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Matt , I Ch. 06

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Please read chapters1 through 5 before reading this Chapter 06.

This is a fictional story.


The Christmas holidays passed without any further experiences between Angie or Mike and me. The following day they left for home to celebrate with her family and prepare for his deployment. Matt spent the day visiting with some of his friends and Melissa. I would learn more about Melissa as time passed. “Liz”, Harry spoke bringing me out of a memory, “tomorrow let’s go to the mountains for a couple of days. I’ve made reservations at a B&B for the two of us. Just a little get-away for us.”

How could I refuse? It was a beautiful trip; the air crisp and clean and the roads barely traveled. We stopped at an old store filled with antiques and collectibles. It was fun to shop and I believe Harry truly enjoyed it. We arrived at the B&B in late afternoon and met the other two couples staying there then joined them for dinner before retiring.

Harry undressed, as usual, but didn’t put on pajamas; he crawled into the bed naked. I looked at him and he smiled. “Don’t put anything on. Just come to bed naked with me” he said as he laid open the covers for me.

There was excitement in me, excitement that perhaps his libido had returned and he wanted to make love. I undressed and turned out the lights. The full winter moon lit the room with a blue hue. I could see Harry’s eyes following my body as I made my way to the bed. He pulled me to him, into his arms, and held me against his body, then kissed me, wonderfully, fully, passionately, husbandly. I wanted him.

He broke the kiss and edged me gently out of his arms. He moved atop me then down until he was between my outstretched legs. Harry began kissing and licking me and gave me oral pleasure, pleasure he hadn’t lavished on me in a long time, and I gave in to his ministrations until my body floated and I climaxed. He moved back beside me and put his arm around me and held me in silence for a long time. He asked me a favor; would I make him cum. I took his flaccid penis in my hand and began stroking and rubbing him. I saw his eyes close at the pleasurable feelings. I moved down and took his softness in my mouth and worked to bring him off. He didn’t get erect but he came and I took every drop. It wouldn’t be the last time I would do that for him, we would do it often.

We stayed in each others arms for a long time, enjoying the warmth of the down filled covers and our naked bodies touching. He breathed a heavy sigh then spoke. “Honey, I have something important to tell you so I want you to just hold me and be still until I’m finished.”

My heart sank as I was sure he knew of me and the kids and was going to ask for a divorce, but why make love to me?

“I, I have an inoperable cancer, one that has taken away my ability to be a man, what I mean is my ability to get an erection, that is the reason I haven’t made love to you for so long. I know I’ve been distant and I was afraid it was driving us apart. The doctors have given me anywhere from 6 months to a year.”

I could hear his words but I only felt my own pain. Years ago I had stood beside doctors as they told families their loved one was dying. I had seen their anguish, and pain and now I was experiencing that same emotional roller coaster myself. “No!” I think I screamed, “we’ll get second opinions.”

“I have; more than one and they all agree.”

I began to cry, burying my head against his naked chest, feeling the familiarity of his body and seeking his security. I cried for a long time before he spoke again.

“It will get worse honey, painful and I will lose my ability to work and other things. I’ve made arrangements for you; insurance, the house, other financial considerations that will make a lot of things easier for me. I haven’t told the kids, I thought we would tell Matt when we get home and wait to tell Mike as he doesn’t need this worry while he’s over there.” He paused and took a deep breath. “I’m glad you have Matt and the two of you have your special relationship. It will make things better for you down the road.”

“What do you mean special relationship?” What did he know? Did he know about our affair or just that we are a close mother and son? I looked at him.

“Liz, I’ve known about you and Matt for some time now.”

I started to interrupt, but he shushed me.

“At first it really hurt me, I mean I thought about divorce, but then I looked inside where I was hiding this illness from you and hiding the debilitating affects beşiktaş escort it has on my body and the affect it was and is having on you. Like I said, I thought it was driving us apart. When I came to the realization that I couldn’t be the husband I should, I accepted your relationship with Matt and how good it is for you, maybe good for both of you. If you want Matt to know, that is about me knowing, you can tell him, if you wish. I ask that on some occasions you do for me what you did tonight, and that you keep your relationship with him discreet.”

What was I to think? My husband had just told me he was dying and that he knew of me sleeping with Matt and that it was OK. I think I loved him more at that moment than I realized. He was thinking of me, not just himself. “Of course I will. You are my husband, my love and my world. You don’t need to ask, I will know. And yes, discretion of course.”

We talked some more of his illness and his plans, the kind of talk married couples must have when the marriage is about to involuntarily end.

As the year ended and a new one began we told Matt and he took it well, difficult, but well. I took Matt aside and told him his father’s plans, his financial arrangements, and more importantly that he knew about us. He was concerned but I reassured him and admonished him that we would be discreet and not flaunt our relationship in front of his dad. We didn’t tell Angie or Mike, hoping the illness would let him live until Mike returned.

