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Maria’s Tuition

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One year and a half ago, Lucinda came to work for me. A sweet, tender looking Spanish woman of 33, that looked more like she was 23. A friend had recommended her to me. Lucinda would come and clean my house three times a week. I was a financially secure, independent film promoter. Many of the films that had made me financially secure were X-rated. One day Lucinda came into my room without knocking. I had been sitting naked on the bed watching one of my best films. I was also naked and stroking a very stiff hardon. Lucinda’s eyes grew wide at the sight she saw.

“Oh Sir! I’m so sorry. I thought you had gone already.” My eyes were locked on the big screen. I was very close to cumming when she interrupted me.

“Damn! Don’t you ever knock?” I had yelled at her once before for coming into my room without knocking. Lucinda’s eyes went from my dick to the big screen TV. On the screen was a black girl that appeared to be 18. She had big tits and a very hairy pussy. She also had a grown man of about 40 stroking her cunt with a very long dick. Her tears and cries as he fucked her genuine. He was tearing into her pussy with a vengeance and she was showing the pain on her face. Lucinda seemed transfixed as she watched the girl being so savagely fucked. The camera caught a close-up of her pussy as the dick pushed in and pulled out. The lips of the girls pussy was being pulled and pushed according to his thrust.

“Lucinda!” my shout drew her out of her fixation. I had gotten up off the bed and shook her. She jumped; startled at the way I had shouted her name. “Oh Mr. Harley! I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I thought you had an important meeting this morning and would be gone by now.” I looked at the flush in her face. The scene on the screen had effected her.

“Do you object to my viewing habits Lucinda?” She looked at the screen and then back at me. The man had pulled the girl up on her knees and was fucking her doggie style. With each hard thrust of his long dick she screamed.

“Is she acting or is that for real?” Lucinda’s voice was quivering as she asked the question. “Why? Does watching a young girl getting fucked excite you?” my dick had begun to wither but at her question I felt it throb. “She looks so young. Mr. Harley she seems younger than my daughter.” I had to laugh at that one. I had seen Lucinda’s daughter on several occasions. I had a party and Maria had come to help her mother with the preparations. “That girl is 18 years old and I have a copy of the birth certificate to prove it. Besides, she was paid very well for her performance.”

I was about to say something else when the best part of the movie came up. The girl began to beg and scream as the man started to shove his dick up her ass. “Oh Please not there,” she screamed. He ignored her and smeared another gob of Vaseline on the fat head of his dick. The camera zoomed in for a close-up of her face as he shoved his dick in. then the screen split to show two images. One of his dick sinking in her ass, the other of the excruciation pain on her face and the sound of her screams as he fucked her. I was close enough to Lucinda to feel her shiver and shake as she watched. “Mr. Harley! What did they do to that poor girl?” I leaned close to Lucinda’s ear. ‘What they did to that poor girl was make her $5000.00 richer than she was before she took her clothes off.

She knew it was going to hurt, and she knew she would have that fat dick shoved up her ass. She also needed that money bad enough to let me film it. Now since you have spoiled the best part and fucked up my enjoyment, you may clean my room.” I puttered around the house for the rest of the morning. I was sitting at the table eating lunch when Lucinda approached me. “Mr. Harley could I speak to you?” I looked up from the shrimp salad I was eating. I placed my fork down and looked at her. “Mr. Harley, you paid that girl all that money just to have sex while you filmed it?” I knew a lot about Lucinda. She had taken this job so that she would have enough to send her daughter to one of the good colleges instead of a city University. “No Lucinda! I paid that girl for the pain she showed as she was being fucked. I like my films to be real and a very experienced star can’t show that kind of realism.” Lucinda seemed to take this in. I watched as she bit her lower lip. “What is it Lucinda?”

I had hired this woman because I knew she needed the money for her kid. I paid her better than most of the domestics were paid and she did her job and minded her business. On a few occasions, I’m sure she heard the cries and screams as I fucked some up and cumming young starlet. “Mr. Harley you know I’m working to send my Maria to a good college. Do you think I could get a job in one of your movies? I could really use the money.” I looked at Lucinda.

