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Me, My Girlfriend and My Sister…

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“Why don’t you kiss each other?”

There was a pause, then Ellen gave Kelly a quick peck on the cheek.

“No! Properly! You know. Tongues and all that. Properly!” There was a pause, then Kelly turned towards Ellen and put her lips to Ellen’s. For a few moments they were kissing coyly, gently, but then I saw it – Kelly had pushed her tongue into Ellen’s mouth. Ellen had let her. Their tongues were entwined, they were kissing passionately, arms around each other. They paused, looked into each other’s eyes, then put their lips together and were kissing hard.

As the kiss continued, I reached around, took Kelly’s hand and placed it on Ellen’s breast. There was a moment of tenseness, then both relaxed, Ellen moaned as Kelly squeezed her breast and the kiss continued…

It had all started a few months ago when I started going out with Kelly. I’m Brian, 48, manager of a restaurant. Kelly was a bit younger – 41, recently divorced although separated quite a while, and needing a job. We took her on as a waitress. The attraction was immediate and within days we were “going out” together. We worked hard at not allowing the relationship to have any impact at work, and the other staff seemed to appreciate that, and were happy for both of us.

Kelly was about 5′ 6″ and very slim. She had long blonde hair, and is “nicely shaped.” Nothing large, but everything round!! Generally she was quiet and fairly gentle, although was never taken advantage of by customers, and even threw out two lads who had tried to grope her. She was only 3 inches shorter than me, although her blonde hair contrasted against my short fair hair. I jog a bit and go to the gym, so am in reasonably good shape. I’m divorced too, but that had been some years before.

Within a couple of weeks Kelly had moved into my flat, and we settled very quickly. It was good for her – she was saving a lot of money she she had been paying on rent for her own flat. It was good for us – we could enjoy being together. And bed was good too – she was fun in bed, willing to try all sorts of different things. Sometimes I would ask about her past experience but she just tended to say “lots more than she had time to describe now!” Sometimes she would describe something kinky she had done as we made love, but I was never sure whether it was just imagination, or had been reality. She did once say “don’t just think it was only with men” when I asked her about her experience with men, but I didn’t push it any further at that moment as I exploded in her pussy… After I just stored up the “not just with men” for use in the future, perhaps.

At the same time as we were getting to know each other my sister Ellen’s marriage was breaking up. She was married to a horrible man – selfish, unwashed, coarse. I was never quite sure why my sister had married him, although much of the recent problems were caused by his drinking. Ellen was a striking looking woman – a couple of years older than me, two inches taller than me, shoulder length brown hair, slim, poised. Her husband was a tramp. At last she plucked up courage and left. She did the only thing she could do – she moved in – temporarily – into our spare room. Kelly was insistent that if that was the only choice, then she had to move in.

It worked!

Her husband had called round a couple of times in a rage demanding she return home with him. He swore a lot, but I “escorted” him off the premises. The second time he took a swing at me, which I dodged easily and pinned him against the wall. I explained that he should leave my sister alone then kneed him in the groin collapsing him to the floor, and I think he got the message. We never Escort bayan saw him again.

Myself, Kelly and Ellen seemed to settle in well together. Kelly and Ellen got on very well. They chatted, enjoyed shopping together, going out for an occasional evening together – it saved me having to go to watch the odd ballet and chickflick! I don’t know what Ellen thought, but sometimes Kelly and I could be quite noisy in our own room and the walls were only plasterboard! Ellen must have heard something – but she never mentioned it. The truth was, Ellen needed somewhere stable after her marriage break-up, and we provided that. Of course, as brother and sister we argued, but the disagreement never lasted. Originally it was planned that it should be for a few days, but after three weeks we swapped bedrooms so she could have the larger one to use as a bedsit when she wanted her own space with her own telly and place for her computer. Also a place where she could chat with her friends when they came by.

Slowly the weeks turned into a couple of months. To a Saturday evening where we decided we would watch a film together. A soppy romantic film! I was out-voted two to one! We sat on the settee, as we had done sometimes. I was at one end. Kelly next to me, snuggling up. Ellen at the far end, beyond Kelly.

