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Mark , Annie Ch. 01 – Public Face

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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts anal sex between consenting adults, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


The problem Mark faced is that he wanted to be as helpful as possible, and it didn’t take long for people at his employers to work that he was one of those go to guys. What’s the saying? If you want something doing, ask a busy person.

And so today he found himself roped in by his marketing colleagues into charming potential customers to buy their software. He was the first to admit that the more success they generated the more work there was to go around his department and therefore he found it hard to ignore their pleas. As with many of these exhibitions, there were the tyre kickers who just wanted to collect as many free pens as they could. There were the hangers on who had come to listen to the expert sessions and wandered the other halls to kill time before the next session. And then there were the genuine people looking to swap out their existing software and it wasn’t hard to compartmentalise the three.

Marketing did a good job of weeding out the first two types and filtered through the third group for Mark and his other product colleagues to spend some quality time with. The other thing Mark was grateful of was the product experts got to sit down whereas the Marketing folk were on their feet all day. They did manage to snatch breaks, but he was impressed with how they continued to look cool and unflustered even at the end of a long, hot, day. Mark was taking a break while a group presentation was on and was deep in thought about a problem one of his customers wanted answers on when someone said “Do you mind if I join you? You look miles away.”

He shook his head and looked up to see his colleague Annie from Marketing “Why of course, what man wouldn’t enjoy the company of a female go getter.”

Annie looked a bit curious replying “I’m not sure about go getter.”

Mark shrugged and said “Really? On a board made up of white middle class men who is the senior female in our organisation?” to which Annie nodded her assent, “And who is the face of the company that our potential customers meet first? Not that old codger in charge or the personality defunct Jeff, it’s you so don’t argue” as he waged his finger in jest at her. Annie held her hands up in submission and then took a sip from her drink. “How are the feet holding up?” he asked.

Annie kicked off one of her court shoes and wiggled her toes about “Not bad for saying. I do like to wear high heels but at this kind of event it has to be flats. A decent amount of brisk business today wouldn’t you say?”

Mark nodded and replied “Yes, you’ve kept me busy, however the important bit is your lot have only allowed through useful leads to us backroom walla’s, I must commend them for their efforts. Returning to the original topic though, I do a mean foot massage if ever it gets too much for you”.

Annie took another sip of her drink before replying “I’ll keep that in mind.” Afterwards the conversation got fairly mundane as it switched to work matters and mutual acquaintances the two might share.

By mid-afternoon things were winding down and as Mark was the only one still engaged with a potential customer most everyone had exited the stand, glad to be let off the leash, the exception was Annie who stayed back and fielded the last few enquiries. As Mark ushered the last lead off the stand he turned to Annie and offered “Is there anything I can do help with the shut down? Thanks for hanging back by the way”

Annie smiled back and replied “No problem, it was interesting overhearing the interaction. I leant something new today. No, pretty much everything is powered down and the stand team will do the dismantling overnight.”

In reply Mark said “In that case then allow me to carry your bag to the bus stop. I take it you caught the shuttle in from the exhibitor’s car park?”

“Mmm, yes” came the reply. The two stood chatting at the bus stop for what seemed like the longest time until someone from the hall came out to break the news that the shuttle bus had broken down and they were busy trying to rustle up alternative transport and so Annie turned to Mark and askebYd “Fancy a walk? I know a footpath that will take us to the carpark.”

Mark looked a bit quizzical “Are you sure? You’ve been on your feet all day. I feel kind of guilty making you stay back for me.”

Annie waved him off and grabbed her bag “Nah, don’t worry. It’s not far and no need to feel guilty, it is after all you that were doing us a favour today by being here.”

Mark quickly got in step beside her and grabbed her bag off her shoulder saying “If we’re walking, I can’t possibly have you carry a bag. Lead the way.” They had Ordu Escort only set out five minutes ago when the first raindrops started to fall. ‘Great, no shelter evident between here and the car park’ he thought as all of a sudden, the heavens opened with zero warning and torrential rain tipped down.