Although she had the looks of a potential fuck queen, I was happy having her as my cleaning woman. Besides I knew how this business could corrupt you and I didn’t want that for her. Lucinda stood about 5′ and weighed about 110. Unlike a lot of Spanish women I had seen, she still Ankara escort had the figure of a growing woman that belied her age. She had from what I could see, a nice set of tits and a small round ass. She had the prettiest toes I’ve seen. Sometimes when she would walk around barefoot, I wanted to just suck those little digits in my mouth. I looked at her face. She was holding her breath waiting for my answer.

“Ah Lucinda, you don’t want to get in this business. It’s not the kind you would want your daughter to follow you in. Hell! You don’t even want her to know you are thinking about it.” I guess she saw this as a way to make quick money real fast. She knew little about the porn industry and what it took from you. “Mr. Harley! I’ll work real hard and prove myself to you. Just give me a chance.” I had to discourage her. Not only didn’t I want to lose her as my maid, I really didn’t think she would survive in this business. I looked her up and down but this time it was with an eye of what other men would see in her.

“Take your clothes off!” Lucinda set the cloth she was holding down and unbuttoned her white uniform dress. I had made it a point to make her dress in a one-piece dress that came down below her knees. She turned her face away as she unbuttoned her dress. “Look at me as you take your clothes off. I’m the man who is going to be fucking you before the camera.” She looked up at me but there was a fear in her eyes. She was scared. I would have loved to have a camera set up filming this. “Stop! If we’re going to do this like a film, lets go down to the studio. I had a small set in my basement. It was nothing more than a small room set up like a bedroom. But it had cameras, lights and sound.

My salad forgotten, I walked down to the studio with Lucinda following me. Lucinda stood watching me as I turned on the lights and set up the camera. “Now take those clothes off and do it slowly.” I could see Lucinda’s fingers shaking as she began to unbutton her dress. The dress slipped off her shoulders and to the floor. She bent to pick it up. And I followed her move with the camera. “Now take off your slip. Turn around so I can get a shot of your ass as you bend over.” Lucinda turned, glad that the camera could not see the redness of her cheeks.

She was embarrassed. I meant to embarrass her even more. I was going to scare her into staying my maid. “Now sit on the bed and roll off your stockings and unsnap your garter belt.” Lucinda had fine strong legs and the camera captured her every move. I focused on the dark patch hiding behind her white cotton panty. “Take off your bra and massage your tits. Do it slowly and pull the nipples as you massage them. But don’t take your eyes off the camera.” With her face as read as a beet, she did as I had told her to. I let the camera catch her as she massaged her tits. Then made her pull her nipples for a good while before I told her to stop.

Some women would have gotten hot as they performed before the camera. But Lucinda grew more embarrassed the more naked she became. “Now slide your panties down over your ass and push them to the floor. Step out of them and begin to play with your pussy. Act like you do this all the time.” the camera caught Lucinda’s shaking hands as she slowly pushed her panties down over her ass. I let the camera zoom in on her furry bush.

Damn! She had one hairy pussy between her legs. The way she hesitated about pushing her fingers to her pussy, you would have thought she had a snake in there ready to bite her hand. “Spread your legs open and finger your pussy. Pull the lips open so I can see how wet you are.” It was at this point that she broke down crying. “Oh Mr. Harley! I can’t! I want to, I really do. I could use the money but I can’t do this. It seems too nasty, too vulgar.” She put her hands to her face and wept. I turned off the camera. This would remain my personal tape. Like other personal tapes I had of women who thought they wanted to be porn stars.

“Pick up your clothes and come upstairs.” I hit the switch that shut down everything. Lucinda was about to put her clothes back on. “Don’t get dressed. I want you to follow me just as you are.” I turned and walked back to my bedroom. Lucinda, clothes in hand followed me until she stood at my bedroom door. I turned and noticed her standing there. “Come in here. If I wanted to fuck you I would have done it downstairs.” Lucinda stepped in as timidly as if she were walking into a gas chamber. I was sitting on my bed. I looked at her in all her nakedness for a few minutes without saying a word. Then I began to lecture her.

“There’s a lot more to making a porno movie than just letting some long dick guy fuck your pussy. You have to become a slut and do whatever the director tells you to. I’m the director and what I tell the girls to do is give me the nastiest performance they can. That’s what people pay big bucks to watch. What about what I told you to do embarrassed you the most?” she held her face down. She was embarrassed to look at me. I got off the bed and went over to her. I stood so close Ankara escort bayan to her I could smell her fear. I lifted her face up by her chin and looked down into her eyes. “Answer me Lucinda.” She swallowed hard. “Knowing that all kinds of men and women would be watching me. Some that may know me. I’d die if my daughter found out. I just thought that if I could make more money, I could send her to a better school.”

