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Mary Ch. 02

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Allie Haze

If you haven’t read part 1, I suggest you do that first. If you’re squeamish at all I suggest you find something else to read. This story involves abuse, bondage, homosexuality, transgenderism, gang bangs and even non consensual sex, as well as prostitution. It is a dark and twisted tale only for the most jaded individuals. You’ve been warned.

All characters are over the age of 18

– Part 2 –

(I was being held down on the bed by a woman much more powerful than I was. She had pulled my panties down to my ankles and was swatting my ass with her bare hand.)

(The pretty summer dress was pulled up over my hips and rested on my back. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get away. My ass was set on fire by blow after blow as my tormentor laughed.)

(“Naughty girls get punished!” She yelled at me.)

(She continued beating me over my ass and back. All I could do was kick my legs out. I had kicked one of my Mary Jane’s off and my cute lace top sock was in danger of falling off my foot as she finally came to a stop. I hoped she didn’t notice that I lost a shoe, I’d likely be punished for that too!)

(I was sobbing into the comforter. My hands had been pinned over my head on the bed. There was no escape. The cruel woman was caressing my burning cheeks as I cried into the mattress. She was being so gentle but this wasn’t the first time she had done this sort of thing. She might start hitting me again at any moment when her range boiled over.)

(She released my arms and told me to be a good girl.)

(“Be a good girl and spread your butt cheeks apart!” The cruel woman said.)

(I didn’t want to be spanked again so I reached back and spread my cheeks for the woman. She stood behind me.)

(I could feel the warmth pouring through the windows. The yellow floral curtains gently fluttered in the cool summer breeze.)

(I felt a pressure on my anus. Something was trying to get in! It was hurting, searing pain shot through me! Blinding light and pain as the intruder continued splitting me open. I could feel my body being ripped apart. Blood tricked down my legs as I heard the tearing of skin and cracking of bones…)

“Wake up! Mary, wake up! You’re having a nightmare!” Tiffany pleaded, softly shaking me.

I sat bolt upright, scrambled to the nearest wall and pulled my fists up in front of my face ready to strike!

“Where the fuck am I, how’d I get here, who the hell are you?” I said.

(“Calm down Arnold, I’m here.”)

(“She can’t hurt you anymore. You’re safe baby boy, relax.”)

(“Relax, go back to sleep.”)

(“Everything is going to be okay. I’ll take care of you.”)

(“Everything was going to be okay… I was going to be okay.” Mary said.)

“Sorry about that. Sometimes I have bad dreams.” Mary said laying back down next to Tiffany

They lay face to face and whispered to each other. Mary would try to explain the dream but Tiffany wouldn’t understand it so she dismissed any questions about it.

Tiffany had grown up in the projects. She had always been a little effeminate growing up. When she turned 16 and her step dad found her with another boy, she was sold to a local drug dealer. He didn’t know what to do with her so he just used her for sex until Adam bought her.

She had been there in that room since that day. As boys, and girls, men and women came and went over the last 8 years.

Mike was acquired in a card game, Roxanne, or simply Rox was working the streets as a male prostitute, and Adam’ most recent acquisition was Britney, the 22 year old blonde cutie. She had been dating Adam for about a year when he brought her here.

They all performed web shows and did the occasional porn movies when requested. They talked until Tiffany drifted off to sleep.

Mary woke up to the sound of two people laughing, moaning and occasionally screaming out. She slowly opened her eyes to see Britney with Rox’s cock in her mouth. Rox’s cock was probably 9″ and so thick Britney had trouble getting it in her mouth. Rox was leaned back on her heels and Britney was forcing her mouth down over the swollen member. Mike was running the camera.

“Cut!” Mike said excitedly.

He hurried and switched positions to get another angle of the “money shoot” as he called it under his breath.

“Action!” He yelled again.

Tiff sat up and started watching the show too. She leaned back next to Mary and started explaining things to her.

“Six times a day… we either record a scene or shoot some pictures, or do a web show. If your girl dick don’t work, you eat one a them pills, or you get fucked by one a us! If you’re tired, you can do a some blow or take a nap between takes. It’s not too bad here, much worse other places.” Tiff said.

Britney had quickened her pace and was jacking Rox off while sucking just the tip of her cock when cum started spraying out the sides of Britney’s mouth. Mary noticed a tube running up the side of Rox’s cock into Britney’s mouth. Tiff was just out Kartal Olgun Escort of the frame squeezing a large bulb in sequence with Rox’s throws.

