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Master of My Soul Ch. 03

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Had it really been a year since my capture? My beloved Master announced the week before that our anniversary was near, and he had a special plan to celebrate it. I could only nod my surprise, as the time had passed so swiftly.

“A year…” I repeated.

He looked closely at me.

“Any regrets, my sweetness?” he asked.

“Never,” I answered, my arms winding around his neck as my lips met his. “Every day I wonder how I lived without your touch.”

Strong fingers wound through my hair, dragging my head back until my neck stretched tight. His mouth lowered, and I moaned at the slight pain of his bite. My body began to melt as he held me, now sucking the flesh.

“I want you bound,” he said when finally lifting his mouth. “Bound and hanging before me, for my pleasure.”

“As you wish it, my darling Master,” I answered.

I followed him down the stairs, to the place of my first time with him. Gently, he bound my body as it was then, a blindfold over my eyes. His strong hands were gentle as he touched. Clamps were placed loosely, his mouth on mine as they were tightened slowly, my moans dissolving in his kiss. I gasped as he knelt before me, his mouth and tongue on my pussy, until I was begging for release. My clit was on fire; but how he loved taking me to the brink, holding me there until I was a mass of quivering flesh. I felt him behind me and groaned at the swift entrance. As always, the size of him shocked me, his cock so hard it felt like a pole entering me. Even though I was wet, his size made me stretch wide. A few long strokes in my juices had him wet enough, and he pulled out of me.

Holding my thighs, he began pressing into my ass. I cried, knowing not to buck away even though I so desperately wanted to, not wanting his punishment. He had not taken me this way for a few days, letting me tighten for him, and I wept as he slowly pressed his way deep.

“Please, it hurts,” I cried, as he impaled me.

“I know sweetness,” he said softly. “Feel it work into you, every inch filling you.”

My cries went unheeded as the full length of him went maddening slowly into my body. I begged him to be quick, fill me and let me take it all at once and be done with it, but that made him go even slower. Finally, his fingers found my clit, and I knew he was fully home. I hung quietly, my sobs slowing, as he rubbed, his mouth finding the spot on my neck that makes me limp. My head fell back on his shoulder as I neared release.

“I have you now,” he whispered in my ear.

Taking hold of my thighs again, he began. I took his deep, hard strokes as he fucked me. My body was pulled back to meet each thrust of his cock as I begged for mercy, knowing even through the pain that I wanted this. Soon I was moaning again, wanting more, wanting completion. His strokes slowed as he felt me writhing on him, his hand reaching down to rub.

“Move on me, sweetness,” he said.

My body moved back and forth on him as he rubbed my clit, bringing me so close.

“Mark!” I gasped. ” Master! Please!”

“Let yourself go, my love,” he whispered. “If you want to cum so badly, make it happen.”

I Sahabet moaned, moving faster on him as he rubbed my clit gently. His other hand reached up, and each clamp was tightened until I cried, quivering on him as I tried desperately to reach my orgasm.

“Having trouble?” he asked.

“Please, ” I begged, “rub me a little harder, let me cum for you.”

He chuckled, his fingers keeping the same pressure. I realized that if I pulled harder forward, the pressure increased, so I worked my way back and forth, not even noticing the thick harness sliding in and out of me. All I could think of was making myself cum. I hung, suspended at the brink, unable to touch the reward I craved.

I must have reached the pace he wanted, as all at once his fingers quickened, adding pressure, and I screamed. I rode him as I came, bucking back and forth on him as he stood behind me. Again the clamps were tightened, but I never noticed. I drifted, my body quaking as he held me in climax, his fingers circling, rubbing, pinching lightly. He began thrusting to meet me, and the little extra he gave kept me in my haze. All I could do was whimper as I was pulled along a thundering climax that seemed never to end.

Finally, I began to spiral down. Still whimpering, my body went limp in the ropes holding me.

“Are you finished?” he asked.

I could hear the smile in his voice, but was unable to answer, so I nodded.

“Good girl. Now it’s my turn.’

A strong arm circled my waist, and he began pumping into me hard. I hung quietly as he took me, feeling each stroke as his thick cock pounded into me. I felt him nearing, and as he ground deep, his hands reached up and released the clamps, making me cry out and tighten with the pain, then cry out again as I felt his hot cum pump into me. Over and over I felt it wash into me, filling me. He pulled me tightly to him as he gave me his essence, his cock jerking inside me.

He pulled away quickly when he finished, and I heard him drop into the chair kept nearby.

“My God,” he said. “I can’t believe how you drain me. You pull everything from me.”

A moment later, I heard the chair pulled before me, and his mouth found me. He licked and suckled at me, my clit coming to life again as his mouth worked me.

“Please, no more,” I whispered, as if he would heed my words.

Fingers entered me gently. I felt my body responding to him as it always did, and always would. I climbed, going higher and higher until again, I screamed. My body tightened as I came. He held me to him, again keeping me in climax until he was ready to let it end. I could feel my juices run down my thighs as I hung, drained.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

I could only moan. My head hung back; there was no strength in me.

“I still want to play, sweetness,” he told me.

I heard him move to the table. A moment later my nipple was being sucked, getting harder and harder until I moaned, then clamped. The other was given the same treatment. Clamps were placed on my pussy lips, then tied off to hold them open, leaving my clit exposed. He went behind me, and Sahabet Giriş I wept silently as a large plug was pressed into me. I had no strength or will left to protest, my body was as limp as a rag from his ministrations. I felt him tie something in my hair, then around the belt he had placed around my waist.

