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Mallory Square

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Thanks to Dark_Angel26 for editing this story.

I can’t figure out if it is because you can’t let things go or if it is because you are a cock loving exhibitionist slut. Five minutes ago we were standing in the middle of Mallory Square watching one of the street performers and now we are behind the nearest building with my back against the wall and you on your knees with my dick in your mouth.

It had been a pretty normal day for you in Key West. Sexy outfit, flirting with every cute guy that walked by, and a lot of dirty talk as we strolled Duval Street making our way between the bars and the shops. As usual we made our way down to Mallory Square to watch the sunset and enjoy the performers. I don’t remember what we were talking about when you flipped me the bird.

Jokingly, I looked you in the eye and said, “Fuck YOU bitch,” my tone joking but definitely defiant.

With an impish grin you looked me in the eyes and with the same defiant tone asked, “Do you want to do it right here?”

“Don’t talk shit that you can’t back up.” There was no way I was going to let you win this one.

Without another word you grabbed my hand and pulled me behind the nearest building. I could clearly hear the voices of the milling crowd. All someone would have to do is walk a few steps to see us, but you did not seem to care.

Before I could protest, you pushed me back against the walk way railing. As your body leaned up against me, your hand found its way to the front of my pants and began rubbing me, causing my dick to swell.

Softly you whispered into my ear “Don’t ever tell me that I don’t have the balls to back a statement up.”

With that said you dropped down into a squatting position with your face at the crotch of my pants. Before I could even tell you that I was kidding, or that you don’t have to prove this, you were undoing my pants and pulling my very erect dick out. Your tongue begins to slowly circle the head, sending shivers up my body and my head begins swiveling around, terrified that someone is going to catch us. You really don’t seem to care.

Your hands wrap around my balls and begin gently massaging them as your lips circle the head of my dick. Your tongue flits around causing my dick to twitch in your mouth. Slowly your face slides back and forth, to and from my body. Your cheeks hollow and you begin sucking me in earnest. My eyes are closed and my head leaning back as you continue to work your magic on my dick.

After Escort bayan a few minutes you take my dick out of your mouth and hold it up against my stomach. Your tongue begins licking, and your mouth sucking, my shaven balls. Slowly you work your way up to the base of my dick, licking and sucking the sensitive skin on the under side of my dick, slowly working your way to the head. Again, you lick around the head causing me to groan in pleasure. Suddenly, you grab the base of my dick and without using your lips at all, slam your face down on me, pushing me deep into your throat. Again and again you slide my dick into the back of your throat causing the most amazing feeling to rush through my entire pelvis. Just as I begin thinking about my cum pouring down your throat, I hear a cough off to my left. As I open my eyes and turn to see the source of the noise, my fear is confirmed. A couple was standing only a few feet away and getting a complete view of you with my dick deep in your throat.

The woman announces “Sorry, we did not mean to interrupt you.”

I look down at you with building panic in my eyes and you simply look up at me with your sexy eyes and my dick still in your mouth. You smile, as well as someone can smile with their mouth full, and bat your eyes. You take me out of your mouth and begin to stand. I immediately begin to try and put myself together. You look me in the eye and put your hand on my dick, stopping me from zipping my pants.

“What the fuck are you doing? What if they get the cops?”

You turn to the couple and smile. “Do you mind if he fucks me right here while you two watch?”

The couple steps closer so they too are behind the building and the woman speaks up, “That is exactly what we were hoping for.”

My mind is racing; I look at you and protest, “What if someone else sees us?”

You again look me dead in the eye and clearly explain the situation to me. “If you don’t bury your dick in my cunt right here and now I am going to scream ‘RAPE’ and then you are really going have a problem. Now what’ll it be?”

Without waiting for an answer, you turn around grab hold of the railing and hike your sundress up over your hips. You aren’t wearing any panties and it is obvious to me, and the watching couple, that you are very turned on. Your lips are swollen and spread wide and the wetness is forming droplets all along your pussy. Torn between the thoughts of spending the night in jail and the sight of you spread Bayan escort open and waiting, I glance quickly at our new friends.