Harry retired early that evening and I saw the anguish in Matt’s eyes. I went to his bedroom and lay beside him just holding him. He rolled to me and held my face in his hands. He looked at me for a long time, and then leaned in to kiss me. “Make love to me Mom.”

I pulled the covers back and slipped my gown over my head. I reached inside his boxers and felt his cock harden at my touch. He groaned softly as I stroked his manhood while he slid the boxers away. His hands were on my body caressing my breasts, rubbing my nipples between his fingers, and then his hand was between my legs, pressing against my wetness until his fingers disappeared inside me. He moved his fingers in and out of me as I stroked him getting me wetter and wetter as seconds passed.

I could wait no longer and I straddled his body holding his cock as I aimed it at the wet opening where he needed to be. “Yesssss”, I hissed as he entered me. I was lifting myself and lowering on his hard manhood enjoying, no loving, the feeling of him inside me and the orgasm he was giving me. I came, came hard, showering his cock with my fluids and trying my best to be quiet. He was still hard, he hadn’t cum.

I lifted myself from him and took him in my mouth. I could taste our salty fluids and feel the pulsating hardness of his cock between my lips. I wanted him to cum, I wanted to taste him, and I wanted him to have pleasure to erase some of the bad news. He came, filling my mouth with his semen and I willingly swallowed each drop.

We held each other barely speaking. I could sense the feelings inside him; the anger at his father’s illness and fear at losing him. When I left him to return to my bed I stopped to look at his young form beneath the covers, reflecting on the months we have spent learning to please each other. Then I slid beside Harry and listened to his labored breathing for a long time before I drifted asleep.

It was March when I went to visit one of our facilities only a couple of hours from Angie, so I made arrangements to stay with her for a few days. She had a wonderful glow about her as she answered the door and pulled me in, into a big hug and a soft kiss on the lips. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

She took my bag and put it in a spare room then led me to the kitchen where she made tea and we sat at the table. “Mom, I, I’m pregnant!”

I screamed, jumped up, pulled her to me and hugged her. “Does Mike know?”

“I sent him an e-mail and he’s going to call the first chance he gets. I’m so excited.”

I could tell. We talked a long time about the pregnancy, her plans, what she needed from Harry and I and many other unrelated things. “How far along are you?”

“Nine weeks.”

I began calculating. She had conceived during Christmas. Oh my god! I thought to myself. I blurted out my thoughts. “Is it Mike’s or Matt’s?”

“It’s 100% Hendricks”, was her reply.

“That didn’t answer my question Angie. I’m sure you know if it is your husband’s or beylikdüzü escort bayan your brother-in-law’s.”

She refilled the cups of tea before answering. “Mike has a low sperm count. In fact doctors told us it would practically be a miracle if I got pregnant.”

“Then it’s Matt’s?”

“Let me finish. Mike and I came up with a plan to get Matt to have sex with me and hopefully fertilize my egg. We did, have sex as you know, but I also had sex with Mike the same day or within hours, every time. As far as I am concerned, as far as we’re concerned, it is Mike’s baby and he is and will be the father.”

I sat there stunned, silent, and unable to respond. “You know Matt is no dummy, he’s about to be a Veterinarian and I think he will consider his role in your pregnancy and question you about it. What are you going to say to him if he does?”

“That its Mike’s baby and Mike is the father. Mike will raise my child; give him or her love and advice of a father, regardless of whose sperm made it to my egg first. We want it that way, it was a decision we made before coming to your house and I am happy, and I know Mike will be as well.”

I had little else to say as my arguments would only serve to hurt rather than join the happiness of today. I would be a grandmother; leave it at that.

We enjoyed a modest dinner and a few laughs as the evening grew darker with the early winter hours. I made my way to the guest room and put on my gown and robe preparing for a good rest. Angie came to the door wearing her gown, one that left little to the imagination of her beautiful body beneath. “I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.” I didn’t either and invited her in.

She untied the robe I was wearing and let it fall to the floor then placed her hands beneath the hem of my gown and tugged it over my head. As deftly she removed hers and the two of us stood naked, barely inches apart. We closed the scant distance and kissed, a long passionate and needing kiss, one that had been delayed for some months. It was as if we had not been apart as our bodies melded, our hands roamed, and our needs emerged. Her body was showing the growing belly of her pregnancy and I couldn’t help but touch it, rub the growing roundness, and admire her youth and fertility.

She pulled down the covers and slid beneath holding out her arms to welcome me into the warmth of the covers and her body. She felt amazing, wonderful, soft, and I was once again in the power of desire. We kissed again, more, passion, lust, desire, all of the feelings pouring out through our lips and tongues. Her body was pressed against mine and she felt so soft and wonderful. I couldn’t help but caress her breasts and enjoy the feel of her growing nipples, nipples that would soon accommodate a hungry child.