He left me for a moment. When he returned, his hand gripped my right breast and squeezed it at the base as he tightened the clamp slowly. I tried to lift my head up, but whatever he had put in my hair held it back tight. I began to moan as the clamp got tighter, pinching the nipple hard. His tongue licked the nub, wetting it, and I screamed as he touched the wand to it. He circled the nipple, brushing over it a few times as I shook with the pain. Finally he stopped, and moved to the other breast.

“No, please,” I moaned.

His tongue began licking the nipple, wetting it.

“Use your safe word,” he told me.

I shook my head the best I could. He knew I would try not to give in to him. I screamed again as the wand touched, my muscles tight as a bowstring. His hand held my breast firmly as it circled. I began jerking as he moved the wand down, brushing it over my chest, moving to my belly. I whimpered as I realized where it was going.

“Please, no Master. Not there.”

“Use your safe word,” he repeated.

“Never,” I ground out. “Will you do me harm? Do you wish to hurt me?”

The wand moved over my lower belly.

“I would die first,” he answered.

“Then I will not use it. It would take more than you will give.”

The wand moved lower and I whimpered again.

“If you do not want this, use your safe word,” he said. “Why do you take this pain? Why do you not let me know how much you will bear?”

“I love you, Master,” I whispered. “I know in my heart you will give no more than you think I can take. If you wish it, I will make it so for you. You are my heart, my soul.”

My scream tore the air as the wand touched my clit. I bucked under it, and felt his arm circle me to hold me as it moved over my most sensitive flesh. He held me as it was moved over my clit, my spread lips, then down to almost enter me. My cries filled the room as he brought it back to rub my clit again. When he removed it, I fell limp.

A moment later, I groaned as a large dildo was pushed into my pussy. A belt came from behind me and through my legs; before fastening it, a small vibrator was placed directly on my clit. I felt something attached to the clamps on my nipples.

“I am going to sit here and watch you,” he said. “Know that every move you make, I will see. I want to see your loveliness as your body responds.”

I heard him sit, then felt him reach out and turn the vibrator on. While it felt good, I did not think it would get much of a response after the two shattering orgasms I had just experienced. Of course, what do I know?

I cried out as a jolt of current hit my nipples, then my ass. I tightened around the dildo filling my pussy. He must have some sort of switch, I thought, as again, my nipples, then my ass were jolted. I tried to imagine Sahabet Güncel Giriş how I looked as he watched me, my head tied back, my body spread and hanging. Each jolt would first make my back arch, then make me writhe as my body went taut.

He stopped, and reached between my legs, turning on the dildo, which began gyrating inside me.

“Oh, God,” I whispered.

Again I was jolted. Over and over the switch was thrown, making me move, the devices working me as I knew he watched. He kept at me; it seemed like hours until once again I was moaning, my mind empty, drifting. The jolts came quicker now, almost running into each other as I climbed. Again I felt him touch, and the vibrator speed was quickened.

“Do you want to cum, sweetness?”

“Yes, please my Master.”

“Beg me.”

There must have been another control on his toy, because the next jolt was stronger. I screamed out.

“Please, Master, please let me cum.”

“You didn’t think you had more to give, did you?” he asked.

“No, Sir, I did not, but I was wrong,” I cried.

“There is always more for me, is there not?”

“Always, Master.”

By now, I was a writhing mess. I felt like a slab of meat, hanging on a hook as I took jolt after jolt. His hand pulled up on the belt, pressing the vibrator into my clit, and I groaned as I was slammed by the strongest climax yet. I could barely breathe; I just quivered madly as it ripped my soul. Look at me, I wanted to shout at him. This body that you own, that is given to you, look what it does for you. I felt the current running into me, the vibrator making my pussy tighten on the thick dildo impaling me, as wave after wave crashed over me. My heart and my pussy were one and the same as they pulsed with the force of release.

I felt him behind me. Gentle hands removed the blindfold. My hair held my head in place, and as my eyes fluttered open I saw my love.

“Look at me,” I whispered, still in the throes of the powerful orgasm.

“I see,” he answered. “You are magnificent. You are mine. Cum for me, my sweet love.”

He used his fingertips to gently rub the tips of my aching nipples.

“Yes,” I whispered, my body quivering like a tuning fork. I floated on it, in it, with it, as it went on, pulsing so hard within.

“Will it stop?” I asked.

His hands tightened the clamps more, taking the body before him higher.

“Of course, sweetness,” he said, his hand rubbing my belly. He placed soft kisses on my thighs, then sat back, watching.

I wept softly as the orgasm went on, then screamed loud and long as a final burst slammed into me. I was pushed out of myself, unable to do anything but ride it as it blissfully began to wind down. Quickly, the clamps were taken off, the new pain pulling me up for a second. The vibrator was held in place as the plug was pulled out, again, a quick burst. The dildo fell to the floor, pushed out by powerful pulsing from inside me. He moved the vibrator over my clit, getting the last remains I had to give, until I sagged against him.

I hung silently as he removed his toys, then untied me. He carried me up the stairs and into the bedroom, placing me on my belly on the bed.

“The only problem is that now I’m hard again,” I heard him say, and then his hands placed my legs together as he straddled me.

One small moan was all he got as he pulled me up and slid deep into my ass.

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