Again she speaks up, “Go ahead honey, give her what she needs, we will keep an eye out in case the cops are headed this way.”

You turn and look over your shoulder at me, “Fuck me now dammit! Can’t you see that my cunt is on fire??”

Throwing caution to the wind I step forward and place the head of my dick at your pussy. Grabbing hold of your hips, I press forward and pull you back. The entire length of my dick slides easily into you, stretching you as I hit bottom. You let out a grunt. I withdraw until my head is again poised just outside of you. Again I forcefully slide my dick all the way into you. We begin to build a rhythm as my dick slides in and out of you. Each time you slam back against me, my balls slap against your clit. Both of us are grunting like animals. Your pussy is so wet that it is dripping down your legs and onto my balls.

I am startled as I heard a male voice to my right shout, “Give it to her good!”

I turn my head, having forgotten about the couple, and realized our audience has grown. I was surprised that our audience had grown to nearly a dozen people. I looked quizzically to the original couple.

They simply state, “We told you we would watch for the cops.”

Again you looked over your shoulder and stare into my eye, “I don’t care who is watching, I need your dick driving into my cunt! Fuck me now!”

Throwing caution to the wind, I draw my hips back and heave them forward, slamming my dick all the way into you. Again you thrust back to meet me. In and out I continue to slide. Our grunting and groaning was getting louder and louder. The crowd around us seemed to be moving closer.

From right next to me a woman, so close that I could smell her perfume, cheers me on, “You heard her, fuck her like you mean it, the woman wants it hard.”

Another man leans over to you and asks, “Do you like being a complete slut in front of all of us? Is that what you are, a little exhibitionist slut?”

I swear your pussy got tighter the dirtier the strangers spoke to you.

“Yes, I am a little exhibitionist slut! I want you all to see me getting fucked and cumming with a dick buried deep in my cunt! Right here in front of you all!”

I could not believe the words that were coming out of your mouth. I also knew I was getting close to coming myself.

I felt Escort a pair of hands slide up my chest from behind me and reach for my nipples. Again I heard a woman, the same one who spoke earlier according to her scent, whisper in my ear. “That’s it, give it to her good. I like watching your dick sliding in and out of her. I want to see her shake as she comes all over your gorgeous dick. I want to see you fill her with your cum until it drips out the side.”

Another man leans over to you and pulls your sundress up over your head. He kneels down between you and the railing and begins squeezing your breast and tugging on your nipples. You are slamming back and forth so hard that he is literally pinching them to hold onto you and pulling them aggressively as you gyrate back and forth.

“Oh god, I am going to come, don’t stop, don’t stop. I want to come in front of all these people. It feels so good to be a dirty little slut in front of all of them. Oh yes!”

I can feel your pussy beginning to rhythmically contract as your orgasm is building. The woman behind me is squeezing my nipples, pinching and pulling them. She is still encouraging me.

In my ear she whispers, so close that I can feel her breath, “Finish her off, I want to see her cum, I want to see you come.”

Your body shakes more violently and your pussy squeezes me tighter then ever. My dick is swelling and twitching. Each movement we make send chills through and between each of us. As you announce to the crowd that you are coming, I begin groaning and my dick begins spurting cum deep inside of you. It is the most intense orgasm I have ever had and it seems like I come for a full minute. Just as my unknown encourager wished, I can see come dripping out of your pussy around my dick.

Our audience, those that don’t have their hands in their own or someone else’s pants, began clapping. As we begin to recover we look around. Most of the people around us are either pleasuring themselves or someone else. The entire audience seems to have enjoyed our show.

Pulling your sundress back down and smoothing it out you look up at me, “Well, it looks like we are not the only ones who are going to get off in public tonight. I could really use a drink, let’s get out of here before the cops really do show up.”

Turning away you again lead me by the hand as we walk away from the crowd and back up Duval Street. We duck into the first bar, have a seat and order up a drink. You sit facing me with your legs spread slightly.

“God my pussy is still on fire and dripping everywhere. I had no idea being an exhibitionist slut would get me so hot. I think I am going to have to have someone lick me clean…”

Well, that is a story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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