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Marriage Transformation Ch. 09

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Once Elizabeth had experienced Dan’s big cock, Chris watched for any apparent changes in her attitude toward him. A few nights after the big event, Elizabeth came out of the bedroom dressed exactly as she had been for Dan. Chris looked at her and wondered what was about to happen.

She approached him and began kissing him. She took his pants down and sucked his cock. She easily took his whole cock into her mouth and sucked him to orgasm. She swallowed everything and then kissed him on the lips. She took him to bed and let him watch her have sex with the big black dildo. She was banging the toy into her pussy until she squirted all over them both and came in short gasps and moans. She lay the toy aside and put her head on Chris’ shoulder. It was sweet.

A few nights later, she dressed in a sexy baby doll and started sucking his cock. Before he came, she impaled herself on his little cock and gave him access to her luscious nipples. He sucked her breasts alternately as she gave him one and the other. As he spewed his load into her pussy, he apologized, “I am sorry, Honey, you get me so hot. Let me eat you out.”

She rolled over and allowed her husband to eat his cum from her drenched pussy. She thanked him for being such a considerate lover. Chris thought that once she had taken a really big cock, she might lose interest in making love with him. Just the opposite occurred. She was even more loving and eager to please him. He thought that this might be a pity fuck of sorts for him, but she assured him that their sex life was personal and she just wanted him to feel loved in every way.

She cooled ever so slightly the more dominant aspects of their lovemaking for a time until Chris started to think that the experience with Dan was a one- time thing. After a few weeks, he began dropping hints, but she seemed content to just have conventional sex and cuddle. Chris was now completely engrossed in his submissive side and decided that she just needed a little start-up for their next experience.

That evening he dressed in the outfit that he had worn when she and Dan had fucked. He wanted to surprise her and impress her. He had stopped by Victoria’s Secret and purchased a pretty pink push-up bra. The sales lady picked up on the fact that the bra was for Chris and even asked if he wanted to try it on. He had gotten over his nervousness when buying lingerie. It was a thrill now to see the sales people when they realized that he was shopping for himself.

He showered and got into his pretty things. He again wore Elizabeth’s sheer duster top. To top it all, he applied the makeup exactly as she had done the fateful night. This being his second time in makeup, he did a credible job of reproducing the effect that she had made for him. He waited on the couch until she got home from work. Finally she came through the door. She was wearing a short skirt and stockings. He knew that she would have a sexy garter belt below her skirt and wondered what type of panties she had on. Or, if she had any panties on at all.

When she turned, she saw Chris with legs up on the couch.

“Oh, wow, Pretty Boy, you seemed to be waiting for me.”

She walked over and admired his tight little pink bra. She had suggested it when he had dressed up for her night with Dan. She was indeed a little surprised that he had dressed without her instructing him. She had made sure that she rewarded him for allowing her to experience the big cock. She had downplayed the crossdressing somewhat since the big event, instead concentrating on catering to him a little more. She assumed, correctly, that he was very comfortable in the submissive role and in fact, enjoyed it more than the other way around. This was a pleasant, but unintended consequence of the transformation. Chris, on the other hand was more aggressive at work and more confident in his abilities. Sure, it seemed a non sequitur, but was not all that unusual. Many successful men have a softer side away from the workplace. Chris was one who totally changed when he was with Elizabeth.

His acceptance of wearing first her lingerie and later buying his own, was just a manifestation of his acceptance of her as the aggressor, hence true alpha, in the sexual relationship. He had learned to be more thoughtful and less abrasive. As he learned his job better, his confidence and alpha nature was evident in his professional development. She had the best of both worlds now. Well, except that as a sexual alpha, he was a total failure because of his small cock. Learning to function as a beta, sexually, was comfortable and less confrontational than the typical alpha ego.

When they had recruited Dan to fuck Elizabeth with his big cock, Chris was not intentionally giving his wife to another man; he was facilitating his wife’s enhanced sexual pleasure. For this reason, there were no recriminations for either of them. Chris was able to disassociate his wife’s technical infidelity from their overall shared sexual fulfillment. Chris did not allow her siirt escort to be penetrated by another male; he was an integral part of the sex act, by enjoying her sexual release along with her.

