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Mary and Blaze

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****This is my very first story I’ve written and submitted anywhere… I love reading erotica and I love the extra details and build up, so bare with me. I look forward to any and all input 🙂 If many like this story, I will do a Chapter 2. None of this happened in real life and everyone is at least 18 years old.****


Since I was a young girl, my little brother and I have always had a very unusually close bond as a brother and sister. I left home when I was 19 and have always tried to come visit him at our parents’ house. He would message me all the time, asking when I was coming back over or when he can come to my place for the weekend. As soon as I walked in the door at our parents’ house, he always pauses his game and come running to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and say he loves me before going back to his room to finish up what he was doing and then he never leaves my side. I love him so much and love how much he loves and missed me. My brother, Blaze, is 8 years younger than me and I never noticed how incredible of a young man he has grown into.

A little about me, my name is Mary. I am average height and average weight. 5 foot 4 and 130 pounds, but all of my weight is in my ass and thighs. I am, how people say, “thick”. I have long light brown hair and dark brown eyes, very long legs and a very nice perky ass. I also have a very nice set of small C cup tits with nipples that always stay hard. I am 26 years old and have had feelings for my younger brother, Blaze, since he was 16.

I never thought bout actually doing anything to him or even giving him the reason to suspect my feelings toward him. I’ve just noticed how beautiful he was, how his arms were getting stronger after he started life guard training, how tall he was, taller than me! I’ve also noticed he was well endowed since he was 12 years old, which would make sense because my mom has told me his father, my stepfather, is also very much well endowed.

Blaze has just turned 18 years old and graduated High School early, he is what I call, “my little genius”, skipped sophomore and junior year and he graduated right before he turned 17. Even though Blaze wears glasses, he isn’t a nerd at all. He was actually the class clown in elementary and middle school because he was not being challenged enough. Like I mentioned before, he is taller than me, 5 foot 9. I knew he’d be taller than me when he turned 13 and right at my height. He has an average muscular body, doesn’t go to the gym often but enough to tone his arms and give him a gorgeous 6 pack.

I push open Blaze’s bedroom door and jump on his bed.


He groans and asks what time it is, when I tell him its 12:30pm he finally opens his eyes and smiles at his big sister. Hes still balled up in his comforter and I give him a hug and felt his morning wood. Of course I don’t let on that I felt it, instead I just gave him a peck on the cheek and tell him to get up and dressed cause I had a big day planned for him and I left the room, pulling the door closed behind me.

Blaze finally comes out of his room dressed in a button up short sleeve blue shirt and dark blue jeans, must have been a new outfit! Perfect choice for the current weather in November, a little below 60 degrees. Whereas, I am wearing one of my favorite dresses with a low back and a cover up.

“Happy Birthday Blaze!” We all said when he comes into the living room. Our parents, and older brother and sister were standing against the table with a cake lit up with a candle in the center.

He takes a few steps closer to the table smiling and thanking us. I came up beside him and grabbed his hand to have him follow me.

“Blaze, you HAVE to check out the gift we all chipped in for you.”

We get downstairs to the basement and there stands a brand new grand piano.

He has been playing instruments since he was 12 years old, guitar, drums, violin, and a keyboard with a stand. But he has mentioned last Christmas that he wanted a grand piano, so we all decided to save up and get it for him for his 18th Birthday.

Blaze stood there, in awe, with tears swelling up in his eyes. We’re all standing there, begging him to play us something. He finally sat down, caressing the keys and the markings on the piano, closing his eyes he began to play. We didn’t recognize the song, but it was so beautiful and slow, like something you’d dance to at your wedding. I sit down beside him to watch him closer. His eyes are still closed but he must sense me beside him because he smiles. He finishes, we applaud him with smiles and tears. We ask what he played because it was unfamiliar, he explains he had wrote it himself, there wasn’t a title, yet. I give him a hug and tell him how proud I am of him. He never ceases to amaze me.

We all go back upstairs to eat pizza rolls, cake, and ice cream and talk with the family about our lives. Its now 4pm and I tell Blaze to go get ready for a fun evening!

Blaze comes out with his hair brushed, tennis shoes kadıköy escort on and tied, but no glasses. He walks toward the bathroom and I follow him.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Putting in my contacts, be done in a second.” Blaze replies.

