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Me , Dad And The Local Bust

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It was the summer before she went to college and life was simple. Growing up in a single parent family was all she knew. Many of her friends had a mom and dad but she didn’t see that much difference in their relationships; they still had chores and homework to do. When they got in trouble they got it from both sides instead of only one, but the outcome seemed to be the same.

Her dad was her best friend and confidant, to a point, she felt like she could tell him almost anything. The lack of a sex life lately was just too uncomfortable talking to your dad about. Her reputation for loving to party but not put out was finally catching up to her. Being snubbed by her so-called friends, ha, ha, pissed her off because she thought they wanted to have all the fun without her. What she found out from one of the guys she hung out with devastated her.

“What’s up with the rest of the girls? Why don’t they want me to come to their parties, are they afraid I’ll show them up and have more fun than them?” she asked Tim her ex-boyfriend.

Her name from grade school was ‘Boo’, “Boo what can I tell you. They don’t want you there because of the same reason we broke up. Let one of the guys get you in the sack and the others won’t feel so threatened. They think that if one of the guys trips your trigger you’ll try to steal someone else’s boyfriend once you find out how much fun having sex is.” Shrugging his shoulders he threw a hand in her general direction and left.

Her world was crushed, just because she didn’t feel comfortable having sex for just the act of it. “Well they can kiss my ass, I don’t need them to be my friend anyway!” she shouted to his retreating back. Getting in her car and driving home she pulled into the garage closed the door and broke down.

William, or Will, was in the kitchen next to the garage door having a drink of scotch. He noticed it was taking Boo a long time to come in, pulling the door open he peeked in looking for her. Seeing her head on the steering wheel he quickly put his drink down and ran to the car pulling the door open, “Boo are you alright? What’s the matter honey?”

Helping her get out she put her arms around his neck sobbing and crying, he let her cry it out and figured she would tell him when she was ready, “It’s ok baby. It’s ok.”

Holding her made him notice how she had filled out in the past few months. Her firm breasts were pressing against his chest and he could feel her erect nipples through her shirt. Not having a close relationship with a woman for a while he got an erection almost immediately. Trying not to press it against her he held back just a little.

Her sobs diminished to small hiccups until her breathing went back to almost normal, “Ok tell me what happened? It can’t be that bad.”

Boo was debating whether to tell him everything or not, deciding it would be ok she said, “Oh daddy my girlfriends don’t want me at their parties because I don’t put out like they do. They think when I cut loose I’ll steal their boyfriends because I can’t get enough.” Sniffling she hugged him closer.

He knew she couldn’t help but notice his hard on pressing into her stomach, “I, uh, well, I think its good you don’t, uh, you know. Because it means you have character and if they can’t see that then you don’t need them for friends anyway.” He gently tried to get some distance between them but she just hugged him harder.

She could definitely feel his cock pressing into her stomach and knew just what it was. She felt one press against her before on the dance floor even jerked one guy off but never went all the way. She could tell his was bigger than the others, “I know daddy but it still hurts. I thought they were my friends. I guess if I was the school slut they would invite me to all the parties, at least the guys would ask me.” She enjoyed the feel of his member throbbing against her and how powerful it felt. Knowing it went on a little long she reluctantly let go of him and started to go in the house. Turning her head to look at his crotch she could see the outline of his penis and a large wet spot by the head, raising her eyes from looking at it she said, “Thanks dad I always feel better getting a hug from you. We should do it more often,” so I can make you hard again, she thought.

In a little shock he said, “Sure anytime honey, I like it too.” Man that was a stupid thing to say she probably thinks her old man is a pervert. Grabbing his drink he downed it in one gulp feeling the burn until it hit bottom. Shaking his head he tried to get his mind off of her body by mixing another drink then went into his office to finish some work.

Boo went into her bathroom and cleaned her face of the ruined makeup. Looking at her face she thought, ‘Wow nice eyes slut. Pressing against your dads’ dick like a dog humping his leg you horny bitch. Real smooth Boo,’ with a big sigh she headed out to her room across from her dads office. Seeing him sitting there she decided to tease him a little. Not closing her door she started to take her clothes off pendik escort bayan so she could take a shower.

