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Me and My Professor

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His glass is shaking. Almost imperceptibly, but I can hear the ice tinkle. I watch him take a sip, his lips touching the rim of the glass. His upper lip is sweating. He sets the glass down. Gently. Like if anyone heard a single clink it’d all be over. As to what it is? I’m not entirely sure.

Mr. Parish absentmindedly wipes the sweat off his upper lip. I’m glad, because it was pretty annoying.

“Can I get you another drink?” he asks, outstretching his hand.

“I haven’t even finished my first-“

“Oh, no no no. That’s all ice, here.” He grabs my glass and pours a shot of bourbon in. He adds a few new young ice cubes and plops them in. I notice some of my drink spill over the lip when he walks over. I’m not sure if he actually measured a shot.

He hands me my new drink, cheers-ing me. I take a sip. I’ve never liked bourbon. Never knew what to mix it with. Now I get it. It’s an alcohol that stands alone. Independent.

“How has your first semester of college been so far?”

The sweat is back.

“Oh,” I shrug. “It’s been fine.”



“Cool!” he breezes, as he slowly melts a little deeper into the couch. “I remember when I was in college.”

When? The eighteen-hundreds?

“I loved it.

I made so many friends. Have you made any friends so far?”

None that I recall. “A couple, yeah.”

He shifts a little closer to me, our thighs now innocently touching. “I’m glad. You know, these connections that you’re making at college? Those are the connections that you’re going to cherish for the rest of your life.” Now moving his knee slightly, he draws attention to our contact.

I start to rub back, “Are you still friends with your college pals?”

“Most of ’em. But most of ’em are also professors.”

He catches himself red handed, and it slowly moves to his face. We share a moment of silence. I look at his hand, it is tense in anticipation. He knows what he wants to do. He wouldn’t have invited me here if he didn’t have a plan. I know this type of

His hand is on my upper thigh.

I look into his eyes. In a way, he’s kind of pathetic. Like a nerd with glasses that grew up and got old.

Why am I here? Does he have a wife?Does he have kids? Does he

His grip strengthens as his confidence increases. Every second that I don’t move his hand, beylikdüzü escort he’ll get more excited.

My breathing gets faster.

His hand moves up my thigh.

My cheeks start to flush.

His hand grazes past my lap.

My skin starts to tingle.

His hand grazes the side of my breast.

I need him to touch me.

He softly outlines my collar bone.

Please touch me. I mean actually touch me

He traces my spine.


Suddenly his grip tightens and his lips are on mine.

We ferociously kiss, tasting bourbon all over again.

He strays from my lips and begins kissing my jaw, working his way down to my neck.

Every time he kisses my skin I feel like I’m getting struck by lightning.

I quickly roll so that I’m now straddling him on the couch. He continues to kiss my neck, slowly working down to my chest. I’m wearing a crew neck tshirt, which he quickly lifts, revealing my braless tits.

The look in his eyes is priceless. I wonder when this man last got fucked. I mean, properly fucked. I’m not super experienced, but for fucks sake, I’m gonna make this losers day.

I grab his head and guide it to my tits. He sucks while massaging them. God, he makes my nipples so hard. His tongue swirls around my tits like he’s eating an ice cream cone. He leaves the nipple and kisses all around my chest, seeming almost like a spiritual event.

I wonder how many times he’s imagined me naked in class.

I wonder how many times he’ll think about me naked now?

He takes off my shirt, leaving my entire upper body bare for him to see. He looks me up and down, biting his lip. He wants to fuck me

He grabs my waist and throws me down on the couch.

He opens my legs wide, and slowly kisses the inside of my thigh. He makes little tiny kisses until he reaches my lap, and then slowly kisses the other side until he gets to my waist. It’s a long drawn out procedure, and I started getting impatient.

“You can eat me out-“

He grabs my mouth to shut me up. “I know.”

He lets go, continuing to kiss my legs. I lay there, perfectly still. All a girl needs in life is proper structure, right?

Eventually, he slows around my lap. He takes his time to kiss everywhere around my pussy. beyoğlu escort My lips. Until eventually, as he kisses, he slowly starts to lick. He licks very gently, slowly starting to gain momentum. He licks my clitoris, and it finally feels like he’s broken the seal. I am sensitive beyond belief, and even just a brief contact is making me shake. He slowly speeds up, licking and sucking on my cunt. It feels so good, I never want him to stop.