We touched, we tasted each others breasts, we licked soft skin, then she was between my legs and her tongue was dancing between the lips of my vagina. She dipped into my opening and the feel of her tongue there was indescribable but she soon moved upward where she licked and sucked my clitoris. Her fingers were inside me, touching my depths, finding my g-spot. I could feel that wonderful pleasure sensation beginning in my curled toes and moving upward through my body. Soon the starts of my visual darkness began to emerge and my body flew away into the void, into a wonderful orgasm.

She moved to lie beside me, holding me in her arms, as my body relaxed and released the last of my orgasm. “That was wonderful”, I whispered to her and she kissed me, letting me taste the tart remnants of my orgasmic secretions.

I pressed her back and moved between her thighs. My nose filled with the scent of her womanhood and my tongue felt the soft folds of her lips then found her clit beneath its hood. I wanted her to have the same sensation as me and I worked at it until I felt her push against my face then heard her low moans signaling me she had climaxed.

We held each other, we kissed, and we felt skin against skin beneath the warm covers of the bed. My grandchild was near, still forming, still growing to birth, but there just the same.

I awoke first the next morning and enjoyed the softness and warmth of her naked body next to me. I rose, made coffee and it wasn’t long before she joined. We kissed, not the passionate kisses of the night before, but ones that showed our love for each other. “Do you have plans for today?” I asked.

“I thought we would drive to bostancı escort bayan my parents, if you have no objections. Mom said she hadn’t seen you since the wedding and a visit would be nice.”

I became nervous and recalled her discussions of sex with her parents. “A visit? Uh, um, are we –“

“No, we aren’t. I know what you were thinking and no, it’s just a visit. OK?” She laughed and I did also.

“Does your Mom know about us? I mean, does she know we have slept together?”

“No, I haven’t told her. It wouldn’t surprise her and I doubt that it would shock her.”

The drive to her parents was short and I admired her beauty as we drove. The countryside was beginning to emerge from the winter and the warm late winter sun felt good through the car’s windows. Her parents home was a large two-story nestled on several acres. As we entered the driveway I saw the door open and an Annette standing inside, her arms wrapped around her against the cold.

It was a wonderful and pleasurable visit with her inviting me to become more a member of her extended family, then talking about Mike and the baby. There was no discussion of the family sexual relationship or even hints of that. It was, as I said, a very pleasurable visit with a woman I hadn’t seen for a long time, a beautiful woman with shining eyes, a woman who would be sharing with me the times of a grandmother.

That night Mike called and was as excited as a potential father could be. He was happy to talk with his beautiful wife and with me and continually expressed his elation at Angie’s pregnancy. We went to bed together with no pretense of going to each respective bedroom. We made love, really made love, not just sex and it was so wonderful. I spent a great deal of time tasting her body from head to toe and a long time in between. I held her and knew I had a very special bond with my daughter-in-law, a bond that many women would love to have but don’t. In the morning we made love again before I had to leave and return home. I thought about her on the return, about her body, about her sex, and about the future, the unsure future.

I made love to Harry, bringing him to climax and watching his flaccid penis spurt the white semen onto my hand and on his stomach. His groans and soft moans told me of the pleasure he was receiving and I felt wonderful. He began to apologize for not being able to enter me but I put my fingers to his lips and kept him quiet. It was not important, what was important was having him beside me as long as I could.

Matt was nearing graduation and our time together had become rare. He needed to study and had to spend many hours at the university. I missed our intimacy but as a mother relished his success and felt so good about his future. I was so looking forward to graduation; to sitting there watching Doctor Hendricks march across the stage, and that day finally came. Harry was there even though his illness was taking a massive toll on his body. He smiled, he applauded, and he beamed with pride at seeing his son receive his diploma.

Harry didn’t survive to see his grandson born and I was alone. Matt left to begin his internship and future ownership of a clinic. It was hard seeing him go and knowing he was some 500 plus miles away but Melissa went with him, leaving her position here and getting one as good. She’s a beautiful girl and I can see the love in her eyes for Matt and his love for her. He hasn’t told her about us and may not as he is unsure of her feelings about the subject particularly since she is pregnant. Matt never mentioned his possible role in Angie’s pregnancy and I was glad.

Mike’s unit returned home and it was fantastic seeing him hold his young son as a good father would do. He left the Army to take a lucrative position with a contractor and no longer be away from his family.

Tomorrow the moving company comes to begin packing what I have left. I sold my home, the home Harry and I shared with two boys for many years, and bought a condo about 30 minutes from Mike and Angie. My company president thinks it is wonderful as I will be closer to some of our more troublesome facilities. Angie’s parents are helping me get settled, making a lot of the arrangements there, and Annette and I have become very close and foresee our relationship growing.

As I write down all these memories I think back to the start of many changes; having sex with my son, falling in love with him as a mother should not, finding sexual love with my stepson and daughter-in-law, and loving my husband until his death. I miss Matt a great deal; I miss making love to him. But I am a much different woman, more alive, more aware of me and my needs, and aware of my desires. Annette is planning a party with just family that may be the beginning of more changes for me and perhaps new adventures.

The End of Matt & I story. New adventures are on the horizon for Liz…

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