I took the clothes from her hand and threw them on the bed. Then I went to my desk and pulled out one of the drawers. I took out two brand new crisp one hundred-dollar bills. I laid them on the desk. “You want to make extra money? Here is $200 dollars. Let me fuck you, do whatever I want and they’re yours. I’ll fuck you two times a week. Each fuck will be worth 200. You remain my maid but I’ll pay you to be my personal whore. No one will know but you and I.”

Lucinda looked at the money then looked at me. “What will you make me do for you?” I smiled at her. It was the smile of a predator to its prey. “That’s the deal. What I make you do is up to me. But if you take the money, you’re mine. That has to be understood. There is no turning back.” Lucinda looked again at the money. I could guess what was going thru her head. What could I possibly have her do? She would only have to fuck me or so she thought and it would mean at least 400 extra a week. She walked over and picked up the money.

“What should I do first,” she said. Her voice was soft and low. She had sold herself to insure her daughter’s future. Like so many of us who do, she just accepted that it would take a great sacrifice for her to get what she wanted. I looked at her. I had thought she would have turned me down. “I’m going back downstairs to finish my lunch. Go into the bathroom and take a good hot shower. Make sure you wash everywhere. Then use the douche bottle and give your pussy a good cleaning out. Use the enema hose and give yourself a good cleansing. I don’t like shit on my dick. When you are finish, come downstairs to me just as you are.” I turned and without another word, went to finish my lunch.

Half-hour later, Lucinda stood before me. I was just drinking the last drops of wine in my glass. I looked her up and down. Damn but she looked like a hot piece of ass. I could feel my dick throbbing in my pants as I looked at her. I called her over to me and when she stood next to me I pushed my chair back. Lifting her up on the table, I pushed the dishes out of the way. Then I made her lay back. The glass tabletop was cold on her body. I bent her legs and made her feet sit flat on the table. Then pulling her to the edge of the table, I opened her thighs.

Her hairy pussy opened as I pushed her legs open wider. Then without another word, I bent my head and began to eat her pussy. Little did Lucinda know that a ceiling camera was catching her every move. Lucinda’s pussy grew extremely wet as I licked it. She must not have been used to being eaten cause she moaned, jumped around and tried to grind her pussy up to meet my tongue thrusts. Thru it all she kept up a constant moaning. “IEEE POPPI! IEEE POPPI!” When she came, she flooded my mouth with the sweetest cum. I eased her down off the table and sat her in my chair. Then I stood there and unzipped my pants. I fished out my dick and watched as her eyes looked directly at it.

When I pulled her head forward, she didn’t resist. As soon as I stuck my dick in her mouth, I knew she was not used to being oral. She gave me the worst blowjob I had ever gotten. She alternately sucked and puffed on the head of my dick. I pushed it in deep only to have her gag and choke. I pulled my dick from her mouth. “I see I’ll have to teach you to suck a dick.” I pulled her up and pushed her onto the table on her stomach. She stood there, her feet apart, bent over the table at the waist. I got behind her. I grabbed my hard dick and using it as a guide found her slit. Then I pushed the head in her pussy. “Oomph!” Lucinda grunted as the head forced her cunt open.

“Mr. Harley! Your dick is too big. I’ve never taken someone this big before.” I held her steady by placing my hands on her small ass. “You’re my whore now bitch. I’m gonna show you how a porn slut gets fucked.” I felt her pussy muscles squeezing the head of my dick. I pushed in slowly. I was going to give her every inch but I would make it a slow meal for her pussy to eat. Her moan started low but built up the more dick she took. “OhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!” On the next thrust she was calling my name. “Mr. Harley! Oh please, it hurts! You’re too big Mr. Harley!” I ignored her cries.

By the fifth plunge, her pussy had shot down enough lubrication to help east the entry. “Is this what you wanted? Did you think I would just want a quick fuck for my money? Oh no bitch! I’m just getting started. You took my money and now I’m going to take your pussy. I’m gonna fuck your mouth and your asshole too. You’re gonna become my own little porn queen.” I continued to fuck her slowly. When her pussy got so wet it squished with each thrust I fucked her Escort Ankara harder and faster. I looked down between her ass cheeks and saw that my dick was covered with her white crème. I pull my dick from her pussy. Pulling her down in the chair I held my dick before her face. “Since you don’t know how to suck my dick, lick it clean. Then I’ll take you upstairs for some real fuckin.”