“Cut!” Mike yelled.

Britney sat back on her ass with her legs spread out, her pussy was on full display to the camera. Her face was covered in the fake cum.

“Action!” He yelled again.

Britney started blowing bubbles with the cum. She was being a little messy and it started falling out her mouth and onto her tits. Streams of jizz hung from her chin as she played with the cum. After a closeup on her titties, Mike yelled “Cut!” And the scene was over.

Britney stood up and rushed to the toilet where she spit the fake cum out of her mouth, and stepped into the shower to wash her body off. She had a scrumptious looking body. She was slightly over weight but she had a fat ass and large round tits. Her pubes had been shaved into a small heart right above her slit.

She stepped out of the shower winging her long blonde hair out. Mary could see the water dripping off her large pink nipples and she felt her cock hardening. She wanted to fuck Britney right there. She wanted to fill her mouth with real cum.

“Looks like the new girl is ready to go!” Britney said smiling at Mary.

Mary looked down and noticed her cock poking through her sparkly dress, then looked back up at Britney.

“It’s like that thing is always ready to go anymore.” Mary said seductively.

“We’ll see about that won’t we.” Britney replied with a wink.

Britney lay back on the bed still drying her hair. She spread her legs open and started toying with her pussy lips.

“Can you help her get ready for her debut Tiff?” Britney said while cupping her breasts.

“Come on honey!” Tiff said taking Mary by the arm to another room.

Mary and Tiff stood in a bedroom filled with clothes of all sorts. It was a crossdressers paradise! Racks of lingerie on one side, bra and panty sets lined another wall, and all manner of clothing hung on racks by size.

“You know what size you wear?” Tiff asked.

Mary didn’t even answer. She was at the lingerie wall pulling on an under bust corset with garter straps, then thigh high panty hose, and 6″ high heels just like she had worn last night. Mary pulled on a bright pink wig that fell right on her shoulders. She felt like she was on fire. She sat down to do her makeup and got started with her eyes when Tiffany stopped her.

“Don’t you dare fuck that face up like that!” Tiff said.

She knelt next to Mary and wiped her face clean. Then she rubbed in some blush over her beard stubble and topped that with foundation matched to Mary’s neck. Lightening fast, Tiff had Mary’s makeup done better than she had ever seen before. All Mary’s life, she had to make due with what she had, what time she could steal from Arnold. Never in her life had she seen herself so beautiful and sexy at the same time. She was looking at the woman she always pictured.

Mary almost started crying but Tiff stopped her.

“Don’t you fucking do it, I’ll whoop your ass!” Tiff chided.

Mary sucked the years of pent up tears back in and dabbed the corners of her eyes with a tissue.

“You not gonna wear anything else?” Tiff asked as Mary got up and walked toward the door.

“Nope.” Mary said pulling the handle and stepping through.

“Jesus Christ Adam, who the fuck is that fine looking piece of ass!”

Mary turned to see an older Latino gentleman in a business suit. He looked like he was in great shape for maybe 60 or so years old. Her cock was poking straight out and her balls were pulled tight against her body from the cold. Mary’s nipples were sticking out as far as they could.

“Hello, I’m Mary!” She said walking runway style directly toward him.

Mary could feel her cock bounce with every step she took. Her bright pink hair swayed across her shoulders that tickled her and sent pleasurable shivers down her spine. She crossed the small distance in a few sexy strides and stuck her hand out for the stranger. She could see Adam glaring at her from the corner of her eye and she also noticed Tiff had vanished.

Mary was on her own like always. He introduced himself by taking her hand palm down and kissing the back of her hand. Mary curtsied and tilted her head slightly.

“Hello pretty lady, my name is Tony!” He said smiling happily.

“How much for this morrita, mi hijo?” The Tony asked.

“$200 an hour.” Adam said plainly.

“And how much to buy pendejo?” Tony added.

“No less than five!” Adam said matter-of-factly.

“For that much, I want a test drive.” Tony said.

Adam pointed to a third bedroom Mary hadn’t noticed. The Latino man got up and walked toward the door. Mary was right on his heels. They stepped into the room and Mary closed the door behind them. The Latino man spun around and slapped Mary hard across the face. Her head spun sideways and balled fists instinctively went up to protect Kartal Sarışın Escort her face.

