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Marty Discovers Men Ch. 08

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With Marty, sex in the morning was a common occurrence…it’s just a morning wood…or a man thing…I guess. Read on and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it.

My roommate was spending the weekend with his girlfriend, and I woke up thinking I would go running with Marty. I tried to convince him that it was only five and mostly flat, but he rolled over, promising me the coffee would be done when I got back.

We got in late after a movie the night before, so we were both a little tired…no problem. I laughed, “Deal, and we’re going out for breakfast after coffee.” Then I added, “And you’re a slug.”

“Yeah…yeah, I know…but breakfast sounds good.”

When I got back, I was going from the shower to getting dressed, and he whistled.

I grinned, trying to play dumb, “What…my handsome football-player build (which I don’t have at all), or my manly good looks?”

He opened the blinds to let morning sun stream in, and he had the pot, bringing me a refill. Looking into my eyes, he poured coffee, “Yeah, all of those things.”

He looked down between my legs, “Plus that…um…added bonus.”

It hung between my legs, swaying low, but still arching out from my pubes. The head was thick, standing out prominently from the shaft. Even flaccid, the shaft retained its thickness; it wasn’t huge, but there wasn’t anything small about it either.

I laughed, “I like it, when you check me out.” Pushing him towards the bed, “Why don’t you get a closer look?”

He sat his coffee down and jumped back onto the bed. He grinned, “Bring it on…get over here and show me…show me what you got!”

I pumped my fist, up and down the shaft, working the shiny burgundy head. It made the slit, at the tip, open and close…like it was winking for him to get on it. When I brought it up to his lips, he swirled his tongue over the head, the slit…and all over the shaft.

Licking down the shaft and over the sac, he carefully sucked one nut and then the other. Going back to the cock, he closed his eyes and pressed it into his face. Feeling the heat and the sensation of a hard, pulsing flesh on his cheek, he rubbed it over his face and lapped at it with his tongue.

Tracing the ridge, before sinking the head through his lips, he held it tight, savoring the moment…treasuring his man’s cock.

I watched him, as he looked up with that sexy gaze, and took it deeper, each time he pushed his mouth down over the shaft. Whenever he pulled back, he kept his lips wrapped tight, and sucked as hard as he could. Bobbing at a frenzied pace and sucking the swollen plum, he was on a mission to suck the balls dry.

Marty, succumbing to his needs, started diving forward to tease his throat; gagging with both pleasure and satisfaction, the spit trickled from the shaft.

I took over, thrusting through his lips in a steady, rhythmic face fucking. Grunting each time, I filled his mouth with cock, I moaned, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…you can do it buddy, take it…take that big dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…mmmm, take it…yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck yeah, take it!”

I fucked hard, using his mouth like that, till I had to pull out. Focused on my needs, I moved down between his legs, grabbing one and pushing it way back, resting the knee against his chest. Exposing his pucker, I laid my dick over it, while he struggled to get me the lube.

Mesmerized by how smooth, and tight he was…he’s just got a beautiful ass…but it looked even better with my cock teasing the firm, muscled mounds.

While I coated myself, I groaned from the thought of ravaging my handsome jock’s tight, manly ass. He drooled, while I lubed and jacked it through my fist. I grabbed the base and smacked it against the palm of my hand, and then his ass cheek.

It was rock-hard and ready to plunge into his ass, but I smeared some over him and pushed it inside.

Sliding up through the crack and smacking his ass, I pressed it against the pucker, teasing him, “You ready…you want me to fuck you?”

Knowing he wanted nothing more, he grinned as he answered, “Fuck man…you know I want it…fuck me!”

I pushed inside to a loud chorus of moans…a couple inches deep, I pumped forward, pushing deeper and deeper, till it was all in. It wasn’t long before he was groaning louder and begging to be fucked; we fucked like there was no tomorrow.

Marty was insatiable, but so was I…it became a long, frenzied fucking; showing his serious cocklust, Marty bucked his hips to meet my thrusts.

I got lost in watching his cock bob around, imagining my hand wrapped tight, and jacking the shaft. Mmmm…eight, thick, mouth-watering inches!

The beautiful, veined shaft glowed in the warm sunlight, and from the tip, there was a fertile trickle, falling onto his muscled abs. It couldn’t hardly get much better, but it did, when I licked it off those beautiful abs…I loved feeling my tongue slide over the ripples and through the viscous musk.

He moaned and moaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah, bahis siteleri fuck me…fuck me…fuckkkkk…oh god, yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah, fuckkkk…meeeeeeee!”