Lucinda, tears rolling down her face tried to turn her head as I pulled her closer. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled hard. “IEEEE! Please Mr. Harley!” I pulled her hair back until she looked at me. She continued to cry. “Did you take my money Lucinda?” “Yes Mr. Harley, but…” “And did I not tell you that if you took it there was no turning back.” “Yes!” “Then lick my dick clean. I’m paying for this pussy. Just like I would be paying you if you were one of my actresses.”

Lucinda went home very sore that night. I didn’t fuck her again for a week. I did give her an extra 200 hundred anyway. This arrangement went on for about 6 months. In that time, Lucinda collected a nice chunk-a-change. What topped it off was when I got Maria accepted into the college of a very good friend of mine. It pays to have friends in high places. Especially when the friends have freaky appetites and I can satisfy them. In the six months that Lucinda was my whore she learned many things. She could now deep throat with the best of them. Lucinda felt just as comfortable having me shove my dick up her ass as she was taking it in her cunt.

And her vocabulary during sex had grown to include all the nasty words she had heard some of my best actress’s use. Since Lucinda didn’t have to use all her money to send Maria to school, I suggested she use some of it to make a trip home. We arranged it for her cousin, a much older version of Lucinda, to clean for me during the two weeks she would be away. The first day she was suppose to show up, I opened the door and there stood Maria. “Maria, what are you doing here? I thought Linda was suppose to come.” Maria made a face. “Linda’s sick Mr. Harley. I knew you expected somebody so I came instead.

Maria was a slightly taller version of her mother. Taller and more filled out. Her tits were bigger and her ass was much fuller than her mothers were. I invited her in and she went right to her mom’s closet. She came back in the living room and stood waiting for me. “Momma didn’t tell me exactly what she was suppose to do, but I know that she has to dust so I’ll so that first.” Her mother’s uniform didn’t fit her as comfortably as it did her mother. It looked like she was searing clothes two sizes smaller than she should. It did however accent her tits and her ass.

“I want to dust the top of the bookcases Mr. Harley but I’m afraid I’ll fall off the ladder. Could you hold it for me?” I put down my pen and followed Maria into the study. I held the ladder steady as she climbed up the rungs. The top of the bookcases was high so Maria had to go to the top of the ladder to reach them. I had always liked looking up Lucinda’s dress as she cleaned this part and so I naturally looked under Maria’s. I almost shook the ladder as I realized that Maria was not wearing any panties. As she moved and stretched, trying to duct all the way in the back, she lifted one leg. Her pussy was shaved. My dick grew instantly hard. I caught her looking down at me and smiling. That little tart! She knew I was looking under her dress. She had not worn panties on purpose.

I looked up at her and our eyes met. “Did you forget to put on panties on purpose?” Maria looked at me and then scampered down the ladder. She couldn’t help but see my hardon. She even brushed up against it as she walked pass me. Then she did something that her mother would never had the nerve to do. She went and sat her ass on my desk. She sat facing me. Her legs were slightly parted and I could get a good look at her pussy lips. “Mr. Harley! My mom is a very good woman. And she has made many sacrifices to insure I get a good education. But she also drinks sometimes. And when she does she talks too much. My cousin hates the fact that it was my mother that got paid to fuck you and not her. That’s why she didn’t show up. She told me if my mother was good enough to whore for you for money, I should come and finish the job. I didn’t know what she meant but she wanted revenge bad enough to tell me everything. Is there a hole in momma’s body that you didn’t fuck?” I hadn’t expected this turn of events but I was not going to let some young cunt talk to me like that.

I walked over to the desk and picked up the phone. Maria looked at me smiling until she heard me ask for the overseas operator. When I gave the operator the name and address I wanted, she snatched the phone from my hand and put it back on the cradle. “What are you doing,” she yelled? “I was going to see how you mother felt about the way you act and talk. I don’t know what type of game you’re playing but I don’t think I want to play. Maria put her hand over the phone as I reached for it again. “Wait a minute Mr. Harley. I didn’t mean it. When I found out what you had done to my mother, I was pissed. I was going to try and get you all hot then let you fuck me. I was going to threaten to tell my mom if you didn’t give me money. I hated you for the way you treated her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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