Will saw her go in her room and immediately thought of her pressing against him. His cock started to get hard again so he decide to get cleaned up for dinner and treat Boo to a night out. He thought it might distract his thoughts. Unfortunately just as he was getting up she stood with her back to him by her bed with just her tiny panties and bra on.

Boo could hear her dad’s gasp as she bent over to go through the clean clothes in the basket. Spreading her legs a little and not bending her knees she knew he was watching her.

He was in shock; it had been a long time since seeing a real live woman in her underwear not twenty feet from him. The best part was watching her as she bent over. He could see her large covered breasts as they hung down and her heart shaped ass cheeks with the tiny piece of cloth covering her sex. His hand went to his cock as if it had a mind of its own, squeezing and rubbing the shaft.

Boo could just hear him breathing heavily; taking her time she pulled several items out of the basket discarding them one at a time. Each time she would straighten up squeeze her cheeks together throw the item on the bed and bend down again. Picking up one of her older bras she had outgrown she straightened turned just slightly to the side so he could get a view of her tits. Reaching behind she arched her back unsnapped her bra slid it off her arms letting it fall to the floor. Holding the clean one up she made an effort to examine it from every angle letting him see her from the side; her nipples were hard and poking straight out.

Will couldn’t catch his breath; lost in watching her he had pulled his cock out of his pants stroking it and spreading his pre-cum to lubricate the shaft.

She heard his zipper go down and wished she could see him jerk off while he watched her. Now she could hear the unmistakable sound of a cock being stroked because she had done it before. ‘Man dad is really going to town on it too.’

Not wanting to cum too quick Will slowed down. ‘She looks even better than those girls on the internet. Her ass is perfect and her breasts are very suck able; those nipples are magnificent they must stick out at least an inch. What I wouldn’t give to fuck her right now.’ His thoughts had changed from being embarrassed about his feelings towards her to lustful wantings.

Not wanting this voyeur show to end but knowing it wasn’t fair for her dad to suffer she arched her back again snapping the too small bra behind her back and gently tried to stuff her large breasts in the cups knowing it would never fit. Acting disgusted she reversed her actions and threw it on the floor. Bending down to look in the basket again she pulled out a pair of her thong panties.

He was panting with lust for her; when she took off the bra he could almost feel her frustration. When she bent over and pulled out a pair of thong panties he was close to losing it.

‘This ought to get him to cum’ she thought. Slipping her fingers in the waistband of her panties she slipped them down her hips dropping them on the floor. She pretended to drop the thong and bent over as before letting him get a good view of her pussy and asshole. Acting like that pair was not suitable she stayed with her knees straight and her legs slightly spread searching for another pair. Pulling another thong out she straightened up stepped into them and slipped it over her legs and hips pulling her ass cheeks apart to settle the string in her rear then reaching between her legs she adjusted the fit across her dripping wet slit.

When her hand slipped into the front to make the adjustments he couldn’t wait any longer. Stroking his cock in a blur he started to cum.

Boo heard his gasping and felt he was having his orgasm. Bending over she peeked around her breasts, he had his eyes closed in concentration she watched as his sperm shot out all over his chin, chest and shirt. She couldn’t believe how much there was, the crotch of her panties was soaked from her pussy juice. When he stopped cumming he still stroked his penis rubbing in his cum running down the shaft. ‘Oh my God his cock is a lot bigger than any I’ve seen before except the porn stars on the internet but they must be freaks of nature.’

When he finally came down she was no where to be seen. ‘Good thing she didn’t see me or I really would be a pervert to her. Damn it felt good to cum, it’s been way to long.’

After seeing her father masturbate she was so sexually charged relief was a must. Moving out of his line of sight she stepped in her closet and couldn’t get her fingers in her pussy fast enough. Her crotch was soaked with her secretions letting her fingers slide between her lips and come in contact with her clit. With only a few motions of her finger she had an orgasm making her knees buckle sending her to the floor on her knees. It was so intense she almost passed şirinevler escort bayan out. In a few minutes the sound of her dad in the bathroom brought her around, ‘Shit that felt great!’