Then he switched gears, “Ohhhh…oh god…let me ride it…yeah…yeah…yeah…wanna ride that big thing.”

Only a few seconds passed as we traded places, but Marty felt a yearning to fill the void; he needed my cock. He quickly straddled me, and grabbed my cock, before nodding his head back, with manly groans, and pushing it inside.

Slowly, he came to rest in my lap, grinding my cock deep, and fucking himself. His ass’s caress felt so good, I threw my head back, and grabbed his hips, thrusting upward.

With his best power-bottom moves, he rolled his hips over the girthy shaft, working to get all eight…he always wanted all eight inches. Pleasuring me with his insides, Marty looked at me with pride, pleasure and lust.

Something was forever changing in Marty; he wasn’t entirely gay, but he wasn’t straight either. He was definitely bi, and a bottom…something he was comfortable with.

I shared some of the same feelings, and I liked letting him call the shots, but loved to be alpha. Though he was riding my dick, at that moment, we both craved the times, when he was on his back, with his legs on my shoulders.

Groaning and panting, he looked down and saw my face, awash with pleasure; together, we both moaned with that shared ecstasy, and he kept going. Impaling himself over and over, he was crazy with lust, relentlessly working himself up and down the shaft, as fast as he could.

Then I groaned louder, tightening my grip, and Marty realized I was cumming. He slowed, riding sensuously and savoring my pleasure; grinding his ass into me, he made certain it was going as deep as it had gone before.

I held my hunky boyfriend’s hips tight, and painted his insides with cum. It seemed to overwhelm him, too…he furiously jerked his cock, and sprayed his load over my chest.

With his ass still working my cock, he squeezed and milked till it was done…till we were both done.

He collapsed over me, resting and catching his breath for a bit. He had a big smile on his face, “Fuck! Fuck Rob, we need to have more coffee in bed!” He grinned, “I gotta say this…in bed, you are good to the very last drop!”

We both laughed, sinking back into the pillows to finish our coffee…feeling very, very satisfied.


We still had the apartment to ourselves and went out for a few beers with friends. When we got back, Marty wanted to shower; he hadn’t taken one that morning and we both really smelled like smoke.

I grinned at him, “Yeah, you do really stink…why don’t you take a shower and I’ll get you a beer.

I took a swig and sat them on the vanity because I knew I was going in…I always loved the way water flowed over his hunky body in the shower…I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

I savored the mounded pecs, tight, muscled abs, his hot, rounded ass and most of all…that big bobbing cock. He had a semi, and I watched the thick, meaty shaft sway back and forth, as he worked soap over himself.

“Dude, thanks for the beer…the shower feels good. You smell like smoke, too…why don’t you get in here?”

I stepped in and started working soap over his body, when the shower triggered a huge piss from Marty. I felt the warmth hit my knee and he smiled, aiming toward the drain, “Sorry dude…it just happens”

I dropped to my knees, and for a split second gazed at the heavy stream, knowing I wanted to feel it on my skin…I wanted to taste it…I wanted to have that cock in my hand.

He grinned and shifted it back to spray over me. Hitting squarely over my chest, I immediately passed my hand through the warm spray, and grabbed the shaft, “Mmmm…I’ll do it…yeah…fuck yeah, I want it…to cover me…mmmm!”

His body flexed and shuddered, pushing more out the tip. I looked up into his eyes, “Yeah…it feels good…it smells good.” Following the stream back to the source, I sprayed my tongue and swallowed a big gulp. Letting some run down over my chin, I grinned, “And it tastes even better!”

I guided it back to my mouth and wrapped my lips tight, feeling the hot stream splashing over the back of my mouth, and spilling out over my lips. It was salty and warm on my tongue, and I swallowed as quickly as I could; he put his hand on the back of my head and moaned, “Fuckkkk…fuck, that’s hot!”

The stream quickly dwindled, but I got the last pulsing trickles, he pushed out. His fingers relaxed, brushing through my hair, and I couldn’t believe I drank so much; we’d only done this a couple times, but Marty was always the one on his knees.

Still feeling heat on my tongue and horny as fuck, I switched gears, sucking his rapidly hardening cock. I gazed up over his beautiful body…it glistened with water, and grinned, “Mmmm…lets dry off and see if I can get it hard…and full grown.”

Our eyes met and canlı bahis siteleri he smiled, grabbing a towel, “I think you’ve got it close…just keep doing what you’re doing.” I had him sit on the edge of the sink and took it back into my lips, pumping it into my mouth.