Mark did his best using his bag held over Annie, but it was really no use. To make matters worse, Annie’s pretty summer dress became see through as it got wetter and much as he liked the view of her lingerie, the gentlemanly thing to do was render some assistance “Here take this” Mark said shaking his bag.

“What?” asked Annie, not comprehending.

“Take my bag for a moment” he pressed on. Once she took his bag and continued to hold it over her, he removed his jacket just as the rain started to slow down.

“What are you doing?” Annie asked, “You’ll get soaked.”

He handed her the jacket and took back control of his bag over her adding “Never mind that, I’ve been on too many sport fields in torrential rain in just a shirt and shorts to bother me. You really need to put this on” shoving his jacket at her.

“But… “she began to ask.

Mark decided there was no subtle way to say this, “Put this over your shoulders before we get back to the car park. Your dress has become see though now it’s wet and the jacket length should hide some embarrassment as it will probably form a small dress on you.”

Annie looked shocked to the core and looked down “Oh my god” and quickly draped his jacket over her shoulders adding, “How embarrassing” as she walked off towards the car park completely forgetting Mark’s bag. He attempted to catch her up and hold it over her still, but she shook her head “My hairs wet, can we just get back to the car please.”

By the time they got to the cars the rain had stopped and to add insult, the sun had come out. Mark took control by saying “My cars only a couple of spaces from yours, lets swing past there and retrieve a top I have in the boot.” They then made their way to Annie’s car, and he once again took the lead “Give me the jacket” so that he and the outstretched jacket could act as a screen. “Take your dress off and put my top on. Your panties are probably a little damp, but your seats will be saved the worst of it. Wear the top home and you can bring it back when you are next in the office.”

Annie was too shocked and embarrassed to do anything other than he suggested “I can’t thank you enough for doing this. You really are a knight in shining armour.

Mark’s exact thoughts were ‘To hell with that. I got a nice look at her body while she arranged the jacket and dress.’ Instead of voicing his thoughts he said “I wish I could have done more to save your modesty, at least it was just the two of us and rest assured my lips are sealed. Now you have a safe journey and focus on the road; they’ll be slippery after that rain.”

It was a couple of days later when they were both in the office and both had to attend a meeting analysing the leads they had gathered, deciding the next course of action and by whom. Annie had deliberately sat next to Mark and after a very long meeting as most of the others filed out and Mark had gathered his notes Annie touched his arm which silently said for him to hold back and so he continued to look busy. Once everyone was gone Annie said, “Thank for the other day, you really are a saint and thank you for your discretion.”

Mark shrugged and replied “Glad I could help if only in a small amount. As for discretion, it’s our secret. You’ve had to work long and hard to get to the top of the pile and I won’t be doing anything to jeopardise that. You’re damned good at your job. I hope this doesn’t appear unseemly but for what’s it’s worth, the view of you in your underwear while you took off that sopping dress is tattooed on my mind. I’m just sad I’m not an artist and could capture that view on canvas.” Annie’s response was to look shocked and slap his arm playfully, as a final question “I don’t want to overstep the mark, but can I ask what colour lingerie you have on today?”

Annie pulled a contemplative face, tucked her shoulder length brown hair behind her ears and replied “Yes, it is overstepping the mark… but seeing as I owe you big time and I know I can trust your silence; they’re white” and raised her eyebrows in a silent question.

John flashed her a dazzling smile and replied “Very nice” before then taking his thumb and forefinger in an imaginary zip and running it across his lips. He then made a series of mumbling noises as though he couldn’t speak through his mouth and left the meeting room with Annie chuckling behind him. A couple of days passed before the two passed in a corridor and John simply asked “Well?”

Annie was none the wiser and asked, “Well what?”

Mark feigned an astonished look before taking a look both ways to ensure they were still alone adding in a whispered tone “What colour are they today?”

Annie then caught on and replied, “Lemon yellow” and started to walk in the opposite direction. She did cast a glance back at Mark who was stood in the Ordu Escort Bayan same spot with a broad smile on his face. The next day it was a different corridor and after sharing a “Good morning” with each other Annie just said, “The same red ones from last week” and carried on walking. She didn’t need to look behind her, she knew Mark was looking at her receding butt. This went on for a few days until one day after Annie announced “Black” but suddenly one of the doors opened and their colleague Karen walked out.

