for the complete weekend. You can imagine what the surprise is. This will be the first time for Megan. She’s only seen pictures of a man’s cock before now. Megan and I share secrets and strap-on in our room at college.

Gramps will be home soon. He just phoned me. I’m going to prepare his shower and help him with his robe etc. (Hope he’s not too tired) I could certainly handle two grandpa’s right now. Can’t wait.

I eagerly wait your reply.

Love and kisses…

Marie. XXX

Gramps came back from shopping and found me waiting for him in the shower. He was tired from his two day jaunt, so I was gentle with him. After soaping him all over, I gave him a soapy hand-job till his sperm splattered against the shower wall. I sponged him down getting him taksim escort even more excited. After drying him off, I followed him to his bedroom. We laid down on his king sized bed…

I stroked his cock till it reached its full length and thickness. It was so inviting. I ran my tongue down the underside ridge of his rod. As my lips approached his massive balls I took them in my mouth, one at a time. I rolled his orbits with my tongue, licking and sucking at the same time. I nibbled back up to the knob crowning Gramps’ royal scepter and sucked his cock till he shot his cum in my mouth. Being really tired, he slept for three hours.

While Gramps was sleeping my friend Megan arrived. She is my roommate from college. Megan is six months younger than me. She is five-feet-seven; she has blond hair but only on her head as she shaves her pussy, like me. Her boobs are 38B and she has the longest nipples I have ever seen. Gramps will really like them.

We share everything at college, including a lovely strap-on. Megan is a virgin but I did pop her cherry with the strap-on. She has only seen a man’s cock in pictures. This will be her first time to see a real, live cock.

Megan showered while Gramps slept. I took her into his bedroom and gently lifted his duvet to reveal him in all his glory. After a little coaxing, she plucked up courage and touched his cock. This immediately woke up Gramps, who after staring for a few seconds at two naked horny teenage girls… with huge tits, got an immediate erection.

We all lay down on the bed. Megan was fascinated with his really hard cock. She finally got around to holding it and playing with it. She even licked his pre-cum and liked it so much she wanted him to cum in her mouth. I coached her a bit and she caught on quickly. Grandpa shot his wade against the back of her throat, gagging her. With a couple of gulps, she swallowed it all.

We really worked Gramps over…He fucked me while he sucked on Megan’s big nipples, then he ate her pussy. Gramps made me cum so many times I lost count. Next Gramps fucked topkapı escort Megan. She was on top and I helped her ease down on Gramps dick. Gramps said,

“Oh sweetheart… you’re soo tight… Are you okay?”

“It hurts a little… Oh… Oh….”

“You know…You’re he first real cock, Grandpa…”

Megan continued lowering her cunt on Gramps’ cock. I straddled his face. He sucked my clit while giving Megan her first real fuck. I guess hours of eighteen and nineteen year old girls fucking and sucking a seventy-year old grandpa wore him out. Eventually we all fell asleep on Gramps’ King size bed.

I was awakened the next morning by the bed rocking. Megan was on top of Gramps, riding him for all she was worth.

Grandpa said, “Damn girl… you’ve got the snuggest snatch.”

“It okay now… it feels so good … I love your cock in me Grandpa John..:”

I stood behind Megan, and inserted my fingers into her ass. She wiggled her butt back on my hand but it was clear she wanted more and so did I. Buckling the strap-on, I lubed it up and proceeded to double up with Gramps.

Megan was in ecstasy. Taking Gramps’ cock in her tight cunt, while I pumped her ass with the strap-on. All of a sudden Megan became very verbal…She yelled out:

“OH YES…YES…YES…. Fuck ME …FUCK ME….. YES…. YES… Oh god… OH GOD….. FUCK ME….FUCK ME…. Yes…yes…Yes…FUCK MY PUSSY… FUCK MY ASS… Oh FUCK ME……Oh god… OH god!”

Megan kept cumming and cumming…..Gramps said he could feel the sensation of the strap-on pushing against his cock in her pussy, causing him to explode into Megan’s cunt, quicker than usual. I thought it would be a good idea to change places.

Megan straddled me and road the strap-on with her pussy while Gramps knelt from behind, he slowly inserted his rod into her rectum, still extended from my strap-on. Gramps’ tool was thicker than the dildo and he loved fucking the tightness of her ass. He came again filling her butt-hole with his hot spunk. All fucked out we collapsed on the bed.

Unfortunately we had to return to school. Gramps enjoyed his surprise so much that Megan and I are going to reverse roles next time. Gramps is so looking forward to doing me in the ass, as am I.

Grandpa was anticipating our return so much, his cock kept dribbling as we kissed goodbye. We are very excited about coming back soon, maybe with another friend from college.

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