He moaned, “Oh god…oh…ohhhh Rob…that feels…oh god that feels so good…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, don’t stop…oh, please don’t stop!”

I pulled off to find his eyes closed and head nodded back, “No worries there…just enjoy it…I want you to finish!”

I held him in my lips and sucked hard, swirling my tongue over the swollen head. I pumped my lips down the shaft, fucking my face with his big dick. The rock-hard flesh felt good on my tongue…good in my lips…I savored it and took it right up to my throat.

Mmmm…with a cock like Marty’s, in your mouth, a crazy, hot lust floods your senses. His thick, veiny shaft was precious, and I wanted to burn every minute detail into my brain. I worked my tongue, carefully exploring each beautiful vein and ridge.

I loved seeing ecstasy in his face and wanted to satisfy him…I wanted him to cum. I wanted him to cum in my mouth…on my face…on my chest…anywhere, it really didn’t matter.

After I increased the pace, he was moaning louder and humping into my mouth. I felt is cock twitch, and his hands digging into my head, “Fuck, cumming…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, cumming…I’m cumming!”

Overwhelmed with pleasure, he grunted, dumping a huge load over my tongue. The first of it sprayed the back of my mouth, but I held his hips tight, hoping to get it all. His hips moved slower, pumping till he was done coating my mouth with his manly pleasure.

Swallowing the salty warmth, and letting the cock slide from my lips, “It looks like you really liked that.”

Marty looked down, “Fuckkkk! Fuckkkk, that was hot!” He laughed, “That was so fucking hot…I’m usually the one on my knees.”

I trailed my fingers over my dick and pumped; it, too, was begging for release, and I knew it wouldn’t take long. With my hand full, “Oh, I think there’s time for some of that. Let’s move this party and get you on your knees.” I grinned, “Where you belong.”

It was full-on erect and standing straight up and he struggled to shift his gaze up to my eyes, “Mmmm, that sounds perfect.”

I laid back on the bed and he eagerly positioned himself between my legs. I showed-off, slapping it over my groin, and swaying it back and forth.

He watched for a very brief moment, mesmerized, and almost drooling, before taking it between his lips. He totally surrendered to his hunger, embracing his yearnings…it was satisfying to serve and suck his man’s cock. Teasing the ridge and veining, his tongue was more than eager to satisfy. Working his lips up and down, all over the shaft, before he pulled off to watch it again, pulsing over my belly.

Going back at it, his tongue danced over the surface and got it all wet and shiny. At full staff, he caressed it, stroking his hand up and down over the length. Leaning forward, he swirled his tongue and made his way back down over the shaft, again.

After a few minutes, a bead formed at the tip, and he licked it up; with a big ass grin he parted his lips and slid back down my dick. When the head hit the back of his throat, I rolled my hips teasing the limit; I knew there was no way he could throat me, but it felt good…for both of us.

The satisfaction of having his man’s dick between his lips had him rock-hard and moaning, but when he tasted more arousal, he took over, tightening his lips and bobbing faster. He fucked me with his face, like that till I had to pull out.

He smiled, “Almost got a load, didn’t I?”

I nodded, “Fuccccck yeah!”

He gave me a minute to cool off, before the shaft got a tongue washing, and disappeared back through his lips. I tipped his head back to watch his eyes while he serviced my cock. I groaned as his head bobbed up and down the shaft, “Fuckkkkk…Marty…Marty…suck that fat cock…suck it…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it…suck me…suck me…fuck me with that mouth.”

Then rolling my hips, I push his face, hard down over my cock and pump through his lips. He gurgles and gags some, but feeling it bang away at his throat is a turn-on, beyond belief, for him. He’s rock-hard, knowing that he’s giving me pleasure, and that I’ll fuck him till I satisfy myself.

His moans and gurgles filled the room, till I reached my limit and had to drain my balls; I held him tight and fucked his face, wildly pumping through his lips. I felt my body twitch and shudder as hot, seed pulsed from the tip, flooding his mouth. With a mouth filled with precious seed, he swallowed till my balls exhaust themselves and my orgasm faded.

Catching my breath, I relaxed my grip and humped slowly into his mouth. With a thick, pulsing cockhead, resting on his tongue, he sucked till the last of it trickled out. Still holding it between his lips, he rested his head on my thigh, and savored canlı bahis the taste of his man’s pleasure. Hesitating to let go of that moment, we both moaned and stayed like that for what seemed like a long, long time.

