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Matriarch Pt. 07

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My son pulled up and saw 2 black men on the porch. One was smoking, talking loud on a cell phone. The other was just leaning, arms crossed, on the railing. The one smoking was bigger, maybe 6 feet, and very dark. The other was lighter, not quite as big. They didn’t acknowledge him, even after he offered a greeting.

He came in and saw his aunt and little cousin. My sister’s third child was a small girl, just 18, with light delicate features. She was quiet and shy and very attractive. She was thin, not even 5 feet tall and couldn’t have even weighed 100 pounds. Even in loose clothes, you could see that her hips and boobs were small.

My sister wore ill fitting cheap clothes. Her mousy brown hair was stringy, unkempt and unwashed. My son’s presence was commanding, and both women looked down as he came across the room. My son took in the scene and I opened my mouth to explain. He held up his index finger, stopping me and took out his phone. He spoke in a low voice, out of my earshot. He put the phone away and I started to explain again.


He walked right past me.

‘You two. Come with me’.

My sister and niece followed him. He led them down to the basement. He had closed the door behind him. I didn’t know what was happening. I only knew that I was excluded. A long hour passed. I ran through a gamut of emotion. A feeling deep in the pit of my stomach reminded me that I had fucked up. Something was going down and it wasn’t going to be good for me.

Dana walked in with 2 large boxes. One was heavy for her, but she managed. The 2 black men followed her in. Either they hadn’t offered her help or she had refused it. She dropped the boxes against the wall. She walked to me with purpose and slapped me hard in the face. Both men froze, a look of shock on their avrupa yakası escort faces.

‘Is this how you greet your mistress? On your knees cunt’.

I dropped to my knees and lowered my head.

‘Why are you dressed’?

I started to form words, but they wouldn’t leave my face. I got my clothes off and kneeled in front of her.

‘Too late. Get the whip, you little bitch’.

I scrambled away and quickly returned. I looked at my nephews as I came in. The older one had a kind of a smirk on his face. The other looked like someone had asked him to multiply 599 by 343 in his head. I held the whip, a handle with 3 long knotted leather strips hanging off of it, in front of me. I went to my knees, head down, offering the leather in my upturned palms to my mistress.

She gestured toward the butcher block table.

‘In position’.

I bent over the table, offering my ass. The boys weren’t looking at my ass. I could feel their eyes on my wet cunt. I heard the leather cut the air. A sound I knew well.


‘What did I tell you, slut’?

She hit me again.

‘One. Thank you mistress’.

My mistress had her own style. She played a game with herself, creating art by crossing the red stripes she was leaving on my flesh in a pattern she could see in her mind. As a result, I was often marked from my back down to my thighs. The boys were fascinated by this, but they were in for a bigger show.

‘Ten. Thank you, mistress’.

She hadn’t tied me down. I began to return to my knees. Dana pulled up her skirt and opened her legs, exposing her smooth pussy. She never wore underwear.

‘Service me, slut’.

I dove, tongue first into her pussy. Although she had only been around for a few bahçelievler escort bayan months, she gave me plenty of practice. I had licked her to orgasm many times and I knew what she liked without being told. I began to write the alphabet on her clitoris with my tongue, my trick that I had learned long ago and even practiced on my girls as they were broken in. The boys scrambled around for a better look. I heard the basement door open.

‘Give me your phones’.

Just then, Dana pushed me away. I stayed on my knees, head down, although I glanced up at my sister and niece. There was nothing on their faces that I could read. No shock. No panic. Nothing.

The two handed over their phones with some hesitation. My son took their phones and put them on the butcher block table. It was only then that I saw the hammer in his other hand. The hammer came down on each phone 3 times. Pieces flew across the room and both men registered shock on their faces.


He said it to the group, but when Dana’s hand came up, he held out his hand to stop her.

‘Not you’.

The girls got undressed quickly. Their faces showed embarrassment at being nude in front of the men. My son turned to the men and stared them down. They began to peel off their clothes.

The older brother was a little faster, in anticipation of sex. He was wrong. My son gestured to his young cousin.

‘Service me’.

She got in front of my master and carefully unzipped him. She fished out his cock, put her hands behind her back and took him in her mouth. He gestured toward his aunt.

‘This is your mistress’.

He pointed at Dana.

‘Lick her’.

My sister went to her knees in front of the blonde, bakırköy escort raised her skirt and began to lick. The 2 men were out of their clothes, expecting to be a part of the action. I could see that my son was the biggest tool in the room. The 2 had nice cocks, but my son’s 10 inch, thick cock had them beat by a mile. The younger one realized the smile of pride that played over on my face, and he made a half hearted attempt to make his dick bigger and hide it from view at the same time.

‘You two can go’.

The smile of anticipated sex dropped from the older one’s face.

‘What do you…’

His voice trailed off.

‘What the fuck…’

He started again.

‘It is my understanding that your mother bought you everything you were wearing. She also bought those’.

He pointed at the smashed phones.

Everything in the room had stopped. He looked between his aunt and cousin.

‘No one told you to stop’.

Both women went back to work with renewed vigor.

‘If you would like to discuss the matter, I’ll be happy to sit down with you once your sister is finished’.

There was no humor in his voice. He was just stating the facts. Just then, the door opened and Heidi came in. She was my youngest. Jenn was on assignment in a different city for work and I found out later that Jackie had to remain at school. Heidi closed the door behind her. Without a word, she picked up all of the clothes on the floor and threw them in the fireplace.

The older cousin, Bruce, grabbed her wrist. Big mistake. Heidi was small, but she was all muscle. She was an alternate on the olympic women’s soccer team and had a full ride scholarship to college. She worked out 7 days a week. She was all hard body and attitude. The only one that she took orders from was her brother. He was also the only one allowed to touch her without permission.

She easily slipped Bruce’s grasp, tripped him, and punched him in the face 3 times before he hit the floor. He looked like he was in shock when he realized he was bleeding. Heidi had broken his nose. She backed up and took a fighting stance.

‘Come on, try it fucker’.

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