In answer to her question, Chris got up and kissed her. She felt his little manhood though the panties and complemented him on his makeup. He helped her out of her skirt and blouse. She kicked off her heels and stood there in her garters, stockings and tiny black thong. He removed her bra for her and followed her to the bedroom. After she had used the bathroom, she opened the door and allowed him into the bathroom. He drew a warm bath for her and added scented oils. He had he sit on the vanity stool and spread her legs while he shaved the small amount of stubble from her pussy. He held her hand as she stepped into the warm bath.

Chris continued to lavish his attention on her, washing her back and holding her hair up. She allowed him to wash her full breasts. Her areola and nipples were aroused and just gorgeous. The subtle change was noticeable as she became more aroused. He helped her dry off and massaged her all over with aromatic body lotion. He selected a long, sheer lavender gown for her to wear. She touched up her hair and Chris led her to the bedroom.

He eased her down on the bed and crawled down to the foot. He grasped her ankles and gently pushed her legs apart. Lifting the hem of the sheer gown, he moved under with his head until he reached her freshly shaved pussy lips. He kissed her puffy vaginal lips and licked her moistening slit. Elizabeth held his head through the flimsy material of the gown and encouraged his motions while she thrust her hips toward his mouth. She allowed him to make love to her pussy slowly, enjoying the mounting arousal in a steady increase. She flowed from her sex as he added his saliva to her offering. Her pussy was gushing and the gown beneath her beautiful ass was fast becoming drenched.

Increasing in his intensity, Chris began to suck her clit. It was hard and protruding. He took the tiny phallus in his lips and flicked his tongue across it quickly. She moaned and held his head tighter. He began bobbing up and down on her mimicking a blow job. She was near explosion and suddenly, her cum erupted from her pussy. Chris took the ejaculate in his mouth and swallowed as much as he could. Some inevitably sprayed on the sheets. This just added to the overall wetness of their shared juices. As her orgasm subsided, Chris extracted himself from under the flimsy gown and lay beside her. She thanked him for being so considerate.

Elizabeth regained her composure and sat up, admiring his new bra. She was quite impressed with his color selection. It seemed that pink was becoming his color of choice when he dressed feminine. No longer did she have to dress him and now he had done some slight makeup on his own. He must really love the submissive role and subsequently was quite excited dressing en femme. She got some really good ideas in her head about some near adventures she thought would be fun. She hoped that Chris would be game enough to try some light exhibitionism.

She avoided letting him cum and was surprised when he was content to just talk and cuddle. After all, he had initiated the sex that evening, albeit in a submissive way. This was working out better than she could have hoped. Now she had a much nicer, considerate husband, an exciting sex life and a good bread winner to boot. Elizabeth herself was doing well in school and looked forward to getting her associate’s degree so she could try to find a better paying job that would still allow her to finish her BA.

That evening, they slept in their lingerie just as they had worn during sex. The next morning, Elizabeth told him that his bra was cute, but that he would not want to sleep in one regularly.

“I have just the thing for you, Sweetie. And I am going to buy it myself. You can buy something similar if you like later.”

The next time she had a chance, she shopped for him. She purchased a pretty pink two piece sleep set with a button up top and frilly flutter panty. The top left a lot of skin above the first button and she thought it was sexy. She loved the cut and flair of the set, so she purchased a dark navy blue one for herself. She took them home and laid them out on the bed before she went to her afternoon classes.

That evening, they donned their sexy new sleepwear. They did not have sex, but rather caught up on each other’s days at work and school. During the course of the evening, Elizabeth asked Chris if he liked his pretty new nightie set. He thanked her and told her how comfortable it was.

“Honey, how would you feel about dressing all the way as a woman sometime? You have a really good physique for it. You are not muscle bound in any way and your legs look really good in stockings. I could get you a pretty wig and make up your face. You seemed to enjoy it and even did it yourself.”