I pulled him to my lips and pushed my tongue inside. Parting from my lips, he grinned, “I wish we had another day off; you know?”


I woke, spooning him the next morning, feeling his warmth against my body. Despite his bigger build, Marty’s muscled frame nestled perfectly into me.

Snugly held between his handsome, rounded cheeks, my dick was quickly reaching morning wood status, and gently pumping through the crack; he was wearing a sexy, black jock strap and I really had no other choice.

I pictured that bulging jock, shifting from side to side when he walked…you could hardly resist the urge to push it aside and grab the prize. I still don’t know how I got past the high school locker room experience, without incident…or getting beat down.

I unconsciously pressed myself tighter against him…out of habit…I guess, but then I felt his hand on my hip, and I knew he was awake. He felt me spooning and wanted me tighter against his body. I couldn’t help but moan, when I reciprocated, running my hand over firm, muscled flesh…thighs, abs and chest. I knew Marty wanted more, and his grinding spoke volumes…he had one big, thick pressing need.

Slapping it over his ass, I savored how my cock would feel inside, and apparently, he was too. Reaching for lube from nightstand, he handed it to me, and looked back, smiling, “Here, fuck me.”

I stroked lube over myself and cupped his beefy, muscled ass cheek. Whenever I parted the rounded cheeks, I always thought his ass looked sexy, and hot as fuck…but when I nudged the tip inside, it looked even better.

That all felt amazing, but we both moaned as I pushed deeper. Lust overwhelmed him, and he pushed himself back until I felt my pubes resting against his ass. I held him tight and started fucking, slowly pulling out, and pushing back in. He moaned louder, “Rob…Rob…oh fuck…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me…fuck me…gimme that fat…that fat cock!”

My hands groped, digging into his beautiful ass…rounded, muscular and firm, sculpted from years of training and working-out. “God, I love fucking this ass…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…so fucking perfect…think you like it, too?”

“Yeah…fuck…fuck…fuck yeah…love it…fucking love it!”

Changing things up, I went back and forth between long, smooth strokes and short, fast strokes. Working him hard, and slamming his ass, we shared waves of intense pleasure…wave after wave.

He moaned, “Yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck me…fuck me…oh god, fuck me…yeah…yeah…that’s good…that’s good…so good,” until he turned, “Let me do it…let me ride it?”

We switched things around and he positioned himself over top, guiding his ass down onto my cock. He moaned, again and again, lifting himself up and sliding back down the long, thick shaft. The lust in his eyes was unmistakable…he wanted it deep…he wanted it fucking deep into his belly.

Once he got going, he clearly didn’t want to stop; he was slamming hard and barely able to steady himself, but I tried to help, humping up to meet him halfway. Riding up and down, like he was, kept his dick rock-hard and bouncing wildly.

He was totally lost in the pleasure of cock, filling him up…stroking his insides…pleasuring him with its girth. He rode like a pro, bucking like a hot, sexy cowboy…relentlessly, bouncing his hips up and down…up and down.

“Ride it, dude…ride me…yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah, ride that dick, cowboy…ride it!”

“Fuck…fill me with that…uhhhh…big thing…uhhhh…uhhhh…god, yessssss…fill me…fuck yeah…fuck me…fuck…fuck meeeeee! Yer cock feels fuckin’…good, Rob…fill my ass…put it in deep…deep…fuck me deep!” When he wasn’t sharing how good it was, he just moaned, “Mmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…ohhhh…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me with that big…man cock!”

I had my sights on another man cock…his man cock. Rock hard and bobbing, it was an incredible sight…spitting precum over my belly and his. With an ever-growing need, he started riding harder, slamming himself down, and grinding his balls into my pubes.

“Fuck yeah…fuck me…fuck…fuck…mmmmmm, that cock feels fuckin’…good, Rob…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me with that fucking big man cock!”

Riding me with his ass, he had one hand on my chest, while he jacked his dick with the other. Shifting himself forward some and moaning, he let me take over. I grabbed his hips, humping into his ass and pulling him down onto my dick. I could feel my thrusts getting more and more desperate…more and more urgent.

Marty needed to feel his boyfriend’s steamy pleasure, and started begging, “Gimme that load…yeah…yeah…yeah…cum in me…cum in me…don’t stop…please…please, cum in me…cum in me.”

My body tensed and my cock throbbed inside. I picked up the pace, slamming into his ass and moaning, when the first of it pulsed out. I pulled him down on top to grind it deep, releasing three or four more times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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