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Making the Grade

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It was difficult to know how to categorize this one—there are elements of interracial relations, non-consensual sex, and it turns out (at least, I think) pretty erotic—ergo, the reason it ended up in ‘erotic couplings.’ So just be warned, if those aforementioned elements aren’t your pleasure, you may want to stop reading now. If, however, you are even the slightest bit intrigued…then please continue reading, and I hope it’s as enjoyable to you as it was to me and mine.


It’d been a helluva day, the kind that makes every nerve scream for release. Final exams were coming up all around the college campus, and everyone was under immense pressure, most noticeably the seniors in my literature course and the freshmen in my basic composition courses. Exhausted from the daily grind of classes, help sessions and the added burden of panicked students, I wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed with a good book, but with the stack of papers still awaiting grades, it just wasn’t to be.

With a sigh and a glass of wine, I settled into the corner of my couch, feet propped up, bowl of m&m’s within easy reach, and started working through freshman compositions. An hour later, six papers had been reviewed, graded, and filled with compliments or suggestions. The stack seemed to have barely moved at all.

Rubbing the dull stabbing pain which had settled into the center of my forehead, I laid my head back, mentally bargaining with myself. I finally decided that in return for a hot, soapy candlelit shower, I would persevere through at least half of the stack of papers. Once again I’d miss out on some much-needed sleep, but a steamy-hot shower would be worth it.

Uncurling from the couch, I stood up, stretching onto tiptoe with a muffled groan. Muscles I didn’t even know I had were achy and tight. The wall mirror reflected a tall, curvy redhead in a baggy t-shirt and loose sweatpants, but as usual, I never even glanced at the reflective glass. I still saw myself as overweight and frumpy, and avoided mirrors out of habit. Although my workout habits had improved greatly since grad school, I was too busy and too tired to look for dates, causing my newly toned body to go unnoticed – by either me or anyone else, so I assumed.

Stopping to pour some cat food into Gator’s empty dish, I loaded the Rippingtons into the stereo, then snagged a clean towel out of the laundry basket, mentally adding “fold clothes” to an ever-growing list of summer chores. Humming softly to the upbeat instrumentals drifting through my small house, I lit a few select candles and placed them around the sink ledge and various shelves in my bathroom. Finally I adjusted the water spray pouring from the chrome showerhead, and dropped my comfy, stay-at-home clothes to the floor, using the small pile of fabric to prop the bathroom door open. A soothing interplay of guitar and piano filled the dimly-lit room as I stepped under the warm, cascading spray.

As the strains of “Tourist in Paradise” trickled into the bath, I could feel the stresses of the day slither down the drain. The muscles in my neck relaxed, unknotted by the thrumming pulse of water. Lathering coconut scented shampoo through my hair, I unconsciously began to shimmy my hips in time to the music. As the toasted vanilla scent of body wash mingled with the tropical scent of shampoo, I ran soapy hands along my body, feeling the curvy profile I’d reacquired from relentless trips to the gym—but the mental image was the same old frumpy form I’d become accustomed to.

As the music segued from one lively tune to the next, my hands began to explore more and more of my wet, relaxed body, using the soap as a lubricant to slide from one slippery slope to the next. Head back, I held my hair directly under the water, its natural curl straightened by the water’s weight. Twisting my head slightly, I could feel the slick wet caress of my own hair against my waist, and the sheer sensuousness of that act made me bite back a moan of pleasure. Between my divorce and the demands of grad school, I’d become an expert at pleasuring myself, and sometimes the most seemingly innocent sensations could arouse me to incredible heights. And yes, my favorite place to find relief was under the hot, soapy spray of a leisurely shower. Some weeks I gave new meaning to “squeaky clean”!!

With a last fanning rinse, I turned back under the spray and readjusted the setting, my knees almost buckling as pinpoints of water slammed against my sensitive nipples. Already aroused, this new sensation made them harden to eager, cherry-colored points on those ample white breasts. Arching my back to offer more of my breasts to this self-inflicted torment, I braced one hand on the slick tiled wall, while the other slipped down to the clean-shaven furrow between my long, toned legs.