It was a dire film – but they loved it. I was even ordered to go and fetch the tissues at one stage. I brought two boxes! But they cried and cuddled up together beside me. And that’s when I had said it. As I’d watched the film my mind had wandered into fantasy world, and one fantasy had kept coming back to me. So I said it. “Why don’t you kiss each other!” And they had, and Kelly had her hand on Ellen’s tit, rubbing and squeezing it, and pinching her nipple, through her top and bra. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen!

“I want to see the rest of the film.” Kelly had pulled her mouth away from Ellen’s: they both smiled and turned to the television. But I noticed Kelly hadn’t removed her hand from Ellen’s chest – she was still squeezing and caressing.

It was too much for me. After a couple of minutes I reached over, took Kelly’s hand, and pulled it down to the bottom of Ellen’s top and slid it underneath, then upwards, and left it on the top of Ellen’s bra. I hooked my fingers under the bra, lifted it and popped it above her boobs. Ellen had tensed, but hadn’t tried to stop me as I placed Kelly’s hand on Ellen’s bare breast, and kept my hand on hers, making Kelly squeeze and rub her bare tit, making her squeeze Ellen’s nipple.

Ellen relaxed slowly, as they pretended to watch the film.

“Pause the film!” It was Kelly who suddenly cried out.

“Why, what’s wrong?” I did need to show concern!

“Nothing, just need to go to the bathroom! Maybe get into something more comfortable.”

I stopped the telly, let Kelly get up from between Ellen and myself, and disappear to the bathroom. It was an awkward few moments as I sat on the settee with Ellen. We decided best was to pretend we were tired and then not have to speak to each other!

Kelly returned back and had changed. I knew she had a couple of long white t-shirts, with patterns on. She was wearing one of these, and sat back down between Ellen and I, facing Ellen, with her back to me. I turned the movie back on, and watched as Kelly replaced her hand under Ellen’s top, and back onto her breast. I noticed Ellen gasp suddenly, perhaps as Kelly had squeezed her nipple, but we all relaxed again, watching the film.

After a few minutes I felt it was my responsibility to make something else happen. I reached across Kelly, and this time Bayan escort grabbed Ellen’s hand, and pulled it towards Kelly and downwards, pulling her hand between Kelly’s legs. It was that moment I realised Kelly had left her panties off after going to the bathroom and changing.

“Please stop, I’ve never done anything like this before.” Ellen was suddenly very nervous as I pushed her hand gently onto Kelly’s pussy. I didn’t let her go, but gently pushed her hand between Kelly’s legs, making her caress Kelly’s pussy. Kelly moaned softly in pleasure.

After a few moments, I pushed one of Ellen’s fingers into Kelly’s pussy, allowing one of my fingers to enter with it. With my finger I made Ellen move her finger around inside Kelly’s soaking pussy, caressing, making Kelly moan again as we “poked” her. Ellen still felt nervous, but didn’t stop me playing with her finger in Kelly’s pussy.

I was now spooning Kelly, holding Ellen’s hand between her legs, feeling Kelly squirming against my cock. I quickly undid my Jeans and pushed them, and my boxers, to my knees. I pulled myself tight against Kelly, and in one movement pushed my cock between her legs and into her pussy, as deeply as I could from behind.

I felt Ellen remove her finger quickly as I did. She spoke hesitantly. “Sorry. Sorry, is he in you?”

Kelly spoke breathlessly: “yes, all the way…”

Ellen was still nervous. “Sorry. I’ll go to my room and leave you to it. I’m sure you want to be private about it.”

Kelly replied instantly, strongly. “You’ll do no such thing. I want you here. I want you to play with my clit as he does it. I want you to be part of it. I want you here as he fucks me.”

Ellen paused for a few moments nervously, then I felt her move, and Kelly squirm a little. I tried to see what was happening. It was clear Ellen’s fingers were on Kelly’s clit, and sometimes I could feel them touch my cock. I could guess that Kelly was playing in some way with Ellen’s tits, perhaps squeezing her nipples, according to the faint gasps I could hear from her.

It was all too much – I pulled out then thrust back into Kelly, hearing her moan as I was fully enclosed in her pussy. Then out, and back in…

Somehow the three of us set up some sort of rhythm as I fucked Kelly from behind, as Ellen played with her clit. It didn’t take long before my cock was throbbing, and Kelly moaning with abandon. I thrust harder, faster into her sopping wet pussy. I felt her body tense, then suddenly explode as her orgasm overwhelmed her. It was too much for me – I cried out, them was pumping my cum deep into her, thrusting again and again as her body wrythed.