“It is a fun bedroom game, Elizabeth sincan escort and I was so excited to have Dan come over and fuck you. It was just that I wonder if he really feels the way he explained it to me. He said that lots of men come in to buy lingerie for themselves. I guess it is something that I would have never believed I could enjoy, but I do. I just don’t want to look like a freak.”

“Honey,” Elizabeth said, “You actually look really hot in your girly things. That is why I continued to help you find your hidden pleasure. If you had a slightly more full ass and some bust enhancers, you could actually pass to the casual observer. It is something that I have been thinking about since I exposed myself to Dan and then at my work. It just makes me so hot to do something naughty like that and it doesn’t hurt anyone. I would never embarrass you. We could practice the walk and find some casual clothes to wear in the right situation. I get aroused just thinking about it. Can we try?”

Chris was curious about crossdressing. He was totally committed to wearing lingerie in private. He reasoned that wearing his panties at work and out socially had gone off without any repercussions so far. Taking this to another level excited Elizabeth. He had already appeared in front of Dan dressed in lingerie. Allowing Dan to fuck his wife seemed quite a bit more an event than Dan seeing him dressed en femme. He had some reservations and did not know what Elizabeth had in mind, but his curiosity was certainly piqued. He had no desire to be a woman, but crossdressing for his wife had enhanced both of their appreciation of marital sex.

Elizabeth had assured him that the only person who knew about their lingerie play was Dan. She told him that the most exciting thing about sex to her was that it was shared completely with him. One day they would start a family and she knew that the carefree lifestyle would be hard to maintain. Even Cindy acknowledged that the season for experimentation had a shelf life. Elizabeth did not want to get past her youth and have any regrets about lost opportunities.

A few weeks later, Elizabeth dropped by a beauty supply and looked at wigs. She picked out a pretty medium length dark blonde one. She thought it might look good with Chris’complexion. She shopped for breastforms and found a C cup to fit into his bra. That evening she got out one of her longer skirts and had Chris try everything on. The whole outfit had some promise, but she would need to buy a conservative top. The next day she bought a light sweater. Chris was very lean and his breastforms and bra would set the sweater off nicely. Again she had him try everything on and then gave him the sweater. It fit perfectly. They went into the bathroom and applied his makeup. The outfit was casual, so the makeup was much understated. He had on pantyhose and she had purchased a pair of medium height heels. The shoes were close toed so she would not have to do a pedicure. She did fit him with shorter fake nails. His eyelashes looked good with just mascara.

Elizabeth looked at him and said, “Okay, Girlfriend, we are going to go out in public tomorrow evening. We will just play it by ear and have you practice walking. You will need to work on your mannerism some, so pay attention to what I have to show you.”

She had him watch her walk, sit and observe her hand movement when she talked. He seemed to have the hang of it enough for her to feel comfortable dressing him. The following evening, after they had dinner, she got herself ready and told Chris to get into his girl clothing. She had him wear some sexy panties to go with his bra. He had just a hint of an Adam’s apple, so she placed a tight necklace around his neck. I quick check and they were off.

Elizabeth was wearing a tight low cut sweater top herself, but with no bra on. Her areolas and nipples were quite prominent through the light grey top. He navy skirt was short and had a split in the back. She wore no panties under her skirt and relished the cool air lifting up toward her wet pussy lips. Her makeup was a night time average. She would not garner attention just because of her makeup. She had worn very heavy makeup the night that she had fucked Dan, but tonight they were two girlfriends shopping.

She drove them to a large strip center with about thirty retail outlets. The stores were mostly women’s fashions. There was a Target near the middle. It was a relatively new development and the stores were all fashionable. She wanted to have Chris walk up to a store near the end of the center so she could monitor his walking and body language. She observed him walking just like she had trained him. His mannerisms were good enough to not attract attention unduly. She thought that he was so eager to please her, that he was trying to remember all that she had suggested the evening before. Having him dress in panties was thrilling to start with. When she had him in his girly outfit the night that she and Dan had fucked, sinop escort he had eagerly complied. That was the first time she had applied makeup to him. Not only did he not freak out or refuse to go along, he seemed to enjoy the dress-up scenario almost as much as he did watching Dan sink his big thick cock into her.