Stepping one foot up onto the side of the tub, I cupped her fingers and aimed this gentled plume of water onto my aching, throbbing clitoris, the heat and waterfall-like sensation sending me through a shuddering climax which only left me hungry for more. Mentally commanding myself canlı bahis to finally invest in that hand-held showerhead I’d begun eyeballing, I focused on the streams of water cascading along my length, shivering in pleasure as those heated streams of water caressed me from head to toe, their trickling path teasing and arousing everything from swollen nipples to the slippery, engorged lips of my quivering pussy, and only adding to my deep and aching need to be filled by cock.

Leaning carefully out of the shower, I reached around the corner to the shelf where my toy was hidden away, concealed by towels and toiletries but easily located by the knowledgeable groping hand. Long, thick, and black, it was everything my pussy craved, even as my mind and heart begged for the warm, creamy feel of a man’s cum. Holding it tenderly as I would a lover, I caressed my body with this pleasure-toy, sliding it along neck, shoulders, and especially between my breasts. I rubbed it against my nipples, hissing as the engorged points swelled even more in anticipation of the fucking to come.

Positioning the fat rubber cock against the showerhead, I licked and stroked and sucked it, closing my eyes and imagining that I was servicing my lover in a torrential downpour, music tumbling out of a nearby café, both he and I exposed to the elements as I struggled to fit ‘his’ 8″ black dick down my throat. With a moan of pleasure I felt the rubber base against my lips, and trembled as my pussy dripped juice down my thighs.

A blush of shame crept up my cheeks as I involuntarily put a face to my imaginary lover’s body, whimpering his name around the impressive dick filling my mouth. I knew I shouldn’t think of my students in such a way, but from the first day of class when I’d looked up and met his sexy, smiling gaze, I had felt an attraction the likes of which I had never experienced before. His dark skin and melted-chocolate eyes made me agonizingly aware of myself as a woman, each nerve ending jumping to attention whenever he was near. Going to class each period was both heaven and hell, for as much as I looked forward even to seeing him, I knew I could do nothing to act on this attraction, not only because the college forbid faculty/student relations, but I disliked the idea of professors having sex with students. Even if the student in question was sexy, funny, and very, very smart.

I sighed. I’d compromised my principles much too far just in looking up his age, which I had no business knowing. Discovering that he was less than a year older than me only added to his allure. This gorgeous man was no simple fraternity wanna-be, stumbling over his own tongue in order to please the teacher. Thomas Beaumont was self-assured, entertaining, and as sophisticated as any Fortune 500 CEO could ever hope to be. He was, in essence, everything that would never, ever dream of taking a second look at the woman reflected back to me in my living room mirror. But despite my best intentions I trembled whenever he walked into the classroom, and moaned his name while pleasuring myself, imagining my toy to be his thick, dark cock.

Pulling myself back to the present, I slid the rubber cock from my mouth, lovingly kissing and caressing it, losing myself to the imaginary scene playing out my mind, where the two of us were outside that café, caught in that drenching downpour…and caught up in each other. As I slipped my sexy black toy down to my quivering, cream-coated pussy, I pretended that his fist was tangled in my hair, pulling my head back and exposing my face to the pounding rain, while his lips moved in whispers I could see but not hear, tormenting me with elusive promises. As water poured over my upturned face, I slipped the toy inside my aching pussy, seating it deeply in one smooth thrust, his name sputtering off my lips as my flushed body convulsed in pleasure. I begged Tommy to ravage me, pleaded with him to make love to me, and gushed juice all over my toy and down my thighs as I quivered and creamed and trembled through a firestorm of desire.

Still rocking on waves of pure sensation, I was unaware that I had gained a visitor. At the first touch of skin on skin, my eyes flew open in total shock. As I coughed and sputtered the water I’d accidentally tried to inhale, I was spun around to once again face the showerhead, the pounding spray tormenting my sensitized nipples. Finally regaining my breath I opened my mouth to scream, but a large hand clamped over it, its large, strong mate firmly pressing against my stomach to hold me still, while a soft, deep voice warned me to not make a sound.

Still trembling with aftershocks from my nearly-interrupted orgasm, I couldn’t help but quiver at the feel of the obviously masculine body wrapped around me, combined with the feel of my toy still filling up my quivering, aching pussy. Unable to control myself, I pressed back against the stranger’s body, feeling a firm chest against my shoulder blades, muscular legs slightly longer than my own, and an increasingly interested cock that was nudging its way into the cleft of my soap-slicked butt. bahis siteleri The feel of an aroused male body standing so close, actually touching me after such a long abstinence set my blood on fire. My moan was of pure pleasure, but my captor mistook it as one of fear.