“But why? You don’t need your contacts.”

He looks at the mirror, staring at his reflection and then at mine. He claims he feels like a dork when wears his glasses.

I walk behind him, put my arms around his waist and hug him from behind and kiss his cheek.

With my head leaned on his shoulder, still against his cheek, I say “I’m sorry you feel that way, but I love when you wear your glasses. Its up to you, but you’re amazingly handsome with or without.”

He looks in my eyes through the reflection, I guess to make sure I wasn’t lying to him and just trying to make him feel better. He smiles and sets down his contacts and puts his glasses on.

“Perfect.” I say.

We get in the car and I start driving.

I love that Blaze and I both love the same kind of music, of course his taste extends to older songs from like 60-80s, but I didn’t care what music he wanted to listen to, I just liked being with my baby brother.

“Where are we going Mary?”

“Well, first I am taking you to Game Stop to get that new game you wanted, then were going to see a movie, and lastly go to dinner.”

“You’re the best, we don’t have to do all of that. I’d be fine with just watching a movie on the Fire Stick and a pizza.”

I smile, knowing he is being honest. But I think its mainly because he’s become a hermit. I wanted us to leave the house and spend time together.

“I know Blaze, but you know I love when we have our brother/sister bonding time”

He leans over and gives me a quick peck on the cheek, I wasn’t expecting it and it made me swerve a little, but luckily there weren’t many cars near me.

We pull into the mall and walk inside and head toward Game Stop. I saw something in the window display of Victoria’s Secret which was 2 stores after Game Stop.

“Hey Blaze, here’s $80 for your game, I’m going to run in here right quick, I’ll meet you in a few.”

He smiles and walks inside the game store and I go into VS.

I find the baby doll lingerie that had caught my eye before, and skimmed through the sizes till I saw a Medium.

“Oh hey, comes with a matching thong!”

I walk toward the dressing room to try it on, lo and behold, the baby doll fit perfectly.

I stare in the mirror, admiring the light blue baby doll and how it looks on me and how it made me feel beautiful and sexy.

My long brown hair was flowing past the halter straps of the baby doll, my breasts showed a subtle but lovely crease in between, I loved how the lace design over the bust looked, and there was a lacy band right below my breasts which was also see through, then the bottom part was solid light blue 100% cotton and flowed beautifully to right above my thighs. I turn around to look behind me in the mirror, and notice there was a slit opening on the back starting at the see through lace band, showed my perfectly round ass. The thong was a see through lace as well, and the band and the back was 100% cotton.

“This is perfect!” I said to myself, then thought about how glad I was to have an extra $400 in my bank account to play with because this is $119. I walk to the register to pay for it, I notice Blaze is already inside and looking at a couple of baby doll outfits similar to the one I grabbed.

“Want to get one for your girlfriend?” I ask him which made him jump, I guess he didn’t realize I was right behind him. Yes, Blaze had a girlfriend who he had been dating for almost a year and she was a few years older than him, at 22.

Blaze and I walk out of the store in silence, guess he didn’t want to get it for her.

We get in the car and I start driving. I finally broke the silence.

“Hun, you okay?”

“Yeah…sorry, its just… I broke up with Sarah a couple weeks ago.”

“What? Why? Wait, why didn’t you tell me???”

He then proceeded to explain how he hasn’t told anyone, because he didn’t want to make it a big deal and he just wasn’t in love with her and didn’t want to lead her on. I put my hand on top of his to comfort him and he gives me a small smile.

“Think we can eat first? I’m pretty hungry.” He says

“Of course, we can just go to a later showing. Any idea what you’d like to eat?”

“I feel like having something Italian.”

“Fine with me, I’d love to get some Chicken Parmesan!”

He laughs at me because anytime I get food anywhere, it’s always something with chicken. What can I say? I love me some Chicken!

We pull into the restaurant and ask for a booth for two.

We both order a sweet tea and asked for a few minutes until Blaze had decided what to order. 30 minutes later, we started to eat. We enjoyed our dinner and gossiped about life and family. Before we knew it, it was 7:20pm. We grabbed kartal escort the check and went to the car. I checked on my phone for the next movie showing, which said at 9:45pm.