While Will cleaned up, his mind stayed on his daughter and the image of her legs spread and those magnificent breasts and nipples, ‘Damn I better quit it or she won’t be safe in her own house from her father.’

Boo got in her bathroom and cleaned up thinking of his hard cock and the way the sperm shot out of it, ‘Poor daddy,’ she thought, ‘He hasn’t gotten laid in so long. What he and I both need is to get royally fucked.’ Taking a cue from her friends she decided to do just that, she was going to have her cherry popped by the first guy she could get.

Getting ready she left her panties off under one of her short skirts and pulled on a shear t-shirt covering it with a short jacket. Probably using too much make-up she grabbed her purse and yelled to her dad she would be back later.

Before he knew what was going on her car backed out and sped off down the street, “Well I guess she went to the party after all, hope she has fun.”

Boo wasn’t going to her former friends’ stupid party except to pick-up a guy she could get to fuck her. One of the football players, who wasn’t the best looking, stopped behind her car to park and as he walked past she opened her door to stop him. Giving him a good view up her skirt he stopped in his tracks. After staring at her hairless pussy for a moment he moved his eyes to her face.

“Oh! Hi Boo. Going to the party?” he asked nervously when he caught her looking at his face.

Smiling she said, “No, I thought I’d just see who was here and then go for a ride. Are you going to stay?” moving her legs slightly back and forth she watched as he tried not to look at her pussy but the bulge in his pants gave it away. “If you want to we can go for a ride together?”

Thinking he might get lucky he said, “Sure! Want me to get us some drinks for the road?” she nodded at him. “I’ll be right back!” running up to the house he came back with a six pack of cokes and a bottle of rum. “I forgot to ask what you wanted so I grabbed these, ok?”

Grinning at him he looked like a kid that just opened a Christmas present, “Perfect I need to get drunk tonight and forget some things. Get in I know just the place.”

“Mind if I follow you? I don’t want to leave my car here on the street,” he said.

She led him to a place the other kids talked about where no one would bother them. Getting out she stretched giving him a show, pulling off her jacket she heard him gasp, “It’s too hot for this don’t you think?”

He had trouble speaking so just nodded his head.

Opening her trunk she bent way over so he could see her ass, “Oh, there it is.” With a blanket over her arm she closed the lid, “I don’t want to sit on the ground do you?” he nodded again all the time staring at her tit’s. His cock was poking out his pants leaving a small wet spot at the head.

Sitting on the ground they started to make small talk while she poured out half her can of coke and only a little of his filling the rest of the can with rum. He took a sip and told her it was good, as she took a sip of hers it burned all the way down taking her breath away. As she continued to drink it became easier to swallow and when she felt a buzz it surprised her how good it felt.

He was on his second rum and coke and she was on her third. Feeling like she was in complete control, which was the booze talking. Getting more and more drunk she asked him if he had ever had sex. He said he had only had it one time with one of her friends.

Slurring her words she asked him what he thought of her body compared to hers. Standing up she swayed a little grabbed her breasts with both hands holding them while rubbing her finger over the nipples making them stick out.

Not skipping a beat he said, “You have a beautiful body Boo but it’s all covered up.”

“You are absolutely right!” she said. “That’s not fair to you if you have nothing to compare, is it?” She quickly pulled her shirt off over her head threw it at him and giggled. Slowly running her palms over her tits she said, “Is that better? Do these look better than hers?”

His mouth dropped open, “Oh shit! Mmm much better.”

She grinned at him, “I guess you want to compare the rest, huh?” not waiting for his answer she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her feet. Running her hands down her body she let one stroke her mound. “I don’t think it’s fair. I showed you mine now I want to see yours.” Falling to her knees she started to fumble with the buttons on his shirt.

Moving on his knees he almost broke all the buttons trying to get his clothes off as fast as possible. Standing up he fumbled with his belt.

Moving closer she said, “Slow down tiger let me get that for you.” She got his pants undone and the zipper down rubbing him through his pants. As his şişli escort bayan pants dropped to the ground she grasped his hard on and cupped his balls through his boxers, “Now this is more like it,” she said. Looking him in the eye she snatched his shorts down past his knees. “Now that we’ve seen each others bodies what do you want me to do baby?” wrapping her hand around him he moaned.