Sliding his mouth to the curve of my ear, he murmured that if I was a good girl, I wouldn’t get hurt. He just wanted a taste of that sweet, creamy pussy, then he’d be on his way. Sliding his hand up so that his thumb rested between my full breasts and his long fingers cupped a soft, heavy globe, he leaned forward, growling in pleasure at my peaked nipple, already flushed in response.

I gasped as a length of cloth was tied around my face, covering my eyes. The smell of my own perfume gave away that it was my discarded t-shirt being used as a blindfold, the sodden fabric making it impossible to see anything. My breath trembled with stirrings of fear, even as my hungry pussy flushed in eager anticipation. When my captor reached down and dragged my toy from my pussy, I groaned in dismay…and trembled with every inch, until at last the very tip passed through my lips making me struggle to avoid exploding in a mind-bending orgasm. My captor chuckled, knowing my response.

Completely blinded and totally dependent on this unknown man invading my shower, I mewled in confusion. My mind screamed at me to fight, but my body remembered the feel of being pressed up against that firm male flesh, and it begged me to stay and see what happened. I acknowledged that the man’s hands were gentle, his voice deep but not menacing, and that he could have done far worse than blindfold me had he wanted to do so, but I had lived alone and been self-sufficient for far too long to become submissive too easily.

Being blindfolded in my own shower was really no trial, since I closed my eyes every time I washed my hair, and was therefore very familiar with the layout of my shower space. Taking a quick moment to orient myself, I reached forward and picked up both my scrubbie and my shower soap, thinking to squirt the soap into my attacker’s eyes, blinding him at least long enough for me to remove the blindfold and have a fighting chance. Leaning forward to reach them pressed my wet, slippery butt up hard against his arousal, so I merely hoped that he would be too focused on that sensation to worry too much what I was up to. I knew that for myself, I was fighting an attack of the pleasurable quivers at the feel of his thickness nudging against my still throbbing pussy.

My hopes of keeping my attacker distracted were destroyed when he chuckled, reached around me, and cupped his hands over mine, his long fingers manipulating mine into opening the soap, squeezing it out onto the scrubbie, then rubbing that soft, netted cloth over my trembling skin. Oh, how erotic! The feel of his hands guiding mine, controlling mine, his fingers entangling with mine to brush against my soft skin…all of it made me moan, and as was habit, the name that rolled off my lips was Tommy’s.

The sexy male body behind me tensed in disapproval. A growl hissed in my ear as those long, strong fingers crushed mine, the soft scrubbie now scraping over my skin. I mewled in fright, not understanding what I had done to merit this reaction. Whimpering in both fear and pain, I began babbling apologies, pleading with my captor to let me go, to stop hurting me, promising I’d do anything he asked.

This only seemed to incite him further. Spinning me around, he roughly shoved me up against the shower wall, making me gasp as my breasts were flattened against cold blue tiles. Grasping both of my wrists in one hand, he positioned me so that I was slightly bent in front of him, back arched to give him full access to my rounded, soapy butt. The soap and water did nothing to cushion his blows, but rather made them sting more. The sharp slap of his palm against my creamy flesh echoed throughout the room, and after the forth or fifth spanking, my cries echoed off the walls as well.

When he leaned over me to force my legs apart, I naively hoped he was making sure I wouldn’t slip, although I could feel his chest rising and falling with excitement. It wasn’t until his next slap landed directly on my pussy that I realized the extent of my own arousal, as my knees buckled and I came, gushing all over his hand, undisputable proof of my own pleasure in this whole situation.

With a low laugh of dark pleasure, my captor slowly slid his hand along the quivering length of my cunt, up over my rounded butt and onto my back, in what would have resembled a lover’s caress in any other situation. Straightening me up, he guided me back under the water, lifting my arms up and over the showerhead brace, once again capturing both wrists in his large, capable hands. Reaching up, he redirected the spray to a mist and aimed it at my breasts, watching as the sparkling droplets of water beaded over my pale skin and ran together in streams off my dusky pink nipples. I didn’t have to see to know he was watching – I could feel his eyes on my breasts as surely as bahis şirketleri if I had been watching his face. Aroused beyond belief, and humiliated by my own sensuous reaction to what should have been construed as rape had I not been so responsive to it, I moaned and arched my back, silently begging him to look at more of me, find pleasure in me, respond to me.