“You got a lot to learn puta! Don’t ever follow me that close unless I tell you to.” He said.

Mary had quickly recovered. It wasn’t the first time she’d been hit before. She stood and lowered her head with her hands at her side. Her cock throbbed from the attention. Tony pushed the tip of Mary’s cock down and let it spring back up hitting herself on the belly. He grabbed it and stroked a few times. Mary let out a little moan and pushed her hips to meet his hand.

“Turn around, and bend over.” He said gruffly.

Mary could feel moistened fingers pressing at her hole. She opened her anus and arched her back just a little bit. His fingers felt nice. Tony was pressing two fingers in and out of Mary’s ass. His pace quickened until he was jack hammering her ass with his fingers. Her ass burned from too little lube and she moaned backing into his stabs.

Tony pulled his fingers out of her ass and ripped a latex glove off his hand throwing on the floor. He then produced a condom and pulled her around so she was eye level with his cock.

“Put this on!” He said as he pulled a chubby prick from his pants. Tony’s cock was 6″ when it was soft. Mary reached out with her mouth and took his cock into her mouth. She tongued the underside of his dick as it grew in her mouth.

She unwrapped the condom as his cock filled out at its thick 8 inches. She opened her throat and forced his member to the back of her throat. She pulled his dick free and let long strings of saliva extend and break, falling on her bare chest. Mary placed the condom over her open mouth and pushed her mouth down his shaft. She unrolled the condom over his thick shaft with her mouth. Mary continued sucking on his dick.

Tony pushed her away and spun her around. He picked her up and slapped her ass several times.

“Mmm, thank you Daddy!” Mary said seductively.

Tony smiled to himself and slapped her ass again a couple times.

“Thank you Daddy!” Mary said again.

Tony turned sideways, pulled his hand back and started swatting her ass hard. After a few moments he had to hold on to her corset for leverage. Mary felt intense pain shoot through her backside as she screamed out involuntarily. She had to force herself to push the pain out of her mind.

After about 30 hard, loud strikes, Tony was shaking his hand from the pain and they were both breathing heavily.

“Thank you Daddy.” Mary said weakly.

She could see that Tonys cock was hard as a rock and the condom glistened in the light from the ceiling fixture. He was throbbing slightly, he clearly enjoyed beating her. She figured she could take more than that, hell, he hadn’t even broken anything.

She was still bent over when he placed his cock head at her ass hole. He pushed the tip in and she clenched down on his cock head with her sphincter, forcing him back out of her ass. He pushed a little harder and Mary squeezed harder. Tony grabbed both of Mary’s hips and forced his dick into Mary’s ass at the same time Mary released the squeeze on her anal opening.

Tony bottomed out in Mary’s ass, slapping her enflamed and reddened ass cheeks with his thighs. Mary reached under and groped at his testicles as he started slowly pumping into her ass. Every so often, Mary would squeeze her sphincter and Tony would groan his approval.

Mary could feel the older Latin gentlemen’s balls tightening. She could tell that he was close to erupting and blowing his seed. Tony pushed deep into Mary’s bowels and she clamped down on his cock with her ass muscles. She grated herself on his rod milking every bit of spunk from his balls. His body jerked as his orgasm was pushed into painful edges. Mary was just getting warmed up. She obviously wanted more than the old man could give her.

Tony pulled his shriveling cock free from the grips of Mary’s ass, and the condom hung loosely, the tip full of yellow white fluid. Mary knew it wasn’t her place to remove the condom, or to flip it end for end and place the opening over her opened mouth to let the warm fresh cum ooze out into her mouth, and then play with it before swallowing, but she did it anyway.

She then threw the used condom with the latex glove and placed Tony’s slimy shriveled prick in her mouth and sucked it clean. She felt some life returning to it even though he had just ejaculated. For a man in his 60’s his cock seemed to reacted like a 20 year old.

Mary was sitting on her haunches with her hands on the ground sucking on Tony’s hardened pecker. She could tell it was like a balancing act though. If she became complacent it would soften slightly, overstimulation to one area would do the same thing. Tony’s second load would be a huge test as a slut.