She asked, “Black what?”

Annie was lost for words but once again Mark rescued the day by answering “You had to be there, we were both on at the exhibition a few weeks back and we were trying a telepathy test. I think of a colour and Annie has to guess what it was.” He turned to Annie and added” Just for the record, you’re wrong. It was Red” and then pulled a funny face that Karen wasn’t able to see.

Mark was busy on a new project the following week and the next time he was in the office he bumped into Annie who was obviously not her normal chipper self. “Everything okay? You know I specialise in coming to your rescue on my metaphorical white steed.”

Annie smiled tiredly and replied, “It’s nothing, besides I think this is even beyond your powers.”

Mark smiled and said, “Challenge accepted, meet me down in reception in five minutes and we’ll go get a coffee and take a walk around the block while you brief me.” He was a little dubious Annie would be there but sure enough when he got to the ground floor, there she was. Drinks purchased they then went a walk away from the office — and prying ears. “Come on then spill the beans. You know whatever you say will go no further” were his opening remarks.

It took a few moments for Annie to reply “No really, it’s nothing” she could see from Mark’s expression that he was sceptical about her reply and wasn’t buying it. Eventually she gave an exasperated gasp and blurted out “I had an argument with my husband before leaving the house this morning and he said some things.” Once again, Mark stayed quiet but portrayed with his expression that she had to elaborate and so she added “He knows I’m over conscious about my teeth and my small bust but now he says my hips and butt are too big.”

As she carried on walking Mark stopped and purposefully looked at her butt. She sensed him stop and looked back over her shoulder to see his scrutiny and so he replied, “Nah. Tell him from me, he is wrong” wagging his finger at her he added “And don’t forget I have had the pleasure of seeing your butt in just panties and I know what I’m talking about.”

She playfully slapped his arm and replied, “You would say that wouldn’t you and besides I think he might have something as I rarely wear trousers as I struggle to find a comfortable fit.”

“Sorry but I’m not buying it. I’ll admit you don’t have the bony skinny look of a runway model, but you are too classy, charming and brainy to be a model and blokes — or at least the vast majority of us — don’t go for that bean pole look. Most of us prefer the more healthy, natural, rounded look. Case in point” and he gestured his hands at her. “May I refer you to my earlier comments about the image of you in your lingerie and it being tattooed on my brain. If your husband doesn’t appreciate you for what you are then either send him in my direction for an attitude adjustment or dump his ass”.

She had cheered up no end and decided to tug Mark’s chain a little “Are you saying I’m fat?”

He stopped walking again, forcing her to stop also if she were to maintain eye contact. This time his expression was all serious “No. What I’m saying is you have a healthy, natural look. If you don’t mind me saying — I think you have a gorgeous butt, you have lovely boobs, perfectly in proportion with the rest of you and I’ve no idea what your hang up is with your teeth. You are beautiful and don’t let me hear otherwise. That’s before we talk about your beautiful mind, your brains, your compassion, your ability to lighten the darkest day — oh and did I mention that fabulous butt of yours? It really is very special indeed.”

His charm worked and she burst out laughing, it took her a moment to compose herself to say “You’ve done it again haven’t you. You seem to have a view on life that us mere mortals can only imagine.” Mark inspected his fingernails as if he were proud of them. “It’s almost as though a cloudy sky has suddenly burst into sunshine. Remind me to come and see you next time I’m down or frustrated.”

Mark gave a theatrical bow and replied “I am always at my lady’s service. Whatever she demands of me” and the two made their way back to the office.

Annie definitely had a jaunty step in her stride, but his last comment got her thinking, ‘Service, whatever she demands’. Mark didn’t think any more about their conversation but did receive an email request the following week while he was working on a client site. ‘I have to go and spec out a new potential venue for schmoozing customers and get to take a colleague. As a thank you I’d like to take you on an all-expenses Escort Ordu paid trip if you can spare me an afternoon and evening one weekday in the next two weeks?’