As Chris began to window browse, Elizabeth joined him and pointed out some pretty outfits in the window. She led him inside and his heart began pounding. What if another customer or a sales person started laughing at him? How quickly could they get out of there? Elizabeth talked to him as they began going through the racks of skirts and tops. She would hold a top near her body to assess the size. She picked a skirt and gave it to Chris. She got a sheer top herself and they headed to the dressing rooms. The lady monitoring the rooms did not seem to notice anything out of the ordinary as she nodded to them. She had Chris get into one dressing partition while she slipped into the next one. She pulled her top off and tried on the sheer one. Her breasts stood proud and the top outlined every contour of them. She told Chris to put on the skirt and meet her outside. They met outside of the doors and walked over to a common area with three mirrors angled toward the center. She modeled the top and turned this way, then that way to give him a good view of her selection. She then had him stand in front of the mirrors and do the same.

They bought both of the items. Luckily for Chris, she had given him one of her purses and he paid cash for the skirt. Elizabeth put the sheer top on her credit card and winked at Chris. He knew she was teasing him and trying to get him to use his card so he would have to show his driver’s license. He tried to break eye contact with her, afraid that he might give himself away.

They shopped a few more stores and tried on other clothing along the way. He became a little more comfortable modeling the clothing with her. She had him try on a tight top and come out with his bra showing through the material. She thought he looked sexy. They did not buy anything else, but tried on some other clothing. When they came to a shoe store, she bolted inside. They browsed a while until a twenty something young man came and asked if he might help them.

Elizabeth told him she was looking for a high heel to wear to work. She bent forward and picked up a strapped Mary Jane with a four inch heel. When she bent forward, her breasts bobbed into view under her top and gave the young guy a look at everything. She did this several more times, hand the style to him and asking for her size. While the young man made his way back to the storeroom, she sat on a chair to try her selections on. This was classic. When the man came back, she pulled her skirt up and spread her legs to take her shoes off. The guy turned three shades of red as he tried to look like he had not spied her shaved pussy. Chris watched as she moved her skirt higher and had him slip on the shoes. She walked around him and pulled on the hem of her skirt, showing more leg than necessary. She would set back down and pull the shoes off, making sure to move the skirt so high that her pussy was almost visible to anyone watching.

She continued this show until she had selected the pair she really wanted. She told the salesman that she would wear them out and just box hers in the box. She paid with her credit card. The salesman was staring at her pretty breast through the tight top. His neck was now too big for his shirt collar. He was sweating and his face was still red. He asked them to please come back. Elizabeth thanked him for the attention.

When they got outside again, she said, “Chris, did you see his cock getting hard as you watched me show him my pussy?”

“Yes, well, who wouldn’t get hard seeing your pretty pussy? My cock was hard under my skirt as well.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”

This went on for a good hour and a half. Each stop and browse session just heightened their arousal. She told Chris to strut his little stuff well up ahead of her while she watched for any suspicious glances. In truth most of the guys spotted her down the mall and quickly looked away from Chris. That was one way to take the attention off her feminized husband. She followed him out to the car and they both got in. On the way back, she had to be careful driving for she was trying to feel his hard little cock under his skirt.

When they got home, they started undressing before they got into the house. Chris had been on alert the whole time hoping he did not see anyone who he recognized. It would be difficult for anyone to recognize him dressed en femme. They made love as soon as they got to the bedroom. Chris then drained his cum from her juicy pussy as he brought her to several orgasms orally. They giggled afterward and she thanked him for being so sweet to dress up completely and go out with her.

Afterward, Chris was questioning her about needing some more big cock. She was reluctant to start up an affair with Dan. She did want to be too forward and besides Dan had a girlfriend. However, finding another candidate would not be necessarily that easy. They certainly did not want to go bar hopping in their backyard, so to speak.

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