“Hey, so “IT” doesn’t start again till 9:45, what do you want to do for the next 2 hours before we have to head to the theater?”

Blaze thinks, and decided on getting ice cream at a shop we use to always go to when we were younger. We both got vanilla/chocolate soft serve swirl ice cream cones and started walking. We ended up walking to a near by park and sat on the swings next to each other and lightly swung, licking our ice creams, and talking about everything, nothing.

When we finished our cones, I asked him if he’d push me on the merry go round. He was always the fastest and I loved when he’d spin it while i sat on one of the rails. He agreed and we raced over like a couple of children.

“Faster, faster!” I yelled.

He ran faster and then jumped on. He liked to stand in the dead center while it spun, and act like he had no problem balancing. Made me think back on us being little and I laughed.

“Whats so funny?” He asks

“Nothing just imagining you falling flat on your ass!” I joked.

The merry go round slowed a bit as he walked toward me.

He says “The faster we spun the more your dressed flowed up some.”

I looked down and noticed how my dress had raised up my thighs and my heart started pounded. I slowly fixed my dress, half embarrassed and half turned on cause he just basically admitted to looking. Blaze locked eyes with me and slowly kissed my cheek, like we have done multiple times before, but this time…it was different. He lingered longer than the normal peck. All of a sudden, I feel a hand on my thigh, I was more turned on.

I need to stop this. I should get up and stop before anything else happens. What time is it? Maybe its close enough that I can use it as an excuse to get us to leave. I look at him, noticed Blaze was staring at me, probably wondering what I was thinking.

“Blaze, we should probably head on…” I finally said.

I see a hint of sadness in his eyes, I felt bad…but I also knew it wasn’t right…

He backs a way a little, leaving my thigh uncovered and in the chill. I slowly slide forward to get off the rail, I noticed my ass felt something wet and my panties were soaked. My face turns red, unfortunately there were street lamps all around and he saw my face.

“Are…are you okay Mary?” He asks, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable…”

Little did he know, I was only uncomfortable because of my soaked panties.

“I’m fine…” I said, “I just have to change my underwear…”

He looks at me confused and I got up and we both saw how the rail was glistening.

I keep my eyes away from Blaze, and he asks calmly if I need to go home right quick to get a new pair. I thought for a second but then remembered I had bought that lingerie set and said no I had some in the truck.

We walk to the truck in silence and I pull out my Victoria’s Secret bag and ask Blaze to turn around to give me a little privacy. I take off my soiled ones and balled them up and put them in the back seat. So glad I wore a dress, can just slide them off and slide on clean ones, so easy. I bend over to slide my new lacy see through thong on and my dress was pulled up in the back, stuck in the thong a little. I fixed it and turned around to let my brother know I was done. There he was, staring at me, was he just staring at my ass???

He stood there silent, not moving, just looking at my face, in my eyes. I glanced down and saw a very noticeable bulge in his pants. I gasped and turned red again. He looked down and quickly tried to cover himself and apologized three times. I giggled and told him it was fine. I walked to him and pecked his cheek to show I meant it. He tilt his head and kissed me, once our lips touched there was a strong urgent feeling in my pussy. It was just a peck, but on the lips, and it lingered…

I felt both of Blaze’s hands on my waist, he had me leaning against the truck. I had put my hands on his chest and kissed him back. This is so wrong…but it feels so right, I thought to myself. I break the kiss, I needed to breath, our eyes were still closed, mouths just a couple inches apart. I’m still in his embrace and we just stand there enjoying it for a minute.

“We should go… were going to miss the movie.” I say to him.

He looks at me, I guess trying to read my mind. Instead of saying anything, I just gave him a quick peck on the lips and tell him to get in.

He smiles and says “Okay.”

He chooses a few songs to play and were both singing along. As the last song comes to a finish, we’re pulling into the parking lot of the theater. 10 more minutes until the beginning credits start playing. Blaze clicked on another song and pressed pause.

“You know that song I was playing on the piano earlier?” He asks me.

“yeah, maltepe escort it was so beautiful…what was it?” I asked.

“Well, I have been trying to find a way to make sense of how I’ve been feeling…towards you…”, he says blushing. I couldn’t help but smile.

