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Masculinity And Power

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My name is Jericho Stanford. I’m a six-foot-tall and rather good-looking young black man living in rural Virginia. I am originally from New York, but ever since I won myself an academic scholarship to an elite Virginian school, I’ve been living there. The only thing I missed about New York was my boyfriend Manny. My tall, good-looking and well-endowed chocolate stud. We had many good years together, when we attended Saint William Academy, an all-male private boarding school. Best friends, and also lovers. Living him was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. He’s currently playing football for Buffalo State. We stay in touch through email, but it’s not the same. He’s got some chick he’s dating back there. He’s bisexual. That’s cool, cause I’m bisexual too. I still prefer him over any female, though. No woman can make me feel complete, though a few of them come close.

I currently attend the Sparta Institute of Technology located in rural Virginia. It’s a very nice school. No two like it in the world. Sparta Tech is one of the last all-male private colleges remaining in North America. It was founded in 1990 by James Sparta IV, a now deceased former businessman who poured his last dime into making his vision of an educational revolution into a reality. Well, I guess it paid off. Sparta Tech is a nationally accredited school.

Currently, there are sixteen hundred students at Sparta Tech. It’s a school focusing on technical institution. Engineering, computer science, mechanicals, manufacturing, that’s the school’s focus. We’re all a bunch of techies down here, but we’re not all nerds. The Sparta Institute of Technology takes athleticism just as seriously as it does rigorous academia. We compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division Three. That means that our school doesn’t offer any athletic scholarships. Our sportsmen are academic luminaries who enjoy athleticism for its challenges and play because of pride and interest. Whatever. I’m just glad I get to play. I’m a member of the school’s Varsity Football Team. Division One colleges with football programs are allowed scholarships bahis siteleri for eighty five members, by decree of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. We don’t have such restrictions because we don’t receive funding from the federal government, and neither do our athletes. We also don’t offer athletic scholarships, so what we do with our money is our business.

There are one hundred men on the Sparta Tech football team. We’re just there to play, mainly because we love it. At our school, athletes make up almost fifty percent of the student body. The Sparta Institute of Technology offers Intercollegiate Sports in Alpine Skiing, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Crew, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Rifle, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Water Polo and Wrestling. Club sports are Boxing, Karate, Judo, Sumo Wrestling, Equestrian, Hiking and Cycling. We’re the only college in America to have an all-male Equestrian club. Yeah, athleticism is important to us.

The football team had a good season. We made it to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division Three Football Championship. Unfortunately, we lost to top-seeded Magnus College. They won our conference championship. I couldn’t believe it. They had a very good team. We beat them once, but this time they had our ticket. Losing at nationals sucked, but that’s life. Second place wasn’t bad, though I would have preferred first place. There’s nothing like first place. Anyhow, the year was winding down. I focused on my classes. Engineering is my major. I intend on getting a bachelors degree in it and then maybe head to a great technical institution like the Georgia Institute of Technology. One of my professors went to Georgia Tech. He said great things about that school. Next time I’m in Atlanta, I’ll check it out. For sure.

Presently, I’m hanging out with an old friend of mine. Her name is Wanda. She goes to Virginia Tech, which is an okay if sometimes eventful school. When we first met, she was a tall and skinny black chick who was cute but talked way too much. canlı bahis siteleri She was going through a phase where she felt sexually curious about women. After sleeping with a few lesbians, she got it out of system and declared herself straight but flexible. Oh, and she broadcast this to anyone with ears. A loud bisexual femme, great, just what I needed. Or not. After a minute, I decided we were better off as pals or casual acquaintances instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. We remained pals for years. Wanda was cool. I was never attracted to her, until I saw her recently. The chick got big! I mean, the Wanda I remembered was a skinny dame. Damn, what happened? Anyhow, I must say that I liked her new look. I like big women. Never been fond of the skinny dames. I’m a black man, damn it, and where I’m from, we like thick chicks with big asses. I liked the fact that Wanda had thickened up a bit. She was still five feet nine inches tall, but no longer skinny. Her body was thick, her face round, her breasts were large and her hips were wide. Also, her ass thickened and rounded up nicely. She now had a thick bubble butt. Just looking at it made me want to squeeze it. I made plans to tap that ass real soon.

We went out and had a good time. Wanda and I danced all night at a club, then we went to the bathroom to get frisky. Wanda has never really lit my fire before. Skinny women never do. However, the woman who was feeling me up in the locked and filthy women’s bathroom was pleasantly plump, and that made my dick hard. She knew it, and went straight for the cock. Wanda knelt before me and pulled my ten-inch uncircumcised black cock from my pants. She began sucking on it, and fondling my balls. While she sucked me off, she also fingered her glistening wet pussy. Wanda was a damn good sucker and I almost regretted not hooking up with her earlier. When I came, she drank my seed. Licked me dry. Man, she was good.

We had more fun. I watched as she hiked up her skirt, then turned around. Showing me her plump black ass. I like big women with big butts. I don’t know why. The sight of Wanda’s thick bubble butt canlı bahis caused my cock to harden like you would not believe. She asked me if I’ve ever had anal sex before. I smirked, and told her that I’ve fucked a lot of men in the ass. I liked making them scream. I’ve only fucked two chicks in the ass and they were both white chicks. I’ve never had anal sex with a black female, though. Wanda was totally down with anal. She spread her plump butt cheeks wide open, showing me an obvious target. I smiled and pressed my cock against her butt hole. Then, I pushed it inside. Wanda’s asshole was warm and tight, but not too tight. Gripping her wide hips, I began to fuck her hard and fast. As Wanda undulated and pushed her big butt back against me, I knew this woman was no stranger to anal sex. I pumped my cock into her asshole. She squealed in delight and begged me for more. I fucked her hard and fast, until I came. My hot seed rushed deep inside her asshole. Wanda squealed and cussed like a New York city cabbie. It was that intense.

We tried a few different positions. I propped her up against the latrine and shoved my cock into her butt hole. She spread her plump butt cheeks even wider than before, welcoming my cock. Damn, this chick was so frigging crazy. I loved her ass. It felt so wonderfully tight around my cock. Wanda’s big tits flopped around as her body shook under the force of my thrusts. This was one of my all-time favorite things to do. Find a cute, plump and willing woman and fuck her in the ass. Nothing better than that, except maybe sexing up a sexy gay or bisexual man with a huge cock. Yeah, that was always fun. Wanda and I went at it like this for some time until I finally came, sending my hot cum deep inside her asshole. Her scream of sheer pleasure mixed with pain was music to my ears. What did I tell you? She’s a freak!

Afterwards, Wanda and I went back to the dance floor. It was funny watching her walk unsteadily as she made her way out. Having ten inches of hard dick up her ass had taken away some of the usual bounce in her step. We would hook up regularly from that day forward. I had other men and a few women I also sexed up from time to time but truth be told, Wanda became my favorite. She was cool and always down with some hot sex. No drama. I liked that about her. She kept me busy during the off season.

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