It felt at first like we would go on for ever, but slowly we slowed, both gasping for breath, my cock shrinking, Ellen seeming to shrink away. At last my cock slipped out as we slumped against each other, resting.

Suddenly Kelly giggled. “Damn, we missed the end of the film. Suppose we need to get ready for bed. Ellen – you can sleep with us tonight if you want.”

Never quite sure why women take so long getting ready for bed, but some how it was done in a very matter-of-fact nothing had happened kind of way. I was the first in bed wearing my boxers, Kelly came and lay in the middle, Ellen the far side. I don’t know about the others, but I was fast asleep in seconds!

The next morning I woke, feeling my cock rock hard and pushing out through the flies of my boxers. It was resting against warm, smooth skin, nestling between the ass cheeks of Kelly who was lying with her back to me. For moments I forgot Ellen was in the bed, so reached around as I would often do to Escort grab Kelly’s tit.

It was then I remembered Ellen. He hand was already there! Just resting there, although I realised both Ellen and Kelly were awake. I squirmed so that my cock slipped between Kelly’s legs, between the lips of her pussy. I almost blew my load just feeling her warm wet pussy rubbing against my cock.

It was too much! I pulled Kelly onto her back, climbed between her legs and thrust my cock deep into her warm welcoming pussy.

I tried to slide my cock in and out of her, but she resisted. She giggled. “You’re not going to get anything until you’ve answered some of my questions.”

It was the sort of game we played. We would make each other say naughty things, and talk about people we fancied. But this was with my sister Ellen lying next to Kelly in the bed.

“Would you like to watch me and Ellen do a 69?” I hesitated. Ellen was there. “You know, all the way…”

I spoke hesitantly. “Um, yes, um, course I would…”

“Do you think she’s hot.” It felt like Kelly had taken time to think of her questions. She spoke them with confidence.

“Um, Yes…” As I spoke I felt Kelly squirm slightly, pressurising my cock buried deep in her. I realised Kelly was getting turned on by this as well.

Kelly spoke again. “I think she is really sexy and really hot. Would you like to fuck her?”

“Oh God, yes…” Again I felt my cock squeezed in Kelly’s pussy.

“Tell me what you want to do to her.” I recognised this – when we were just the two of us together it was the signal for me to say the naughtiest things… It was different with Ellen there, listening, in the bed, but when Kelly says “Tell me…” I generally do!

“I want to fuck her. I want to grip her tits and suck them. I want to grope her ass and play with her asshole.” There was no stopping me when I started, especially as Kelly was moving up and down on my cock. It felt so hot. “And I want to fuck her mouth with my cock. And fuck her cunt. And fuck her ass. And shoot my spunk into her face and into her mouth…”

I was now sliding my cock in and out of Kelly, and it was obvious we were both not far off coming.

“Is that all? Tell me more.”

I was at the stage where I would say anything, I was so turned on. “I would make her lick my asshole. And make her lick your asshole, and lick your cunt. I would tie her up and rape her with toys for hours, get a vibrator in her and leave her there to cook…” I couldn’t last out any longer. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAggggggg” – I was pumping my come deep in her, as her body wrythed and squirmed and pulsed in orgasm, her moaning echoing through the flat…

It seemed to take us a long time to come down from our high, panting for breath as the intense orgasm had overcome us. We were catching our breath, lying side by side, while we were aware of Ellen next to us, looking stunned. At last our breathing was something like normal.

“Would you like to do all that to Ellen?” Kelly asked the question clearly.

“Yes. Well maybe not everything…” Not much more I could say.

Suddenly Ellen had pulled herself together. “Hold on, what about me? What about me agreeing?”

Kelly giggled, then looked at Ellen. “You do what you are told in this house. I’m in charge.”

She turned to me. “Okay. You can. Everything. But only when I’m here – the kinky stuff. But you fuck her when you want to.”

I was startled, Kelly giving me permission to do what I wanted with my sister, she wanting to watch. Ellen was smiling – she had been told what was to happen, and it was what she wanted. But Kelly wasn’t finished. “I’ll have her when I want too. You’d better get started. Lick her pussy… Now!”

And it was the start of a real kinky perverted period when me, my girlfriend and my sister tried everything… or at least everything we could think of!

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