Mary would occasionally reach up to rub the man’s legs and buttocks. She had to work more than his cock to get him to blow again. She cupped his ass cheeks and slammed his dick into Kartal Şişman Escort the back of her throat. She could easily take his cock into her throat by then but she was making a show of it. She would gag violently and make her eyes water, then pull away coughing letting her saliva trail like little suspension bridges between her mouth and his cock. Just before they would break and fall across her chest, she would noisily slurp them back into her mouth and repeat the process.

It wasn’t until she reached up between his ass cheeks and started putting pressure on his asshole that his cock became engorged enough to actually cum. She took a slobber covered finger and slipped it into his anus. Tony rewarded her with a sharp inhale and a hip thrust. She was searching for that spot just two knuckles deep in a man’s ass, toward his belly button that becomes enlarged during ejaculation. She was rubbing her middle finger in ‘come hither’ motions on Tony’s prostate.

He moaned loudly and gripped at her bright pink wig. He was forcing his tool into her throat. She could feel his prostate swell as he started shooting directly into her throat. Mary coughed but he didn’t let the pressure up on her throat. She pulled his prick out of her throat as the first pulse shot hot sweet cum into her mouth. She was still massaging his prostate as his orgasm softly waned. He oozed into her mouth more from the attention in his ass than anything.

He was physically and mentally drained by the time she let his member slip from her mouth. Her finger came out a shitty mess. She looked into her lap and realized she too had cum at some point in the process. She slightly remembered her own pleasure but she was caught up in the moment and didn’t realize it. Mary scooped a stringer of her own cum into her mouth and tasted the salty differences.

“You are one sexy bitch!” He said while stuffing his penis back into his slacks. He walked by her and stopped. He placed a hand on her head for a moment and then walked out the door. Mary picked up the glove and condom. She could see Tony placing a huge wad of cash in Adam’s hand before he walked out the door.

“Go get cleaned up, you’re leaving soon.” Adam said through the open door.

“Yes sir.” Mary replied getting to her feet.

She walked somewhat stiffly back to the master bedroom shared by the 4 other slaves. She quietly stepped through the door. They hadn’t wasted much time and Tiff was shooting a scene as Mike, the pudgy Mexican femboy was plowing Britney from behind while sucking on the tall transsexuals cock. Even though Mary was spent, she still found the scene to be sexually stimulating.

She stood and watched the trio fuck. Her makeup was trashed. Her mascara had become like war paint as it streaked black trails down her face. She propped a foot onto a nearby chair and plunged two fingers into her ass. Britney made eye contact with Mary, and the pair shared a moment connected by their predicament. Mary wanted to get fucked just like Britney was. She felt jealous of the young girls beauty as she imagined herself being her in the scene. Mary wished she had large round breasts like Britney, and big baby making hips like the young girl too.

Mary finger fucked her ass and stroked her cock, as the scene before her reached its climax. She lost control of the edge she had been riding during the scene and shot long ropes of cum into her waiting hand. Without breaking eye contact with Britney, she brought her hands up over her face and let the cum drip from her hand into her opened mouth, then she slurped the pool of cum from her hand. She didn’t need to eat her own cum, it was just for Britney’s benefit.

Mary stood under the hot water of the shower and massaged soap into her own neck. She cleaned out her asshole and washed the cum from her chest. She was met by Adam at the door of the bathroom. He had a large red gag in his hand and a length of rope.

Right in front of the others, Adam tied Mary’s hands behind her back, then laid her on the bed and tied her legs tightly to her hands. Once again she was placed in a hogtie. Adam pulled the large red ball gag around her head and placed it on her lips. Mary opened her mouth and Adam buckled the gag in place, then pulled a black hood over her head.

Mary was picked up by the ropes tied to her wrists and ankles. The ropes dug in painfully as her arms were pulled back sharply, she cried out into the gag in vain.

She was placed on a cart and could feel her original path into Adam’s reversed. She was dropped into a trunk and could hear several Mexican men speaking Spanish. She couldn’t understand anything they were saying but she knew she would likely never see home again. She knew Arnold would likely never see home again.

She couldn’t help but reflect on the last two nights. It was Sunday morning. Arnolds wife and kids would be getting home that afternoon. He wouldn’t be there. He would never be there again.

Mary wasn’t sure if they would ever see him again or not. Laura would file a missing persons report, they would find his car at the gay cruising area and she would get an idea what happened that would only be confirmed by Mary’s suitcase left out on their bed. Laura, and Arnold’s children would mourn his death but they would eventually move on.

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