He continues, “So I wrote this song. I just played the music earlier…but I had recorded the actual song at my friend’s house a couple weeks ago.” After that being said, he presses play.

Blaze is actually singing in the song, while playing the piano. Like I said before, he never ceases to amaze me. He sounds so good… the song was so beautiful. I had tears forming in my eyes.

The song finished, “Blaze…that was beautiful…I cant believe you wrote that.” I put my hand on his and give it a light squeeze and smile. I start to pull my hand away and he tugs it back toward him and leans over and kisses me again. This time, it didn’t feel wrong at all. I put a hand on his cheek and kiss him back, my other hand still in his. He breaks away this time, saying “I couldn’t ask for a better birthday.” We smile at each other, with love, and get out of the truck and head into the theater.

We quickly grabbed us each a drink and a medium sized popcorn to share and headed to the room where “IT” was playing. Every time we’ve gone to the movies, we always sat in the very back, so that’s where we headed. The lights have already started to dim and we couldn’t see that well. There was a couple at the first couple of seats in the back row and that’s it. Blaze held my hand and went in front of me to lead the way. He sat down and I sat down right beside him. He had lifted up the arm rest that was between us and place the popcorn in place of it. About 45 minutes into the movie, I had moved the popcorn bag to my lap because we were running low and it kept falling over between us. Blaze, still watching the movie, reached his hand into the bag and his hand was directly over my pussy. Don’t think he really knew it but man did I… Sure I barely felt anything except a light pressure, but it was enough for me to hold my breath for a second. Then I started replaying the night in my mind and I’m smiling when Blaze looks over and is nudging me pretty hard to come back to earth. I come out of it and whisper sorry and continue watching the movie.

Blaze pulls out his phone, dims the screen light, and proceeds to text on it.

“Whats on your mind?”

He hands it to me and the light was bright enough to show my face a little red, he smiles as he notices it. I take the phone and decide to play this game.

“Wondering if you saw my ass earlier lol.”

“Haha, yes, and a lovely ass it is. Did you buy that thong at the mall today?”

Blushing again, I reply… “Yes, it came as a set.”

“Oh? When can I see?”

“You saw it already in the store. Just a blue color.”

“But… I want to see it on you…”

As tempting as it was, I knew that wouldn’t be right… I hesitate, trying to think of how to word it…

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Blaze looks at me, with a small frown, he leans over to kiss me. I hold my hand up, press against his chest, we look into each other’s eyes. His had a hint of sadness because I stopped him. I wanted to kiss him, I wanted him to kiss me…I move my hand that was against his chest, to his cheek, I lean over and kiss him. This kiss was urgent and loving, nothing felt more right. His hand was placed on my thigh, as we kissed, his hand made its way between my thighs, just a few inches from my pussy. I was so turned on, my pussy was tingling and I could feel the dampness between my legs. I guess he felt the heat from my pussy, he slowly moved his hand up and placed it on me. He slowed his kissing and used his tongue to lick my lips slowly, as I moaned he slipped his tongue in my mouth and our tongues danced their sexy dance. He’s rubbing my pussy now, outside of my thong, God it feels so good. He moves the string to the side and sticks a finger in me and slowly wiggles it inside while licking my lips again. What I would do to have him use his tongue on my pussy. He inserts a second finger, I keep thinking, please don’t stop, it feels so amazing. He’s found my clit, and is rubbing it quick with my juices covered all over his fingers. A loud whimper escapes from me and all of a sudden the lights started to come back on in the theater.

“NOOOOOOOO!!” I screamed in my head. I let out a disappointing groan and Blaze chuckles. The couple on the end seemed to enjoy the show, and I’m not talking about the movie. I glanced over and they’re flushed and smiling, approvingly. “How embarrassing”, I thought to myself.

We sat for a few minutes, letting everyone else make their way out, leaving us the last to leave. Blaze stands up, holding his hand out and smiling. I grab his hand and he helps me up and I fix my dress. We saw my seat was damp, we just quietly laughed and held hands leaving the theater.

The ride back home was quiet except for music on the radio. I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened… My mind was racing and by the time we got to the house, I didn’t realize how I made it there. We sit there in the drive way, in silence. I look over at my baby brother, he seemed conflicted. I didn’t know if he regrets what just happened or what…

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