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Master and Lilly Share a Friend

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I’d been thinking about exploring some new kinks with my wonderful little sub Lilly for awhile before I decided to broach the subject with her. After some discussion she agreed that she was ready to begin exploring some more and I began the hunt for a second submissive.

Anyone who has ever searched for an additional partner knows it’s not an easy quest. After several months of searching I came across someone I thought would be fun. He was young (only 26) , slim, boyish face with long brown hair. As an added bonus judging from his pics he had a surprisingly large cock for such a petite androgynous looking guy. After the usual niceties of meeting at a local pub we set up a time for him to come to our house and meet Lilly.

Saturday couldn’t come fast enough but when it did the morning flew by in preparation. Lilly and I shaved and showered then I laid out some toys while she put her collar on and her butt plug in. Soon enough there was a knock on the door and Lilly knelt on the floor while I answered it.

I welcomed him in and instructed him to remove his clothes and kneel next to Lilly. He complied readily while I retrieved his collar from the other room. I fastened it around his neck and being rather impatient I shoved my cock in his face. He readily took my rapidly swelling shaft into his mouth.

I stood there for a moment enjoying the wonderful feeling of his lips around my now rock hard cock. Lilly knelt on the floor obediently but it was obvious she was jealous of the attention this new sub was getting. She wiggled and squirmed impatiently. I reach over her back and gave her bare upraised ass Starzbet a good hard slap. Hard enough to leave a hand print. She jerked involuntarily but the squirming ceased immediately.

It had been some time since I’d cum and I could already feel the pressure building. I pulled out of his mouth and started smacking him in the face with it, then grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face back down onto my cock. I face fucked him hard for as long as I could contain my load. When I came i held him hard against me, not wanting to give him an opportunity to spill any of my seed anywhere but down his throat. I wanted to make sure he knew where his place was and that I owned him now.

Now that the edge was taken off my lust, I ordered them both onto the bed with their asses in the air, much as they had been on the floor. I took out the rope and bound their wrists and ankles together, then tied their outside wrists and ankles to the bedposts. This not only tied them together and helpless on the bed, it gave me unfettered access to both of their sweet asses. Next ball gags and blindfolds for them both. starting with Lilly I took some lube and squirted it on their upturned assholes. I gently fingered her ass stretching it out for the butt plug that was soon to come. She moaned around the ball gag and I could see the juice dripping from her delicious little cunt. I slid the plug in and she squirmed a little from the touch of the cold metal. I then slipped a small vibrating egg inside her cunt and left it there, turned on low, and let her squirm while I turned my attention to my new toy.

He jumped (as Starzbet Giriş much as his binding would allow anyways) when I slid a finger into his tight little ass. He claimed inexperience so I went slow and gentle, slowly stretching his ass until he could easily fit 3 fingers inside him. His fairly impressive cock was rock hard and dribbling a steady stream of pre cum at this point. My hard on was already beginning to return but I wanted to save that for now. I got a strap on out of the toy box and put it on. At 12″ long and nearly 2″ around, it wasn’t huge but I wasn’t certain that this new playmate would be able to handle it. I gave it a generous coating of lube then placed the tip against his tight little ass.

I proceeded gently as I pushed forward, penetrating this new sub with my prosthetic cock. He moaned around his gag and actually leaned back into me. Taking this as a cue he was ready I slid in all the way. I gave a couple nice easy in and outs to see if he could handle it and it was obvious by the way he was thrusting back against me he could. I decided to go for broke and began to fuck him for all I was worth.

I grabbed his shoulders shoved him back against me as I thrust forward and rode him like this until muscles cramps demanded I shift position. I stood up straight to give my legs a chance to relax and grabbed his hair, using it I pulled him into me and continued to fuck him. I discovered this also allowed my now hard again cock to rub his cock and balls as I thrust. Bonus.

I decided at this point I’d had enough and it was time to finish the race. At this point there was Starzbet Güncel Giriş a literal puddle of pre cum under him. I grabbed him by the hips and fucked him as hard as I could. His hard on was slapping his belly with each thrust as I rode him. My cock continued to rub his balls as well so there was no part of him that wasn’t getting stimulated. When I reached around and grabbed hold of his cock he came almost instantly. I pulled out of him and removed the strap on.

I turned my attention to Lilly. She’d been tied up, gagged, plugged, and had a vibrator inside her for the better part of an hour now. All that and she hadn’t yet been allowed to touch my cock. I smiled to myself as I surveyed the view.

There was a visible amount of moisture running down the inside of her thighs and a large puddle on the bed. She was certainly ready for the attention she had thus far been denied. Leaving the egg in her, I grabbed her hips and entered her with one quick, deep thrust. She moaned around her gag, obviously enjoying my cock now being inside her. Feeling the egg vibrating against me I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum again so I went to work pounding Lilly just as hard as fast as I could, and just the way she likes it.

Her muffled screams made it pretty obvious she had cum, and I stopped holding my own orgasm in and let go, cumming hard and long inside her. I pulled out and walked around to the front of the bed and removed my new subs gag, replace it with my rapidly softening cock. When he was down cleaning me of I then removed the rest of the bindings.

The aftercare was nearly as fun as the playtime. Soft gentle rubs and caresses, hugs, kisses and playful teasing. As we lay there talking about the days events it occurred to me that I hadn’t yet given my new sub a name. As drifted off to sleep, it came to me. Slut. His name is Slut and he is mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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