Mark’s job required him to work away from home frequently, but he normally travelled alone and naturally accepted Annie’s offer as it made a change to be able to share some pleasant company with a colleague that he got on well with. They were being escorted round by the hotels Events Manager, and all seemed to be going well even when Mark asked some probing questions about the technology stuff and customers’ ability to connect to WIFI’s, access to printers and break out facilities. All in all, Annie was glad to have his company and made sure to log the questions and their resultant answers away for future visits. Once they were done with the tour Annie asked “What time do you want to dine and did you want a drink in the bar beforehand. Seeing as you’re only two rooms away from mine why don’t you call for me on route to the bar?”

That sounded a good idea and so he agreed. The appointed time came around and saw Mark knocking on Annie’s door. She opened the door in her hotel fluffy white dressing gown saying “Come in, I got stuck on the phone and am nearly ready. Take a seat.” which Mark did as he was instructed. It never occurred to him that she would need somewhere to change “I need to ask a couple of favours of you if you don’t mind?”

“For you, of course. You can ask anything, now shoot” was Mark’s instant reply.

“Oh, before I forget. We haven’t played our little colour game for a while” said Annie as she pulled at the sash of her dressing gown and shook her shoulders, so the gown slipped down her arms. She stood there in just her bra and panties “Todays are Red, the same outfit as you saw previously.” Her heart was beating faster, unsure of what Mark’s reaction would be. She had gauged his chat since the drenching as flirtatious and hoped he would approve of her being so daring.

Although his mouth gaped open in amazement, Annie need not worry about his reaction as a broad smile spread across his face. He uttered two simple words “Absolutely Marvellous” as he took in the sight before him, looking her up and down and shaking his head as if he couldn’t believe what he saw. Eventually he did manage to speak, all be it with a broken croaky voice “You look absolutely divine. I thought the view of you bending over to shed your dress was inviting but this… well, I truly lack the words to describe its beauty.”

Annie took a step nearer to the seated Mark and then sank to her knees reaching for his trouser zipper saying “There’s something I’ve seen in movies online, but my husband refuses point blank to do it” as she was fishing his dick out of his trousers. She leant her head forward and engulfed his growing cock to suck on it for a few moments before she eventually pulled her mouth free and added “Mmmm, it does a girl’s soul so much good to see this reaction from a man. I’ve always wanted to take a load over my face. Would you do that for me?” and then ducked her way down its length once more.

Mark could just about manage a “Hmph” as she repeatedly ducked her mouth back and forth along his length although he did eventually manage “If that is what the lady wants then that is what the lady shall have” as he placed his hand on the back of her head. Her cheeks raised in what Mark guessed was a grin — or at least what could be construed as a grin when her mouth is full of dick. Every so often Annie would disengage her lips to swirl her tongue around the head and run it along his shaft as she held onto its base. She was never going to have to worry about deep throating him, but his girth made for a pleasant change. She looked especially beautiful as she administered to his dick.

Mark had come to the room expecting to have a pleasant evening of a few drinks, a nice meal and some good company — he certainly never anticipated this and was having a hard time thinking of various things to stop him coming when her suction mouth was almost pulling his insides out. He did a fairly good job of it for a while as he enjoyed the attentions from her mouth. She was actually very good although the inevitable was taking place and he could barely croak “It’s coming, get ready.”

Annie pulled her head back, pulled her hair back with her free hand and pointed his cock at her face as first one, two and then a third rope of come quickly shot out of the head of his cock. The first flew high and landed on her forehead, the second had less impetuous and landed plumb across the bridge of her noise and across her left eye and the third splayed across her mouth and tip of her nose. She opened the corner of her mouth and mumbled, “Get your phone I want a picture of this. Don’t worry, it’s for my own personal consumption.” As he fumbled in his trousers, he extracted the phone and snapped three quick pictures so she could then use her fingers to grab the pearlescent liquid and guide it into her mouth for her to swallow. Mark made a grab for a tissue from the nearby box so he could help by wiping the first rope from her forehead. She then said “Thank you for doing that. I must say that was an impressive load and very tasty I might add.” She smiled broadly, finished wiping her face with another tissue and then stood up leaning over him so that they could share a kiss.

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