He pauses, and slowly licks his finger. He continues to lick, while slowly testing the water with his finger. It feels so good inside me, and I can tell he’s having fun as he slowly fucks me. He adds another finger. I love the feeling of being full, and I just keep getting closer and closer. Finally, he adds a third finger. He licks my clitoris relentlessly, while three fingers in. I feel like I’m about to explode.


His phone starts to ring. I’m about to sigh and wait for him to answer, but he flips me around so I’m lying on my stomach. He grabs my hands and places them above my head. He continues to finger me, switching the amount of fingers in me to suit his liking.

He answers the phone. “Hey sweetie, how’s it going?”

Sweetie? Is he talking to his

“Oh, nothing much. The house seems pretty empty without you in it. When are you gonna be home?” He twists his fingers as he fucks me. I can feel it coming. Is that actually his

He puts us on speakerphone as he motions for me to shush. His wife is talking about something, I know that. But I can’t listen because he’s started eating me out again.

He’s sucking on my pussy as his wife names off a list of chores she wants done. I can feel his fingers hitting the best spot in the world, and I can feel my orgasm rising and rising until it’s a bubble that needs to be popped. He starts fucking me relentlessly, going in and out at an inescapable rate. My breathing stops completely as I feel an orgasm rip through me.

The waves are not even subsiding when Mr Parish finishes the call to his wife, “Okie doke. Love you, hope the kids are okay!”

He hangs up.

I stare at him.

“I’m married.”

“I figured.”


I grab and kiss him. His tongue is swirling around in my mouth, it brings back fond memories of just moments ago. bizimkent escort I can even taste myself.

“I need you to fuck me,” I tell him.

He flips me around again and slams me into the leather couch, face first. I can hear his belt buckle as he quickly removes any impediment to being inside me right now. I can hear a condom wrapper, it’s taking a bit longer than I’d like, so I giggle, “I’m on birth control!”

The condom wrapper stops crinkling, as he grabs my waist. He pulls me towards him, as he inspects my ass. He looks at my tight little pussy, and licks it again. A shiver moves through me.

He moves away, and I wonder where he went. I’m about to turn around when I can feel the tip of his penis on my cunt. Slowly, he moves inside of me. Ugh… it feels so good. He moves out, then moves back in, but deeper this time. I have no idea how much dick I have to go, but he keeps thrusting and getting deeper and deeper. Finally he just fucking plunges into me, balls deep, and I can feel it thrust into my G-spot.

He reaches around and starts playing with my clitoris as he pounds into me.

I wonder if he’s ever imagined this late at night.

He grabs my hair and pulls me back. He starts kissing my neck, slowly and deepening his thrusts. I turn my head around and we kiss. He then pushes me back down, and starts thrusting at a higher pace. His fingers continue to rub my sensitive clitoris, sending waves ecstasy.

“Fuck me harder!” I scream.

He takes that as a challenge and slams into me. It almost hurts, but that’s what I want. He grabs my hair and rests his hands on my neck, waiting for permission.

“Please yes!” I exclaim.

His grip tightens as he starts to choke me. He thrusts as my head starts to feel light, and as I feel him come, an orgasm tears me apart – sending wave and wave of pleasure.

He pulls out of me, leaving semen dripping out of my vagina.

“Your utmost discretion is highly sought.”

“What does that even mean?” I scoff.

“Please don’t tell anyone.” he chuckles, pulling me into him. He kisses me tenderly. He goes into his kitchen, and grabs some orange juice. He offers some, but I decline.

“I guess I should go…” I start to gather my clothes.

He quickly walks over. “My wife isn’t back until Monday. If you’d like to stay the night you’re absolutely welcome to it.”

I eye him up and down. What a jerk. He has a wife and maybe even kids, and while they’re on a trip without him, he’s down here seducing an 18-year-old student. I want to slap him. Or… I want him to slap me.

He grabs my ass and pulls me close to him. He kisses me less tenderly this time. “Please, stay.”

Guess I’m staying.

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