I quivered when I felt his hand behind my thigh, sliding down to my knee, which he lifted until my leg was draped around his waist, my creamy wet cunt fully open and caressing the bottom side of his hard dick where it rose between us. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself – I started rubbing against him. My hungry pussy had been without a real man in so long it scared me to think about it, and my anxious body overrode the warnings of my usually-cautious mind, until all that mattered was getting this thick, hard slab of meat inside me, where it belonged. My juices coated his balls as they spilled from my aching pussy, and he moaned.

Lost in my own fantasy world and controlled by the desires of my traitorous flesh, I leaned my head back, balanced precariously on my toes, and somehow managed to angle myself so that his big, hard dick was sliding right up into my wet, willing pussy. Tommy’s name trembled off my lips in a quiver of longing as I imagined him to be my attacker, and visualized not a rape, but a kinky sex game. Wrapping my fingers around his and holding tight to the showerhead bracket, I lifted my other leg to wrap around his waist as well, fully impaled on his throbbing dick. I locked my ankles around his back and rode him for dear life, chanting Tommy’s name over and over, too far gone to care what punishment this would result in.

I stiffened as I heard my name slide off my attacker’s lips, a strangled moan as his hips rocked against mine. Struggling, I tried to free my hands, but only resulted in almost sending both of us crashing to the bottom of the slippery tub. With a chuckle, my captor reached up and untied my blindfold, the wet fabric falling with a squish to the side of the tub as I stared in shock into the melted chocolate eyes of my fantasy man, here in the flesh, inside my shower…inside me!

Taking advantage of my bewildered state, Tommy merely grinned, lifted his fingers from between mine, and gripped my hips instead. Cautioning me to hold on tight, he proceeded to pound me mercilessly, driving his dark dick deeper into my pussy than anything had ever been before. While the mist poured over us both, my own juices cascaded over him as I milked him deep into me, my quivering muscles begging him to fill me.

Taking small, careful steps, Tommy pressed against me until I was pinned tightly between his hot, sexy body at my front, and that cold tile wall at my back. This new angle allowed him to reach other unexplored spots inside of me, as well as giving him better leverage to get even deeper into me. I was in heaven. Still gripping the bracket for safety, I leaned forward and kissed him hard and deep, like I’d imagined so many times in that crowded classroom. As our tongues swirled together, the room began to swim around me, fireworks exploding deep inside me, my pussy on fire as I felt him explode as well. My world went grey, and then black.

The next thing I remember, I was curled up in my bed, covered by my soft blue blanket, naked as the day I was born… and being watched by the sexiest eyes imaginable. Dragging my hair out of my eyes, I cringed at the tangled mess I was sure my wet curls had dried into. A flush colored my cheeks as I remembered how wantonly I had acted with this man – this student – in my own shower. As remembered images of my unbridled response to his touch careened through my head, I buried my face in his shoulder, mortified, my voice muffled as I explained that I really don’t do this kind of thing, especially not with my students. And never this wholeheartedly. I was sure he must think me a whore for my reactions both when he was my captor, and again when he was face-to-face with me as my lover. I swore to never leave this bed again.

Laughing softly, Tommy slipped a finger under my chin and raised my eyes to meet his. The electric charge that rippled through me was breathtaking, and set every nerve ending on alert. He watched the shivers race over my skin, saw the fire heating my eyes, and groaned in pleasure. Whatever he had been about to say was forgotten as he leaned down to kiss me, his body partially covering mine, dark skin barely brushing against me—and I surged up to make that last contact, needing to feel him on me, against me, in me.

Catching him by surprise, I was able to flip him onto his back. I kissed my way across his chest, caressing every part of him I possibly could with my legs, my hands, my breasts. I straddled his hips, trapping him between us, letting him feel again how very wet he gets me. Feeling sexy despite my appalling lack of self-confidence, I arched my back, lifting my elbows high and running my hands through my hair, giving him ample time to look at what he was getting, from the curve of my hip to the indent of my waist, the slope of my breast to the mass of tangled curls covering my forehead. While his eyes devoured me, his hands caressed my legs, my thighs, the sparse curls above my swollen pussy.

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