Softly he said, “Suck me Boo, suck my cock.”

Looking at his cock dripping its juice down her wrist she could see it was a lot smaller than her dads but ought to do what she wanted. Looking up at him she licked the head then sucked it in her mouth lathering him with her saliva. Trying to imitate the porn sites she had seen she pulled him out of her mouth. While jerking him off she started to lick his balls sucking his sack in her mouth and licking the shaft. After several minutes he was grunting and pumping his cock in her mouth.

Stopping she grinned at him, “This is just fine for you but what about me?” she said as her hand caressed his balls, “Fuck me baby, fuck me silly.”

Knowing he may never get another chance he gently laid her back on the blanket stuck his face between her legs licking her slit. Because he had never done it before all he had done was get her wet. Moving up on his knees he slipped the head of his cock in her cunt then slammed it in breaking her hymen and pumping her pussy like a madman. What seemed like just a few minutes he shot out his sperm filling her canal to overflowing.

Boo didn’t have enough time to scream as the pain took her breath away. Lost in the pounding he was giving her she couldn’t respond. As his cock shot out its load she felt as if her pussy was on fire, not until his softening member slid out did she get some relief.

Lying over on her side with her knees pulled up she must have passed out because when she came around he was gone and in his place he left a note, ‘Sorry I had to get home. I tried to wake you. Had a great time! See you later.’

Looking at her watch it was a little after midnight, “Shit dads going to be pissed!” standing up she had to grab her head, “Oh my head, I can’t believe that son of a bitch, slam-bam-thank-you-mam! Damn it my pussy is sore.” Looking down her crotch was coated with her blood and his drying semen. “Oh just lovely, hope I can get in the house before dad sees me.”

Trying to wipe herself off with the blanket she tossed the cokes in the trunk noticing he had taken the booze, “Bastard! Take my virginity and the rum. Oh well I probably deserved it. I think it may have been his first time too, or he wouldn’t have cum so fast,” she giggled. “It’s a good thing his cock wasn’t as big as daddy’s or I’d really be sore.”

Gathering up all of the evidence she drove to the house and parked in the driveway. Not seeing any lights on she snuck in and got some water and headed to her room.

Just as she passed her fathers door he said, “You’re late! Go to bed and we’ll talk in the morning. I’m glad you’re ok by the way, g’night.”

Cringing she stopped, “Sorry dad, I lost track of time. See you in the morning, love you.”

“Love you too sweetie,” rolling over he thought of her in her room trying on underwear and fell asleep stroking his cock.

The next morning he woke with an aching hard on. Getting up he pissed and started his shower to wake up. After a few minutes he thought of Boo again making him get another erection, “Damn, I have got to try thinking of something else!” Finishing he dried off and went down to make breakfast. After eating he was reading the paper while on his second cup of coffee when an article about some local teens in trouble got his attention.

It seems that several of the kids Boo went to school with got caught in a sting operation. The police had been investigating a prostitution ring involving high school girls and boys. The girls were taking their tricks, many of which were supposed to be local merchants, to one of their homes when the parents were gone. The guys were doing an escort service, meeting local wives and mothers, at several hotels in the area or the homes of the women when their husbands were gone. The list of who they had sex with was being withheld until the trial along with the student’s names.

His curiosity got the best of him. Grabbing his coffee he went into his office and searched for the local news on the computer. What he found shook his world. Several camera phones caught the arrests of not only the kids but the adults, “Holy shit I know most of them!” scrolling through the pictures he counted people he did business with and a lot of familiar faces of the kids including the boy Boo had just broken up with. “I’m glad she didn’t get caught up in this mess,” he said out loud.

Boo got up with a splitting headache stumbled into the shower to wash off her adventure from last night. She noticed her pussy didn’t hurt any more but had a tough time getting rid of the dried blood. Shaving her pubic hair stubble off helped get rid of the last of it. Drying off she wrapped a towel around her head and another around her body brushed her teeth and started to her room.

When Boo came into view Will saw she had on only a towel which barely covered her ass cheeks, “Boo, come here for a minute I think you should see this!” Thinking how much better she would look out of the towel he adjusted his growing cock down his leg.

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